What Went Wrong With… And What Is Wrong With… Michelle Malkin?

A caricature of Michelle Malkin shown against a background which is an amalgamation of the American and Filipino National Flags by What Went Wrong With

An all-round bitch and a complete sellout, Michelle Malkin is a strange conservative creature the likes of which cannot be believed until witnessed first-hand. I first saw this Hanjian (or should I say, Taksil) back in 2001 when Fox News began broadcasting in the UK after 9/11. When I saw her speak for the first time, I was so surprised by her stance on erm… everything; I couldn’t believe my left-wing eyes. With all her extreme-right rhetoric it was hard to tell where Bill O’Reilly‘s cock ended and Malkin’s mouth began.

This idiot seemed to be a show-piece for a predominately white, male, xenophobic broadcaster. With all the other white faces on there, it looked like she was placed on the channel so that Fox could say “we’re not racist, we have a Filipino on our payroll”. Malkin seemed to revel in her token minority role and she loved to spurt out all the racist and prejudice garbage the Republicans are known for but somehow managed to make everything sound worse because she was herself; a minority.

Since leaving the O’Reilly Factor, she has continued in her crusade for all things white. In fact since leaving the show, her points of view if anything have become more right wing as the day goes by. She supports internment camps, she loves the military, she of course loves America (probably only the white parts) and she hates Obama and the Democrats.

Her stance on Terrorism seems to be that it’s the fault of everybody with a brown complexion east of Greece. Her stance on Immigration is that she hates everybody with a brown complexion south of Texas. Her stance on Unemployment Benefits is that it’s all because of brown and black people, in fact her stance on any political issue it seems; is that everybody who is not white is not right (that is everybody except for herself).

If anybody picks up on her bullshit points of view, she seems to respond with a pro-American nonsense answer. When somebody, for example mentions her support for Immigrant Detention, Guantanamo Bay, and all forms of internment (when East Asians were placed in camps at the time of World War II, and South Asians are still in GTMO) she retorts by claiming she is not an Asian but states that she is an American. Given the chance, I’m sure she would even denounce her sex, and the fact that she is a descendant of immigrants who were not US citizens, makes her viewpoints hypocritical and offensive. I mean why is she and her parents any different than Latin, Arab, Asian, or African immigrants in the US today? The fact that she thinks giving automatic citizenship to children born in the US (to foreign parents) is wrong; just proves how idiotic Malkin is. She is without doubt a Race Traitor of epic proportions.

Michelle may think of herself as an “American” first, but she fails to notice that all the racist right-wing arseholes she is trying so hard to fit in with; all see her as an Asian first. And by the way, even if you have a Birth Certificate or an American Passport, you are NOT American. In fact nobody is truly American unless they’re Native American, and by Malkin’s own words; she and everybody else including Bill O’Reilly, every other xenophobic, anti-immigration arsewipe, on Fox News and in the Republican Party; should all be put in Internment Camps or deported.

Mal Kin.

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  1. Wow couldn’t have said it better myself…what a total arse!!!! The very reason I would never watch Fox News or any other American/British news channel, it’s all one-sided and it’s never the right side they depict. Great article, love reading your pieces, as always. True fan 🙂

  2. Awesome, and I think you might have been too nice. She is the bottom of the barrel of humanity, scum of the earth!

  3. So true. As a Filipino myself it pains me to see her spread self hate all the time. She’s obviously just an oriental novelty item on fox. Anyways glad to see some people are still sane 🙂

  4. I heard some lady saying she was ashamed of Michelle Malkin and that people like her are the reason the world is the way it is. I listen to everybody, largely due to that fact that people like this lady are out there distorting the views of others. It gives me a reason to reply to comments made out of such ignorance. I find it funny that she would be allowed to go on and on and on, but since she does; let’s listen and see what happens when she crosses paths with the one person who will finally put her in her place (and it will happen). Great article and I’m conservative.

  5. I watch her on Fox a few times and she just baffled me on how she is out of touch. She looks like reading from a script that was given to her.

    I watch her get owned by Lanny Davis. She just went on and on with her unsupported statements….What a douche!! and a Republican robot..

  6. She’s a white-washed, brain-washed, back-stabbing, self-hating Asian. She actually DENIES that she’s Asian!
    Lol. What’s wrong with her?? Does she not see herself in the mirror?
    Who is she kidding? She an “Anchor Baby” turned “Uncle Tom”. She is disgrace to ALL immigrants in this country and she and her WORK-VISA parents should be rounded-up, put in a concentration camp, then deported back to the Philippines for being such massive hypocrites.

  7. Yeah. You should see how she tries to paint herself as an angel when she talks about her sick child. Not that I don’t feel sorry for Veronica, but Michelle can’t hide behind her child and think that everyone is just going to forget about all the pain and suffering she causes by her own negative statements, of which are not productive but in fact are the exact opposite——-destructive!

    • That Full Metal Jacket reference is actually incorrect since it was a phrase spoken by VIETNAMESE prostitutes and not by FILIPINOS. Confusing or muddling races isn’t clever, especially if you’re trying to diss someone for being a racist sellout.

  8. I believe that me can be so horny whether Vietnamese, Filipino, or any other nationality. I may not be Chinese, but me can play joke and go pee-pee in your Coke no problem.

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