What Went Wrong With… Gerard Butler?

A parody of photographic head shots for actor Gerad Butler showing his different expressions (which are actually the same)

Gerard Butler is one hack of an actor. Like some kind of Sean Connery 2.0, he has been perpetually playing the same character in every film he’s appeared in. Whether it’s a serious drama, a romantic comedy, or an all out action film, you can find him continually pulling the same face whilst speaking through the side of his mouth like he’s chomping on a mouthful of plums.

In the late nineties, Gerard appeared in some of the worst televisual dross ever made. Then in the noughties, tired of being an unqualified lawyer, he also became an unqualified actor by appearing in some of the crappiest films ever released. Mr. Butler’s Butlerisms could be witnessed in such piles of pish as Dracula 2001, Reign Of Fire, and Lara Croft. Then suddenly, following from the success of Zack Snyder‘s shitty 300, Gerard Butler surprisingly became a bankable mainstream actor. By making one movie-for-the-lads followed by a frothy chick flick, like some kind of calculated equation in how to attain more blinkered fans, Gerard succeeded in hustling Hollywood into thinking he’s a talented performer.

Ever since his appearance in the racist Greek-fest 300, Gerard Butler has been acquiring yet more prejudiced lead roles. Not content with making one pro-white pro-west movie, six years later he appeared in another “prejudice masked as patriotism” vehicle; Antoine Fuqua‘s Olympus Has Fallen. Olympus was one of the most excruciatingly dire and clichéd action films in the history of the genre, but for all its wannabe action movie conventions, it came off as a drab low-budget exercise in bigotry. By the time Melissa Leo was being dragged across the floor as she sung the American National Anthem, the audience were all ready to apply for North Korean citizenship.

What was weirder than accepting this role, was that during the promotion for this sickeningly patriotic film, Butler would become a Secret Service and U.S. brown noser. Never since John Smeaton has a Scot been this needlessly involved with a terror plot and kissed so much American arse in the process. With the literally unbelievable success of this red, shite, and blue film, we now have the sequel London Has Fallen in the works, and even though London is far from a mythical place; God only knows why they would make a sequel to such a horrid piece of celluloid. I’m just waiting for Butler to shout “fuckin’ mon, then” as he tackles a terrorist, at least that would be more realistic than his American accent.

Before London Has Fallen hits our screens however, we will have to endure Gods Of Egypt. A film guilty of ethnic miscasting and whitewashing on an epic scale with its entirely Caucasian cast. As believable as his portrayal was of a Spartan King (which it wasn’t) I’m sure Butler will play the character of “Set” as garbled, white, and as Paisley as King Leonidas.

Much worse news than these two upcoming shitfests, is that Butler is involved in the pointless remake of Point Break. Hungry for cash, Hollywood who are collectively in some kind of remake and reboot frenzy, are planning on sticking Gerard in this film even though he doesn’t have a fraction of the charm or coolness that Keanu Reeves or Patrick Swayze had. It would be more believable if Mr. Butler was surfing in Thurso, or more realistically, trying to clean up East Bay in Helensburgh. After all, he looks more like someone doing community service litter-picking rather than someone saving the fucking world.

The Ugly Truth.

Update 2015: The role in Point Break eventually went to Edgar Ramirez

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  1. Ugh, Olympus Has Fallen (and White House Down) are modern day Red Dawn movies. They are so blatant American pro war propaganda, it’s hilarious on one scale, and then down right sad on the other hand. I mean, who doesn’t laugh at how they constantly demonize North Korea? They make the place out to be hell, but I LIVE in America and I see more people trying to get out of this hell hole country than I do in North Korea. The sad part is, America itself is so fucked up and western society in general is terrible, to the point no one wants to talk about that, they rather lead blind patriotism and complain about North Korea the same way they did the Soviets in the 80’s.

    Americans just love having a bad guy, any bad guy they can scapegoat. Ever since the fall of the Soviet Union, they’ve had it made cause it’s so much easier to target minorities like brown people in Afghanistan or North Koreans and use some inane stupid propaganda line like “they hate us because of our freedoms” and the people blindly follow it, even though in America we don’t have any freedom. We have the freedom to choose who we slave our asses off to working paycheck to paycheck while the rich can buy a bunch of mansions and yachts while exploiting our labor, that’s only freedom we really have. Sure we have the first amendment, but is anyone pushing the brink on freedom of speech? You have freedom of speech until you offend somebody. Look at how they are so quick to turn on people when they disagree with them, even celebrities get kicked around the minute they don’t go with the popular opinion, and the whole ‘America is the good guy’.
    Freedom is an illusion in America and these pro American super propaganda movies always piss me off with their patriotism. I don’t want to hear about how bad North Korea is or how bad the Soviet Union was. People in Russia regret the fall of Communism, they actually want it to come back. People in Cuba love the country they are in. People in North Korea aren’t trying to escape their country, and they are pretty happy with it. I don’t see that when it comes to Americans, what I see is a nightmare unless you’re rich and can get all the benefits in the world over here. Americans love to point the finger at countries they hate (or countries they want to invade, more accurately) and complain about them, even though America itself is hell on earth.

    Since you brought up Olympus Has Fallen what about Independence Day? I think that movie set the standard for crap like Olympus Has Fallen cause it’s the same thing over and over. “America is in trouble! We’re being invaded, now let’s save the day!”
    You notice all these movies have that same scene from Independence Day with the White House on fire or exploding or being invaded?
    I always feel I’m in a minority for hating Independence Day cause it’s so loved, but none of the other dumb propaganda action films have ever matched it’s success. Apart from the jerk off to ‘Murica, these are the most cliched movies I have ever seen and they are full of stereotypes.

    I know this rant is totally off topic from Butler as an actor, but you could write an entire series on these movies like Independence Day, White House Down/Olympus Has Fallen (they are the same thing), hell even Red Dawn and some of the amazingly stupid Cold War propaganda crap the U.S. created that sounds more and more stupid as time goes by and we learn the true meaning of things.

    • I totally agree. I remember watching Red Dawn and thought it was in bad taste, even for the 80’s. Most films in the 80’s were anti-Russian, then since 9/11 the hate figures in almost all sectors of entertainment switched to “the axis of evil” countries. When Independence Day came out I remember thinking that it was strange that America was the focus when it was all of Earth that was being attacked. The quick cuts to other (less important) countries in the world, was then copied in films like Armageddon. And even in an asteroid attack on Earth, America was the focus! I think Roland Emmerich, Michael Bay, Jerry Bruckheimer etc are all potential articles I will write at some point.

      It might begin to sound like I’m constantly America or Western World or even Caucasian bashing, but since white western heterosexual males have all the power, I think it’s an apt target for now. The only thing I disagree with you on, is that I’m sure the same proportion of people would love to leave the country that they live in (including North Korea and Arab countries). I don’t think any country in the world has got the balance right between freedom, law, and rule, and I personally wouldn’t choose any country over another. That is the most annoying part of life, I think we all hate and criticise the country we live in but in reality there is nowhere else to go; we’re all trapped here on Earth and every country on Earth has something wrong with it.

  2. It looks like Gerard Butlers next few movies are lame as hell.London has fallen and Gods of Egypt trailers are out and both look appalling 😀

    • I agree, Gods Of Egypt looks like a garish and tacky mess, and despite the film being mythological, the cast seems to be whitewashed à la Exodus: Gods And Kings

      London Has Fallen looks like another racist/xenophobic shitfest just like its predecessor. Ever since 300, Butler seems to appear in almost every pro-white/pro-west propaganda Hollywood has to offer

  3. I have seen Gerard Butler interviewed and I like him. I think he’s funny. But as much as I like him, I could not complete watching 300 or Olympus Has Fallen. These movies have been described on this website as racist, and that may well be the case, but I just stopped watching them because I didn’t like them. At the time, I didn’t analyse why, although there is only so much you can see of somebody talking into a mouthpiece. I did like the Ugly Truth though.

  4. If Butler is a hack, then all of Hollywood is pure crap filled with hacks. There is no difference between Clooney, Butler, Pitt, Bronson, Brosnan, or any other same old Hollywood hack that Jewish men hire to sell their crap movies. He has never done anything racist. Only someone black would make that ugly argument. The typical black racist attacks any white action actor because they make less money than him and are jealous of his roles. This is the most ignorant article I have ever read. What did Butler do to this writer. Punch his or her dog in the face? That is the “UGLY TRUTH”.

    • Is that your attempt at being funny or are you just a twat? Although I don’t like the actors you listed, Clooney at least switched things up in O Brother, Where Art Thou? and Pitt was brilliant in 12 Monkeys. Butler however, whether he’s in an action movie or a romance movie, he shows up with the same expression and same muffled voice, and without showing any variation, playing himself in every film he appears in, yes, he’s a hack.

      But fuck all that, what’s that “only someone black” shite? You speak about Hollywood being Jewish but your surname is Kaufman and you think that the only people who are critical of Islamophobic movies such as 300 are black? Get your ignorant cunting arse off my site you prick.

  5. Why the 300 is a racist film? Didn’t the Thermopylae battle happened or didn’t the Persians wanted to conquer the world and slaughthered many Greeks?

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