What Went Wrong With… Noel Fielding?

Caricature of Noel Fielding by What Went Wrong With

Noel Fielding is a great example of the type of person you will encounter in any Art and Design College throughout the UK. Art Universities across the nation for countless years have been attracting these superficial inductees who feel the need to reinforce their “Artiness” with a false façade made of make-up and vintage garments. The Entertainment Industry which acts as a relief valve to the Arts Education System, then scoops up the overspill and proceeds to transform it into a pool of “eccentric” Stars.

Without the media hype, these tits are quite obviously unexceptional, they are only “bizarre” and “peculiar” to dreary idiots and suit-wearing sheep. I mean it would be great if for once, these over-the-top jesters would backup their looks with worthwhile Art, but when it comes to Fielding in particular this is not the case. Watch Noel on any TV Show, any Stand-Up gig, or any interview and you will witness someone who is average at Comedy, average at Acting, and average at Art. In fact anything Mr. Fielding creates is average at best, and his “strange” and “unique” fake-sub-culture style seems to be a distraction from his unremarkable output. His fans who scuttle around this charlatan like crabs around a cunt, will have you believe he is the master of wit and Surrealist Art, but ignore these brainwashed fools and you will see Noel Fielding is an amalgamation of all things perceived to be weird in a fake middle-class-approved construct of individuality.

Draped in vintage tat in the hopes he will absorb culture through osmosis, Fielding dresses himself in capes and cowboy boots with the expectation that they will transform him into a Surrealist genius. Noel can even reel off names of talented people as his influences; but all this doesn’t make his excrement exceptional. He is no David Bowie, he is no Salvador Dalí, he isn’t even a Jim Morrison. He is a fake-surrealist, Dalí-wannabe, Joan Jett-haired, Simon Le Bon-faced, Sergio Pizzorno lookalike, Vic Reeves clone, Kool Kieth biting, Lord Sutch impersonator.

Everything Fielding has ever created is essentially a re-hash of something else we’ve already seen (that was better). It’s as though anything and everything from Monty Python, Reeves & Mortimer, Rik Mayall, Kenny Everett to Keith Thornton, is referenced and then badly re-enacted as he channels fellow Goth-Glam-throwback-twat Russell Brand (who coincidently is a friend of Fielding). Hanging around with the grubby-cock that is Brand, the pair when not destroying Comedy are usually cunting around pretending to be Rock Stars. You may catch Fielding fucking around at the sell-out NME Awards (the same NME who invited Girls Aloud that year) and you may also find him twatting about at the sell-out Glastonbury Festival (the same Glastonbury that invited the likes of Dolly Parton and Jay-Z). Coupled with the fact that he is dating an XFM DJ, the man just oozes “Indie” credibility.

I mean, c’mon who prats about trying to look “underground” but then turns up to anything “Pop” at the drop of a Spirit Of Jazz’ Hat. This switch-sider once told The Guardian that “The X-Factor Sucks”. A great stance to take if it wasn’t for the fact that Noel himself has appeared on numerous jejune mainstream televisual drivel. I guess Chelsea Lately and The Jonathan Ross Show are the epitome of left-field ideas to Fielding; who has appeared on garbage ranging from Gadget Man to The One Show.

Noel also appeared on the Channel 4 show “The First Look” interviewing Damien Hirst a few years back. When Art Critic Waldemar Januszczak caught flack from Fielding’s Twitter fans for saying hiring him was “like draping a naked woman across a bonnet to sell a car”, Januszczak failed to recognise that Fielding interviewing Hirst was quite apt; since both of them are overrated and talentless wannabe-Artists.

Modern Art hasn’t recovered ever since Duchamp literally took the piss, but for almost one hundred years we have had to put up with perpetual non-artistic-ness from the Art World. The public have now grown tired of hollow and meaningless Art, we are now weary of the spiritual descendants of R. Mutt who seem to get away with Artistic crimes under the guise of Post-modernism. Mutt’s latest offspring seems to be going one step further by infecting genres outside of the visual Arts with his freaky forgeries. This idiosyncratic imposter like most other graduates of Art and Design; is in reality a fake Comedian, a fake Actor, and a fake Artist. Just watch Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy on E4 tonight for proof.

Noel Fauxlding.

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  1. Interesting article but, I see some flaws.
    We all use clothes to covey a message and to gain what we want we don’t usually go to a job interview in what we wear at home we are playing the part of a responsible employee by being dressed professionally for example.
    David Bowie wasn’t really Ziggy star dust so I don’t think that’s a very good person to use as an example although he was a great musician.
    Most artists are influenced by those who come before them even Dali was influenced by other artists.
    I personally love Python and the Boosh. Python because they are classic but I would say the Boosh expamded on that style of comedy and brought it into the modern world making it more relevant to people like myself who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. I get more of the jokes.
    I’m not a hirst fan and would never be even if Fielding who’s comedy I enjoy did interview him. I don’t care what the window dressing is. I have a brain and I like what I like when it comes to art and I’m not “mindlessly” going to take a celebrities word for it and like some thing even if I do enjoy their work.

    I guess your entitled to you opinion on what you constitute art. As we all are and again interesting article that really made me think.

    • My point isn’t what is or isn’t art, just that Noel Fielding specifically isn’t as artistic as the people who supposedly influenced him.

      If Dalí was influenced by let’s say Arnold Böcklin, his art wasn’t a direct copy of Böcklin’s work, it was quite obviously Dalí’s (plus to counter your other point, Salvador Dalí did live, dress, and act in a permanent “Surreal” way)

      Fielding on the other hand is pretty much a photocopy of other people’s work without any iota of originality, just look at Lord Sutch alongside his numerous plagiarised creations such as the Spirit Of Jazz. There are many other aesthetic similarities between his “art” and other better and earlier comedians/artists.

      When it comes to The Mighty Boosh, it was without a doubt Julian Barratt who was the talent, without him Noel Fielding’s Luxury comedy was just a horrid, hollow, unfunny copy.

      Thanks for your reply.

    • I’m aware of your argument 🙂 no clarification needed. I wrote that at 1am I don’t think you got my point. Good art or bad art is relative.

      I not you was trying to bring up the point that maybe he makes art for entertainments sake and to make a living. I can’t presume to know Fielding’s motivation for what he does as I don’t know him and wouldn’t wish for any one to take what I’m saying in the wrong light.

      My point is that clothing personality and what people do in the entertainment industry is often done for marketing reasons in order to make a living. Pop music is a great example many bands have been manufactured around the latest craze by people wishing to make money and not often to make an artistic statement or change the world
      Or to be intellectual. Even Andy Warhol understood this concept and used it to his advantage. Not saying that’s what is going on with Fielding, but If he’s using a false persona or exaggerated persona to get ahead good on him for being good at marketing himself and making a living in a tough industry.

      I don’t agree that Fielding & Barrett didnt build upon their influences when making boosh.

      Have you ever heard Fielding claim to be surrealist or as artistic as his influences? That’s an actual question. I’ve only ever heard him claim to be a goth and to like Hirst’s work. The goth thing could be serious or a joke. Again I don’t know the guy so who am I to say what he is or isn’t. No offence to Fielding but he’s an entertainer and I personally don’t take everything he says to seriously. I personally like Entertainment for entertainments sake.

      I also can’t claim to say what Dali’s motivation was or if he was consistently surrealist or putting on a persona. I guess my point is it’s all relative to the artist and the person viewing anything.

      A fake actor? All actors are faking. Oxymoron? I think you mean to say bad at acting.

      Despite my hypothesis on image being manipulated for marketing purposes previously. We could at the very least say fielding is surrealist in his ideas.

      Firstly I liked luxury comedy series one, because it was weird and bright . I agree it probably was not that funny. Even if you think it’s “fake surrealism ” you have to admit it was like a weird dream and isn’t that one of the main aims of Surrealism?

      “The Miriam Webster dictionary definition: a 20th-century art form in which an artist or writer combines unrelated images or events in a very strange and dreamlike way”

      perhaps then it would be better to say Fielding sometimes works in the genre of Surrealism but you as a critic feel that it’s not very good surrealism or pretentious surrealism?

      I on the other hand think it’s entertaining surrealism and that Boosh had aspects of individuality that has been used by the artist to make a living. See its relative to who your experiences and your tastes when it comes to art being good bad or ugly.

    • From your second reply I can deduce that you’re most likely a fan of Noel Fielding whereas I am not, it’s probably futile for me to argue these points with you but I will. You may think Fielding’s art, comedy, fashion, and shows are credible but I do not, to persuade his fans isn’t the point of my article, just to get my point of view across since my opinion is usually lost in the deluge of blind mainstream praise of him.

      Criticism is not only relative it is subjective, and since neither of us know Noel personally neither of us can say unequivocally how and why he creates his “art” (and that extends to his clothing, his beliefs, motivations, dreams, aspirations, influences, marketing and industry connections). This also applies to Dalí, neither of us knew him, but judging him solely by his art I would say it’s filled with talent, uniqueness, and personality. I could also argue with you about Hirst and Warhol, I personally don’t like either of their work and in my opinion both of them are pretentious, they are simply overrated, real-life incarnations of Mr. Brainwash; to make numerous pieces out of a single concept for financial gain and/or to use help in the creation of art, is again in my opinion an artistic cop-out. Fielding who relies on Julian Barratt for Boosh and Nigel Coan/Sergio Pizzorno for Luxury Comedy is simply a front-man who takes all the praise but none of the criticism. I’m here to simply say that on his own he is talentless, his solo stand-up work is mediocre at best whereas Julian Barratt’s routines from the 90’s (smoke animals etc.) are hilarious; their charm, wit, and delivery could be seen in the very fabric of The Mighty Boosh.

      Also I would never presume to tell you what you “mean”, I wouldn’t condescend your opinion, but since you feel the need to correct my reply I’ll reiterate that criticism is subjective and personal, therefore calling Fielding “fake” is just as apt a description as “pretentious” since that is how I perceive him. And since we’re bringing up dictionary definitions; Fake is defined as “a thing that is not genuine”. A “fake actor” is therefore an actor who is a fraud i.e. someone who possesses no talent at the job itself. This is not an oxymoron since an actor is a job title and I am not criticising the entire concept of acting, just Noel Fielding who falls into this category of being a falsified artist, actor, and comedian.

      You can call anything Surrealist or surreal, eccentricity and exaggeration of clothing and personality can be interpreted as surreal by definition. But that doesn’t stop a fraudulent version of Surrealism being thrust upon the public for monetary gain, someone like Drako Zarrhazar can be surreal without wanting money, someone like Noel Fielding can prance around being surreal for profit, but again since we have never met either of them we can only say what we think, that’s the essence of opinions and criticism. You can of course criticise my criticism, that’s your right, but nowhere did I say my opinions are the definitive truth, and the same goes for yours, but terms such as “surreal” or “goth” are open to opinion the same way as “twat” and “cunt”. And by the way that’s how many people navigate to this article, by typing in “Noel Fielding is a twat”, this search term may be relative and subjective but it is a demographic that needs catering to, the same way Noel appeals to fake goth, fake surreal, and fake comedy worshippers.

    • I agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion other wise I wouldn’t be engaging in a debate with you.

      I enjoy Fielding’s work but I have never claimed that he was “credible” in the way that I sense you define what makes a person credible. I see his work as purley entertainment.

      It’s a bit like comparing a circus to the opera to look at Fielding’s work in the same way you would look at Dali’s

      I agree Dali was highly talented I would never dispute that.

      My point is I enjoy boths work equally for different reasons.

      Please remember I do not like Hirst’s work. As pretty as butterflies are his butterfly room seems to be a rip off of what God does on a daily basis. If I wanted to see that I’d just go outside. I’m Australian there’s a whole host of bugs to look at.

      The one thing that bothered me about your point of view is that you seem to be insinuating that fans of fielding mindlessly follow everything he does taking everything he does seriously , which you portray in rather vulgar terms. This could be true for some but not all. To be honest if some of the things I read in the media about Fielding are true (who knows what you can believe when it comes to media) I wouldn’t like his work on moral merit but what does it matter I only want to be entertained by him not have a deep and meaningful. Just so you are aware Im the sort of person who would have asked other fans to stop harassing that girl who got death threats on Twitter if I’d known about it. Not that it would have helped as some fans are a bit over the top.

      Basically this debate is an effort to show you that some fans of Fielding do think for themselves and that they don’t take everything he does as seriously as you might think, for lack of a better way to put it.

      Thanks for the lovely debate.

    • Of course some of his fans think for themselves, but a large proportion don’t, otherwise Fielding wouldn’t have to close and re-open his Twitter account after a large proportion of them became his attack dogs. When earlier this year he told an audience at The Royal Albert Hall (for the Teenage Cancer Trust) to stab Nigel Farrage, he delivered this line after his joke about likening Farage to a vegetable gained only a few claps (probably because this particular audience weren’t all there to see him and this line is normally enough to have his usual fans in hysterics). This routine not only showed that Fielding is unfunny and predictable but also that he assumes his fans will listen to his every word (despite him not being able to lead a TV Show on his own). Similar to Russell Brand, these fake leftist, fake goth, fake artistic “men of the people” are by and large charlatans and a large section of his fans are a gaggle of arse-kissing drones.

      My article isn’t here to address the tiny minutiae of individuals who consider themselves thoughtful and respectful of others opinions, it’s here because Fielding is overrated by the majority of the mainstream press and the majority of his fans are sycophantic door-mats.

      When I mention credibility or people like Hirst I am countering anybody who may come across this article in the future and maybe have similar arguments to yours, that way I don’t have to answer every person individually.

      Also I have to say that this article as well as most of my others are written in a comedic way (or vulgar according to you – again open to interpretation) so obviously this isn’t a hardcore University debate on the specifications and merits of Surrealism and Surrealists. This article’s foremost function is to deride someone whom I perceive as getting too much praise for generally mediocre work. I assume that a clear-minded fan of his would understand the mockery of the piece rather than the scholarly content. Peace.

  2. There was only one piece I felt was vulgar and that was your reference to pubic lice. I’m not sure I can laugh at anyone ripping into anyone and I probably wouldn’t laughed at some one telling their audience to stab some one either a poor joke among many that I do find amusing . I prefer the more obscure story like comedy that both fielding and Barrett seem to favour most of the time.

  3. Well I’ve read this once again . I couldn’t disagree with you more . Noel is a polymath and a visionary . Hugh Laurie , Stephen Fry , Robbie Coltrane , Rowan Atkinson , Tim Minchin , Russell Brand , Sacha Baron Cohen , Eddie Izzard , Paul Kaye , Jennifer Saunders , Joanna Lumley , Ricky Gervais , Nigel Coan , Julian Barratt , Lee Mack , Simon Evans , Stephen Merchant , Martin Freeman , Dawn French , John Oliver , Dave Brown , James Corden and Tracey Ullman can’t hold a candle to Noel . He is Great Britain’s most original comedic talent since The Monty Python Troupe .

    You really tore him to shreds here . You shouldn’t compare him to Kool Keith . Kool Keith is one of Noel’s idols . It’s not fair . You know how much Noel looks up to Keith .

    I realize that Noel doesn’t follow any religion . But we all have to pray for him . He has suffered from Hepatitis before !!

    • Saying “it’s not fair” is too childish an argument for me, why should Noel Fielding be immune to any kind of criticism? And I really don’t know where you’re going with your final sentence, illness or atheism has nothing to do with my article.

      Firstly, calling Noel a “Visionary” and a “Polymath” is pushing it – how is he learned or knowledgeable? And what exactly has he come up with that hasn’t already been done? I’ll reiterate my point of view – Noel is an amalgamation of everything that came before him – from Monty Python, Reeves & Mortimer, Harry Hill, Kool Keith, Lord Sutch etc. For all those who don’t know who Lord Sutch is…

      Lord Sutch 1
      Lord Sutch

      …now I don’t normally care about someone’s influence if the person in question added something new or put their own slant on things, but Noel Fielding isn’t unique at all. He’s a surreal comedian who also creates art… Vic Reeves anyone? The main problem is that his outward appearance hides the fact that he’s terrible at stand-up – he’s painfully unfunny on stage. Yes, he’s somewhat amusing on panel shows, but no more than your average celeb. He replaced Bill Bailey on Never Mind The Buzzcocks and was a crappier version of him too.

      Noel Fielding is basically the type of person who has been over-encouraged by his parents, then by his teachers, then by arse-kissing TV producers. His haircut and clothing is a distraction from his average output, and his appearance by the way is nothing new to anyone who lives among hipsters and wannabe artists. Go to somewhere like Shoreditch and you’ll run into numerous Noel Fieldings in any given day.

      You mention Julian Barrett, he’s the main reason Fielding’s shit looks and sounds the way it does. Before he met him he looked like this…

      Noel Fielding young

      You can mention as many British comedians as you like (a lot in your list are overrated twats) but in their prime, people like Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, Rik Mayall, Alexei Sayle, Tommy Cooper, Bill Bailey, Eddie Izzard, Paul Kaye, Marc Wootton, Frankie Boyle, Stewart Lee, Reece Shearsmith, Mawaan Rizwan are more original and funnier. Even “normal” comedians like Victoria Wood, Lee Evans, Lee Mack (who lived with Noel Fielding at one point), Peter Kay, Dave Spikey, all the way back to Ronnie Barker and George Formby were funnier and more original.

      Any by the way, Tim Mitchin is Australian (and a twat).

  4. Noel Fielding is the Anti-Eminem . If you can see through Eminem’s tackiness , malice , racism and greed why can’t you support Noel for his unique contributions to the arts ?

    You wrote this piece from a very reactionary standpoint .

    • I don’t have to dislike someone just because they’re racist, sexist, or homophobic, sometimes it’s because the celebrity is overrated (Kendrick Lamar), fake (Russell Brand), talentless (Stacey Dooley), annoying (Alex Zane).

      I don’t have to “support” anybody I don’t want to, just because the masses dictate how to think or act when it comes to certain people, I refuse to accept the mainstream’s opinion. This was my point of view and I aired it. Simple as.

  5. Tim Minchin – or as I call him Tim Munchkin – is Australian but now lives in England . You are are right . Minchin is a mean-spirited cunt who has racist leanings . I would call him a “closet racist” . An atheist who in his own head is a Social Darwinist white supremacist that views Muslims , Indigenous Peoples (of North America , Central America , South America , Hawaii , New Zealand , Australia and Polynesia ) and people of Sub-Saharan African descent as subhuman . In reviewing Tim’s most popular material his inherent bigotry can be detected by a critical thinker . The same goes for Penn Jillette and Eminem .

    Kendrick Lamar and the rest of his label mates are some of the most overrated artists in hip hop history . Drake and his OVO Sound label mates are up there , too .

    Noel has changed with the times and has become more well-rounded . Of all the hipster comedians in the British Isles and Ireland Noel has stood out . He truly is the leader of the pack .

  6. Apparently Munchkin now lives in California . Man , I sure dislike Tim’s negativity , xenophobia and bigotry . You would never see Noel Fielding pull stunts like Timmy . Noel is a man of the people . God Bless him . Even though he is agnostic I’m sure he would appreciate the positive vibes (or prayers) from his legions of fans .

  7. WhatWentWrong, what present day comedians, artists, and all of those sorts do you recommend for original and talented creative output? Also, are there any modern movements or (sub)cultures that you find to be truly fresh, innovating, and groundbreaking?

    • To be honest I think we’re in a period of stagnancy in the arts, we thought the latter part of the twentieth century was when Post Modernism really took off but we didn’t realise that after the Millennium, almost everything will reference the past or outright copy it. Turn on the TV, look at Film, look at fashion, even politics; pretty much everything is harking back to the “good ol’ days”. TV shows and films are all reboots and remakes, too much is set in the 80s and 90s, music seems to sound like the 90s and 00s, fashion is also stuck regurgitating the late 80s and early 90s.

      Comedy right now is having a slight backlash to the straight/conventional comedian which in turn was a backlash to alternative comedians, but without anything new to replace it, we’re left with copies of either Peter Kay and Vic Reeves (hence Jimmy Carr or Noel Fielding for example).

      The only relatively new subculture was when in New York young women were dressing like “witches” (not literally but referencing the look) but apart from that little blip, nothing has really looked new.

      I haven’t been impressed with music since the late 90s, with fashion since the early 90s, and with films since the mid 90s. I think a lot of this comes down to technology, all we seem to be doing is focussing on making what we have better than innovate and create something new. When a workstation or smartphone only gets more powerful rather than different, these tools then keep the arts stagnent since we use these tools in the creation of film, television, music, and design. For instance when computer graphics first made their way into film, because computers were never used before, that made for innovation in movies (the last impressive thing was the CGI in Terminator 2 or bullet time in The Matrix) but these days with nothing new to add to film, the graphics get better but the stories get worse. Same thing goes for music, everything is created on a DAW so therefore nothing looks or sounds new.

      I haven’t been back in an art gallery since I found myself dismayed by The Tate Modern in the early 00s, Modern Art really is hollow pretentiousness these days.

      I’m afraid that until we get creative or innovative with the tools used in the creation of arts, we won’t really progress.

  8. Reminds me of William Blake: “I must create my own system or be enslaved by another man’s”. It seems very difficult when somebody creates something honestly original and deeply unique. Part of the reason that something that is completely original is rarely (if ever) experienced by many people is because it seems that people have difficulty understanding such things. It tends to isolate the person(s) that manifest it. Occasionally a very raw and pure vision is plucked up and brought forth to the masses, but usually not in the form that made it truly original. Much remains hidden…

    • Noel’s comdedic vision was entirely unique . Noel’s career reminds me of the last verse from Canibus’s “I Couldn’t Get Around It” . This was a hidden track (at the end of the album) on the hip hop legend’s last studio album – “Time Flies , Life Dies , Phoenix Rise …” – that he made with producer Bronze Nazareth .

      The verse goes :

      ” The windmill of wealth don’t spin by itself
      No matter who you are, you need help
      Hate is inspired by survival
      That’s why some people never get along
      Even when then try to
      Everything happens in cycles
      You were king for a century, then beaten by your rival
      I asked Life , “How do I describe you?”
      Life sits down beside you, looks you in the real eye spiteful
      If Karma goes around and around for real
      It must be taking the scenic route – on foot – no wheels
      Think you hot ’cause you got a deal?
      Nothing lasts forever, now kneel !!
      That’s what I thought ; now how does it feel?
      That’s all I’m trying to reveal
      I ain’t trying to see your dreams get killed
      And watch you fiend trying to work for a million
      The Devil in a red suit, sitting on top of the stoop
      Eating goat’s head soup ; some type of throwback loop
      The blow-back blew you right off of the roof
      And caused other problems , too
      I’ll speak to it, then I’ll it talk to you
      I find trophies all the time ‘neath the dust and grime
      At least one more time, I can bust a rhyme
      Forever the rapper organizes metadata ; success is like a ladder
      The higher you go, the more the risk of it collapsing
      I want energy returned on energy invested
      Other than that , it don’t matter who the best is …

      Gotta make a decision, gotta decide
      It don’t always work out how you want sometimes
      – But I couldn’t get around it –
      The Most High knows I tried
      Gotta make a decision, gotta decide
      It don’t always work out how you want sometimes
      – But I couldn’t get around it –
      Gotta make a decision, gotta decide
      It don’t always work out how you want sometimes
      – But I couldn’t get around it –
      The Most High knows I tried . “

  9. Noel may have read this ! Just because he is a famous celebrity it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have feelings . Not everyone has a thick skin like Bill Maher . How exactly did Noel bite / copy Kool Keith ? I mean there aren’t that many similarities between the two of them . I really can’t see Noel copying Keith’s mannerisms . Maybe he enjoyed Kool Keith’s music dating back to the mid 80’s . As a musician Noel has stayed away from hip hop (except for when he said he wanted Idris Elba to rap on one of his songs) .

    • If you watch The Mighty Boosh, some of the songs have a Kool Keith-esque sound (I can’t say which exactly as I haven’t watched the show in many years).

      By the way, I know you’re not in the UK but Fielding has now started presenting the mediocre show The Great British Bake Off (and that doesn’t do much for his wannabe alternative credibility). Ever since his new presenting gig search terms for “Noel Fielding annoying”, “Noel Fielding twat” etc. has increased.

      Meanwhile Julian Barratt has made Mindhorn so I guess I was right in saying who was the artistic and credible one of the duo.

  10. I think it was Noel that carried Julian Barratt from 1996 to 2007 . Julian owes a great debt to Noel for molding him into the man he is today . Noel is just expanding his horizons . That’s why he is hosting reality shows . He needs money . He’s surely just doing the show for money . He hasn’t lost his spark .

    That’s the same reason you see Ice-T on ”Law and Order : Special Victims Unit” or why you see Slaine (of La Coka Nostra) in supporting roles in A-List Brad Pitt , Harvey Keitel , Kevin Hart , Marilyn Manson and Ben Affleck movies . Real visionaries like those guys need steady work . The mainstream can’t appreciate everything they bring to the table .

    • Carried Julian Barratt!? 😒

      If you watch/listen to their stand-up from the late 90s, it’s easily Julian that’s the funniest…

      Noel has an obsession with zoo animals and yes he’s surreal but it doesn’t translate into laughs…

      The combination of cartoonish storylines, music and surreal comedy is an equal measure of both comedians – the visuals are more Noel’s than the comedy element which is Julian’s.

      On the topic of presenting lame shows (and making lame shows of his own) that’s just straightforward selling out. Why can’t he make money without doing shite like GBBO? It’s not like Barratt is a millionaire and he manages to make cash without “going mainstream”. Watch Barratt’s segment in ABCs Of Death, Sky’s Little Crackers or like I already said Mindhorn, and it’s plain to see who is the right combination of surreality and comedy – the main reason The Mighty Boost was successful. Getting “steady work” has never and will never be an aspect of being a VISIONARY, it’s the mark of being a SELLOUT.

  11. This is an interesting discussion . Like many successful creatives in the world Noel Fielding has found compromise within himself . No one’s perfect . In Great Britain and Ireland (and probably in much of Western Europe , New Zealand and Australia) Noel will be remembered fondly for decades to come . Noel’s still relatively young . He still has time to make a career for himself in Hollywood like his good friend Russell Brand . He would make a fine character actor like Tom Waits .

    • He ended up being a character in a kids movie. His part was enjoyable and he fit the character perfectly

  12. @ JOE

    We need more Noel Fielding’s and fewer Tom Waits’ . Tom Waits is a perfect example of someone who was given everything and earned nothing . He politicked his way through showbiz relying on nepotism and his personal connections / friendships . In the mainstream collective consciousness Waits will be remembered for decades and even centuries to come . Sadly Noel Fielding will become an obscure , often overlooked and greatly underappreciated figure much like Chino XL , R.A. The Rugged Man or Ras Kass .

    Instead of remembering and celebrating Sixto Rodriguez , Clarence Horatius “Big” Miller ( Rest in Paradise ) , Malcolm McLaren ( Rest in Paradise ) , Pigmeat Markham ( Rest in Paradise )
    or Jackson C. Frank ( Rest in Paradise ) people will think Tom Waits was an innovator and was an original .

    • WTF FUCKTARD. U WROTE “He would make a fine character actor like Tom Waits” BUT NOW UR GOING APE SHIT ABOUT HIM. WHAT R U SCHIZO???

  13. Tom Waits is only talented at acting in supporting character roles . His music is pretentious and overrated . Where as Noel Fielding has never disappointed me in any of his endeavors . Noel is so well-rounded yet so underappreciated by the general public at the same time . He does a lot . Stand up , films , theater , music , political journalism , philanthropy and television hosting / presenting .

  14. I saw Shearing for the first time as a presenter on a baking program, and thought, “who is this twat”. So I did some research and came across his artwork. Well, the all mighty Saatchi has waved his magic wand over Shearing’s doodles, and hay presto, for 10 minutes doodling- that will be 10,000 quid please sir.
    I then came across this article that accurately assesses Shearing’s work, a wonabe who is definitely not. Thanks for the article.

  15. Brilliant article.

    I much so enjoyed reading this, as well as your counter comments.

    And by the way, I found your article by typing “Noel Fielding is a cunt” into Google.

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