What Went Wrong With… Dr. Dre (& Jimmy Iovine)?

Parody of Dr. Dre The Chronic Album Cover with caricature of Dr. Dre by What Went Wrong With

Dr. Dre is a great example of media spin and blatant lies. He is sold to the public as some sort of Great business Genius, one of the Greatest producers, and the Godfather of Gangsta Rap. The only place in reality that Dre is a “G” however; is in this previous sentence.

Dre was part of the World Class Wreckin Cru who spewed out fake Electro Hip-Pop in the 80’s draped in glitter and smothered in sequins. Even for the mid-eighties, their Disco trash raps were out of date and corny, with Dre spitting lyrical gems like “I’m Dr. Dre, Gorgeous Hunk Of A Man” in their track “Surgery”. Hip-Hop fans at the time, felt nauseous witnessing these out-of-style, shiny-suit-wearing, Rap knock-offs performing such aural offal. Their collective feeling of nausea would however, have resulted in actual vomiting had they known that Dr. Dre 20-30 years later would be admired and adored.

Dr. Dre now conveniently ignores his tawdry past, thanks to his slightly more credible follow-up group N.W.A. But if you liked N.W.A. in the late-eighties, it was because of Eazy-E or Ice Cube. In fact when N.W.A. split; you weren’t a real Hip-Hop fan if you didn’t follow either of their careers as opposed to Dre’s. Once N.W.A. started breaking up, nobody gave a shit about Dre. We all knew he was a fake-ass hypocrite when he released an album called “The Chronic”, even though in N.W.A.’s “Express Yourself” he had declared…

yo, I don’t smoke weed or a sess.
Cause its known to give a brother brain damage…

By the early to mid-nineties, every line and beat by Dre was played out and tired. Aftermath was being sued and he was constantly being dissed by anybody who knew him. Ice Cube (before he sold-out with “Natural Born Killaz”) had dissed Dre on “No Vaseline”, Eazy E dissed him in “Real Muthaphukkin G’s”, and Tupac dissed him on “To Live And Die In L.A.”, on “Toss It Up”, and on “Fuck Friends”. Almost every rapper who ever met Dre and who wasn’t a doormat dissed Dr. Dre in the nineties. The only Dr. Dre track anybody listened to back then was “California Love” and that was because Tupac was on it. Flash-forward to the present and you’ll find Dre dragging Pac’s hologram out in Coachella festival and pretending like everything was cool back in the day. The media last year plugged this event to reinforce Dre’s “legendary” past. If Tupac was alive, would he really be on a stage with Dr. Dre?

The point is that apart from Ice Cube and his schizophrenia, anybody who called out Dre in the past is dead; so these days nobody is around to mention the truth. Nobody mentions for instance that in 1991, Dr. Dre kicked the living shit out of Television Presenter Dee Barnes because of some bad press. Today we have feminist groups like UltraViolet telling Rick Ross that his date rape reference in “U.O.E.N.O.” was lyrically offensive, but how about physically harming a defenseless woman? I guess that real occurrences in the past are forgotten while crap rappers and their shitty lyrics in the present have to be taken seriously. All the while ignorant females like Mary J. Blige, Eve, Gwen Stefani, and Alicia Keys do tracks with this punk who beats on women.

Apart from striking anything with an XX chromosome, Dre has made a career off many famous XY’s. He is known for N.W.A.’s production, although the entire “Straight Outta Compton” Album was produced with DJ Yella. He is also known for Death Row, even though it was Suge and Tupac who made them successful. He is known as a Rapper, but most of his lyrics are penned by ghostwriters ranging from Snoop, Jay-Z, to Kendrick Lamar. He is now more recently known for his over-priced headphones, but he couldn’t have made them without Noel Lee or Jimmy Iovine. Hell even Aftermath couldn’t get off the ground without a little help from Jimmy “Because The Night” Iovine. I don’t think Dr. Dre has ever accomplished anything without the aid of another man.

Looking back at his career, it seems astonishing how such a lacklustre track record can garner such praise, but I guess if you do the right things for the right people, all the true press gets buried. The music industry is corrupt and the media is corrupt. When assaulting a woman only results in a slap on the wrist and a fine of $2500, it confirms how corrupt the Justice System is too. In this cesspool of corruption, Dr. Dre has risen to the top, and parallel to Dre’s ascent, Hip-Hop has nose-dived into the depths of music Hell. This is by the most part due to Dre’s hunger for money at the expense of friendship and loyalty. Ever since Dre partnered with Iovine, Hip-Hop has taken a turn for the worst. A dude who worked with Patti Smith and Bruce Springsteen knows nothing about Hip-Hop, but at his suggestion, Dre signed the biter and interloper; Eminem. You can pretty much track Hip-Hop’s descent from that point onward.

What kind of self-respecting minority artist would let themselves be a white-boy’s sidekick, whether it’s Jimmy Iovine or Eminem? Dre is the modern-day Colonel Tom Parker; the motherfucker that had a hand in allowing a black genre get taken over by the white controlled Pop-Culture media machine. A machine who now acts as a dealer to the fiending public, and by muting the competition and by controlling the supply; Dr. Dre has become the genre’s chronic… and you ain’t nothin’ but the dopeman’s bitch.

So fuck Monster and fuck HP…

It was Dee Barnes that got the real Beats By Dre.

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  1. LOL Wow, I am not surprised but totally blown away since I read your article and did some searching on the ghost writing of Dre’s lyrics. He has a long history of this. So much for being this genius musician when he has to hire ghost writers to write for him. Makes you wonder too with the NWA stuff, was it really him, or did someone else write his lyrics for him on that too?

    • Exactly, I don’t think that Dre would start using ghostwriters “all of a sudden”. With N.W.A. while he was “co-producing” with Yella, I think he might have “borrowed” some lines from Ice Cube and Eazy-E; un-credited of course.

  2. Wasn’t it always known that Ice Cube was the driving force behind NWA? I had always thought that even when I was young and knew nothing of the genre. I mean look at efil 4 zaggin. It was essentially just a horrible comedy skit album after Cube left.

  3. Your retrospective comments are unfair regarding the Wreckin Cru as there were few hip hop crews with album deals between that period.And even fewer from the West Coast ..

    The World Class Wrecking Cru was trying to tap into the slick, sexy breathy funk style what was popularised by Prince . The Time , Kid Creole & the Coconuts..The image ws similar but the sound was harder..

    Surgery was a classic hip hop electro release with heavy reverbed scratching inspired by Herbie Hancock – Rocket .. The Wrecking Cru also had a rap ballad before LL Cool J – I need love..

    World Class is the stand out track from their 1st album.

    • Prince, The Time, Herbie Hancock were pioneers; they created new sounds. Dre just copied. Above The Law/Cold187Um said they started G Funk. Again Dre just copied. Now we’re supposed to believe Dr. Dre is some kind of musical genius?

  4. I’m not a fan of Dre or Cube as he’s affiliated with every negative nihilistic behaviour in rap. But i can see Dre’s appeal especially when you consider his longevity…And also consider how hard it was for Artists in other regions to get exposure. I think the D.O.C album was Dre at his peak.

    I’ll start by correcting this myth about Dre pioneering the g funk sound.

    G funk was not created by Dre or the West Coast.And many Artists used live instrumentation on tracks before Dre became popular.

    For example
    Digital Underground, Davy Dmx , Eric B & Rakim, Run Dmc. Stetsasonic
    Laquan ‎– Notes Of A Native Son lp had live instruments.Without the controversy to aid & promote them.

    I think Donna Allen – Joy & Pain released in 1988 was a key influence.

    Some points..

    Dre has said that he considers QuincyJones as a role model.
    But Dre rarely produces a complete album..And he’s collectively responsible for Artists having multiple producers & guests on albums.

    ( How can you promote or tour an album when you have guests on every track? ) It also suggests that you cant stand on your own or lack ideas..
    you will never create a classic album by adopting this method.
    Dr Dre’s solo albums are just compilations with featured guests acting as a crutch.

    Dre will use a rapper as his spokesman to respond when he gets called out. Tim Dog called him out many times & Snoop responded.

    Most of his critically acclaimed work are just reworks ( so he’s no different to the Sugarhill band musicians who simply covered popular breaks
    EG ( karaoke before karaoke ) on the Sugarhill label

    Tupac & Dre – California love sounds like a ringtone when compared with the original Joe cocker Sample.

    I think Dre is lauded by the industry & Artists desire to work with him because they feel that he’s successful & never comprised or sold out yet can still sell millions.

    My main criticism of Dre is confirmed when you look at what happened when he tried & thankfully failed to encourage Rakim.. To follow his usual negative nihlistic output…

    A producer is obliged to unlease & capture the best creative performance out of the artist.. So why are so many of his artists negative & damaging to the culture?

    Nwa & the media once described themselves as the worlds most dangerous group. And I thought it was ludicrous at the time. But it’s apt when you look at the de- evolution of the artform & culture.

  5. It’s very difficult to research any objective criticism of Dre in the press. So ive started looking at the origins.

    Here’s a article from Hip Hop Connection magazine 1992. where Tim Dog called out Dre & Nwa on his misogyny etc. The link is in my signature details.


    DJ Devastate of the Demon Boyz.. Mentioned in many interviews that they used to tour with Nwa. And Nwa complained that the Demon Boyz smoked too much weed on the tour bus.. ( DJ Devastate is on Facebook )

    Articles & sources like these reflect the mood of the era & help counter the revisionists..

  6. Dr Dre is overrated. He is the definition of a studio gangster. He was a member of the World Class Wreckin Cru yet pretends to be a gangster on the Chronic. The Chronic sucked. Apart from a few songs, the production was garbage. The production was much better in 2001, however since there were other producers involved; it proved that Dre can’t make a good beat on his own. There were also rumours that Dre had ghost producers. So much for being a musical genius when you have people to help you.

    The worst thing about him is that he is somehow connected to every horrible rap stereotype. When ice cube was still in NWA, they made politically charged songs such as Fuck Tha Police. But after cube left, NWA became a Gangsta Rap gimmick. Dr Dre represents the worst of NWA. Easy-E totally exposed him in Real Muthapphukin Gs. I laughed when Easy said:

    “Damn E, they tried to shade you on Dre Day.

    But Dre Day only meant Eazy’s payday.”
    yeah fuck Dr Dre!!

    • And now we’ve got the propaganda movie “Straight Outta Compton” coming out which judging from the trailer glazes over MC Ren, DJ Yella, and Arabian Prince. It’s pretty much going to be a pro-Dre/Ice Cube film, and I bet they don’t mention Eazy-E was a pro-Gulf War, George Bush (Senior) suck-up.

    • As much as i liked eazy e he was a hypocrite for making a song about police brutality but then later accepting an invitation from a president who was a right wing bigot.
      Speaking of the movie, that shit is expected from hollywood. They don’t care about facts. When is the last time hollywood ever made a film that is accurate. 300 was racist and the wolf of wall street glorified fraud. Hollywood seems to make movies supposedly based on true stories without knowing all the facts.

  7. It shall be rather interesting to see how the “Straight out of Compton” movie is reviewed by African-Americans, especially black women. Reading some of these previews and press releases, one would think the movie was about The Roots or Black Star, instead of the “Findem, Fuckem, Flee” guys. Its going to come to a point where even black women are going to be supporting these guys. It is important to actually try to see the past for what it was , and not be stuck in a kind of Retromania, or super Nostalgia.

    • Exactly, that seems to be the mainstream media’s agenda since the millennium. Glaze over anything truly positive about Hip-Hop (and by extension black culture) and hype all the negative crap until the masses are hailing Gangsta Rap as positive. We now have an entire generation who know nothing of real political Hip-Hop from the 80’s and 90’s but bring up Dre, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Snoop, Eminem every time the subject of Hip-Hop is brought up.

      Hollywood movies have glorified all this kind of crap especially that of Aftermath/Interscope (8 Mile, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, and now Straight Outta Compton) but they seem to leave out the fact that Eminem wrote racist songs, Dre assaulted Dee Barnes, Eazy-E sucked up to George Bush and the Republicans, N.W.A. met Guns ‘N’ Roses even though G’N’R had written a racist track “One In A Million” – but then they started to wear N.W.A. caps while on tour. The whole thing seems to be an exercise in propaganda to devolve and cover-up real Hip-Hop until everybody is hailing groups like N.W.A. instead of artists like B.D.P.

  8. I just saw Straight Outta Compton yesterday and it was exactly what I thought it was. Nothing more than a pro-Dre propaganda film which glazes over the sexism. The director just portrayed him as a misunderstood good guy, when in reality it is the entire opposite.
    People will probably say “the movie is about nwa! So it should focus on nwa!”; but for a movie about nwa, it portrays mc ren and dj yella as sidekicks and blatantly ignores arabian prince.
    If you are going to show so much dr dre, include the misogyny, domestic abuse, ghostwriting, and world class wrecking cru. The film is so inaccurate that it is so concerned with promoting a certain point of view. An example is the portayal of eazy e. The film makes it clear that dre and cube made up with eazy e and that eazy e was supposedly exploited by Jerry heller. Who knows whether it was true or not. And nobody knows how eazy e would have reacted to the movie.
    I can’t believe the so many inaccuracies of this film, but that comes as no surprise since it was executive produced by dr dre.

    • I’ve only seen clips of the movie, but I’m not surprised by what you said. The fact that they’re all shown dressed in baseball caps and shirts pre-N.W.A. is a blatant lie. We all know Dre and Ice Cube pre-N.W.A. looked like this:

      That whole N.W.A. “Straight Outta Compton” aesthetic came much later. Apart from Eazy-E, the rest didn’t even dress like that for the “N.W.A. And The Posse” album which is around the time the movie begins:

  9. This person who wrote this article makes no sense. Over 180 million records sold and I Dre am no good lol. I always had ghost writers the DOC is the best rapper ever. Learn about what you speak on son. The DOC also helped on the Chronic. Why is the Chronic on top 200 album charts recently?? Explain please explain. Stop hating and sucking Tim Dogs dick man.

    • How hilarious, you pretend to be Dr. Dre but don’t even know the correct email address (the domain isn’t owned by Beats By Dre) plus I doubt Dre would send a comment originating from the North East of America. But hey, I’ll still humour your lame reply…

      1. When has a large mainstream following guaranteed credibility and talent? The Nazi Party got the majority of the vote in 1933, so a large amount of sheep-like followers doesn’t equate to being “good” or the “best”.
      2. If Dre had the spare time to reply to a site with 200,000 views, would his career be going so well? You just fucked up your whole “popularity” argument.
      3. I never mentioned Tim Dog in the article, get your facts straight.
      4. The charts are corrupted by radio plays and casual streaming, so Straight Outta Compton gets plugged on TV, radio etc. and The Chronic sells more copies. The morons who buy into the propaganda are just as arse-kissing as you, and they affect album sales.
      5. Since Dre uses Ghost-writers so much, maybe he hired you as a Ghost-commenter. If he did, he probably shouldn’t have hired some knob who uses out of date slang like “stop hating”.

      Is that enough of an explanation? Now go and crawl back up Andre’s fat arse, you cunting tit.

      (all this applies even if you’re actually Dr. Dre, just replace “Andre’s” with “your own” in the last sentence)

  10. Hi there everybody, I had a really nice time reading some of these texts. Very honest and fact things. I would like to make a difference between music and culture. Because sometimes we try to put all in the same place…
    I don’t respect any of the lyrics on the Gangsta Rap, because of the pointless of them, also the stupid ideas on that (kids game) but c`mon dre got something special musicaly speaking. I don`t know if he has ghost producers. In these chase credits goes to these ghosts. But he had the touch mixing and producin, some gems!!!

    Excuse mybad english. Such a great blog! PEACE

    • Dre had ghost producers and ghost writers since the very beginning . He was / is almost like a figurehead . A slick spokesman working the bait and switch . Just like Sean Combs he took total credit for things he never did . Diddy and Dre are good business executives and marketers . But they should stay away from the process of the creation of real hip hop music .

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