What Went Wrong With… And What Is Wrong With… Prince Harry?

Caricature of Prince Harry depicted in a Stamp with text - 1st Class Twat - by What Went Wrong With

Whether you agree with Monarchy or not, it is almost impossible to respect the idea of superiority when the Royals themselves are under-achieving imbeciles. In Britain, the Queen and Prince Philip have no qualifications whatsoever (whether academic or monarchical) and yet they reign over a nation in which around 90% of its citizens leave school with qualifications.

When it comes to Prince Harry, this ginger moron has the worst grades of his generation. With a meagre two A-Levels and no Degree, Harry (whose real name is Henry Charles Albert David) would probably find it challenging to write down his full name without a little help. Indeed, according to Eton tutor Sarah Forsyth (who claimed unfair dismissal from Eton) Harry cheated at his A-Level Art coursework by receiving “help” from another teacher.

These Royal halfwits, who fancy themselves a cut above the rest, could not function if it were not for the help they receive from “commoners”. Present-day duties may not be as demeaning as the role of “Groom Of The Stool”, however almost everything they do requires some kind of help. Constant help from others seems to be a theme for Harry in particular, who parades about in camouflage and military decorations to a sycophantic Press, when all the while he is heavily protected every time he “serves” in the Army.

Harry is sold to the public as a “charming”, “handsome”, “war hero” by the media, who of late have become a worldwide Royalist cartel. In reality he is far from charming, he is unattractive if not downright repulsive, and his so-called medals are in reality; three superficial Honorary appointments, and a solitary “Operational Service Medal for Afghanistan” given to him by his Grandmother.

It is suspicious that, with or without the alleged cheating, Harry achieved only a grade “B” in his A-Level Art and a grade “D” in A-Level Geography; conveniently the bare minimum qualifications needed to enroll into the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst. To barely scrape through into your own Family’s Army is downright laughable, and yet this Prince who went from being Second-Lieutenant in 2006 to Captain in 2011, is treated more like a Major, Colonel, or even Brigadier by the literal boot-licking media.

The British and slowly the entire world is slowly being fed lies about this twerp and his inbred family. Mainstream news has created a public image for Harry which includes Soldier, Humanitarian, and even Philanthropist, when in reality these attributes are merely a façade which conveniently mask his true moronic escapades.

In the real world, this Hooray Henry is a dim-witted racist tin-soldier who is extremely poor at public speaking. Take a look at any event in which he is given the role of orator and you will note that he repeatedly looks down at his pre-written speech like the average A-Level student he is; constantly emphasizing the last word as the tiny blue-blooded cogs turn in his almost balding head, his doltish brain trying to figure out what he has just read out to a hand-picked subservient audience. With their surroundings constantly controlled, the Royal Family are unaware of the sheer hatred felt by most of Britain if not most of the world. They wander about in a bubble which keeps protesters and critics away from them. This bubble is aided by the mainstream media who instead of reporting the truth, seem happy in grovelling to descendants of beheaders and tyrants, and who are content in bending the truth to favour these lizard-esque scum.

When it comes to Harry, it seems that the corrupt media have to work overtime to cover-up the colossal trail left by his cretinous and asinine affairs. When this pasty-faced twat pranced about in a Nazi costume a while back, all the news corporations at the time, failed to acknowledge how egregious this event really was. The very idea of a selectively-bred descendant to a Germanic dynasty dressed in a Nazi uniform seems to be in very poor taste, not to mention thick with irony (almost as thick as Harry himself) and yet the broadsheets spun this as “playful ignorance from an innocent young lad”.

Then we had the time when Harry met with Stephen K. Amos, a British black gay stand-up comedian, to whom he allegedly said that he did not “sound like a black chap”. The media again hushed this event, even though it probably facilitated (and eventually led to) this racist twat in thinking it was okay to call a fellow Cadet “our little Paki friend” a year later. A person serving in the British Army which itself includes soldiers of varying creeds and cultures, not to mention sexual orientation, and whose service includes people from post-Colonial countries, should not be subjected to this squinty-faced cunt deriding them. If a regular soldier called his fellow British-Asian servicemen “Pakis” and “Ragheads” and made jokes about “Queers” as this so-called charming Prince did, he or she would be subject to disciplinary action or at the very least some aggressive chiding. But when it comes to this over-privileged buffoon, being blatantly racist and homophobic is seen as “harmless fun”.

In recent years, the Press have worked tirelessly to show this dickhead as a respectable Prince and even as “one of the people” by setting up various public events in his otherwise pointless ginger life. The media over the last few years have setup numerous “stories” in which he meets with minority celebrities like Usain Bolt (to cover-up and appease the racism) or to pose for photo-ops with Veterans as he did at Walter Reed Army Medical Center (once again dressed in Army regalia to reinforce the ideas of heroism and elitism). The media also used his lame-freckled-arse Las Vegas holiday in building his “bad boy” image conveniently just before he went to kill the Taliban in Afghanistan (in truth innocent civilians). Safe to say that everything reported about this horrid and odious pompous moron is a lie.

Prince Harry or Henry, whatever the fuck his name or Title… he is a thick, racist, murderer.

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  1. Fuck the Royals. It amazes me though, they will use Harry to dish out the dirt, but they never say a word against the golden boy (William). If one does their homework on this family they see that it’s a twisting evil vortex of inbred morons that like to rule. It makes me sick the U.S. and U.K. actually worship these people, yes over here they act like it’s great “our country would be better if we had a monarch!” people actually say this in America, and by the looks of it their dream has come true since the government has become so out of control over here.

    • Yeah, I totally agree with both your points. They keep all the dirt away from William as he will eventually be King (and therefore needs to be respected) and Harry is portrayed as the down-to-earth everyman. The media did the same thing with Charles and his brothers and the same to every Monarch and their siblings previously. In reality, they’re all probably prejudiced arseholes. The Government now (and probably since it’s inception) has also become a hidden oligarchy with fake leaders who are all related (in someway or another) being placed in charge with a fake opponent and a false election campaign. The whole system we live in and the powers we live under are rigged.

    • I take great exception to you styling “Ginger” a murderer. A racist dim wit he is but as you so aptly point out his time in Afghanistan was so circumscribed by his SAS protectors that he didnt get anywhere near the Taliban , or them to him. So much the hero! Oh by the way he didnt actually qualify as an Apache pilot until after his tour in Afghanistan. Im sure with the help of some one like Ms. Forsythe. You actually have to be good at maths to become a pilot in the British Services .Hal only could scrape a D in Geography and a B in Art ,excellent credentials in order to work out your route back to Camp Bastion. God forbid if they put him at the controls during active service.

    • You might be right, the only thing he’s killed is the casual shirt/rugged beard look.

      Kind of off topic but it’s odd that Oprah Winfrey, the great billionaire interviewer never asked him about his overt racism, given that bigotry was the main reason for the interview. Grandad using terms like “slitty eyes”, dad calling someone “sooty”, and him saying “raghead”, there’s a pattern there that surely any journalist worth their salt would question?

  2. If Harry’s so dimwitted, how did he become a fully qualified helicopter pilot? He may have cheated his way through academia, but there’s absolutely no way he could be a co-pilot without having studied his aircraft and learned to fly proficiently. He mustn’t be that terrible at learning considering he’s an Apache pilot. Last time I checked, the training for that was quite rigid. Cheating on a test is and never will be the same as commanding an aircraft that could potentially kill other soldiers.

    • Firstly, I’d like to point out that training anybody in anything is achievable by the age-old maxim of repetition, repetition, repetition. Training for several hours in a simulator and then logging 150 hours until your instructor is “confident” with you, is pretty much a glorified vehicle training programme. Prince Harry himself equated helicopter training to a “Playstation” game, which shows the level of skill required for a pass. Also, if Harry needed extra lessons or extra help, I’m sure they would not have denied him; he is after all a Prince. On a separate note, I think it’s completely naive to think corruption is not rife in every sector of life, as well as every sector of business, especially when the British Military is ultimately controlled by the British Royal Family. It’s like the son or grandson of a CEO becoming a Director of a company without any real qualification (other than DNA). Also and very conveniently COBHAM (Aerospace & Defence) bought the other half of FBH (Heliservices) just after Harry’s training, so the whole thing was not only good PR; it was also good for business. Sub-par genes or sub-par intelligence aside, the fact that most of the media is usually brown-nosing the Monarchs and the Royal Family; my site is just here to let the establishment know that not everybody agrees with their hidden-Dictatorship rule. This article is ultimately here to chip away at fake hierarchical elitism, and the Royal Family and Prince Harry represent this in spades. Looking at your blog, I realise how futile it is for me to try to convince you; you are very much stuck in your ways. You are still entitled to your opinion, and in any case; thank you for your reply.







    • I think that you are wrong. It seems that Harry failed his pilots test three times he does not have a licence to fly.
      He was always seen sitting next to the pilot when he was in the army never flying

    • Training at 500 an hour as a helicopter is easy when your family is a tourist attraction for dim witted fucks like yourself. Meghan can enjoy the bastard. When he realizes that she has been wearing the pants in this relationship and they get into an argument his true colors will emerge when he calls her a “nigger”. He claims he is finding his independence but has no idea his wife is Controlling him. Meghan is going to need a babysitter for their ugly infant when she hangs with her Hollywood pals. Archie will grows up and realizes one grandma runs a nation whilst the other has Lisa Bonet, nappy, dreads. Harry is a tool a reject idiot does not know the meaning of the word independence. 15 women rejected his ugly ass and as the saying goes “beggars cannot be choosers”. Meghan thought she had the chops to being loved like Diana was, but even the bigger losers were not falling for her horrible acting. Shitty actress both in shows, and reality. She is toxic, and anyone especially her celebrity friends will lose their career if they defeat this bitch. Meghan is a narcissistic whore, And wants to prove something to the world. She fled to Canada And left her husband to fight her dirty wars. Lol like her former friend had said about her. Meghan always flees when pressure arises. Even the late diana, called Harry an “air head”. His mother made racist comments all the time, and blacks call her a “wonderful person “. English aristocracy at its best. Diana as much as she butted heads with the queen always made sure Harry and William respected her and would sacrifice her own time with them to make sure her sons spent time with their grandmother. People think she would have been proud of her ugliest, gap toothed, ginger son, but in all honesty she would have rolled over in her grave. People assume they know Diana but the ones that “claim”do, are the same idiots who are illiterate, with barely a third grade level education. Diana would have hated markle ( another fraud who is neither family oriented, nor a humanitarian). Markle claimed she worked at the us embassy in Argentina but she forgot to mention that she only spent 3 weeks there before returning home. Lol like her husband she is a fraudster already looking to make a dollar out of her “ royal titles”. Do you believe that the royals will keep letting these two speak ill of them? The English are the most evilest, crafty, shits in the world. They will bury both Meghan and Harry alive. They have no clue as to whom they are dealing with. Harry is an idiot with mental problems, and Meghan is taking advantage of that.

    • Revolution revolution revolution

      These bastards are costing too much with no return value

    • Take this Harry piece of shit and dump it in a waste bin, or rather a Sewer in Pakistan. These ignorant british Pieces of shit along with Winston Churchill schould be demonized for the demons they are. Hitler schould have had this piece of shit on his Hit list before the Big WW2 even began.These Assholes including The freak Elizabeth and her Inbred bastard Charles schould have been poisoned as it has been the position of this so called Monarchy for Eight hundred years.Cut off their heads yeoman we see here tis a thuggery of the Crown as Henry the V111 would have said as he ordered the beheading of his wives. This is a sick bunch of Immoral, Spoiled, Dirt bags that schould have died out right by the hand of Napolean over two hundred years ago. These Diseased, Inbred Filthy Bastards under King George who was an idiot born of the Sexual Liason of rabid Dogs and done his best to deny Americans of their freedom and causeed the deaths of countless Americans in the Revolutionary war and Our proclimation that we would be free from the rule of A Mentally Deranged Despot did in fact become reality. Never again will a despot sick with inbred instability ever rule Europe nor any other place on this earth. Shit on The queen Bitch and all her inbred offspring bastards. Now by God you asshole dirtbag pieces of british, U.K. Shit know how I feel. Shit down the throats of all of you whiney vasal obstructed filthy fucks.

    • He can wear it in the bedroom while Meghan and him have kinky sex. She will beat him like she probably already does while he calls her a “dirty nigger.” I hope Meghan knows that even the late diana was always making racist comments. Lol and people claim they know Diana, and how proud she would have been of this nasty red headed freak. They certainly knew nothing about Diana. Lol especially the black folks . Oprah makes billions with barely a third grade education, not to mention her followers are all over weight cows, ( vast majority Americans are lard eating fucks). Another worthless black bitch who has the liberal media shits and pedophiles backing her up. Oprah has neither faith in god, but like salma Hayek believes in the organization which are a few of the dumbest shits on earth ruling the world and morons Who are the same Meghan fans. The same organization trying to cash billions off of the royal titles. Too bad for Meghan and Harry his grandma is A hustler, who removed their titles, and even their souvenirs have been removed or marked down 98%.she will turn her back not 30% but 100% like she did her uncle who abdicated his throne. But unlike Wallis Meghan and Harry are morons who just won’t STFU. Just like Taylor swift who ensured the American music awards were the lowest watched in history because of her political beliefs. These celebrities just cannot stop burying themselves and careers. Meghan and Harry will soon truly be buried when push comes to shove.

  3. Paki is technically not an insult in the Pakistani language. It means pure in their culture. Yet I agree with almost all of what you said. This guy thinks it’s cool to wear a Third Reich outfit. UK is in poor hands cuz of this. Your country doesn’t deserve him. F what he thinks. Also, can u do a Putin article. Vladimir Putin is an imperialist that is anti- feminist. He’s working to bring a Soviet style order to eastern Europe. Thanks.

    • Whatever the prefix “Paki” means in Pakistani (I’ll take your word for that) when the word is used by white people in the UK it’s definitely a racial slur, and that racist prick Prince Harry knows it…

      The fact that the word is sometimes combined with a swastika is also telling (although that’s technically a Hindu/Buddhist symbol representing auspiciousness). The swastika is inverted and the word is now perverted in British culture, so the same “Prince” who dresses in a Nazi costume and says the word “Paki” is without a doubt a racist. I mean, you wouldn’t say this crap means “Pure Favourable Out”…

    • Man, I agree with u on that. Harry does not deserve acclaim. Prince is an idiot. I believe that Pakistani immigrants should not be mistreated. Their govt in Pakistan are corrupt and protect lowlifes like Osama bin Laden. Govt also jailed the doctor who helped find this terrorist leader. Both he and Putin do not deserve to be in charge of any European country. You can do a Putin article since you’ll find hundreds of thousands of articles against him. Do what you feel is necessary to report on imperialism’s misdeeds to almost every country. Please reply so I know you saw this. Good luck.

  4. Now he wants all to do national service! This cunt is protected by 100 guards! He has done nothing that is worthy of his “medals”. “I dread to think where I would be without the army”. Living a rich lifestyle with privileges that we ordinary people can dream of having. Fuck off Harry, you racist bitch! I’m glad that the royal family are no longer in power, otherwise we will all be sent to army right now.

    • He’s marrying the woman now so he can’t be racist!!!!!!! 😧😧 😉😉 It’s not like he’s marrying an American to get on their good side post brexit or anything like that (2 birds 1 stone???)

  5. I’m a retired USAF Officer and rated aviator and spent time in the UK assigned and stationed with an RAF unit. By virtue of my position I was placed on the “Queen’s List,” meaning that I was invited to attend Royal festivities. I attended several of them, meeting a few former PM’s too. First off, let me tell you about British Military Officers: In a nutshell they were the most pompous, elitish, snobbish, and arrogant bunch of Officers that I ever met, bar none. Most came from very wealthy, socially established families and were legacy officer’s, all of them following in father’s footsteps. The majority were very, very condescending in their treatment of enlisted personnel and other “mere commoners.” I will add that I found those of Scottish roots to be much more grounded and likeable than their British counterparts, who always seemed to have their noses pointed skywards. Dining with these snobs at places like the Ministry of Defence in London was always an experience They were always an in uniform formal sit down and we were served and waited upon by enlisted personnel whom, as I was told on many occasions, were volunteers. After each meal I always tried my best to say thank you to the serving and meal preparation staff (who never had an officer visit them in their kitchen) and after awhile I slowly gained their trust oand many took me aside and told me how different I was from their superior officers, which I considered a great compliment. I also had the opportunity to meet and associate with many British Diplomats and was always struck by their self-righteousness and arrogance too. Later in my career, after working side-by side with officers and diplomats from many other nations, I came to realize that the British were in a league all by themselves when it came to their arrogance and feeling of superiority over other people and nations, the roots of which I am at loss to explain…
    It was basically taboo to discuss the Royals at official functions, but when pub crawling and after many pints lips loosened and the stories ebbed out. Some of the officers had attended schools with Royals, others had been in military units with them, and some had actually personally trained them. The common denominator in all of this bar talk was that the Royals were bumbling fools and if they were mere mortals they would have never passed their training if not for the officers training being forced by their superior officers, for fear of demotion or not making higher rank, to provide Royals with a lot of additional hands-on personal training not afforded other officers in their training classes, and by not formally documenting Royals failing exams or flYing check rides. So, in essence, the Royals were incompetent, given preferential treatment not afforded others, and in American parlance, given a free ride.
    As the article states, everything about the Royals which we mere mortals see on a daily basis, whether it be in the newspaper or television, is nothing more than propaganda manufactured by the Royals massive Public Relations Machine. I have observed manufactured propoganda such as this on countless occasionsites. For instance, I personally observed from inside the aircraft as 1000’s of US Government bags of grain were unloaded from a US Military cargo aircraft and then moved onto a Russian cargo aircraft. The grain was free of charge, the US rented the Russian aircraft, and the crews and fuel were paid for by the USA, all for the sole purpose of allowing international news agencies being able to film the Russian aircraft later landing in a war zone and then President Bill Clinton being able to declare on international television that the Russians were coalition partners with the USA in providing humanitarian relief to the war torn nation..! And this is just the tip of the iceberg, believe me…

  6. How dare you insult the queen. And her family. They don’t insult yours.your acting in a treasonable way. Trying to be smart. Your just jealous.

    • The comments made by the U.S.A F. officer are without a doubt the sincere words of truth. I had this same experience in 1962 when as a Military Policeman , Enlisted in Berlin Germany I was required to deliver Secret documents from the Provost Marshall Generals Office to the Commander of British Forces in the British area of Occupation. The attitude of this self projected high and mighty piece of British Piece Of Shit was the worse I have ever experienced from an Allie in my entire career. These pieces of pure unadulterated shit for brains assholes from over fifty years ago are still the same in 2019 as they were then. These disgusting Limey Fucks need to have the Shit kicked out of their brains so they might accomplish something worth while instead of going to a Tea Party for Faggots of which I believe all of these British Queers with their Cockney accents and their bad teeth and foul breath are. How do you animals reproduce is a mystery to me with your foul smelling arses and breath. Maybe it is because you dont mind at all because you spend so much time licking the shit streaked asses of the commoner as well as of that freako fuck Harry. Mel Gibson schould have killed all of you in real life as he did in his movie portraying the indecencies of your perverted race. A country of, or an Island of maniacs set loose on the world . Hitler schould have wiped your asses out in WW2 you worthless Fucks. Tell the old white headed Lesbian Queen that she may eat my shit and die.

  7. Delete this please, I can’t believe I wasted time reading this compete drivel and the comments left by the sad, pathetic lonely basement dwellers that think their moronic ramblings mean anything. Oh, and Adele? I practically wet myself laughing at that self-indulgent ‘one of the people’ but Scottish people are ok shite. As if any of that has any basis is reality and not part of some complete fantasy in ‘ones own head’ which is very obvious by the self-absorption and self-promotion on offer from ‘Adele’. WTFHIWRYP?! GAMFL! Everything went wrong you sad, sad, people. I would almost feel sorry for you but I just can’t. You write a narrowminded racist, classist (yes, racists and classist) rant and get a few nasty, emotionally detached and sad, like-minded ‘people’ to endorse it without realising how thick you sound but I can actually ‘feel’ how self-congratulating you are at what you are writing. Notice how many negativitys I have written start with ‘self’? Because that is all it is. Egotism, jealousy and a measure of narcissism thrown in. Your really are scum aren’t you?
    – Megatron

    • To read an article criticising a literal racist classist and then have the gall to call me both “racist” and “classist” makes no sense at all. Did you even read this shit or did the premise of the piece just make your boot-licking blood boil? I’d love to know, how am I racist and classist?

      And I don’t know why you’re so pleased with the amount of self-prefixed words you’ve used? I count four, is that a lot in your dumbass head? Wow, you must be some kind of genius (although someone who thinks “negativitys” is a word isn’t exactly a scholar). You realise how thick you sound, right? And please get your syntax and punctuation in order before you try to look clever in my comment section.

      Also, your contrived belittling with the line “sad, pathetic lonely basement dwellers” is such a meaningless cliche. Surely the prick whose screen name is a lame baddie from a corny-as-fuck 80s kid’s TV show is the definition of “sad” and “pathetic”. And then you sign off your idiotic comment with that frigging pseudonym like you’re the actual Hasbro cartoon character. What was the point of that? Or are you some kind of nonce?

      You do realise that there are many people who have a different opinion to yours, right? But oh no, as soon as you encounter something other than your obvious, mainstream train of thought, you begin to throw contrived troll-like slurs their way. That’s almost the dictionary definition of “narrow-minded” you dumb fucking cunt.

      I could sign-off my reply with “Unicron” or “Metroplex” just to appeal to your old-arse but I’m not sad, pathetic scum like you clearly are.

  8. I found your critique of ex-Prince Harry really funny and well written . You gave him a well deserved shellacing ! It’s very topical given the recent discussion in 2020 about him being a dimwit : your entry needs to be updated. Full disclosure: I’m a Monarchist. Most countries in the world that are livable (Saudi Arabia excepted) are monarchies. I think the majority of republics are cesspools of corruption.

  9. Perhaps. But on the cesspool scale of corruption Russia and the “Stans” , Hungary, Turkey, India, Brazil, Lebanon , Iraq, Afghanistan, Italy , Mexico etc. are at the top. Also, at the risk of giving some of your followers apoplectic seizures – that great Beacon of Democracy and Freedom and the Hope of the Free World : the Grand Old Republic of the U.S. of A. whose days as a democracy are numbered IMHO.

    The U.K. , Canada, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and maybe Japan (don’t know enough to be sure) while not perfect are as good as it can get in this corrupt world of ours. Some republics might also be entitled to some favour : Iceland, Finland, Ireland, Germany, Austria, France, Uruguay but none have been scandal free and most show some nasty tendencies of late.

    p.s. : “ginger moron”, “Pasty faced twat”, Squinty faced cunt”, “over privileged buffoon” – brilliant (and funny) descriptors and by “exiling ” themselves the Harkles may give the British monarchy another 1000 years. Fingers crossed. I hope you intend to follow the further exploits of the Sussexes. Much humour will ensue. At least they serve a purpose as comic relief during hard times.

  10. Harry shouldn’t let his wife talk crap about his family on national TV.

    They say they want privacy but the steps they take puts them directly in the spotlight.

    It seems from their actions they want publicity whether it is positive or negative.

    They seem to thrive off the popular social media rages of today.

    Compassion = Practice acts of kindness. … Allocate time to bond with friends and family. … Say encouraging words. … I have seen none of these actions from the Suxxes.

  11. Well, recent events with thick Harry and Meagain have corroborated the historical views on here regarding the gormless ginger son of James Hewitt.

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