What Went Wrong With… Having An Unorthodox Opinion?

What Went Wrong With Having Unorthodox Opinions? An image of a herd of white sheep with one solitary red sheep questioning their actions. By whatwentwrongwith.comIt has become very easy to dismiss unconventional or non-mainstream opinions, especially in the last two decades. It is now a common practice to chastise and bully any purveyor of unorthodox opinion whether it be a celebrity criticiser or a conspiracy theorist, and if you find yourself in either of these minority groups; you will feel the malignant and spiteful wrath of the masses.

Since the Millennium and thanks largely to the War On Terror, you can be conveniently labelled a “Traitor” if you criticise your Country. Thanks to contemporary slang, you can be called a “Troll” if your opinion is coarse or counter to that of the mainstream internet, and you can even been simply dismissed as a “Hater” by wannabe urban, middle-class Pop Culture obsessives.

What is the most distasteful aspect of this situation, is that once the mainstream becomes accustomed to the original opinion over a period ranging anywhere between a few months to a few years; the very same people who felt so affected by it, ultimately accept it. With the passing of time, a once taboo notion becomes “fashionable”, and forgetting all the resistance it once faced, becomes an acceptable part of bourgeois reality.

Take the John F. Kennedy assassination as an example. If on the 23rd of November 1963 you said publicly that you felt something was iffy about the official narrative, you would have been subjected to every foul word under the sun. Wait a few years or so and the same opinion would become more acceptable, wait a few decades and it would become a part of mainstream film and referenced by countless contemporary cretins. The “Grassy Knoll” would become a popular culture in-joke and the conspiracy itself would even be referenced in summer blockbusters such as The Rock and also spawn a Hollywood-approved Oscar winning “Conspiracy Thriller” for the masses to enjoy.

More recently, if you were sceptical about the world’s über reactionary stance on September the 11th and the subsequent wars and draconian laws the “Terror Attacks” directly created. If you refused to believe the spiel the mainstream News corporations and Governments shoved down your throat; you were seen first as either sympathetic to the terrorists or unpatriotic, then after a few years passed you were dismissed as a conspiracy kook. But a decade and a half later and almost everybody you meet finds the whole story fed to us in 2001 as either a distortion of the facts or a downright lie. Airing that opinion on September the 12th and you would have been called the most horrid names and received the dirtiest of looks, but once a decade passes, conspiracy theories are accepted, hatred and fake patriotism is finally seen as prejudice, and slowly a larger proportion of people can finally say what they feel.

But why should time have any affect on an opinion? If you have an opinion counter to that of the mainstream, why can it not be heard or be given credence without first being belittled and undermined for an extended period of time? Once an idea becomes stale and common, it is sold openly to the public, but once the context is removed from the original point of view, the relevance is stripped from the argument and slowly it evolves into a non-threatening idea. In fact if you are a conspiracy theorist, this opinion-destroying or opinion-morphing societal machine is the greatest tool created to aid the prevention of mass public dissent.

On a much smaller scale, this site (which has inadvertently become a sociological and psychological experiment) proves that having a non-mainstream opinion will make a small clique of fanatics or indeed the public angry. So when I criticised A$AP Rocky‘s blindness to casual racism, several blockheads rushed to defend him. They glazed over the issue and in an atmosphere of faux New York Trap Music, complained about the very idea of questioning the Rapper, even though that wasn’t the point of the piece. It’s as though some people become blinkered to the off-centre opinion, and whilst in their red misted haste, criticise you for even having an opinion without even considering the facts. Take my article about Canibus for example and consider the facts; he did make an Islamophobic song, he did and still does make prejudice remarks, and his latest album is even according to mainstream sources; average at best. But because I was one of the first to criticise this wannabe high-brow Rapper, the replies largely consisted of homophobic insults and aimless or dismissive comments.

Parallel to this, if someone is universally disliked, it seems okay by the majority to deride them. Take your pick; from Right-Wing Newsreaders, rich Reality Stars, to over-exposed Pop Singers; mock them and not a single person will argue with your opinion. Aside from receiving a 1 star vote from a lone fan, articles about people such as Puff Daddy or Michelle Malkin are mostly applauded and agreed with. If you say that the Kardashians or Kanye West are lame, you will receive a congratulatory cheer. Pick on non-popular celebrities or people not so widely criticised and you will face a barrage of criticism and contempt.

So if I’d cast aspersions on Lil Wayne back when “Tha Carter” was being overly praised by the media and the public, I would have been in for some major chiding. If I dissed 50 Cent at the time of his “Get Rich Or Die Tryin’” Album, I would have been subjected to copious amounts of bad mouthing. Slate 50 Cent or Lil Wayne today however, and everybody accepts them as the target. But between the early noughties and the present day, their lame musical output hasn’t changed and my opinion of them has remained the same; the only thing that has transformed is the public’s perception of them.

Since time immemorial, hierarchy whether it’s the King or Queen, the Government, or today the mainstream media, has always dictated ideas and acceptable opinions to the masses, and the people have sheepishly conformed. If the State shouts at its people, they listen; regardless if what is being yelled at them is false. If a solitary person on the other hand whispers their opinion in someone’s ear, even if their point is valid, if it is not the widespread opinion; then they will either be ignored, discredited, or abused. But once the same opinion is slowly watered down, passed between people like a game of Chinese Whispers, and finally accepted by the masses as a PG-rated, Ph Neutral, non-offensive version of itself; the very same people who would have ridiculed you for your heretic opinion, quietly accept it like a bunch of boot-licking germs.

Letting the media machine dictate what to think is a dangerous place to be, and yet it is the very citizens that are dictated to, who feel the need to defend the status quo like a kind of self-deprecating reflex. In the West we pride ourselves in our Democracy and our Freedom; especially our Freedom of Speech, but when you look at the location of people who denounce left-field ideas, they are more often than not from the USA, the UK, the EU, Canada, or Australia; ironically the very places who shove their superiority in the face of “uncivilised” foreigners. The same people who yell “you would never get to do or say that in Insert Country Here”, shout down anything not pre-approved by the media or the State. Strangely, if they had their way, they would be the first to remove any criticism against their beloved celebrities and leaders. It would be fine if these people simply countered your unorthodox opinion with a coherent response, however instead of being articulate; this herd just love to howl tired clichéd insults and berate you for making your point of view known. How proud and superior we all should feel in the West, when most of these imbeciles would secretly love a Dictatorship as long as it was Red, White, and Blue.

Opinion quashing is now a weird bi-product of Western freedom and if allowed to flourish may ironically lead to the eventual removal of the very freedoms which allow it to exist. So if you have an opinion about anything, no matter how few people agree with you, if that is your true and genuine point of view; then it is just as valid as that of the mainstream. After all, when has the mainstream ever made you think or introduced you to something new? The interesting facts, the provocative theories, and the actual truth is secluded in the underground, it lays buried in the 1000th page of a Google search or is confined to the pages of a book with no barcode. What is easy to digest or is easily accessible is usually a fabrication or a distortion of the truth, and what the few know today will one day be common knowledge. So never follow these sheep and never let anybody tell you what to think. Give it time, and the same woolly cunts will one day be saying the exact same thing as you.

Points Of Few.

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  1. Very true article.
    It’s OK to blame it all on the government or whatever but you’re not allowed to say it’s the system we live in. You can’t criticize capitalism without being shunned from society, treated like shit, spit on and black listed.

    Society is very cruel. it’s not about being right, it’s about following the popular opinion of things. It’s that America is #1 and all that other patriotic nonsense shoved down your throat.

    It’s OK to talk shit about celebrities everyone hates too but you can’t say anything bad about DA TROOPS without getting a bunch of death threats directed at you.

    They use the talk shows too to tell you what opinion you SHOULD have. That’s the whole point of those late night guys and then the news stations talking about something. You’re not supposed to have your own opinion, you’re supposed to have that person’s opinion unless you want to be outcast by society and labeled a freak, weirdo, terrorist, or whatever.

    • I agree. All of the media from Films, the TV, to Magazines are only there to tell the mainstream what to think. Have a pacifist opinion or an Anti-War opinion since the Millennium and you’ll get a lot of berating and anger. Back in the mid-noughties I remember when a Vietnam Vet spat at Jane Fonda (he also called her a “traitor”). It’s stupid because anybody Anti-War or Anti-Military/Anti-Troops is surely trying to prevent any conflict, the people who get your limbs blown off or your kid killed for a hollow cause or a fake threat is the Pro-War Government. But I doubt that anybody would wait for an ex-President to spit at them. Everybody’s got all their bullshit the wrong way round and blame the wrong people for everything. So having an unconventional opinion is seen as the enemy whereas the actual perpetrator is ignored or praised; that’s the Western World for you.

  2. I never was a fan of lil wayne. Never will be. His music sucks ass, period. He sucked when he was with the hot boys. He sucked in 2000s and sucks now and he will always suck. I don’t know what people find in this guy. Lil wayne is everything wrong with rap music. He relies on punchlines which fail everytime. He has none of Biggie’s lyrical skill or Jay Z’s charisma. Lollipop remains one of the worst songs ever. He is also responsible for the likes of drake and nicki minaj. I just wish lil wayne would disappear along with all the shitty rappers today. But I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

  3. I remember that everyone was kissing lil wayne’s ass in 2000s. Say something bad about him at the time and people will wish death upon you. No wonder lil wayne acts the way he does. He has “music critics” and “hip hop fans” up his ass.

    The same thing is happening with kendrick lamar. Say shit about his new album and people will call you ymcmb fanboy or not a real hip hop fan. It is the media that is pushing this opinion and the public will believe it without thinking for themselves. It is the blatant double standards that is wrong with the West. One thing is acceptable while the other is not.

    • I completely agree. The mainstream always latches onto someone and overrates everything they do, and if you say anything different than what they expect you to, you get called all kinds of shit. Give it a few years or so and everybody switches up, I mean if it was the public’s genuine opinion then why not stick to your guns?

  4. In as much as this is a powerful read about having an unorthodox opinion, I feel that music is totally subjective to its listeners, it either you like it or you dont. As i wouldn’t call criticizing or having an opinion about someones talent unorthodox ( referring to its meaning), if not why is Simon Cowell not in this discussion, lil Wayne sucking ass in not uncommon people know that, people say that everyday , he even thanks his haters. id leave unorthodox to things like “I think the KGB was involved in biggies death”… i feel thers a line between criticism, having an opinion and having and unorthodox opinion.

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