What Went Wrong With… Natasha Leggero, Aziz Ansari, & The Roast Of James Franco

Caricature of Natasha Leggero by What Went Wrong With

Natasha Leggero, a poor blind man’s Mia Kirshner, has always been a mediocre and forgettable comedian. A couple of years back, this wannabe-funny and wannabe-pretty, stain of stand-up was busy doing her “I don’t like Hip-Hop music” act to bored audiences in empty rooms. When I first heard her routine, I among others felt that her crappy jokes were more anti-black than anti-Hip-Hop. The deep and unintelligent accent that she routinely used to portray black rappers, complete with cliched “Yo, Yo, Yo’s” and closed-eyed arm-waves proved she was yet another racist Caucasian comedian.

Lines like “since when did yelling over OUR favourite hits become music?” and her venomous use of the word “aks” just hinted at her horrid opinion of race and minority culture. The irony of a white person mentioning all the modern contrivances of Hip-Hop which they themselves helped manufacture during their takeover in the last ten years is pretty astounding. The additional irony of attributing the word “aks” to black people when it was originally spoken by poor Caucasian Americans during Slavery, is almost a joke in itself.

After watching this offensive routine (and since I’m not a fan of the equally unfunny Whitney Cummings or the equally racist Chelsea Handler) I forgot all about this whinging uptown skinny twat. That was until last week, when all the unfunny and all the untalented came together for the Roast of James Franco; and once again comedy took a step backward.

First of all, let me mention that somebody stereotyping their own culture is acceptable. A Jew telling Jewish jokes is not racist for example, all races and creeds are free to laugh at themselves; what is racist is a person focussing solely on race when joking about a different ethnic minority. This is what pretty much took place on this tedious and racist event, in which all the anti-Indian, anti-Asian, and anti-Middle-Eastern, unwise wisecracks targeted toward Aziz Ansari were cleverly masked by the Jewish jokes (which incidentally did not have the same effect since they were told by Jews). It was very telling of contemporary comedy, that almost every joke concerning the only minority on stage focussed on prejudicial objectivity and racial stereotyping. It felt more like an 1980’s Paki bashing than a 2013 comedy “Roast”.

The worse of all of the whitey-white comedians was Natasha Legerro, who when referring to Aziz said; “He was recently awarded India’s highest honour… soap”. Again, Leggero was oblivious to the fact that the Babylonians and Egyptians (ethnic minorities) invented soap in the first place, so again irony was lost on this racist fool. But atop of her previous race-hate stand-up, this line just proved how low she is willing to go for a taste of mainstream success.

Of course, Aziz Ansari just sat there and took this jibe like the pussy that he is. With his fake laughing and pounding of the arm of his chair, he seemed like a contemporary Sammy Davis Jr. Minorities like Ansari and Craig Robinson (to name but a few) who are constantly surrounded by white “comedians” and white “celebrities”, seem fine being derided by descendants of Colonial Imperialists as long as they garner some iota of fame in the process. Instead of the shitty comeback about “stereotypes from 1995”, Azari could have retorted with a white or even a Jewish joke, but just like the token arse-kissing minority that they wanted him to be; he stayed quiet like a fucking sellout.

Grovelling minorities aside, it was surprising how many jokes about Aziz concerned his race, even Lames Franco told one about Ansari resembling the monkey in “Oz: The Great And Powerful”; the whole fucking debacle seemed more of a Bernard Manning tribute, than a so-called “Roast”.

In this stage-full of cunts, Natasha Leggero was the most offensive and yet the least comedic. With her useless degree in “Theater Criticism”, I assume the study of both irony and comedy was missing from her syllabus. From watching her on stage, I’d be surprised if she hadn’t been studying comedy at the school of Jim Davidson.

Natasha Leggero with her annoyingly whinging voice, Down’s Syndrome eyes, and protruding bottom lip; is a fucking disgrace to stand-up comedy. This scrawny, wizened, po-faced, wrinkly-lipped, stuck-up white honkey bitch (just a bit of casual comedic racism) was the most basest and whitest of an already base white bunch, but most importantly; she was the most unfunniest.

This craKKKer didn’t crack me up.

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  1. It would be fun to see a white comedian actually make fun of the dumb things we do instead of targeting other races, cultures, religions, etc etc. I could have easily wrote this article about 7 years ago about Larry the Cable Guy and the whole fake “redneck” garbage it spawned. That’s another thing, why does it always to be dumbass rednecks? It’s never rednecks making fun of each other either, unless people actually thought Larry the Cable was real.
    You could make fun of the average white guy being scared to death of the average black man walking down the street. “Why you so scared man?”. When a black comedian does this, they bitch and moan about it even though it is so true! The best part about comedy is sometimes the joke is on you, and it’s good to laugh at yourself for things you do and like. People who watch sports, should be able to laugh at themselves over jokes about sports fans and obsession with it. Not everything has to be about what you DON’T LIKE. You could easily make fun of things you do like, that’s where this idiot fails as a comedian besides her obvious racism.

    • I never really watched Larry The Cable Guy, but I agree that most of today’s stand up comedy focuses on negative and prejudice aspects of people. Obviously it’s not only white comedians that are guilty of racism; Martin Lawrence and Eddie Griffin for example have told blatant racist jokes, Russell Peters hides his racist jokes behind his brown-ness, and Carlos Mencina is one of THE most racist stand up comedians of the last decade. After 9/11 it seems that Arabs and Muslims have become the punchline for the majority of today’s racist stand up. It has opened a loophole and given an excuse for racist “comedians” to tell extremely offensive xenophobic jokes that they would not normally get away with if the target was say; Africans or Israelis. These days, watching stand up is like watching a re-run of the ’70’s show “The Comedians” with jokes the likes of Bernard Manning told being transposed to contemporary minorities. Acts like Lisa Lampanelli even make a living from “Insult” comedy, but in truth; like you said it takes a bit more intelligence and even a bit of artistry to achieve laughs from non-prejudicial comedy. For this reason, I will always be a fan of Bill Hicks and Mitch Hedberg, because they all had an opinion that was counter to that of the mainstream and still remained funny without resorting to prejudice. I guess intelligent stand up comedy died with them, the only person left is Stuart Lee.

    • Larry the Cable Guy wasn’t even real, I mean that’s the name he tries to sell. It’s even worse when you see people ride around with those stickers on their cars. Um hello!? He’s making fun of you idiots and you buy into it! You don’t have to drive far in a southern state to see a Git-R-Done sticker on someone’s vehicle. Carlos Mencia is just like him, both fakes, and obviously extremely racist.

      Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence disgust me, they are sell outs if there ever was a definition for them. I don’t understand why they do those roles with dressing up as big fat women, that’s something that always bugged me, but they make money from it. It’s like modern day brown face, and Eddie Murphy hasn’t been funny since the 80’s. Tyler Perry is probably the king of this, and you could easily write an article on him. It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t constantly sell these guys as being black comedians. As offensive as Adam Sandler is with portraying mentally handicap people, poor people, white trash rednecks, and even gay people (or pretending to be gay) he seems to be bullet proof of any criticism his way, and his movies still are heavily promoted by Hollywood. That’s one thing I will never understand, racism sells in comedy, and the average person rarely ever picks up on it.

  2. I agree!! Natasha Leggero isn’t funny, she’s just rude, annoying and frankly, boring. But maybe you shouldn’t make fun of down syndrome people while you’re telling others not to make fun of people based off of how they were born.

    • Thanks for taking the time to reply. The reference to Down’s Syndrome, and even the use of the words “honkey” and “cracker” were my attempt to show how offensive words can be; regardless of their context. Natasha’s comedy largely consists of mocking the socially excluded and by making prejudice comments. This article was an attempt at turning the tables on Leggero, and to show people like her how hurtful prejudice and stereotyping can be when they are the target. However if you found the comments offensive; I appologise.

  3. Eh, describing Babylonians and Egyptians as ethnic minorities whilst having a go at someone for racism is silly.
    Egyptians are not an ethnic minority in Egypt. Perhaps you should try thinking of the world through something other than your US glasses, might be surprised by what you see.

    • Describing anybody of colour as an ethnic minority is technically incorrect in global terms. However in an article criticising a Caucasian American (the majority in America) for her racism against an Indian American (an ethnic minority in America), I needed to refer to people of colour as “ethnic minorities” as a blanket term to get my point across. Obviously anybody within a greater population who is not the majority is by definition; a minority. Semantics aside, I fail to see what was so incorrect about this sentence, since ancient Babylon (modern day Iraq) and ancient Egypt (not the Muslim majority of the present day) would be “ethnic minorities” in any racist American’s eyes. The present day Egyptians by the way, have descended from Macedonian, Greek, Roman, Arab and various European bloodlines. So for that matter, the original and ancient versions of all cultures including Egyptian (who I was actually referring to) would be/are minorities today.

      I do not wear glasses, US or otherwise. I see the world with perfect clarity.

  4. ”Leggero was oblivious to the fact that the Babylonians and Egyptians (ethnic minorities) invented soap in the first place, so again irony was lost on this racist fool” – what do Babylonians and Egyptians have to do with Aziz Ansari, who is of Indian descent? By throwing all minorities into the same group you are proving yourself to be a complete hypocrite. At least Leggero was saying things in jest, you are taking yourself completely seriously. Why do you even watch comedy? Should probably just stick to masturbating over 9/11 conspiracy DVDs

    • Wow, you really are a cunt.

      For someone who seems overly concerned with one subject connecting to another, and who writes a bullshit paragraph to do with ethnicity but then ends with a line about “9/11 conspiracy DVD’s” obviously needs to look up the word “hypocrite” again.

      On a side note, who the fuck still watches DVD’s? You must be one backward twat.

      Secondly, in a Roast where almost every Yank Stand-up muddled up the race of Aziz as some kind of generic brown-middle-east-asian-hybrid, I think it was quite apt of me to do the same. I’m sure the same people who laughed when Jeff Ross said “I was gonna tell one about your set BOMBING” are hardly the kind of people that can tell minorities apart, Leggero included.

      Plus I’m sick of dicks who get to say completely prejudice shit under the guise of “jesting”. Dicks like you need to remove their puckered lips from Natasha’s arse. Racism is not acceptable when it has no point.

      Lastly, how is somebody who has a website full of cartoon caricatures, and a giant sad-face logo; “taking themselves seriously”?

      You should probably stick to jerking off over Bernard Manning VHS’s. Oh wait, that had nothing to do with what I just said… Please, please, please write another paragraph explaining how and why.

    • Perhaps he should be renamed DNR.
      This article is spot on. Loved the Rome sh analysis too!
      Also you reminded how racist Rules of Engagement is. That short guy Spade is so offensive to ‘Timmy’ who is a Xenophobe’s willing punchbag. There is one scene where Spade is trying to ‘clean’ a photo frame with Timmy’s mother in it, making out that her ‘bindi’ is a dirt mark!

  5. You are mentally disabled. Why someone with such delicate sensibilities would chose to watch a Roast, can only be explained by them having some congenital form of mental retardation. It would be nice if you would watch the Comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav, then your own racial hangups would cause your head to explode and we human beings could all feel a little better knowing there was one less humorless racial masochist living among us dragging us and race relations backward.

    • Thanks for your diagnosis Dr. Dee.

      With all your references to mental disorders and exploding heads, it seems that you fancy yourself as some kind of comedic Cerebrologist. I assume it’s because of this love for noggins that you give so much head to racist comedians.

      Please enlighten all us laymen, as to why pricks like your good self give so much credence to prime-time prejudice comedy, but feel offended by a tiny little article in the arse-end of the internet? If you love Roasts so much, then why does a Roast Of A Roast get you so impassioned and irate?

      Also, please tell me how many KKKomedy Central Roasts you have seen whereby a sole Caucasian is mocked onstage by a band of black comedians? And yet you think that it is I; who is responsible for “dragging race relations backwards”?

      To paraphrase yourself… Why would someone with such delicate sensibilities and hangups over retaliation, choose to read an article on this subject?

      You must either be masochistic or Intellectually Disabled, congenitally or otherwise.

    • who tha fuck is this bitch? dee, i don’t know if u are u a dude or a chick, but either way ur a racist. ‘go watch the roast of flavor flav… and we HUMAN BEINGS could all feel a little better’. so black people aren’t human beings. just proves that racism begets racism. leggero and dee ur a pair of racist bitches!

    • whinge

      complain persistently and in a peevish or irritating way.
      gerund or present participle: whinging

      You are the dumbest, most unfunny, cuntiest cunt who has ever ventured up Leggero’s culo. And who reads an article about a racist stand-up and begins to argue over spelling variants?

      Call yourself “Crush Everything” when you couldn’t crush an ALUMINIUM can. And yes, it’s aluminium… not aluminum, you lazy-tongued, vowel removing, vowel adding twat. And you can stick your superlative adjectives up your arse… that’s arse, not ass.

    • But he’s right,you humorless, smug, ahole! The whole article you act like you have access to this privileged English language and you write shit like only
      Jerry Springer rejects would write: ‘The most unfunniest’? Its like saying ‘more better’ you moron! Don’t insult the guy for bringing your cockiness down a notch, learn do deal with it fairly! By the way ,Im a comedian, I cant stand Natasha,but even more ,Silverman,but you’re completely oblivious to reality, Natasha was a actually funny, and few others too,Jeff Ross killed ,again, etc the show wasn’t the pile of garbage YOU’RE making it! Just because YOU don’t get it,it doesn’t mean is not funny! By the way,Craig Robinson is an American citizen, not a minority,its white idiots like you that perpetuate the stereotype! Too much cursing and foul language,but thery’re still funny! We ALL got it that is not the Dean Martin roasts anymore,.its 2014, only you didn’t didn’t adjust to the times! Get a life, and get a sense of humor, Leggero could be annoying,but shes funnier than Silverman,.whom I consider the biggest fraud in comedy since…David Letterman(the worst stand up ever, lucky he got a talk show ,but why,how did he deserve it?? Even now ,worth half a billion,he still cant read a fucking top 10 list funny,he reads it like the book!)! So there!

    • He’s not right, you great titting arse; since whinging is a fucking word. And ever heard of using double superlatives for effect? It’s 2014 for fuck’s sake; maybe take a leaf out of your own failed comedian’s handbook and adjust to the times.

      And by the way I’m not white, and that would make me a minority (since there are less black people than there are white in my Country). So Craig Robinson who is black, is also a minority in the United States. Being a minority doesn’t negate you being a citizen, you retarded moron. And how the fuck is that a stereotype? Maybe check this shit out before you write your misspelt drivel.

      Nobody cares what you think about comedians since you’re named after either a wrinkly old British Porn star, or some crap seventies joke. Coupled with the fact that your sole reference is Jerry Springer, you must be so knowledgeable about current events and issues. You have to be the most fuckiest of fuckwits on this comment section.

    • lmao how is it ‘adjusting to the times’ to like ‘cursing and foul language’ and racism? thats the oldest joke format there is!!!

    • Exactly, and accepting shit jokes by mainstream almost middle-aged comedians isn’t “adjusting to the times” either. This generation of Stand-Ups are so lame that all they can do is tell worn-out racist jokes, and anybody who likes them is just as twatty.

    • What kind of crap are you talking? Craig Robinson and Aziz Ansari are both minorities AND citizens. They were both born in the USA but they’re BOTH ethnic minorities also, or are you saying that only Robinson is somehow a “citizen”? You’re either an idiot or a racist.

    • wtf! if ur gonna try and school somebody check the facts. talk about a jerry springer reject… “Craig Robinson is an American citizen, not a minority,its white idiots like you that perpetuate the stereotype!” lmao!!!! what a dick

  6. She’s playing a character. You’re supposed to be laughing AT her rich, decadent white woman air. That’s who she’s actually making fun of: abusive, depraved, rich white people. By playing such a character, she’s actually calling attention to the ongoing racism in our society – racism that the media more often than not likes to pretend doesn’t exist. Oops!

    It’s funny how you’re so over-sensitive to the point of being irrational about race, but freely write bigoted comments about women and the mentally disabled. I’m half black, by the way, which I feel I need to reveal before you and your followers accuse me of everything wrong with society.

    • What are you, her promoter, manager, or ghost-writer? If you’re neither, what the fuck do you you know about the construct of her jokes and psyche?

      So according to you, every time this so-called Stand-up and Actor is being interviewed, taking part in a roast, doing bog-standard stand-up comedy, or acting she is constantly “playing a character”? Wow, she must be the next Andy Kaufman! According to you, when she’s telling some racist joke, I’m supposed to sit there in wonder and awe of a Post-Modernist ironic Performance Artist and not be offended? Go eat a dick.

      It’s funny how you call me “over-sensitive” but at the same time, you’re the one who’s over-sensitive about one little article in the middle of nowhere. I guess Leggero is a perpetual “character” and completely free of prejudice, but a satirical retort by me is the most “bigoted” thing you’ve ever read. What a contradicting, switch-siding fuck-wit you are. Ever consider that this site and I am “playing a character” too?

      And by the way, being “half-black” doesn’t excuse you of a God-damn thing. People like Erica Herrera, who is half Hawaiian and half Hispanic, wanted to marry a White-Supremacist murderer. Being a certain colour or a mixture of colours doesn’t give you some fucking right to speak for all and be hated by none; it’s that kind of racist thinking that got Obama elected, and oh lord how he’s making America a great place for minorities.

      You are everything wrong with society.

    • Uh, no. I’m just into the comedy scene and I have a brain. I’ve also listened to an interview or two of hers where she wasn’t in character, but that wasn’t necessary for me to understand her act. I understand it’s really embarrassing for you to have written up this whole gigantic rant when it went completely over your head that she’s actually making fun of ignorant, racist white people, but hey, that’s life. You don’t have to put on a show to pretend you knew all along. It will be ok.

      Your blubbering is hardly the most offensive thing I’ve read, it’s just funny how you’re throwing a tantrum over comedy in a stand up act you didn’t even understand……….and then you write reprehensible things on a blog on the internet, where no one knows what your intentions are or gives a fuck about you. Who can tell the difference between you and the average dumb internet bigot? Oopsie-daisy! What’s that, and you actually are just the average dumb bigot? You really aren’t too good at this, are you? That’s ok, at least you’re a happy, successful person in your life and have a great support network of friends and family.

      Who gives a shit if you approve of my race? I just didn’t want to be labeled white, as simpletons like you often do. But I care quite a bit about racism in society, and I’ve actually worked with homeless and at-risk ethnic minorities in disenfranchised urban communities, helped struggling black, hispanic and persian business leaders network and establish footholds in their neighborhoods…you know, just the basic stuff that I’m sure you also have plenty of experience with, since you care so much about race.

    • Talk about blubbering and throwing a tantrum; three paragraphs of pure unadulterated pointlessness.

      Leggero in using her real name, dressing pretty much like herself, but slightly exaggerating her accent and point of view is not a comedy character, it’s just a heightened version of herself that has formed over years of not being funny. Ever since the whole noughties rich-bitch personality has faded, it’s amazing that Natasha has stuck with that same so-called character even though it’s no longer relevant; that’s real professionalism on her part. And only a stupid fuck in today’s society would buy the excuse that a white woman pretending to be a white woman being racist to black people is social commentary and somehow defensible. A triple-bluff masquerading as a double-bluff is a great way for prejudice to get out there without any recourse, and being able to tell racist jokes because of the privilege of being white is the real irony in contemporary society. Natasha Leggero is no Jonathan Swift or Charles Dickens, her crappy stand-up has never resulted in the audience realising the problems of class or the rifts between race.

      Also when you justify this kind of comedy by stating “by playing such a character, she’s actually calling attention to the ongoing racism in our society – racism that the media more often than not like to pretend doesn’t exist” you fail to acknowledge that Leggero is part of the media, or was that roast an underground event in your eyes? It’s funny that an over-privileged Caucasian gets to the front of the comedy queue in order to “play” a racist but a black comedian only gets to the forefront if they’re an out-and-out stereotype of a minority. And once she was given a public forum to air her amazing character, the first joke she told was about Aziz’ race but not of the Jewish race of most of the other people on stage; what a great example of “calling attention to racism”.

      By extension, we then have crap like Girls and Family Guy which is written by a pool of white people, who get to say the most racist/homophobic/xenophobic/sexist shit because hey, it’s the 21st Century and everything prejudice is automatically irony-laden social-commentary as long as it’s created by rich white people. For someone who allegedly works with at-risk ethnic minorities, it seems painfully ironic that you defend a culture of permissible racism created to undermine minorities by a cabal of Caucasians. But oh no, you “care quite a bit about racism in society”, don’t you?

      You put so much effort in fighting for a white person’s right to portray a so-called character of a prejudice person, but tell me that “you write reprehensible things… where no one… gives a fuck about you”. You’re a great example of the self-deprecating and self-hating minority of today; defend a white person’s freedoms but berate a black person’s. You give the descendants of genocidal country-stealers and slave-owners a free-pass to say whatever the fuck they want, and yet you ignore that they don’t offer us the same privilege. And no, that opinion isn’t bigoted since years of building a society based on the racist conventions of the past has resulted in a swath of rich white celebrities, a white-controlled media, and a white majority country. Real social commentary on that situation would not be at the expense of the closest minority available, you can tell that to Natasha and Aziz.

      The gulf between the rich and the poor and the white and the black is a construct that isn’t going away any time soon. It creates simpletons like you who think that by simply giving ethnic minorities a “foothold in their neighbourhoods” whilst simultaneously defending the white majority as they apparently “play” a caricature of themselves, is helping matters in any way at all. You are the most misguided and confused fuck I have ever conversed with. All of your wannabe-clever comments and crappy sarcasm are doing fuck all about the issue of clandestine racism, and ignoring the source of casual prejudice (as opposed to arguing with the riposte) will never fix the disparity between the haves and the have nots.

      But hey, since you’re so “into the comedy scene” (what are you a 1950’s throwback?) I should take everything you say as the final word on stand-up. You must know so much about the subject since you use idioms like oopsie-daisy, and crusade against “internet bogots” across the world. You amazing mixed-race saviour of the poor and needy, please let me take back everything I said about Leggero, and bless your selfless philanthropic ways. Since you’ve single-handedly fixed disenfranchised urban communities across the East Coast, we should be honoured with your infallible mastery of all things funny, because the two things really link up.

      What a cock.


    • No, apparently it’s a she (like that matters). They’re conveniently an amalgamation of all demographics and speak for all of them simultaneously.


      Not only that but she’ll probably be venerated as a Saint for all the amazing charitable work she’s done.

      We should all be grateful and respectful of the opinions of a female, mixed-race, humanitarian Natasha Leggero fan. Although a real altruistic person never mentions the selfless thing’s they’ve done. I bet the homeless and the at-risk minorities in the US just love the way she harps on about how she’s helping them.

      As long as she never tries to help anybody who’s anthropophobic or agoraphobic; she’ll be yelling “is this your only source of social interaction!” at them. Oopsie-daisy!

      What a fucking moronic hypocrite.

    • lol! I didn’t read that. You’re really fucking pathetic. It’s like you think if you feign outrage enough, the fact that you went on this big angry tantrum about something that went over your head will just disappear.

      I did catch one thing – “defend a white person’s freedoms, but berate a black persons”. Hey, you’re free to do whatever you want. You’re free to be incredibly stupid, completely miss the point of everything, and go on embarrassing tirades on what is apparently your only source of social interaction. You’re free to berate me because I’m a woman, berate people who have down’s syndrome and disabilities. You’re free to be an awful person, and you’re free to whine about it when you get called out on it.


    • Starting an argument, ignoring the reply, and then storming off in a huff in order to have the last word… typical woman.
      (How’s that for some Post-Modernist, ironic-social-commentary comedy that you apparently love so much?) lmao! vbg, b4n

    • does this bitch know any other words than tantrum and tirade??? racism is racism I don’t care who says it, I can see that you said it as a reaction or response but to say that shit for the sake of it, that’s plain ignorant. nick cannon recently said some racist shit too so it’s not like black people are immune to that shit. check out his lines… “all the racists in here make some noise…i’m right there with you. i’m racist too. yes, i am a racist, i’ll say it. i stereotype. there’s a stereotype for reasons. i’m prejudiced. all prejudice means is pre-judging. yes, i pre-judge people, i do. if i meet somebody from india, i assume they house smell like curry…my asian friends, i don’t let them walk my dog. because they might wok my dog! i’m racist! i am”. this kind of shit is on the rise, my friend. this generation loves to fuck each other over and nobody says a motherfucking thing. colored people turning on other people of color, colored people sticking up for white people, sexist shit being defended by women, it goes on and on. we’re all going to hell in a hand basket.

    • That motherfucker’s a complete cunt too. Trying to channel Dave Chapelle and dressing like Michael Jackson’s negative doesn’t make his shitty lame stand-up any better. This is exactly what’s wrong with comedy today; acceptable prejudice. Remember in the 1980’s it was “okay” to tell homophobic jokes and openly say ‘fags’? And every fucker like Eddie Murphy was doing that shit because hey, gay people were the acceptable target. You could see the mainstream defending that shit like prejudice against one section of society was the norm, and now in the last decade it’s switched to ‘let’s be racist to the people from the Middle East on through to Asia’; we’ll get away with it ’cause it’s the new acceptable standard within comedy. And if anybody calls us out on it, we’ll just say it’s ironic and social-commentary. You don’t have to be the demographic that’s being mocked to find the whole thing offensive. Fuck Natasha Leggero, fuck Nick Cannon, and fuck Sacha Baron Cohen (who all this recent fake character shit kind of began with).

    • oh totally. and the sanctimoniousness of the commenter above, what a completely self-righteous, holier than thou, asshole. i mean its quite clear what the intentions of your site is. maybe read the intro or about page, what does she mean *who knows what your intentions really are* but the intentions of leggero are completely clear to her – complete hypocrisy. either accept it all or accept none of it, dont single one thing out for ridicule – one rule for one and one for the other – thats the thinking of a fool. and if the genuine point of all these comedians was that everybody’s racist in some way, you make a do the right thing type of thing, not just show up with your real name and real accent real personality and begin to tell racist jokes – but i guess its like you said the norm of today, as long as they can get away with it they will continue to be hateful human beings.

    • Exactly. She was one of the most annoying people I have had to deal with in a long time. I mean according to her everything Leggero does is completely irrefutable, but EVERYTHING I do is completely reprehensible. Definitely one of the biggest moralising hypocrites to comment in a long time. I mean regardless of her “no one knows what your intentions are” crap (even though like you said there’s a quick description on the top right of the page), she tells me “[nobody] gives a fuck about you” whilst commenting three times. Then after vociferating me it was “lol, I didn’t read that!”, like why call me out on something then ignore the answer? And then whip out the completely dumb “You’re free to berate me because I’m a woman” stance, when the only time I new her sex (and race for that matter) was when she made a huge deal about it. Shows what kind of fans Natasha Leggero has I guess; idiotic pricks like herself.

    • wow, ech> what a total bitch! [and b4 anybody says anythin i’m a girl btw]

      “”I’ve actually worked with homeless and at-risk ethnic minorities in disenfranchised urban communities”” lol!!!

      wot a priggish putz!

  7. have these dimwits ever watched this lame do stand-up? she’s not funny and she’s not in any way playing a character of rich white people. punk says your talking shit about women and disabled people, when one of her fans called you mentally disabled in a comment up there makes no sense at all. if its all jokes, then why cant these people take a joke about her?

    • Exactly, I guess a stand-up who tells offensive jokes attracts fans who cannot take jokes about offensive jokes.

      Her fans don’t understand that the only time I’m “prejudice” is when I’m giving some shitty fake celebrity a taste of their own medicine. How else do you respond to something offensive; by being offensive, right? You don’t sit there and take it like Aziz Ansari (and apparently Flavor Flav). So what’s the most offensive thing you can say to a white woman in today’s society? Not that she’s white or even a woman, the most offensive thing would be a completely non-PC disabled joke. The fact that that was the most offensive part of the article, made it a great example or mirror to Leggaro’s “jokes”.

      In any case, any comedian who turns up to a roast is usually the shittiest of all comics. The type of stand-up who uses a venue like that as an excuse to use all their racist/sexist/homophobic jokes without getting called out on it, is a disgrace to fucking comedy. Mother fuck her and Jeff Ross.

  8. Natasha Leggero is one of the worst comedians working today. Being racist to get some laughs is downright lame. Nearly everything that comes out of her mouth in her routines is a racist joke insulting people of colour. It is hard to believe that you are the first to call her out on her racism. Her jokes speak for themselves. It amazes me how far Leggero has gotten in comedy. Racism is rife in comedy, especially in the 21st century. Remember all the brown people bashing after 9/11? Rob Schneider made a career of insulting Asians and brown people. There was the movie The Dictator starring Sacha Baron Cohen, let’s not forget Borat. Channel 4 had the audacity to make a show called “It was alright in the 1970s” and claimed today’s society is prejudice free. The presenter Matt Lucas, along with his twat pal David Walliams, put on blackface to insult black women. Little Britain was one of the most racist, offensive, and shittiest shows of the 2000s. Lucas should be the last person to present such a show. Like you mentioned, every Comedy Central Roast featured jokes towards minority roasters. But what really shocks me is people of colour making racist jokes. Given that they were treated like second class citizens for years, you would expect them to be more tolerant and less bigoted. But no, I guess hatred comes in all races and genders. There was Eddie Griffin’s blatant racism. In his “Freedom of Speech” set, he compared different races by the size of their dicks. He called the Chinese “the smallest dick on earth”. Not one person called him out. Who could forget Carlos Mencia’s racist shit stained jokes with a little sprinkle of plagiarism? There was the movie “White Chicks” where the lame Wayan Brothers put on whiteface and a blonde wig to mock white girls. Yet it became a box office hit. So blackface is bad, but whiteface is okay? Speaking of whiteface, Dave Chappelle wore some in a few of his skits. Let’s not forget about Nick “Wanker” Cannon.
    Bottom line: people need to stop making racist jokes. It is not funny and it is offensive. Stop defending this shit as satire or social commentary. If you have to continuously make these kind of jokes, then it says a lot about comedic talent.

  9. What a load of old shite this article is, its a roast your supposed to say the wrong thing. Why bother to watch it if your so up tight comedy is about pushing the boundaries.

    • Fucking hell, what a load of shite that comment was.

      “Pushing the boundaries”? Are you taking the piss? Making clichéd racist jokes is so last millennia, there was nothing new, clever, or funny about any of that shite. If Bernard Manning was doing that crap back in the 1970s, how is it “pushing” anything forward? This was just cheap, lazy, easy laughs, white people pointing at the closest minority and saying something stereotypical. Wow, how original.

      By that remit you probably think that you’re “pushing the boundaries” of grammar by missing punctuation. The fact that YOU’RE still making primary school mistakes I’m not surprised you think these tired-arsed, childish roasts are hilarious. Fuck outta here.

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