What Went Wrong With… And What Is Wrong With… Katie Hopkins?

Black and White caricature of Katie Hopkins with blue eyes drawn by What Went Wrong With

Katie Hopkins is an odious right-wing mouthpiece who constantly pops up on television like a hate-filled wack-a-mole; the viewer dying to cave her prejudice head in every time she opens her vile gob. Change the channel and there she is again, on some sofa or on some panel, infecting the atmosphere with the stench of hatred. Her points of view usually echo the likes of Enoch Powell, and we the viewer are left baffled and incensed as to why this witch is allowed so much airtime on so many shows.

For somebody allegedly born in 1975, it is shocking that both her opinions and looks resemble someone who was birthed in 1875. Her poncey prejudice points of view have to be heard to be believed, but when you see them spoken through her drooping asymmetrical snobbish lips they seem to sound exponentially worse. With her constant evil yet bemused smirk and perpetually sweating philtrum, it looks as though Hopkins herself is surprised how far she has got with such little talent. This serial Reality TV whore started her “media career” on The Apprentice with Alan “I’m a bigshot ’cause I sold one VCR in the 80’s” Sugar. From there she has been leap-frogging between one shit show to another, even getting married on Sky Living’s Four Weddings and also appearing on the animal-cruelty-fest I’m A Celebrity.

It is however, when she is given the role of spokesperson or panelist rather than a contestant that she is at her most annoying. Her horrid views have been aired on many shows, and over the last several years she has spewed her venom on countless TV programmes from the dull as dishwater The Wright Stuff, the wannabe-youthful 10 O’Clock Live, the noughties shitfest The Friday Night Project, the shit-stained 8 Out Of 10 Cats to the fakely impartial Question Time. Giving this arsewipe a voice when the only thing that comes out of her cake-hole is prejudice; is tantamount to speaking the words themselves. Fuck Channels 1 through 5.

Hopkins’ targets are the usual suspects; minorities, and the following quotes I found on Huffington Post show what her evil mind thinks about…

…Women in Sports:

“Highlights from the Women’s Final. 2 mins worth of programming. Remind me why women are paid the same prize money as men”


“Egyptian uprising continues to look like Bonfire Night. Protest fireworks. Right up there with Angry cup cakes”

…The Working Class:

“Jayden, this is not your maths homework, this is your Mega Bingo card’. ‘It’s numbers innit?”

“Any school lost property box. Always filled with uniforms labelled for Charmaine and Chardonnay. But misspelled.”

“Compare the Telegraph births column with a list of names coming up before magistrates each week. Tell me I don’t have a point.”

…Muslims and Islam:

“When you go out tomorrow and the tax man takes x% of your earnings, imagine handing those in person to Quatada’s wife and 5 kids”

“Ch 4 broadcasts Islamic calls to prayer for Ramadan. A 30 day reminder that minority rules in the UK. Any more PC, it’d be a bloody laptop”

“Off to buy Loud Hailer. When Ch4 broadcast Islamic call to prayer, I am going to counter with ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ in protest.”

…And finally The Scottish:

“Life expectancy in Scotland based 07/08 birth is 59.5. Goodness me. That lot will do anything to avoid working until retirement.”

Until this last tweet coincided with the helicopter crash in Scotland two weeks ago, everybody in the media was fine with this repugnant bitch spouting hatred on mainstream television (and on the internet). We have had to endure this snobby twat since 2006, but it was only until the public started a petition did anybody take action against her. Just goes to show how horridly right wing the broadcasters themselves are, and also how blind the public are to prejudice; after all, this racist cunt was only sacked once white people realised she was also prejudice against other white people.

For someone who was a contestant in The Apprentice, Hopkins seems more successful at getting fired than getting hired. Managing to get fired from The Met Office and finally being fired from This Morning, each of her “careers” seem to be as short and as pointless as her crappy e-book The Class Book Of Baby Names.

With a face resembling a melting candle with drooping globules of haggered skin culminating in a sagging neck; I hope I don’t have to be subjected to her ugly mug ever again.

KKKatie Hopkins

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  1. Sounds like 99% of the right wing KKK nutcases that are spokespersons in America.

    Even worse idiots fucking worship these morons like RON PAUL who have brains straight out of 1840 and are racist as hell.

    • Exactly. I understand unbiased journalism, but when somebody is constantly prejudice, there’s not much point in listening to what they have to say. It makes it worse when an entire network promotes these ideas (like Fox News). In the UK, 90% of the newspapers and over 75% of TV is filled with right wing garbage. On UK TV they do it a little more subtly, and instead they hire people like Katie Hopkins to say the shit they don’t want to (even though it’s obvious they agree with her). The quotes in the article aren’t even the worst things I’ve heard her say, but they were the only ones I could attribute to her.

    • Fox News is about as racist as it gets. Or shall i say Fox “News” cause most the shit on there is not news at all, it’s racist propaganda to make white people feel good about themselves for being Christians and hating anything that don’t agree with their version of how the world should work.
      I get sick of the founding fathers fetish too. Libertarians (Libertards I call them) use this bullshit to hype up their precious Ron Paul “he’s just like the founding fathers” but they forget to mention the founding fathers owned slaves, slaughtered Indians and overall were a group of rich white guys that ran the country just like how it is today (old rich white men controlling everything). The founding fathers were so great they looked at everything non-white as property and inferior and they were so great they didn’t want women to ever have rights.
      The fact they never would change the holy Constitution is exactly why the U.S. was so late in getting labor laws and unions to actually help the working man rather than the greedy rich assholes that run everything. If you go through U.S. history you will see it was very brutal and bloody when anyone dared to stand up to corporations or when Marxists tried to change things. And still these idiots act like the Constitution is the greatest thing ever lol, I’m shocked the right wing don’t bring up the Articles of Confederation, that stuff is even more fucked up.

      I don’t know how it is over in the UK, I saw when Thatcher died all the people were celebrating (I only wish people paraded and celebrated like this when Reagan died, instead they worship the piece of shit even though he fucked this country up worse than anything for the working man).

    • The annoying thing with Thatcher was that everybody got on the band-wagon as always. In the UK and probably all over the world, people only do something subversive when it’s “safe” to do so. Celebrating Thatcher dying, but then doing nothing about Cameron who is just as bad, and doing nothing to stand up to Blair (who was worse) is just hypocritical. It’s the same thing with the Royals; we all know they’re racist and classist; but everyone seems to be on an “arse-kissing” exercise at the moment. The news broadcasters here from Sky (owned by Rubert Murdoch – same as Fox News), BBC (Royalist suck-ups), and ITN (Right-Wing Pro-War types) are all the same as each other, just with different logos. They all sit there promoting a white/male/heterosexual/middle-aged/upper-class agenda.

    • Hopkins is symptomatic of many issues and an old fashioned reactionary bully. She is frightened, so she lashes out. I agree with the view that she is deeply unpleasant. It’s quite possible she has a personality disorder, all I know for sure is that she has succeeded in making some people as crass as herself. Isn’t it slightly hypocritical to complain about her appalling, cruel characterisations of people….and end the piece this; ‘With a face resembling a melting candle with drooping globules of haggard skin culminating in a sagging neck; I hope I don’t have to be subjected to her ugly mug ever again.’….On so doing, you have descended to her level. How can you possibly criticise her for rudeness when you say things like that? Be smarter than her, be nicer,

    • Descending to her level isn’t merely name-calling. This would involve me vilifying not only Katie, but her entire race and calling for her demographic to be deported. Hopkins’ views go way beyond being rude, so no, she deserves it.

  2. She has been broadcasting her vileness since 2006? Lordy. Luckily I’ve managed to avoid most of her idiocy. I wasn’t surprised to find that this gobshite is now trolling in a column for The Sun, and recently called migrants crossing the Mediterranean to the UK “feral humans” and “cockroaches” that should have their boats torpedoed, hours before 950 drowned when a fishing ship capsized. The petition calling for her to be sacked in the wake of this now has over 200,000 signatures and members of the UN have complained about her, mentioning similarities to her article and the pro-genocidal propaganda of Rwanda in 1994 and that of Nazi Germany.

    It’s disgusting and upsetting to realise she has been doing this for about 9 years (and probably making a decent living out of it), and that such unbridled bigotry and lack of empathy was/is acceptable for mainstream UK TV, and passed mostly unnoticed for a big chunk of that time.

    Great article – I got to your site after a search for ‘frank miller is a prick’, and I liked that post a lot as well as all the other stuff I’ve read so far. Your Hiphop timeline post is absolutely legendary mate – I’m working my way through all The Real video links, so many amazing tunes.

  3. I’m sick of Katie Hopkins. She seems to be everywhere these days. Hopkins is just like 2 Chainz; but instead of shit rhymes, she infects us with unadulterated bigotry. The comments she made recently about migrants were so vile and offensive that even Nigel Farage would not have said them. Her job at The Sun comes as no surprise to me; because The Sun has always been a right-wing, biased newspaper. Really wish the bitch would disappear. Bottom of the barrel. Total, Utter Scum.

    • Aside from The Sun she keeps getting offered new TV gigs even though she says the most prejudice and offensive shit. She’s now on TLC with a show called “If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World”. How she went from the Military to The Met Office, to being a contestant on The Apprentice to being THE go-to racist on TV I’ll never know, something is very corrupt about the whole thing (although it does show what kind of people are accepted into Military programmes).

  4. She has got a show called “If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World”? I doubt the world would be a good place if she actually ruled the world.

  5. Since writing this article, Hopkins has sunk even lower into the depths of racism and xenophobia. She has recently written and tweeted the most abhorrent things about immigrants and refugees.

    And this tweet was the most offensive since it coincided with the body of a drowned Syrian toddler washing ashore…

    • She hates common people and immigrants but as I recall she kissed Alan sugars ass on the apprentice – a cockney jew ! The daft bitch

  6. I thought Katie Hopkins was the most hateful person in this planet until I heard of Rush Limbaugh. The guy is a thousand times worse.

  7. This is good. What can I say? Katie sucks. Can the guy who called Ron Paul racist eat a dick though? Ron is very antithetical to Hopkins. He’s not racist and his ideas would help the world. Ok now. Your site is good. Ms Hopkins ties into what’s bad and Ron to what’s good. 9/11 was exploited by Hopkins. 50 Cent is conservative like Hopkins. Alex Jones, when he was good, had similar views to Ron. Alex Zane has not talent like Hopkins. Ageist entertainment industry promotes Hopkins monthly. Art went worse at the same time as Hopkins. A$AP Ferg sucks like Hopkins. A$AP Rocky is hurting blacks like Hopkins. Axl Rose, while a great singer, is similar to Hopkins.Azaelia Banks was saying what Hopkins thinks about Zayn Malik. Baz Luhrmann is boring like Hopkins. Fox news is the American Hopkins. Boston bombings lockdown was supported by Hopkins. Breakfast TV is horrible with Hopkins on air. Caitlyn Jenner has similar views to Hopkins on some issues. Canibus is anti- Arab like Hopkins. Channel 4 may as well show Hopkins due to their programming downfall. Chris Brown is a thug like Hopkins. Chris French dismisses conspiracy theories, but Ron tolerates them. Chris Nolan and the Nolanites and equivalent to Hopkins and the Hopkinsites. Comedy panel shows should skewer Hopkins. Counter culture is opposed by Hopkins.Dark Knight Rises was anti Occupy Wall Street like Hopkins. Die Hard franchise is bland like Hopkins. Donald Trump is probably the fuck buddy of Hopkins. Don’t join the army campaign is Hopkins supported tripe. Drake is boring like Hopkins. Dr. Dre is as greedy as Hopkins. E! has bad programming similar to Hopkins. Eminem is the white anti- gay knight like Hopkins. Ethnic and racial casting is more white and Hopkins doesn’t bat an eye.European Union is opposed by Ron. Film with fundamentalist Christians are liked by Hopkins. Found footage films are fake like Hopkins. Frank Miller makes comic book writers/ artists look bad in the same way Hopkins makes Barnstaple residents look bad.Future is hurting hip hop’s future like Hopkins is hurting Britain’s future. General election has Hopkins prancing on the right. Gerard Butler is a douche like Hopkins.Glastonbury has sold out unlike Ron. Gogglebox is as bad as Hopkins.Guy Fawkes night celebrators are as clueless as Hopkins. Hater like Hopkins stinks.Hip hop and rap are hurt by Hopkins’ race but she wrongly blames only black people. Humans treat animals as badly as Hopkins treat non white above 40 people. Iggy Azalea is a blonde twat like Hopkins. Internet memes are good with Ron. Interstellar was hypocritical like Hopkins.It was Alright in the 1970s is Hopkins’ wet dream. J Cole and his use of “nigga” emboldens Hopkins. Jason Segel is dull like Hopkins. Jay- Z is greedy like Hopkins.Jeff Ross, Natasha Leggero and Martha Stewart’s roast was racist like Hopkins.Jimmy Fallon somehow got a show like Hopkins. Joan Rivers is anti Palestinian like Hopkins. Find any link between bad reported on your site and Hopkins. Here is the rest.


    Reply is u want to. Good day lad who wrote this.

  8. Ok sir. What did I spell wrong. Spelling should be examined. I can’t figure out my mistakes at
    all. Please correct me if u can. Did u check out the link. It’s a great article man.
    Good day, ok.

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