What Went Wrong With… And What Is Wrong With… Frank Miller?

A caricature of Frank Miller by What Went Wrong Or Right With...?

Graphic novels along with comic books have and always will be targeted toward a certain section of society. A section that has no attention span for real literature, has misconceptions about real art, and is a lover of prejudice, violence, and patriotism. These nerds and shut-ins who neither have the guts nor the constitution for real-life events or situations, have been facilitating the creation and consumption of numerous poorly written, badly drawn graphic “novels” for many years.

The biggest, most inartistic twat in this circle of crap graphics is Frank Miller. A Freddy Kruger-looking motherfucker, who has made a career by illustrating the most banal piles of shit to ever grace paper, and who seems to insert the corniest, most dumbed-down dialogue into as many speech bubbles as possible as if he was channeling an illiterate, mentally-challenged spirit.

Because of the amount of fans he has gathered over the years, Hollywood has over the past decade or so optioned most of his work and allowed many of his trashy “novels” to become celluloid. The word “fans” which translates into “buyers” to any Hollywood executive, is the reason why we are subjected to live-action versions of his talent-less, tree-destroying hate-fests. Wannabe hip directors like Robert Rodriguez and Zack Snyder have given these tales of racism, sexism, misogyny, and homophobia a greater audience, and the fact that some of these filmmakers are minorities (as are many of the actors in these films) just goes to show how ignorant and blind this new breed of Hollywood sell-outs really are.

Take a look at any Frank Miller comic, and if you ignore the same-same monotony of his illustrations, you can bear witness to blatant hatemongering and propaganda. I cannot be bothered to go through this prick’s entire bibliography, but a quick glance at his works pretty much ticks off every category in a list of hatred. 300 was racist, homophobic, prejudice, and historically inaccurate. Sin City was misogynistic and sexist. And Holy Terror was the most xenophobic, racist, prejudiced, Islamophobic bullshit known to man. Even in real life, Miller with his pointless rants toward left-wing, tolerant sections of society such as the Occupy Wall Street movement proves that this cunt is a hate-filled, hate-preaching, has-been.

The days of a fictional Captain America punching a two-dimensional Hitler have not faded away. A pussy like Frank Miller has regurgitated everything abhorrent about comics and brought them to a modern day mainstream audience. Miller, who has made it his life’s work to imagine the defeat of an enemy rather than physically fight against it, is the very person that the right-wing pro-war Conservatives hate. A fucking puny nerd who is too scared to join the military is the exact opposite of the crowd he is trying so hard to fit into. The day he decides to practice what he preaches and “fight” the supposed enemy, the staggering reality would dawn on him. Talking shit is much easier than doing shit, and in this real, three dimensional physical world, Frank Miller’s withered, skinny-arse frame wouldn’t even survive the journey to the Middle East, let alone the actual combat. Although I think many people would rejoice if he got his decrepit arse blown off the fucking map.

Miller Time Is Over.

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  1. What a beautifully written spot-on piece about FM, that gutless nerdy racist cunt who should be left to dwell in the sewers with his bevy of freaks (fans) but whose bile has instead been put to screen in mindless films by Hollywood wannabe’s using nothing but special effects.

    Well summed-up !

  2. You make a good point here, but throw the reader off by attacking comic books on the larger scale. You seem to make the claim that a person can’t like comic books and have the intellectual capacity for what you call “real literature”. That insult is enough to make someone wary of whatever other point you make. Like me, and I agree that miller is a douche

    • I take your point, but I used to be a comic book fan until I became a teenager. At that point I realised that Comic Books and Graphic Novels were (for the most part) badly written. The plot and text was almost always secondary to the imagery and the art itself usually took centre stage. More often than not, the plot seemed drawn out to extend the sales. Almost all Comic Book stories boil down to tales of good vs. evil, but like some kind of inherent trait; comic book writers (whether intentionally or not) add patriotic or xenophobic subtext, and have prejudice undertones. I have yet to see a truly intelligent comic with a non-mainstream idea.

    • I’d argue that heroes like Superman, Green Arrow and Wonder Woman are actually inherently liberal. Superman’s primary foe is a corrupt businessman who arrogantly thinks he knows everything, that only he can guide humanity, and that anything he does is justified. Superman is a nice guy who acts as an icon, feels that ruling over people would lead to disaster (in pretty much every au where that has happened things have gone wrong i.e. gods among us, the dcau) and is a multiculturalist (he honors both sides of his heritage, is technically an immigrant, and believes in forgiveness and rehabilitation).

      Batman is more hard to pin down. In some instances he’s like Warren Buffet (i.e. he’s rich but actually gives a rats ass about helping the poor and needy, and doesn’t try to say rich = virtuous) in others he’s conservative.

      It largely depends on the writer.

    • Superman – A White Macho Male Heterosexual God who is raised as an American.

      Lex Luthor – The only way to defeat a White Macho Male Heterosexual is to be rich. Therefore money = equality with a God.

      Wonder Woman – Despite being a fake feminist icon; she is scantily clad, and her powers include a bracelet and tiara (seriously?). She is also White, Heterosexual, and she aligns herself with the Americans.

      Green Arrow – A White Macho Male Heterosexual who despite plagiarising Robin Hood, is a Martial Arts expert but not an Asian.

      Batman – The only way to save the poor is to be rich and have a conscience. The poor are helpless, needy, or evil.

      These are your examples of Liberalism?

    • let me get this straight.

      1.) Because he’s white, male and macho he’s somehow conservative. The fact that he’s an illegal immigrant, a reporter, and has a rogues gallery consisting of authoritarian dictators (General Zod, Mongul) corrupt businessmen (Lex Luthor)

      Hell his early issues involved him fighting corrupt politicians and slumlords who exploited poor people. He’s also a big city journalist, which tends to lean more liberal.

      He’s an icon; he acts a beacon of inspiration to try and encourage people to better themselves through example. He doesn’t say “you should do this, you should do that” he inspires by example. In pretty much every instance where superman becomes a dictator (gods among us, the dcau) it’s always portrayed as a bad thing (more specifically he becomes drunk on power and has to be taken down).

      2.) The point is that Lex is a corrupt and morally bankrupt asshole. He could use his gifts to try and better mankind, but instead he’s a vicious asshole (he’s committed a mountain of atrocities purely because he wants to make superman look bad). He also views everyone else as ants and that he is a truly special being. HE also hides behind his wealth, and at least one book makes a point about how people like him can steal more money with a stroke of a pen than 1000 men with guns can. He’s basically someone who could use his gifts to try and help people, but instead uses them for his own selfish ends.

      3.) There’s a lot more than that; she has

      a.) Superstrength
      b.) super durability
      c.) Flight
      d.) Superspeed
      e.) super reflexes
      f.) super stamina
      g.) Super agility
      h.) Healing factor
      i.) enhanced senses

      The tiara and bracelets are more like equipment like the batarang or bat claw.
      And really? All white heterosexuals are conservative? All Americans

      4.) So only asians can be martial artists? I’ve attended martial arts classes; the primary instructor was asians but there were both white and non white students there. Anyone can learn martial arts.

      5.) I brought up Warren Buffett because he’s an example of a rich man who isn’t a douchebag (he’s gone on record to say that trickle down economics is full of garbage).

    • Let me get this all straightened out for you…

      Definition Of Liberal: willing to respect or accept behaviour or opinions different from one’s own; open to new ideas.

      Definition Of Conservative: averse to change or innovation and holding traditional values.

      Therefore a Western Caucasian Heterosexual Male IS THE ANTITHESIS OF LIBERAL.

      In a world where America calls itself “The Greatest & Most Powerful Country On Earth” and whose President is referred to as “The Leader Of The Free World”; yes ALL WHITE AMERICAN HETEROSEXUALS REPRESENT CONSERVATISM.

      A white Male God is a conservative idea; because that is the way everybody is conditioned to thinking when thinking of a God (even though a “real” God would more likely be genderless/non-humananoid/non-physical etc). Superman may be an Illegal Immigrant because you see it that way, but which Illegal Immigrant could overthrow the Country they washed up on? Christopher Columbus perhaps? Plus, to land in America and not in Russia or Africa (for example) is also a CONSERVATIVE IDEA.

      On a side note, Superman is not a “Beacon” to anybody who isn’t White, Male, American, or all three. Also the idea of White Male superiority could be seen by an actual Liberal as being very similar to Arianism.

      Lex Luthor:-
      A White Male Heterosexual Rich American Male Businessman is a conservative idea; since that is the real-world truth of the distribution of wealth. Even your example was Warren Buffet – A White Male Heterosexual American Male.

      Wonder Woman:-
      A White American-Accented Tall Beautiful Woman may be a tad liberal (she’s female at least) but everything else is the amalgamation of a White Heterosexual Male’s fantasy (Amazonian/Greek-esque Caucasian Dominating/Strong/Thin Woman from Themyscira).

      Green Arrow:-
      Yes, the appropriation of skills originated by a minority by a Caucasian Male, and then put to “good” and “righteous” use; is also a Conservative idea.

      FYI: Adding a slightly leftist theme to an inherently Conservative character does not make something Liberal. Liberal would be the EXACT OPPOSITE to an generic/atypical concept of something. Therefore a God should not be human/male/white, a businessman should not be male/white, a strong woman should not be beautiful/white/thin and so on and so on…

      Is that straight enough for you?

  3. Although some of your points may be valid, they are completely overshadowed by overwhelming obnoxiousness. This whole article reads as if it was writen by an angry 14yr old who got their hands on a thesaurus.

    I haven’t picked up a comic in years but bashing people who genuinely enjoy them seems uneeded and beside the point. With the outright hateful, concieded and immaturish way you write, Id say you were no better; just targeted at a different audience.

    • Although none of your points are valid, I will reply to your comment; regardless of the fact that it is overshadowed by overwhelming irony. Firstly even a 14 year old would know that the contraction of “I would” requires an apostrophe between the “I” and the “d”, a 14 year old would also know that “unneeded” contains two “n’s”, and that conceited does not contain a “d”. Funnily enough, this was an article which I never consulted a thesaurus; but maybe you should consult a dictionary once and a while. Also to defend Frank Miller by calling my article “hateful” and “immaturish” (even though adding the suffix “ish” to “immature” is not possible) is fucking hilarious! For someone who hasn’t picked up a comic in years you seem unnecessarily het up about this subject, and judging from your writing style I can see that you do indeed read comic books.

    • No, you really do wrote like some over-zealous troll with nothing better to do. I have been reading through these comments and, while you word things eloquently at points, you clearly don’t know the source of your apparent rage as well as you think you do. Also, being a straight, white, male is not inherently conservative, because it isn’t a choice.

      Also, Superman was a creation of two Jews, and most of us, “Nerds,” actually realize that he and several other heroes were created as Jews as well… In a time when people weren’t too fond of us in this country, either.

      Did you know that one of the most suggested fields of study for people who want to be in the comic book writing industry is poetry, followed by literature, and then mythology. You can speak about these things like you actually know about and understand them, but you are clearly lacking some core knowledge in this area.

      On the point of Miller, yes, he’s a horrible person. He’s a horrible person who has provided the comic book community with a few staples, but nonetheless, bad. There is no excuse for people with those ideologies, but there are plenty in the world of real literature, and every other media outlet as well.

      So, please, before you go off on a rant that makes a decent point about one bad person, and a few others that have done similar things, ask yourself, do I really know what I’m talking about, or am I just being angry?

    • Firstly, if you want to be seen as intelligent or if you want comic book “nerds” to be taken seriously, don’t start your sentence with “No, you really do wrote”… grammatical errors just give weight to the generalisations I’ve made about comic book fans. Also, if you want to school me with real tangible information, don’t start your argument by likening me to a “troll”, that term is so clichéd and hackneyed that it’s become a knee-jerk response by ignorant tits when they hear an opinion they don’t like (see my article about the term “Troll”). All that being said, I’ll now answer each of your points:

      • A straight white male CHARACTER is conservative because it’s a choice by the creator/author/artist.
      • A character or comic created by a Jew doesn’t negate the racism or prejudice of the piece. If it’s filled with jingoism, racism or sexism, what the fuck does the religion of the creator have to do with anything? Something made by a Jew isn’t inherently or automatically prejudice-free!
      • Who gives a toss which areas of study are suggested to up-and-coming comic book artists? A hack xenophobe can study as much poetry as they want, it won’t stop them from making shite. Studying only strengthens those who already have talent, making everybody who wants to be a comic book artist/writer study mythology or literature won’t help those who lack artistry.

      This by the way, applies to any art or design career, take a look at mainstream advertising, mainstream music, mainstream fashion, mainstream art, it’s all contrived and soulless because the people involved are lame, money-centric hacks. The people who make it to the top are kiss-arses and doormats these days, comic book creators are the same.

      Finally, I’ll reiterate a point I’ve made before…

      A racist, sexist, xenophobic comic is bought by who? COMIC BOOK FANS.

      Frank Miller is famous and still employed because of who? COMIC BOOK FANS.

      Who else is to blame for the prejudice? Who else is to blame for the overall mediocrity of the genre?

      This article only reads as an “over-zealous” “rant” because it touched a nerve, and you haven’t really proved me wrong.

  4. You have a point about Miller, but the bashing on comic fans overshadows your points. Sure there’s shit out there, and a lot of it. However that doesn’t mean that there’s not great material out there. By saying that all comics & graphic novels suck because of someone like Miller is like saying that all regular books suck because of Stephanie Meyer, or that all rock music sucks because of Blood On The Dance Floor. Like with anything, you have to take it on an individual basis and look for specific artists/writers. Many have been able to incorporate themes, elements, and ideas that one might expect from heavy drama based films. Alan Moore for instance has done some great work. By extension there are a number of variously credited literary writers, and screen writers whom have written their own graphic novels/comics as well.

    Regarding the art there’s more than just the static over used styles you see in most hero comics. As well as there are various genres of which they fit in. There are artists who use darker Gothic designs, and others use more abstract designs. it depends on the artist and the story that’s being told. There are Many artist don’t much care for the digital approach and still hand paint their panels on large canvases. Also about your “The plot and text was almost always secondary to the imagery” comment. That can be an effective tool which many story tellers in general use, and is normally referred to as “Show don’t tell.” Yes in the wrong hands this can turn out to be dreadful, doing little to nothing nothing to further the plot (i.e. Rob Liefeld, & Todd McFarlane). But again you have to look at it on an individual basis. For instance the method of showing rather than telling is used in a multitude of various works outside of comics. Prime examples are books like Mark Twain’s The Mysterious Stranger, which does a brilliant job describing his characters, their motives, ideas, & their actions. A musician such as Eyedea can use it to create double and triple metaphors that convey his ideas or illustrate a fully constructed story in a few short minutes. One of the best examples is the Silent Film genre which relied almost entirely upon visualization to tell the majority of the story.

    My point being that just because you never encountered a graphic novel that adhered to your specific interests in entertainment beyond your adolescents, doesn’t mean that all of it is garbage. It’s fine if you have no interests in them any longer, but broaden your horizons beyond your interests/disinterests. Gain a full understanding before making bold assumptions in favor or against any particular medium. Otherwise you just end up looking like and coming off as an ignorant ass. Just some food for thought.

    • My only issue with your reply; is that you say I am rubbishing all comics because of people like Frank Miller, whereas my actual point is that artists like Miller only exist because of comic fans. This article, had I written it in a generic essay format, would have been a dull and forgettable post. This wasn’t a term paper, so I didn’t have to be unbiased, and the only way to get a rise out of a particular audience (who are responsible for the consumption and therefore creation of such material) is by acting like an “ignorant ass” who makes “bold assumptions”. After all, you did feel the need to reply; and you probably wouldn’t have had this been a stereotypically politically correct piece.

      To use the analogy of the Hip-Hop genre, which over the last 15-20 years has become a horrid, contrived, and tacky art form from its original underground format; it is by and large the fault of Hip-Hop fans for buying such garbage. Even though I can name ten or twenty rappers who are credible, the majority of performers are stereotypical in their output, and this is due to the mainstream fan’s acceptance of sub-par material. When it comes to Graphic Novels and Comic Books, the reason the mainstream sector of this industry is so one-dimensional and unimaginative, is similarly because the majority of comic fans purchase hallow, soulless crap. For every Alan Moore, like you said; there is a Rob Leifeld. The last “classic” Graphic Novel is ten or twenty years in the past and this is because the mainstream creates what the fans want. So if fans buy prejudicial, patriotic nonsense which can easily be converted into a Hollywood blockbuster; they will churn more of it out. Even though a small minority like yourself can sort the wheat from the chaff, the majority are keeping people like Frank Miller in business. You can argue aesthetics and conventions of Graphic Novels until you’re blue in the face, but at the end of the day there are more instances of bad than good in this genre; and that is because of…
      A: Comic Book Artists, and
      B: Comic Book Fans.
      A couple of talented writers and a small band of fans can’t undo the damage created by the mainstream.

  5. Simply brilliant again friend !
    Thanks for mentioning it in your last reply.
    I see some commenter find something they don’t like and they immediately feel that post is ruined or “overshadowed”. However, one doesn’t need to agree with every single point to rate post as a brilliant in its entirety.

    Anyway, this looks like another good place to post that link from Rascialisous again here:
    * pay attention on how Miller doesn’t want to say “Islam”, instead he calls second largest religion on planet, with some 2 billion followers “six century barbarism” – I mean, really…

  6. Despite your generalizing of comic book fans at the beginning, this article is spot on. I for one cannot stand the garbage spewed out by this man, and I legitimately he is perhaps the worst writer working currently. His characters are one-dimensional and boring & his stories are dull and uninspired for starters, but its his politics that bother me. His attitudes towards women and those who have religions (especially Muslims in Holy Terror or Catholics in Sin City) is utterly Neanderthal, and it disturbs me as to what goes through that guy’s mind. Hopefully his career will eventually stall, but sadly that doesn’t seem to happening as of yet. I am patient however…

  7. If you’re looking for some different comics with a non-mainstream idea/different genre that is not related to superheroes, I recommend that you try reading the works of Junji Ito. He’s made several good works that I highly recommend you to read, like Uzumaki, Gyo, Tomie, The Enigma of Amigara Faults and even Army of One. His works mainly focused on the horror genre though

  8. What? Comics are only for recluses with no appeciation for “real ” art? Comics are not just for nerds like Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory. Superhero comics were and still are for “cool kids”. Comics like “The Belmont Legacy”, Captain N, the Metroid Manga and Nintendo Power comics are targeted for gamers. Mangas are targeted for many age groups, there are some for children and some for tens, even for adults. Just because you don’t “get” comics doesn’t mean it’s only for “nerds”. Anyways, as always, keep up the great work making these articles.

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