What Went Wrong With… Future, Honest, & Hip-Hop?

 What Went Wrong With... Future (The Rapper) by

Future represents everything wrong with contemporary Hip-Hop; he has a deliberately slow-moving flow and his songs always feature club and chart focussed choruses complete with dumbed-down lyrics. In fact his music is so bad, that if you listen to any of his horrendous tracks, each with their abysmal electronic production and faux-singing; you might contemplate committing suicide.

If you haven’t heard of Future; count yourself lucky. His songs mainly consist of him shouting the same line over and over again or singing using the tired-ass auto-tune effect to create a garbled mess. With his latest album “Honest” nothing has changed, and with its twelve tracks (or an excruciating eighteen on the Deluxe Version) the end result is a torturous album which seems to never end. Now normally, if an album is worth critiquing; I would break down each track in some detail. But when it comes to “Honest”, detail is honestly not needed. Safe to say every song on this album is garbage.

The album begins with “Look Ahead” which consists of a singing hook and electric guitar both sampled from the track “Dougou Badia”. Since this poppy sample is the best part of the song, Future may as well not be on it. In fact his crappy off-beat flow makes an already Hip-Pop song sound even more lame.

Next up is “T-Shirt” which let’s face it; is just a fucking racket… a complete mess of a song with appalling lyrics. Future’s lyricism gets even worse on the next joint “Move That Dope”, a track on which the super-shitty Pharrell does a better job of rapping; so you know there’s something seriously wrong here.

The title track “Honest” is an example of Future’s auto-tuned creations, with an elongated yelp acting as the chorus. With shitty lyrics like “my diamonds ain’t got flaws”, it is at this point in the album that you realise there won’t be anything special here.

This is confirmed on the next track “I Won” which has one of the worst hooks since Dustin Hoffman met Steven Spielberg. The song also has Kanye “Fakest Of All Time” West who seems to love helping kill the memory of credible Hip-Hop. With the next joint “Never Satisfied”, the fake Drake then lends a hand to bury the corpse of the once great genre. The grave of Hip-Hop is then neatly covered… in money.

The track “Covered N Money” with the oh-so inspired lyric “I’m covered in money, I’m covered in money, these bitches these niggaz they all want some from me”, is a great example of what has happened to lyricism in the Hip-Hop genre; it has all but disappeared. On top of this, the now standard and down-right repetitive pitch-shifted snare drum (which seems to feature in almost everything these days) is also present.

The only reprieve from all this aural excrement is Big Rube’s spoken word thingamabob on the Deluxe Edition, which unfortunately at the same time as giving your ossicles a break, makes what follows (the horribly soft track “Side Effects”) sound even worse.

The album closes with “Karate Chop (Remix)” with its purposefully abrupt delivery which gets annoying after, errrrm… two bars. This final song features yet more shit lyrics, but this time couples them with uninspiring rhyme schemes like “living like John Gotti, chopping bricks like ka-rate”. If this wasn’t already a recipe for a craptastic track, “Karate Chop (Remix) also features Lil Wayne and his lil lame style, but by that point you’re just glad the album has finally finished.

With a Hip-Hop album this crap, it isn’t surprising that the ever corrupt Rolling Stone gave this trash 4 Stars. This ruination of Hip-Hop has been helped by this blanketing of the genre with sub-par lyrics and delivery, and uninformed journalists it seems; are paid to praise this kind of shit to keep it selling whilst real rappers and credible albums remain underground. This is especially true of Southern Hip-Hop, and if it wasn’t for K-Rino, Killer Mike and a few others, both Atlanta Hip-Hop and Southern Hip-Hop would be known for this kind of ultra-dumbed-down stereotypical garbage.

Don’t Go Back To The Future.

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  1. How does this guy get into the rap game? How did he ever get a record deal? Did he bribe someone? Did he use blackmail or something similar? Future is absolutely awful! So crap that he makes Soulja Boy seem like Nas. I listened to one of his songs and he nearly made my ears bleed. Is this what hip hop has become? From Rakim all the way to this jackass? From the streets of inner cities to the white executive’s office? I think hip hop’s downfall began somewhere between 1999 and 2000 when lil wayne and the hot boys became popular. Ever since that time, rap became about excessive materialism, regular misogyny, club bangers, and watered down lyrics and flow. This pretty paved the way for shitty rappers such as Soulja Boy, Young Thug, Nelly, Plies, and Future etc. I blame the corporations and the media for shoving that bullshit down people’s throats. It is similar to the entertainment industry. Money first, Substance second. It has always been. It is this industry which ignore talented artists like immortal technique, yet push drake to the masses. Drake is one of the most overratted artists in recent years. His lyrical ability is below average and he cant sing to save his life. Hell this guy sings in autotune! Im judging him entirely by his albums, so fuck his mixtapes. If you are looking for a topic, i’d recommend drake. He has done things which are deserving of an article.

  2. When you think about it, Drake wouldn’t have a rap career if it wasn’t for Lil Wayne. He would not even dream of ever having a career if Hip Hop didn’t sell out.

  3. Future is becoming worse and worse. He is no longer screaming in autotune, but now he is mumbling. Dirty Sprite 2 was pure horseshit and I couldn’t give a shit about his newest album, EVOL. Future is one of the worst rappers in Hip Hop today, but for some reason he is hyped up as the “hottest rapper in the game”. DS2 has gotten critical acclaim, which is just ridiculous. The album was so generic that he could have played “Fuck Up Some Commas” on a loop and no one would have noticed.

    Just check out this bullshit article from Complex called “Well Actually, Future Was The Best Rapper Alive in 2015”. The author has the audacity to write crap like “it was Future who truly advanced rap songcraft and best represented the state of the culture.” It is as if Joey Bada$$, Locksmith, and Tonedeff never existed. This “journalist” was probably smoking a crack pipe before writing this.

  4. Oh the irony. Saying Killer Mike is dope and later calling him a sellout. I just keep on seeing shit like this in your articles. Before you say ‘opinions change’ lemme say your also the peson who says bigots can’t change. Sorry for sounding harsh. I’m just pointing out facts

    • I assume you don’t fully understand irony or the definition of facts.

      This article is about Future who uses an extremely basic flow and stereotypical lyrics. The sentence reads “…if it wasn’t for K-Rino, Killer Mike and a few others, both Atlanta Hip-Hop and Southern Hip-Hop would be known for this kind of ultra-dumbed-down stereotypical garbage”. That’s correct and I stand by it: Killer Mike doesn’t make dumbed-down Trap does he? Sell-out or not, his music (especially his delivery and flow) is not dumbed-down like Future’s. So what the fuck does that have to do with bigots and opinions changing? And what other so-called contradictions have you found?

      What the fuck are you doing? Are you up all day and night reading and re-reading my shit to find inconsistencies of which you’ve found NONE? Just pointing out facts.

      Oh and P.S. tell your lame-producing, hypocritical “brother” to stay the fuck off my site.

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