What Went Wrong With… And What Is Wrong With… Eminem?

Caricature of Eminem by What Went Wrong With

Eminem is an extremely over-hyped media creation. If all of the undue praise he receives from corrupt mainstream critics was removed, it would be obvious that he is a mediocre rapper, producer, and actor. If you look closely into his eyes, you can see that even Marshall Mathers himself cannot believe how far he has come with such meagre skills.

In the mid-nineties, Eminem was a white wannabe rapper who saw fit to steel AZ’s flow (but none of his talent) on his dull-as-hell first album Infinite. At the time of its release and before Hip-Hop had sold out for money and fame, the album and the rapper himself, was quite rightly ridiculed for being a cheap imitation. A few corrupt years later, and with the help of Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre, this great white hype was sold to the sheep-like public as “one of the best rappers in history”. To anybody who resisted the brainwashing, it was obvious that Eminem had not changed much since his lame debut album. Maybe he’d stopped biting AZ, but his skills and delivery were no better, and when compared to most rappers out there at the time; he was a sugary, kiddy-friendly, mass-marketed candy of a rapper. It was not just his moniker, but his very design that was akin to a packet of M&M’s. Behind the disguise of a cheap hockey mask and denim dungarees, he was in fact a whining, high-pitched, nasally clown; a culture stealing, Elvis-style genre appropriator, a literal caricature of a rapper.

Listen to any one of Slim Shady’s shitty tracks and you will hear a faux Masta Ace, Chino XL sounding hybrid wannabe. This noughties bleach blonde herb had every uninformed fan hearing something new and exciting; when the rest of us could hear a million other rappers’ coming out of his mouth like some sort of rapping photocopier. Dr. Dre had unleashed a counterfeit MC who clowned his way up the Billboard charts and helped turn Hip-Hop mainstream. This was the beginning of middle-class gringos listening to Hip-Hop and the period of time that helped morph the whole rap game into some lame-ass bubblegum trash-genre… word to your mother.

Now before somebody feels the need to comment, and says some dumb shit about racism, let me make this clear that this isn’t about white versus black, it’s about no-talent versus talent. Even when compared to his white contemporaries and peers, he still doesn’t come close to being a skilled rapper. Eminem does not have a fraction of the controversy or political opinion as Roy Shivers or Scorzayzee for example. He does not even have an ounce of the lyrical skill of RA The Rugged Man, and he is not even one minutia as hardcore as Vinnie Paz, Everlast, Genovese, Necro, Ill Bill, or Goretex. With so many underrated underground white rappers out there, it makes you wonder why Pop music fans would select such a prick as their idol.

On top of all this bullshit, and why I speak about Eminem with so much disdain, is the fact that in a politically correct world, where every comment and piece of art is scrutinised by a wannabe-inoffensive media, for some unknown reason, this twat has been allowed countless times to be openly prejudiced. I can’t be arsed going through the almost “Infinite” list of sexism, misogyny, homophobic, and racist things this twat has done, but the most offensive and most hushed event of his crappy career was his track “Foolish Pride”. In this song, abhorrent and detestable lines like this were spoken:

“Never date a black girl because blacks only want your money…

…because black girls are dumb and white girls are good chicks…

…black girls are bitches”

These lyrics are hardly subtle, or indeed forgivable. It just goes to show how full of hatred and prejudice this craKKKer is filled with.

So every time I see a black artist, let alone a black female artist like Rihanna doing a track with this cunt, it not only surprises me, but fills me with outrage. Rihanna is the latest bread of subservient white-ass-kissing fake puppets that have no morals and no soul. Along with every other blind ignorant minority rapper from 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, D12, Nas, Jay-Z, and countless others who love to ignore blatant racism, and who send the message that it is okay to be racist, sexist, and homophobic as long as you do a track with some kiss-ass sell-out to appease the masses and mask your real feelings. So fuck 50 Cent and the rest of these Uncle Tom sell-outs. And while I’m at it; fuck Elton John, you vile fucking pig.

On top of all this, Eminem was also responsible for literally raping Tupac’s vocals, by adding his own shitty production after the rapper’s death (and therefore without his agreement). This racist white rapper turned producer was actually allowed to profit from a black rapper’s tragic death. This is the most fucked-up piece of the racist puzzle when you take into account Tupac’s activist standpoints against racism and the fact that he was the son of a Black Panther.

The fact is, you cannot see Eminem as a credible rapper if you’re a genuine Hip-Hop fan, but I guess these days in a slew of untalented performers, you cannot differentiate. It’s hard to tell the difference between a cock and a pile of dicks. All of you followers out there can keep believing Eminem is the greatest battle rapper of all time thanks to the propaganda of the undeserved Oscar-grabbing 8 Mile, even though in reality, Uno Dos lyrically murked his racist-white ass in the “Candy Coated” Freestyle. I mean, for fuck’s sake, even by observing his corny wigger hand gestures to the mirror in the opening scene of the film, it is mystifying how anybody could look at the screen and say “that is one of the greatest rappers that has ever been”.

The overused analogy of Eminem being the modern day Elvis is probably more accurate than you think. We are now told by the media that the Elvis’ quote “The only thing Negroes can do for me is shine my shoes and buy my records” was fabricated. If we wait fifty years or so, the same crooked media will probably be telling everybody that the Eminem lyric was factitious too. My mistrust in the media as a whole leads me to believe both these unoriginal white interlopers are indeed racist, and that the white establishment makes a damn fine job of whitewashing the truth whilst simultaneously whitewashing a black genre.

Play That Flunky Music White Boy.

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  1. This article is so spot on, you are right there all the way. The Tupac thing really bugs me when taking into consideration how much Pac was against racism. You never hear about his song ‘Foolish Pride’ anymore.

    I have a request, could you do an article like this on Ozzy Osbourne and Marilyn Manson? I think both of them get far too much credit for what they done. Manson in particular is like the Eminem of rock music.

    • I have to disagree with this comment Gary. Ozzy Osbourne might be an over the top rock personality, but he’s done his job very well and despite how drugged up or drunk the man is, he puts up an amazing show in concert.

      As for Marilyn Manson, yes the shock factor gimmicks he does can be annoying but he wrote some brilliant material back in the day that most people don’t take the time of day to even go through. He’s become a sad parody of himself in the last decade, but I don’t think it’s fair to ignore his great work of mocking American culture for what it really is. That man was the last “rock star” to actually challenge the boundaries of freedom of speech. Who do you have since Manson that really gets out on stage and pushes the boundaries on what they are allowed to do? Besides, his music used to have great thought value when he was in his prime, albums like Antichrist Superstar and Portrait are the reason people liked him to begin with. He used to write great lyrics, not so much now, but during the late 90’s, he wrote better lyrics than anyone else did at the time.

      And that’s where Eminem falls short. He’s supposed to be a lyrical genius but I don’t really see it. As much shock value he had going for him, he didn’t do anything to really push the boundaries on freedom of speech on stage, and comparing him to Manson is not a good comparison at all cause at least Manson did write some brilliant material in the 90’s. He might be a washed up joke today but Holy Wood still has lyrics that sum up American society better than anyone else in mainstream music has ever since, and that album is 14 years old. Until Eminem has a Holy Wood or even an Antichrist Superstar type album, then you can compare him to Manson, but until then, no that comparison is clueless.

    • I’m effng pissing myself laughing at the “corny wigger” paragraph and this entire article

    • This whole article was one big exaggeration. I guess you needed to really go in depth to show that your not just a hater but just being honest. I respectfully disagree tho cuz your article or Stan rant to use a eminem reference states Em has no talent which is bullshit the best rappers say he’s a beast and I would agree with them over you any day. There’s so much of what you wrote that was banana sandwich crazy I don’t know where to begin. I think your the type of dude who just likes underground rappers that will never sell anywhere near the type of numbers as em for whatever reason. The rappers you mentioned are not whack I’m not saying that but they didn’t have what em had. Plus em is white and he crossed over like a motherfucker but he also had skills too in song writing and Dre beats too. The fact that you dedictated a big part of your time to try and throw rocks at his throne says more about you than it does him. I have been listening to hip hop since the late 80’s underground and mainstream so I’m not no spring chicken. There are lots of people that had no business being in the Game buto Slim is not on of them.

    • That’s the dumbest non-argument I’ve ever read! Firstly Mr. “I have been listening to hip hop since the late 80’s”, you should acknowledge that Eminem “has no business being in the game” BECAUSE HE’S RACIST. That’s the main fucking thing given that Hip-Hop is a black art-form – amazing that you glazed over that section of the article.

      Also, how can this article be a “Stan rant” since I’m not a fan of Eminem and never was? Get your Eminem references correct, especially since you’re such a fan, sorry Stan of Slim Shady.

      You say “There’s so much of what you wrote that was banana sandwich crazy I don’t know where to begin”… and then you “begin” with absolutely zilch. Where’s all the amazing factual reasoning that this article is “banana sandwich crazy”? Admit it, you have nothing. He’s bitten Chino XL’s style, he’s double time is shitter than Tonedeff, why do they not have “what em had”? Because they’re not white?

      And by the way, Elvis was a big fan of banana sandwiches too, so I guess you’re a fan of every racist white interloper.

    • Dude Chino xl sounds nothing like eminem your reaching. My dudes from Jersey worked with him for a period and I have heard him rap up close. There styles couldn’t be more different. As for the song “foolish pride” I’m not gonna defend it cuz it I don’t what was going thru his head but that shit was stupid as hell. But you try and use that a’s a reason to try and kick him out of hip hop existence basically label him overatted shows you have an axe to grind and are having trouble being objective. He’s one the MT Rushmore ofor spitters and there really nothin you can do about it. The rappers you like are good but Em is on anothe level. Your article still sounds like a giant Stan letter. You have mastered hating. If he’s so garbage where’s your music at? You called Dr Dre garbage? Just off that I can’t take you seriously.

    • Since you’re either slow or ignorant or both, let me reiterate – this can’t be a “GIANT STAN LETTER” because I am not “Stanning” anybody. If you’re such an Eminem fan, why can’t you get it through your thick skull that a “Stan” is “an avid fan or fanatic and overzealous supporter of a celebrity” – if I don’t like Eminem, how am I a “Stan”? Get your shit in order.

      Secondly, Eminem is an obvious white copy of Chino XL. Many people have said so, not just me. I don’t have to be “up-close” to the motherfucker, I just have to listen to his music, listen to his albums, listen to his songs, listen to his punchlines, his comedy, and his vocal tone – the shit is obvious. The similarity was also pointed out by another commenter below. If I and some other people think he’s a mainstream Chino XL clone, that by definition makes him overrated – because that rap style was already out there two or three years prior to Eminem’s first album and nobody bought it. What else would you call that shit?

      After that nonsensical comeback, you still can’t say a) what was factually wrong with my article and b) why Eminem is better or “on another level” compared to the other rappers I’ve named – you just sound like someone who kisses Eminem’s ass without really taking the time to de-construct his overrated, biting ways. On top of that, when you have no more points left to make, you come up with that contrived “hater” response – maybe read my article about that term.

      Fake mainstream Hip-Hop fans always suck-up to Eminem and by extension Dr. Dre, not liking both their music is called having a fucking opinion, I don’t just follow the masses like you. The fact that you think both Dr. Dre and Eminem are so great, I can’t take you seriously. I thought you listened to Hip-Hop from the 80’s? If you did you’d know all the sellout shit that Dr. Dre is responsible for – maybe re-read both these articles again.

      And just to point out, just ’cause you listened to Hip-Hop from the 80’s it doesn’t make you some kind of authority on the genre, I can just picture your punk ass back then wearing a backward cap and Pro Keds and listening to the video below claiming it’s “on another level”…

    • Stop saying he’s a racist. Like that’s your “go to” for everything. I doubt that a dude that made a black guy the best man at his weddington hates black people. You sound crazy.

    • Eminem makes a racist song and I have to stop saying he’s racist? What the fuck is wrong with you? His RACIST song is enough for me to call him a RACIST – that’s logic.

      With your corny-ass screen name I’m guessing you’re white, if you are, then you have no fucking right to tell me not to be offended by that track. He says racist shit so I’m free to label him a racist – how is that my “go to”?

      Telling me some dumb shit about his best man being black is no defence either, there’s always some dumb fucking sellout minority hanging around with racist white people, that shit doesn’t nullify the prejudice.

      And what the fuck is “weddington”? You sound illiterate.

  2. Easily the most overrated rapper of all time. His production has always been medicore at best, and while he can give a good delivery, he overuses 4 letter words way too much and comes off as an angry kid that is complaining and whining in every track while over using pop culture references to make jokes.
    I would add that he tends to get a lot of protection from the media. What is it with this guy? When he first came out he wrote a song about his ex wife who tried to commit suicide after the fact, and not to mention all the stuff about his mother, then they make a movie sympathizing for him about how rough he had it. Every time he has done something stupid, they come out and defend him and make excuses for him. If Eminem was black, they would have been cursing him from day one and he would have never ever made it to where he is today.

    and Dr. Dre was a joke when N.W.A. first came out. I have no idea what catapulted him into a “top producer” as he is carried around. I remember the Chronic and thought it was weak. The album itself pretty much set the trend for the terrible overrated hip-pop albums that followed.

    • Exactly. If Eminem was any other colour but white, the media would never have backed him up. The amount of times people complained (in the eighties and nineties) about black acts being homophobic/mysoginistic/violent and yet they seemed to accept it when Eminem did the same thing.

      When it comes to Dr. Dre, I remember listening to The Chronic when it came out, and I thought it was average. Considering the superior albums that came out at the same time (from Pete Rock & CL Smooth/Showbiz & AG/Gang Starr/Das Efx etc) you wonder why Dre is so hyped. By the time I got to “Deeez Nuuuts” I was wondering why this album was rated so highly.

      Eminem and Dre are both way overrated for the garbage they’ve put out.

    • Dre has produced good beats. There’s no question about it. Still DRE. What’s the difference. Solid, hard hitting, crisp. Just good production and creativity.

    • Dre has produced overrated garbage. Your examples of his production (from a 30 year career) are two tracks from an album which took him 7 years to make, and even those tracks are average at best. Plus Mel-Man and Scott Storch “helped” with the production, just like Yella used to in the N.W.A. days. Dre needs help with production and he gets ghostwriters to pen his lyrics. He is a complete twat… READ ARTICLE ABOUT DRE

  3. A couple things. You act as if racism is somehow worse than the objectifaction of women through music, which black rappers do ad naseaum. White eminem included. How is trashing a gender somehow less bad than trashing a race?

    Secondly, you leave no room for personal improvement or growth. Can’t a person make racist remarkes at one point in their life, be apologetic and then change for the better? Isn’t that what we’d want? Let’s say a young black guy sells drugs in his twenties. But then he gets caught. He acknowledges his wrong, then changes and stops doing that. Should that black guy be forever branded a criminal, or can we accept as a society that he can change for the better.

    Thirdly, regarding his rap ability he has a lot of range. Fast, slow, smooth, chopped in and layered, triplets and atypical rhyming schemes, the ability to tell an entertaining story through verse. All of that factors in. He’s a great lyracist and has a great delivery. I don’t actually care for his voice much though. If he had that lyrical ability and delivery but with a cooler sounding voice, he’d be clearly in the top, which happens to be where most other rappers place him already.

    Then your point about stealing style on his first record. Pretty sure most up and coming rappers are borrowing from a rapper or a combo of rappers than came before them. The same is true of any music genre. They borrow from what came before then tweak to make it their own.

    • And the Award for “The Most Racist Defence Of Racism” goes to… Brian.

      A “young black guy sells drugs in his twenties” is the same as Eminem making a racist record? So a white guy would never do anything worse than write or speak a few offensive words, but a black guy would be selling drugs and would only stop peddling if he was caught. Just proves what kind of people stick up for Marshall Mathers.

      Also to be racist at a certain point of your life and then later quashing it is not “personal improvement or growth” it is just good PR. Someone who has never been racist (or never sold drugs to use your example) is surely infinitely better?

      To answer your other point, racism and sexism is exactly the same when it comes to offensiveness. However the “objectification of women” (by which I assume you mean half-naked women in music videos and women being called “bitches” etc) is not the same as saying that an entire demographic is a certain way. Saying “black girls are dumb chicks” is worse than saying “bitches” because the Eminem lyric is both racist and sexist since it refers to both race and sex.

      The most ignorant part of your comment is the fact that the only Hip-Hop you are aware of is this kind of “Bling and Bitches” Hip-Pop which commercial channels constantly play. I mean, c’mon; when has Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Afrika Bambaataa, KRS-One, Moorish Delta 7, Blak Twang, Fu-Schnickens, Das Efx, Black Moon, Smif-N-Wessun, Jedi Mind Tricks, Blaq Poet, Pro Era, Underachievers ever had a booty-shaking video? You cannot say that black rappers act a certain way, just because you watch or listen to garbage Hip-Pop like Eminem, Dre, Jay-Z, Kanye etc. etc.

      You need to realise that when the big three companies took over music they began to control the competition too, so to you Eminem looks better than say, Lil Wayne. In reality there are thousands of Rappers and Rap Groups who have never (and will never) act like the false stereotypes the mainstream media has created. Listen to some more Hip-Hop rather than Hip-Pop before using comparisons. If you did, you would realise that Eminem is just a white puppet created by the mainstream music corporations to take over a black genre like they did with Elvis and Rock ‘N’ Roll. Eminem is a thief, he started off being a knock-off AZ, he then became a counterfeit Masta Ace, and he wishes he was Chino XL.

      Fuck him, and fuck anybody who defends him.


    • I love how black people try to turn absolutely anything into another race war. Sit down and shut the fuck up.

    • Fucking hell, you really are an idiotic fucking prick. Eminem is the one who spat that “black girls are dumb” lyric, so who’s the one instigating all this shit? I guess your lame white saviour can say any racist thing he wants to but apparently minorities are the ones turning this issue into a “race war”? Get a fucking clue you Shady nonce, for all you know I’m whiter than a Ku Klux sheet.

      If someone replies to this article with a prejudice stereotype, I can call it out, that isn’t “turning absolutely anything into another race war”, it’s just highlighting casual racism. And while I’m at it, what’s with the word “another”? The last few race wars including the Holocaust, the Native American Genocide, the Native Australian Genocide were all committed by white people, check the white race’s track record before you spout any more of your fucked up logic.

      I couldn’t give a rat’s arse if you’re stood, sat, or bent over, but you really need to shut the fuck up, you daft cunt.

  4. This is the most overrated rapper ever. I agree with the comment from Ron 100%.

    The media’s obsession with him and turning him into a saint has been sickening. Yes, when he first came out he did a lot of stupid things, made an asshole of himself over and over and in return he was always defended. I love how it was his mom who gave him the money to produce his first album, and he turns around and writes a lot of songs cursing her and treating women like garbage, and in return they made a film and sympathize for him about how bad he had it.

    You could take any artist and talk about how hard they had it. James Brown had it tough, Ray Charles had it tough, Tupac Shakur had it tough too. Do you ever see these people get a pity party and a bunch of sob stories thrown at them? No. They made a movie about Ray Charles yes, but did he make himself look like a saint in that movie? Nope.

    I think Eminem represents everything rap music has become. He’s sexist, homophobic, and flat out stupid but at the same time who was the ones that started this trend? Yep, NWA and Dr.Dre. Before NWA, rap used to be educating and fun to listen to, then it took a .360 spin and turned into “Gangsta” rap and has been a joke ever since. I think the reason Dre is so respected is because he catapulted this crap into the mainstream and it totally destroyed rap music. Then soon after NWA it went from gangsta rap to hip pop with producers like Diddy coming in and watering it down even more.

    Some argue rap music died when Tupac was murdered but I disagree. Tupac was part of the problem too when he threw everything out the window with Suge Knight and went total gangsta on everything. Before that, he had balance, and was probably the smartest black man in the music industry at the time, but when he went to DeathRow, he ruined himself.

    Rap music has been living on the life support of those old greats from the early 90’s that have kept it popular. It’s more of a white audience now than anything. 70% of all hip hop consumers are white, and Eminem is perfect posterboy for them. So when people do say that hip hop sold out or sold itself to the man, that’s 100% fact.

    • Talk about overrated. They even created a world record for the guy. So now rap god is the ‘hit with the most words’ or some shit. Just because he can’t rap faster than Twista. That’s when you know he’s the mainstream’s modern Elvis. He isn’t better than his black peers but the media will try everything to make it look like he is.

    • Exactly, there’s loads of faster rappers out there (Tech N9ne, RebelXD, Tonedeff to name a few) and even though his lame fans think he’s the double or triple time champion he doesn’t even come close. “Rap God” was a pitiful excuse for a comeback and it wasn’t a showcase of his “superior skills” like the mainstream media keep saying. There’s loads of longer songs out there too (in terms of length or word count – “Demain, C’est Loin” by IAM or “Poet Laureate Infinity” by Canibus) so the pricks at Guinness had to come up with a new category so old white people can feel like he’s still relevant. Definitely the most overrated rapper of all time.

  5. Good post, I always thought he was the most overrated entertainer, I could never understand his appeal. I think his music is aimed at middle class white kids that want to annoy their parents.

    • No shit Sherlock, he literally says in his fucking songs that that’s who his music is aimed at. Retard. Btw eminem is one of if not the greatest lyricists alive. His flow, beat, and lyrics are stunning.

  6. WTF kind of article was this. How is fucking eminem mainstream. Back when he was making great music nobody could touch him. The sheep is you u spend your life hating on people that are more succesful than u. Becase u have no real talents useful in this world. Stop calling people racist on every comment that is against your opinion.

    • I’ll tell U what kind of fucking article this is; the truth. I write something about Eminem being racist and U whine on about whether he’s mainstream or not?! That makes U the dumb fucking sheep. Somebody who sells records to the white majority, somebody who writes lyrics targeted at Britney Spears, somebody who goes multi-platinum, somebody who every fucker on Earth would mention if U asked them about Hip-Hop; how is that NOT mainstream? If Eminem wasn’t mainstream, fuckers like U wouldn’t be directed here after you’ve keyed his name into a search engine with your cock out. And lastly, anybody who glazes over his racist lyrics is by extension a racist sympathiser, so to get a rise out of people like U, I just elevate that to “a racist” and watch their blood boil. Plus who the fuck are U to judge talent, U can’t even be bothered to spell “you” correctly. And FYI, I’m the most successful motherfucker on my block, U IGNORANT FUCKING RACIST (that was sarcasm by the way, for all U sheep out there)

    • Just because you are fucking successful does not mean u r mainstream. U like that i used an r instead of are asshole now stp dissing on the greats and diss on somebody u should be dissing on.

    • What I would like is for you to have a coherent argument, fuck your u’s, r’s, and missing o’s.


      1. the principal or dominant course, tendency, or trend.
      2. belonging to or characteristic of a principal or widely accepted group, movement, or style

      Therefore being the foremost or “one of the greatest” Rappers (at least in your words) automatically makes him mainstream


      used with reference to people who are too easily influenced or led.

      So when you say “diss on somebody u should be dissing on”, you’re exactly the type of sheep I’m talking about.

      Now get the fuck off my site and back on Eminem’s dick.

  7. I would kick your ass anyday. Now u go on makng these fucking retarded articles on your little ass site and see where u get with that. I am going to go live my life u fucking internet tough guy!

    • I give you dictionary definitions, and you talk about me being an “internet tough guy”? Not only that, you then proceed to pounds the words “I would kick your ass anyday” into your shit-stained keyboard! You really are a confused little fuck.

      Knowing your imaginary fight will never come to fruition, who’s the real “internet tough guy” in this scenario?

      And by the way “any and day” are two separate words.

      Go and live your shitty little life surrounded by cum-stained posters of Eminem, you illiterate fucking racist cunt.

  8. great article keep fighting the good fight.
    if you have any comment on 2pac im very interested in knowing.
    i agree with everything you said about eminem – most ppl are just led.

  9. This site is bullshit. Your name should be next do the definition of hater. Not just defending eminem but every artist you accused of being overrated. It’s people like you that make freedom of speech a tattered and torn amendment that should be abolished because you abuse it like dr.dre abuses Dee Barnes. I doubt you have half the talent of any of the artist you accused of being “talentless”. Your just an angry petty internet blogger who has nothing better to do than
    criticize people’s art, as if your opionin holds any actual weight. It’s appalling and you need to take your website down. If I want to listen to an idiot rant about his or her minuscule disdain towards today’s culture I’ll watch Fox News. You’d should apply for a job there. They hire arrogant self centered assholes all the time. P.s don’t blame the artist blame society.

    • What’s really bullshit is you’re imbecilic point of view and you’re idiotic fucking logic.

      Firstly when you attack my site; that also makes you a “Hater”. So you’d be right there next to me in your out-of-date Noughties Slang Dictionary.

      When you say freedom of speech should be abolished; you ironically just exercised your right to free speech, you daft twat. The whole point of freedom of speech is that you won’t agree with a huge amount of it, the same way I think Eminem and you are both pricks; I still acknowledge your right to talk your pointless drivel.

      Also, if my opinion held no weight; why did you feel the need to comment? Your rhetorical scenario of listening to an idiot ranting also applies to you; you could have just fucked off, but you felt compelled to rant in an idiotic way toward this site. I guess that was only possible under the same freedoms you want abolished.

      Lastly, what the fuck does Fox News have to do with anything? You’d be more likely to get a job there since you hate freedom so much, and think Eminem is “today’s culture”. And by the way it’s “next to” not “next do”, but I expected a backward cunt like you to be uneducated and illiterate.

    • wtf. so eminem can write lyrics about black women are like…whatever but you cant write about it. the ‘need to take your website down’ part made me smh. mans a complete tool

    • How the hell can you abuse freedom of speech? And if he’d looked at the rest of the site its pretty clear that you would never get a job at Fox News LOL 😀 What a idiot

    • what a fucking idiot!
      ‘make freedom of speech a tattered and torn amendment that should be abolished’
      eminem fans are fucking retarded a holes

  10. he is the most overrated singer of all time. Heck justin bieber is not as overrated as he is. I don’t understand why so many people are obssessed with this little douche. Media and people treat him like a child who needs protection all the time. Whenever he dose or say something stupid or offencive people always defend this asshole. He is popular because he is good looking and white as fuck. I just hate him. He is the worst rapper ever but still he the most popular rapper because people are stupid they don’t understand real hip hop and he is so obssessed with himself that he consider himself as rap god. Hell you’re not a rap god you’re trash. Rappers like tupac and nas are real rap gods.

  11. fuck you all for calling him trash. If he is trash then why is he so popular. more than 97mil people follow him on facebook you think all of them are idiots??? I agree he is a bit overrated but that doesn’t change the fact he is still one of the best rappers alive. And he is a fuckin’ rap god

    • Since when does a large following give credibility to someone? The Nazi Party got around 44% of the vote in 1933, so were almost half of Germany idiots? Plug something or someone to masses of people and they’ll attain followers just by reflex of pear pressure; if it’s the popular thing to do, then everybody does it. A large following means absolutely fuck all.

      Eminem has 97 million followers on Facebook, but his most successful album sold around 29 million; so why didn’t all his Facebook followers buy his “best” album? Because Facebook followers are made of casual “Likes”, they aren’t real fans, and it’s not a real measure of someone’s popularity. In either case, there are 7 billion people on Earth, so Eminem fans (on Facebook or not) are minuscule in comparison.

      But fuck all that, the article was about Eminem’s racist lyrics and his biting of other rappers’ styles. If you think he’s a “Rap God” then you obviously aren’t a fan of real Hip-Hop, you’re just another faker who started to like Hip-Hop once they unleashed a thieving over-hyped white boy on the scene. On a side note, no human is a “God”. If they were it would be spelled with a lower case “g”, but even then Eminem wouldn’t come close in qualifying.

      Eminem isn’t the god of anything, unless it’s prejudice middle-aged Hip-Pop.

    • whos still on facebook???? you eminem fans are some old fucks
      no hiphop fans listen to eminem FACT

  12. exactly! Popularity dosen’t equal to talent. So what if he is popular that doesn’t mean he is a fuckin’ ‘god’ people like him coz of his looks and color and nothing else he is good looking but that doesn’t change the fact he is over rated & he was a trash he is a trash and he will always be a trash nothing else

  13. He lyrically destroyed Ja Rule, Benzino, Whitey Ford, Canibus, and ICP though. But whatever…

  14. eminem isn´t that bad, almost every rapper is sexist and homophibic. Just like him, todays rappers only talk about drugs and money and hoes. is sucks but thats the way it is, many of those social rappers arent popular.

    • I don’t rate any Rapper who keeps talking prejudice shit, and people need to stop listening to stuff just because its “popular”. Plus, how is anything gonna change if we keep putting up with bullshit and double-standards from the Music Industry?

      I can give you many examples of Rappers who don’t talk about “drugs and money and hoes”. Check out music by The Underachievers for example.

  15. Honestly you do sound like a bitter hater. I only came to this weak website to read your Canibus post. Eminem is a beast. He would destroy ANY of the rappers mentioned in this post, with ease. Big Daddy Kane recently came out and said Em’s one of the greatest…Masta Ace has said the same….so has NAS. So, with just 3 WELL RESPECTED rapper’s opinions, your whole post, and website, just fell into the pile of “hater” garbage that’s stinking up the internet. To say he’s racist…are you a conspiracy theorist that types these blogs up while wearing a tin foil hat? Dre average? Em garbage? Jay garbage? That’s almost $2 billion of the rap game you just said were trash….wow. Yeah I would love it too if some of my favorite underground rappers hit the same level as Eminem, Dre, etc…but I’m not going to whine, bitch, and moan on the internet about it and create slanderous articles like this one. Some people need to grow up…or maybe need Jesus or something.

    • Honestly, you sound like a dumb fucking prick.

      Firstly someone having an opinion is automatically a “hater” to you? That’s the same lame middle-of-the-road response from most ignorant morons. And who still uses the word “hater” outside of 2005? Obviously the same sycophant who thinks Eminem is a “beast” and has an out-of-date, corny screen name.

      Secondly, who gives a flying fuck what a few Rappers think about this racist prick? If someone you listen to or watch on TV says something, do you automatically switch-up your opinion and follow them? You must be the dumbest fucking cunt out there. If Eminem said this was his favourite site, would you then start following me?

      Thirdly, I gave you examples of Eminem’s racist lyrics, and you pull “Conspiracy Theorist” out of your racist-wigger-loving arse; you really are a confused little fuckwit. Maybe take Eminem, Dr. Dre, and Jay-Z’ cocks out of your big mouth before you spew your idiotic bullshit.

      Some people need more than a white Jesus; you need a fucking spine and maybe consider having your own opinions. Towing the line is an example of a robotic, mindless, imbecile, and if there is such a thing as a “hater” you just became one by calling my entire site “garbage” just because I had a stance on some shitty overrated celebs that you and the masses don’t agree with.

      Remember this; I’m the adult with a website that every time your punk ass visits generates revenue, and you’re the twat who writes little bitch comments when your fake rap god gets criticised… so who in reality needs to grow up?

    • what an asshole. slanderous means false and malicious. what is false about calling feminem racist? for all those who dont kno check the lyrics to foolish pride……..

      Blacks and whites they sometimes mix
      But black girls only want your money cause they’re dumb chicks
      So I’mma say like this
      Don’t date a black girl, take it as a diss
      If you want, but if you don’t
      I’mma tell you like this, I surely won’t
      Never date a black girl because blacks only want your money
      And that shit ain’t funny

      I said that before, but that’s okay because like I said you’re a whore
      Black girls and white girls just don’t mix
      Because black girls are dumb and white girls are good chicks
      White girls are good, I like white girls
      I like white girls all over the world
      White girls are fine and they blow my mind
      And that’s why I’m here now telling you this rhyme
      Cause black girls, I really don’t like
      We don’t mix, it’s like riding a bike

      I’m giving you a little advice
      Don’t date a black girl, if you do it once you won’t do it twice
      You won’t ever do it again because they’ll take your money
      And that ain’t funny

      I’ll get straight to the point
      Black girls are bitches, that’s why I’mma tell ya you better pull up your britches
      ‘Cause all that cash is making your ass drag
      From the boyfriend you ganked and that’s pretty bad
      I mean that’s pretty sad when you’re dating a black guy
      And then you turn around and fuck another big black guy
      Now that’s pretty wrong, but you’re just ganking
      But that’s okay because you need a goddamn spanking
      From me, the funky Eminem

      So I’mma bust another rhyme about this black girl
      She turned out to be a fuckin’ wack girl
      A wack girl, because black girls ain’t funny
      All they want is your goddamn money
      They take you for everything you got


      only lame fanboys like this 40 year old white dude acting like hes the G.O.A.T
      hes nothing but a racist

    • Exactly. Same as the “You Abuse Freedom Of Speech” bullshit a few comments above. According to his fans Eminem can say whatever he wants (from racist, homophobic, sexist lyrics, to plain disses) and all that’s protected under Freedom Of Speech and isn’t slanderous in any way. But criticise Eminem and that’s automatically slanderous and not privy to any freedom. A bunch of ignorant contradictory motherfuckers.

    • Oh wow…first time seeing those lyrics and I’m just speechless…How the fuck did that not cause a major backlash??

      For me, I knew that Eminem was a piece of shit when his first video (I think it was his first or the first one of his that I saw anyway) came out and he had actors in it playing Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee while he was “rapping” about “Tommy whooping her ass”, making light of and making fun of, if not condoning, domestic abuse and violence against women. That was it for me right then and there. There was nothing he could tell me in his irritating nasal whiny voice. And of course, he just kept proving me right as he went along – more and more of mysoginistic, homophobic, racist lyrics, antics, rants, etc. I just try to limit my exposure and when I do get accidentally exposed to his “music” – he is killing his wife or degrading his Mom in every song. I’m sure he beats women. Sadly, all one can do is try and keep the exposure to this absolute fucking cock to the minimum and pray that he goes away. I try and steer clear from trendy for 5 min slang words but if I were to call someone a “non-factor” – this would be it. Him and Wiggy Azalea – 2 non motherfucking factors that could only become “stars” and be considered “artists” in our sick modern day society that has defied and defeated logic, common sense, good taste and decency.

    • lmmfao who still says ‘hater’?? how old are these retards?
      ‘I only came to this weak website to read your Canibus post. Eminem is a beast’
      who still listens to canibus and eminem???
      ‘To say he’s racist…are you a conspiracy theorist that types these blogs up while wearing a tin foil hat’
      just google eminem foolish pride for proof. how is that a conspiracy?!?!? wtf
      ‘I would love it too if some of my favorite underground rappers hit the same level as Eminem, Dre, etc’
      and which fan of eminem knows any underground rappers? obie trice and bizarre aint underground you weak fuck!!!!!!!!

  16. Eminem is the most overrated rapper of all time. Everyone says that he is a legend, but when looking at his discography he’s just average. His success is mainly due to his skin colour. If he was black, he would be forgotten. Hell he would have been blacklisted for his prejudice. The only music that i liked from him was SSLP, his verse on Jay’s Renegade, Lose Yourself, and When I’m Gone. But other than that, he is average.

  17. eminem fans are the lamest fuckboys ever. they never listened to hiphop before this whiteboy came on the scene and now all they know about hiphop is dre snoop nwa etc.

    they go out and buy eazy e’s shit, 50 cent’s shit, D12 etc. listen to it on their beats by dre headphones like some cock sucking lames. and just because of association they think eminem, dre represent all of hiphop? smh.

    these fanboys dont represent real hiphop culture or real hiphop music, because before eminem came out they were listening to lame skater pop rock bullshit.

    and then when anybody brings up the racist song he did they go into full retard mode and defend him like some suckas. fucking white people!!!!!!!!

    • Exactly! Eminem Stans will make you lose faith in humanity. They only listen to Eminem and other rappers associated with him (also Tupac), yet think that they are the authority on hip hop. They say bullshit like “Eminem is one of the only rappers who does not rap about Money, Drugs, Bitches” and “his songs are deep”. Eminem made a song about raping his mother (Kill You), made a song about killing his wife (Kim, ’97 Bonnie & Clyde), made homophobic songs (Criminal, Rap God), made sexist songs (Kill You, Superman), made a whole song about drugs (Drug Ballad). Eminem is mostly a shock rapper. Eminem fans are absolutely delusional.

  18. He is, no freaking doubt, the most overrated. But to say his whole music is bad is just plain stupid. It looks to me like the guy who wrote this stops liking something as soon as more than 10.000 people hear it. Lose Yourself has great, motivational lyrics and the first verse holds more than 50 fucking rhymes. His Renegade verses are great, as stated by Nas, Jay and many others. Stan has an incredible storytelling and is plain original. The songs for his daughter like When I’m Gone and Hailie’s Song are straight out from the heart and have beautiful lyrics. Rock Bottom is a nice piece wrote by him when he was literally on his rock bottom, near suicide. Then, of course, there’s shit like My Name Is, The Real Slim Shady, Just Lose It, We Made You and many others. Anyway, Eminem has saved more lives than the dude writing this article even thought of. Donated tons of moneys, created his own foundation and helped fans personally and by his music. He made a mistake as a stupid angry teenager most of us once were. People change. They should be able to change. No one is Mr. Perfect. I’m pretty sure you made tons of mistakes already.
    You need to calm down. You made this out of full angst and is answering everyone with full angst. Chill dude.

    • Who gives a flying fuck how many people listen to someone? 10,000 or 10,000,000… as soon as I see/hear someone being prejudice, fuck everything they’ve done before or after. And only an idiot brings up that “People change. They should be able to change” bullshit, especially when in our hypocritical culture nobody “forgives” certain people such as Mel Gibson for making racist remarks against Jews. So basically saying anything racist towards black people is okay, but say something anti-Semitic and you’ll never work again. Fuck your double standards, and your contrived excuses. Either apply it to all or to nobody.

      And only a twat brings up how Nas and Jay-Z like or approve of this cunt; like these two sell-outs hold any weight. So everybody’s supposed to kiss Eminem’s arse just because two money-hungry celebrities like the guy? Fuck that.

      Signed, Mr. Perfect.

    • You are funny. Just goes on and on with a blind rage. Like I said before, calm down. Peter is just a nickname, and I’m not sucking anyone balls. You are completely ignoring my attempt of having a normal conversation/discussion by just being stupid raging against my arguments and offending me. Never said you should suck on Eminem because of Jay and Nas. You look like a little kid, taking words out of my mouth. I never said I was okay with racism, and didn’t even mentioned Mel Gibson. “Fuck your double standards” what the fuck. Again, I never mentioned anti-Semitic stuff.
      You are going crazy dude.

    • And of course, it’s totally okay for you to offend me and any other people who disagree with you with “fuck you, twat, cunt, shitty, racist” and others, because you are the only one who can do it. You are so fucking full of yourself.
      Hold up everyone, here we have him – the owner of all truth.
      Man, chill. You are life isn’t getting any better just raging around.

    • This is you’re attempt at having a “normal conversation/discussion”? Your amazing opener was “Holy fuck, never have I read so much shit”… wow, I bet you’re the toast of every debate team in the world. And please read this shit properly: I preceded the sentence about double standards with “in our hypocritical culture” therefore “your double-standards” is the mainstream media and people like you who defend one person and not the other. Maybe get a fucking clue before you reply.

      You do realise that this article is about how Eminem a. copies others and b. is racist. So when you defend him, you’re basically saying a. he doesn’t copy other rappers and b. he isn’t racist or it’s okay that he’s racist. When I then reply to your comment, not only don’t you read the shit properly, you start to say dumb shit like “I never mentioned anti-Semitic stuff”. Nobody said you did, it was an EXAMPLE.

      You also wrote the idiotic “Because you are the only one who can do it”? How is someone saying something like “cunt” the same as Eminem being racist? The words “cunt” or “twat” isn’t the same as saying “black girls are dumb “. Again, maybe read this shit properly before saying it’s hatred or blind rage. Swear words are a stylistic choice, they aren’t prejudice.

      Finally, how is someone who has a different opinion “full of themselves”? I mean at what point am I bigging myself up? I’m just knocking your lame idol. Nobody said it was the definitive truth; it’s MY OPINION.

      Now fuck off and listen to some more of that garbage, overrated, prejudice Hip-Hop you apparently like so much.

      And by the way, Toby was a nickname too.

  19. Eminem appeals to white youths because he is how whites envision hip hop. Blonde, white, racist, sexist, homophobic, what more can a white man ask for? I am surprised there are any black rappers left. I mean, they are completely unneeded, whites would rather see a white face, they don’t care about strength of lyrics, or any real objective measure, I am not sure why rap hasn’t become like rock in the 80s, completely usurped by whites?

    • The mainstream has really been pushing for this. There’s been a spate of lame white rappers in recent years; Macklemore, Iggy Azalea, Mac Miller, Machine Gun Kelly, Riff Raff etc. This all started with Eminem, before him white rappers (apart from Vanilla Ice) were credible (remember House Of Pain, Non Phixion etc.). Ever since Eminem, not only have mediocre white rappers made strides within the genre but mainstream black rappers have been encouraged to be “respectful” of Eminem and speak highly of him. Say anything contrary and you won’t be famous. All the famous black rappers (Jay-Z, Nas etc,) have all done tracks with this guy, they all ignore the track “Foolish Pride” and in turn give credibility to a white racist.

      Because of the 2000’s, the most popular black rappers of today are subservient to their white fanbase and white culture in general (Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky etc.). This has ruined Hip-Hop, it isn’t counter-culture any more because today’s rappers exist in this mainstream white environment, and they love being part of it.

  20. Eminem only appeals to racist whites the same way Elvis did back in the day.Racist white music fans dont wanna admit they like black music and they will only listen to it once a white man takes over.

  21. It cannot, I repeat, CANNOT, be overemphasized how much Eminem owes to Chino XL I don’t know about Masta Ace, but the whole clowning celebrities (“More blind rage than Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder battling in a steel cage”), as well as the whole racial angst angle, is clearly imitated from 1994-era Chino. You would think the Internet and torrent sites would make some of the more mainstream folks aware of the connection.

    • Exactly, the album “Here To Save You All” is THE template for what Eminem did in his first few albums, thematically, stylistically, and vocally. But no, the mainstream want to make it it look like Eminem’s style was brand new. Blatant media lies.

  22. Eminem did have skills in the late 90s/early 2000s, but he is average when looking solely by his discography. What I mean by that is Eminem has made too many mediocre albums to be considered the greatest rapper of all time. Relapse deserves to be in a landfill rather in anyone’s top 10 list. Back then, Eminem sounded fresh with combination of complex rhymes and shock value. He was criticised by the media, politicians, and parent groups for negatively influencing young kids and some even linked his music to the columbine shootings. Gay activist groups even protested his Grammy nomination for his homophobic lyrics. My point is he was being bashed left and right by everyone.

    But like Marilyn Manson, Eminem became a sad washed up parody of himself. Listening to him now is like watching a dead horse. He brings out of style punchlines and even rehashes some old lyrics. He tries to appear complex, but crams too many words together that his flow becomes off-beat. This is evident in so many of his recent songs. MMLP2 album proves that Eminem is the most overrated rapper ever, yet the album was praised by everyone and even won a Grammy.

    It is amazing that Eminem still has fans who dickride him far too much and keep his shit selling; considering the depth of mediocrity he has fallen to since The Eminem Show. Not many black rappers still remain relevant and still sell (except jay z, but that is probably because he is married to Beyoncé).

    But no matter how many fans he has or how many critics praise his music, it will NOT change the fact that Eminem is the most rapper of all time. Just because SSLP and MMLP were great doesn’t mean that he is a legend. Certainly he is no rap god.

    • The reason Eminem is a parody of himself is because he was never really himself, he was always a Masta Ace, Chino XL, Tonedeff clone. You can only bite other rappers for so long, then you run out of shit to do because it doesn’t come from within.

      The media bashing him was just an example of reverse psychology marketing and it worked. Because most people thought this overrated racist was counter-culture or underground in some way they bought into his mediocrity. But Eminem only ever appealed to middle-class people who had no knowledge of Hip-Hop unless it connected to him like a Hip-Pop six-degrees of separation (Dre, Snoop, N.W.A., D12, Proof, Royce 5 9, 50 Cent, Game etc.).

    • Are you fully retarted? He made that song in a time where he was in love with a black girl but she tricked him so his emotions went over him. ESPECIALLY in a time where all that white/black bullshit was going on. You never get angry and say something u regret later, huh?

      PLUS, Em apologized in a song called “Yellow Brick Road”. So before you write something on your shitty website, do some research you retarted piece of bullshit.

      And now don’t call me a racist because I’m a Em fan, there are enough Eminem fans that are black. Listen to “Welcome 2 Detroit” at the end it goes “… I got your back my nigga, that’s right a said my nigga” Almost all of Em’s friends are blacks.

      So next time, do a fucking background check. You only make people go crazy with the only argument you have, that he’s a racist. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  23. Are you fully retarted? He made that song in a time where he was in love with a black girl but she tricked him so his emotions went over him. ESPECIALLY in a time where all that white/black bullshit was going on. You never get angry and say something u regret later, huh?

    PLUS, Em apologized in a song called “Yellow Brick Road”. So before you write something on your shitty website, do some research you retarted piece of bullshit.

    • Surprise, surprise a fucking GERMAN defends racism!

      Firstly, what “white/black bullshit” was going on at the time? ALL instances of white/black racism in America is instigated by racist white people, so where the fuck does this culture-stealer get off acting like he’s been hard done by?

      A solitary black woman “tricked him” and this results in him saying ALL BLACK WOMEN are a certain way? What a reactionary, racist, moron he must be. And who the fuck cares how many black “friends” he has, ever heard of a house nigger? So a bunch of idiotic black people call him “my nigga” and I’m supposed to ignore his racism? Like I said in an earlier reply, even Hitler had a Jewish friend, am I supposed to forgive him for the Holocaust? What a dumb fucking twat you are.

      Next time you’re surfing the net, trying to soak up faux-American culture, please get your grammar in order; “piece of bullshit” is incorrect in so many ways and “You only make people go crazy with the only argument you have” is the worst fucking sentence ever constructed. Who taught you English? Eminem?

      Go and wank over a swastika you racist-sympathising cunt.

  24. Whats wrong with you?? I DO NOT have anything to do with what the Nazi Regime did! Just because I’m a fucking German I’m a defender of racism? I was born in the ’90, 40 fucking years after the war – your argument doesn’t say anything. You got your whole racist thing way to deep in your head man… I dont wanna start a fight excuse my words dude, but I just don’t understand what’s your fucking problem..

    PS: Actually I think my English is acceptable, excuse my few mistakes. Try to write what I just wrote in German 😉

    • Even though I don’t agree with the use of the word, at this point I may as well ask you… ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED?

      At which point did I say you personally had anything to do with the Nazi Party? Maybe read this shit correctly before replying with more of your nonsense. Remember; you’re the one who’s defending Eminem’s racist lyrics, it is therefore quite apt for me to bring your nationality into the discussion given your country’s historical penchant for hatred. Bringing up parallels is done for the purposes of argument, not to mention comedy. For someone who thinks their English is acceptable, maybe look up what an analogy and a metaphor is before jumping to inane conclusions from a simple creative comparison.

      To take your second “point”, since I’m not beating some German’s door down (again a metaphor – nobody’s outside an actual door) why the fuck should I try to write this in German? You’re the daft prat navigating to an article written in English which in turn is complaining about an English speaking lyricist. I don’t fuck around and go to a foreign language site, miss nuances of their language, misunderstand the point of view and then piss and moan about how they should be able to write in English.

      Also, writing “I don’t wanna start a fight” when you just called this a “shitty website” and me a “retarded piece of bullshit” is the dumbest, most mentally retarded shit you could do. Since you “don’t understand what’s your fucking problem” I’ll tell you… my problem is morons who make racist songs but who then later apologise and act like they weren’t racist and people who defend their racism and then miss the entire point of the article and my reply. Plus I’d love to know why you are okay with Eminem stereotyping all black women but dislike the idea of me generalising all Germans? You really are a dumb fucking hypocrite.

      Now piss off, listen to “Yellow Brick Road” on loop and stop cluttering up this section with your pointless shite. Go and feel superior about your amazing bi-lingual skills somewhere the fuck else.

  25. What I’ve noticed is that many media outlets always try to convince credible black old school rappers to mention or big up Eminem. Watch any VladTV video on YouTube and you can see the interviewer leading rappers into mentioning their respect and admiration of him. The mainstream really is pushing for a modern day Elvis and they want people to think he is widely respected by the greats.

    • Without a doubt. The mainstream really does need a white saviour and outfits like VLAD TV are part of the machine.

      I remember them asking Kool Keith about Eminem mentioning him in that shitty song “Monster” (Going coo-coo and kooky as Kool Keith). This leads to the twatty interviewer (not sure if it’s actually DJ Vlad) bringing up “Internal Rhyme Style” as he calls it (rhyming the words in the middle as well as the end of the sentence). The interviewer then acts like Eminem is the master of the shit like this wasn’t already happening in the early-to-mid-nineties before him. Big Pun, Chino XL, Heltah Skeltah, everybody was doing that shit before Eminem, so why focus on one white rapper who’s used that style?

      Then in this video Kool G Rap initially says that nobody recently has impressed him lyrically. Then after some thought he mentions Nas, Big etc. With more and more encouragement he names Eminem, then the interviewer keeps going on about Eminem and he never once delves into Nas even though he’s the first name to pop into G Rap’s head. I guess one thing Kool G Rap and Eminem do share is the fact that they were both casually racist at the start of their career.

      If these old-schoolers can’t see when they’re taking part in creating the next Elvis then fuck them too. In about fifty years nobody’s going to know who Kool Keith or Kool G Rap is but everybody will know Eminem thanks to this type of shite.

  26. Oh My God!! I can’t believe people are defending eminem’s racist lyrics. He blatantly said that black girls are dumb chicks, so how was that not racist? Rick Ross raps about date raping a girl in Rocko’s UOENO and everybody was on his ass. It didn’t end his career, but he lost his sponsorship deal with Reebok (but tbh its Rick Ross! What did you expect?). Yet it is okay for Eminem to make racist songs? These Stans really need to fucking chill and get their head out of eminem’s ass. They overrate everything he makes. I liked eminem’s music from late 90s to earlier 2000s and like even some of his recent music, but that doesn’t make him a “rap god”. Every time I watch an Eminem music video or album review on YouTube, they will post comments like this:
    Infinite 10/10
    SSLP 10/10
    MMLP 10/10
    The Eminem Show 10/10
    Encore 10/10
    Relapse 10/10
    Recovery 10/10
    MMLP 2 10/10
    But in reality it’s more like this:
    Infinite 6/10
    SSLP 9/10
    MMLP 8/10
    The Eminem Show 7/10
    Encore 6/10
    Relapse 2/10
    Recovery 7/10
    MMLP 6/10
    Eminem Stans really need to stop sucking his dick 24/7. I’m not saying you shouldn’t listen to Eminem ever again, but at least listen to some other rappers. And please stop defending Foolish Pride.
    Btw I’m not sure on calling Eminem a Chino XL ripoff. Chino XL had a tendency to name drop celebrities. For all shock value, Eminem didn’t name drop that much. I think The Game is more appropriate. His albums are always filled with name dropping. He shows absolutely no skill or delivery. I don’t know what Dr Dre saw in this lame. No wonder 50 Cent didn’t want to do anything with him. He didn’t want to be associated with a hack like Game.

    • Re: Black Girls lyrics. He can be nailed for both racism and misogyny for that song alone. Honestly, I can’t think of any other rapper or, overall, any other musician in any genre who is more hateful, demeaning, degrading, misogynistic and threatening towards women than this bleach blonde bag of douche. He is right up there with Chris Brown and Axl Rose for me.

      Then the media want to act shocked that every other household and/or relationship (at least in the US) is abusive and that alarmingly more and more teenagers end up in abusive and violent relationships. That’s the same media that elevates and endorses racist, misogynistic, abuse and violence promoting shit music “artists” like Marshall. Gee golly, what a shock indeed! Cretins.

    • fuck all his albums all dem shits is garbage. sslp and mmlp are both super overrated and its obvious the motherfuckers biting chino xl. the tone of his voice his style his metaphors. game ain’t even in the same league. c’mon man.

  27. Good article, but I wish you touched a little bit more on how Eminem’s beefs were pretty lame, and he mostly won because he’s essentially a bully. He claims to have survived all of his bullies and now be a big man who only fights when he needs to, but spent most of his career taking shots at his mom and ex-wife, celebrities who did nothing to him, and underground rappers who he could just uncreatively diss once or twice and claim victory. His only two mainstream beefs were nothing special either, because benzino and Ja rule weren’t that great, and he had his labelmates (50, obie trice, d12, etc) to fight for him. Stans think he’ll destroy anyone he touches, but he’s never really had a fight he wasn’t rigged to win.

  28. Eminem is so overrated it blows my mind. He’s racist homophobic and sexist… and he sucks as a rapper. The man is a prick and so are his fans!!!!!!

  29. This is Paul Bocian from Alberta , Canada . I previously commented on your “What Went Wrong With Hip Hop & Rap” thread a few months back . Yes sir , when it comes to lyrical rappers Eminem is one of the most overrated of all time . Of my top 50 of all time rappers I have him at #31 . I only have him ranked that high because of the strength of the material he released from 1989 to 1999 . — NOT INCLUDING HIS RACIST ,WHACK BULLSHIT ABOUT HIS BLACK EX-GIRLFRIEND — ( He copied the basic premise of a 1991 track by Del The Funky Homosapien called “Dark-Skin Girls” from Del’s debut studio album ” I Wish My Brother George Was Here” . Except instead of praising black women Eminem racially bashed them . Del , in his song, praised “dark-skinned” black girls & claimed that “light-skinned” black girls were vain .) . Back then (aside from his racist track) Marshall had passion , drive & desire . You make excellent points . He is not as lyrically skilled as R.A. Thorburn ( or Apathy or Celph Titled , for that matter ) . He is not as hardcore as Ill Bill , Vinnie Paz or Gore-Tex ( or Diabolic ) . The person who posted above with K-Rino’s “Fuck Eminem” is on point . K-Rino is a black Muslim rapper from Houston , Texas , USA . K-Rino is an intellectual giant and has immense street cred . He has never sold out his artistic integrity & has only gotten BETTER WITH AGE . AND I MEAN MUCH BETTER WITH AGE . You can see why on the comments section of the “Fuck Eminem” YouTube video that Eminem’s dickriders are extremely salty . K-Rino is right now the best emcee out there . The man is dropping 6 or 7 studio albums this upcoming October . K-Rino may not have Eminem’s tens-of-millions production budget — but he is a much ,much ,much, much, much ,much better lyricist . This decade with a shoestring production budget K-Rino has made incredible music .

    On the flip side Eminem has lyrically decayed with age . His music itself from “The Slim Shady L.P.” & afterwards ages over time terribly . Anything he made after he signed with Dr. Dre ( in mid-1998 ) sounds outdated , cliched and corny when you listen to it in 2016 . What was so revolutionary about his verses on “The Anthem 1999” , “Get You Mad” , “Hell Bound” , “Any Man” or his feature on Kid Rock’s album “Devil Without A Cause” ???

    I am a huge Canibus fan . Often Canibus fans get a bad rap as pretentious nerds .

    However , Eminem’s dickriders or “Stans” are fucking delusional and in denial .

    Their hero is a shell of is former self . I would argue that the last slightly skillful verse he ever wrote was on “Encore” . Well over a decade ago .

    And what was so great about a prime Eminem ?? Sure he was entertaining . But was he that original ??? When called himself “Slim Shady” he was greatly influenced by Twiztid ( known back in the early to mid 1990’s as “House Of Krazees” ) , I.C.P. , Kid Rock , Esham , Cage , Miilkbone & Chino XL .

    He ripped off Chino XL’s controversial “Ghetto Vampire” motif from 1995 . He bit all the celebrity name-dropping and shock value bars from Chino XL . And the violent / vicious verses , too .

    He also bit the Mid-West horror core style from Esham , I.C.P. & Twiztid circa 1989 to 1996 .

    He bit Cage’s “crazy lyrical white boy” motif from 1995-1996 .

    What frustrates me the most about Eminem is that he made a couple of hundred of millions of dollars off of being over-praised , over-hyped & over-exposed .

    How much money has K-Rino made ??? How much money has R.A. The Rugged Man made ??? How much money has Slug ( of Atmosphere ) or Aesop Rock made ??? How much money has Chino XL made ??? How much money has Kool G Rap made over a 35 year career ??? Or Big Daddy Kane ???

    Right there that shows anyone that record sales don’t mean shit when it comes to true hip hop . Back from 1999 to 2006 all the middle class white kids in America , Canada , Great Britain , Ireland , Western Europe , New Zealand & Australia bought Eminem’s CD’s by the boat load .

    If Eminem dropped in 2016 he would be criticized as a wannabe , “culture vulture” and an industry plant . Like the backlash Iggy Azalea , Macklemore , Mac Miller , Machine Gun Kelly & Asher Roth received from hip hop heads .

    I will concede that Marshall was the first lyrically proficient white rapper in the English language to become a superstar or household name . The only other superstar ( although he was only a superstar for about 2 years) white rapper before Eminem was Vanilla Ice . House Of Pain / Everlast only had a couple of mainstream hits . Miilkbone , 3rd Bass ( MC Serch ) had I.C.P. had charted a few tracks in the top 50 rap singles . Necro , R.A. The Rugged Man , Non-Phixion , Cage , Slug , Eyedea (R.I.P.), El-P & Aesop Rock were underground unknowns at the time .

  30. To clarify about Eminem’s racist track ….. it proves he is a biter and a racist prick and a cry baby . Yeah , so even when Marshall is being a racist prick he is unoriginal , unimaginative and needs a more skilled lyrical AFRICAN AMERICAN rapper (Del The Funky Homosapien) to go to for rhyme schemes and motifs . Anything Eminem has done with an original sound is bland mainstream “hip pop” with R&B Divas singing on the track . My previous longer comment might have some syntax , spelling & grammar errors .

  31. I agree with the article if you listen Royce Da 59 lyrics and Eminen lyrics. You can tell Em bite alot of his flow as well as Chino Xl.Im surprised you didn’t mention Tonedeff now he really faster and tighter when he raps what about Haystack now he can really rhyme much better than Eminem.It’s not the fact he s white there’s plenty of talented white rappers it’s just he knew the right people and contacts. And he just a copy ofwhat pop culture folks want in a artist not real not originality but just awayto connect to innercity kids that’s all. He s not bad but a little too overrated.I also hate how people compare to Tupac that is a insult let alone disrespectful to real Hip Hop heads that know the truth about the culture.Ifyou ask me ifPac and other 90’s rappers Excluding Jayz were still living Em would be different position than he is today.

    • In the comments section Pack FM , The Cunninlynguists , Tonedeff & Haystak have been mentioned . Check out some of the other articles on here related to hip hop & they are mentioned even more in those comment sections . Haystak is an extremely underrated rapper . Haystak has been in the game since 1990 and releasing full length studio albums since 1994 . He is a white rapper from the American South who is very well rounded and versatile in his lyrical ability . About 6 to 7 years ago Haystak & Brabo Gator viciously dissed Eminem . You can find the diss tracks on YouTube . About 10 years ago Haystak did a collab track with Twiztid (who were signed to I.C.P.’s Psychopathic Records) called “Pale Face” . Haystak absolutely killed his verse .

  32. @ What Went Wrong With

    You see how you always have Stans overrating that motherfucker Eminem . Eminem had a very , very similar style to Chino XL , Cage & Tonedeff & then when “The Marshall Mathers L.P.” came out in May of 2000 he switched his rhyming style to be less complex & more mainstream .

    It is obvious that Eminem is a less skilled version of Chino XL or Cage . All you have to do is listen to Chino’s first studio album from way back in 1996 or Cage’s stuff from around that same time . Even as early as 1991 Chino XL & Cage were using the shock value & pop culture name-dropping style — much more skillfully than Eminem , though .

  33. @ What Went Wrong With & @ Jay Rock Jinx

    You see when someone puts out evidence that Eminem made bigoted , racist songs the dick-riders ignore it & all hail him as the greatest lyricist in hip hop history . “Jay Rock Jinx” has very , very little frame of reference when he praises Eminem . He most likely listens to only Eminem-associated artists & largely ignores underground & independent hip hop . Eminem’s first mainstream album came out in early 1999 . Underground & independent rappers for the last 18 years have been putting out better material that gets no exposure . K-Rino is a good example . Ras Kass is another one . A-F-R-O is a much younger rapper that has huge potential . Hopsin , who many criticize for being a copycat of Eminem’s early style , has lyrically evolved past the immaturity , crassness & laziness of Eminem’s lyrical stylings . Eminem wrote his two racist tracks in 1993 .

    He may not make racist tapes anymore . But his last 6 major releases have been terrible & mundane pop music . How can this man rationally be hailed as the greatest rapper of all time ?? Look at his discography . Even in his prime his production was average . Busta Rhymes , The Wu-Tang Clan , Jay-Z , Ludacris , Three 6 Mafia , Canibus , Non Phixion , Jedi Mind Tricks , Necro , Memphis Bleek , Freeway , Beanie Siegel , I.C.P. , Mos Def , Talib Kweli , DMX & the artists on No Limit Records had better production in the late 90’s to early 2000’s . During the same time Eminem’s lyricism became lazy & sloppy . I’m not a big fan of Nas . I highly respect his ability . But I am not a fan of the man’s music . I’m not a fan of Inspectah Deck , either . But , I would say that both of those men are better rappers than Eminem . And it’s obvious that Nas , Inspectah Deck & Eminem don’t even come close to the ability of Chino XL , Ras Kass , Kool G Rap , Rakim , Big Daddy Kane , Big Punisher (Rest In Paradise) , Diabolic or K-Rino .

    • Why has Chino XL never gone on Vlad TV or Tim Westwood or a big American radio hip hop show & said that Eminem totally bit his style ?? Cage released 4 or 5 diss tacks at Eminem , at least . Now Cage is an indie / alternative rapper like Slug , Rob Sonic , Brother Ali , Braille , Blueprint , Sage Francis , George Watsky , Bus Driver or Aesop Rock & not into hard-body or horror core rap .

      Tonedeff should also go on a show & make a similar statement .

      Chino XL & Tonedeff have the chance to challenge Eminem’s legacy as an “original rap hero” . They can give evidence that they were doing the shock value & pop culture name-dropping style well before Eminem . They have proof of it with their early albums .

      I don’t even think it would cause much of a backlash if they did so . Eminem would see them as washed-up underground nobodies that are not worthy of dissing or paying attention to .

      In reality Chino XL & Tonedeff are the true artists & Eminem is a sell-out fraud .

      What would Chino or Tonedeff have to lose by doing this at this point later in their respective careers . For a week or two some angry white kids might troll their Twitter feeds or YouTube videos . Then it would be forgotten . True (or real) hip hop fans like us would remember their courage for the rest of lives .

      I have to big up Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian . I might not always agree with Lord Jamar’s social or political views . Nevertheless , Lord Jamar has the courage to tell DJ Vlad the truth . Jamar rightfully said Eminem isn’t even close to being in his top 20 rappers of all time . That idiot Vlad couldn’t believe it when Jamar dropped the knowledge . Vlad was lost for words . Vlad was also lost for words when Lord Jamar said that non-white hip hop listeners don’t fuck with over-the-top violent shock value rap . For example how Eminem would threaten to kill his mom , young daughter or his ex-wife in his songs . Jamar’s reasoning was that minorities deal with actual oppression , bigotry & violence everyday . Real gang violence in their communities , real domestic family violence , real economic & political oppression , real prison violence & violence from the police . That’s why it is better to give people in poorer communities ( & all hip hop fans , frankly ) positive , heartfelt , compassionate & uplifting messages like Chuck D , KRS-One or K-Rino . I couldn’t agree with Lord Jamar more .

  34. I watched the Stretch and Bobbito documentary .

    Eminem had a very average verse . He did his freestyle with Royce on the show back in August of 1998 . Before Marshall and Royce had their falling out .

    The mainstream hip hop industry really loves their boy Eminem . Just read that article . In his freestyle on The Stretch and Bobbito Show Eminem dropped verses that he already wrote for “Role Model” and other verses for other tracks on “The Slim Shady L.P.” . “The Slim Shady L.P.” came out in February 1999 . Just read Eminem’s verse from the link and you will see this . He also dropped rhymes from his older material ranging from his Rawkus tracks back to the days of Soul Intent .

    At the time of this August 1998 freestyle he was already signed to Aftermath Entertainment and was feuding with Cage and Canibus . He was in the process of finishing “The Slim Shady L.P.” . Cage and Canibus are better rappers than Marshall and always have been . For fucking sure they were back then in 1998 when all three of them were in their prime .

    My point is that so many emcees rapped better on Stretch and Bobbito’s Show . If you watch the documentary you will see this . Yet , Eminem was made the hero of hip hop . The Champion of MTV and Total Request Live .

    KRS-One , Big Punisher (Rest In Paradise) , Big L (Rest In Paradise) , B-Real , Sen Dog , Souls Of Mischief , Nas , Pharoahe Monch , Busta Rhymes , Grand Ghetto Communicator , Q-Tip , Ghostface Killah , Raekwon , Inspectah Deck , GZA , Cappadonna and Biggie Smalls (Rest In Paradise) all had better verses than Eminem and Royce .

    Eminem was biting Cage , Chino XL , Esham and The Insane Clown Posse heavily . Especially Chino XL , Esham and Cage with his lyrical content . Cage had a very , very , very large number of legendary verses on the show and they didn’t even play his verses in the movie .

    One other thing that pissed me off was that only the names of big mainstream of rappers who did the show were shown at a slow pace in the credits . After they displayed on the screen the big mainstream names who did the show they went threw the names of over 100 underground emcees and groups showing each name for one tenth of a millisecond . Even when I did rewind on Net Flix at the slowest I still couldn’t make out more than half of the names . Some of these great underground artists were R.A. The Rugged Man , Chino XL , Cage , Non-Phixion , Necro , Mr. Hyde , Ill Bill , Thristin Howl III , Poor Righteous Teachers , Nine , Mad Lion , Ras Kass , Saafir , The Lost Boyz , Canibus , A+ , Royal Flush , Sporty Thievz , Q-Unique , Jise One , The Arsonists , The X Clan , Smoothe Da Hustler , MF Grimm , Poetic (Rest In Paradise) , Godfather Don , Killa Sha (Rest In Paradise) , Herb McGruff , Party Arty (Rest In Paradise) , O.C. , RBX , Dru Down , Living Legends , Murs , Geto Boys , Emcee Juice , Das EFX , Fu-Schnickens , Artifacts , MC Solaar , Esham , Craig G , Agallah , Kurious , Black Sheep , Craig Mack , Capone and Noreaga , Bahamadia , Mad Skillz , Apani B. Fly , Tiye Phoenix , Shabaam Sahdeeq , Sean Price (Rest In Paradise) , Boot Camp Clik , Black Moon , Del The Funky Homosapien and Hieroglyphics .

    The whole industry is nepotistic fuckery . It’s sad to see that Stretch and Bobbito are now total shills .

  35. Eminem’s verses from the show also contained material from his track “Get You Mad” which came out on Sway and King Tech’s compilation album “This Or That” in 1999 .

  36. Haha …Mr what went wrong .. il tell you what went wrong! apart from the fact that you clearly have no idea what a racist is ( If your a racist you wouldn’t buy, sell, talk, look, touch, listen or have friends from the particular or all races other than your own ) you have made yourself a racist by your own standards. I was raised in the era of Eminem and hooked on rap from buying his album but it never just took me forward it also took me back listening to great hip hop legends like mc hammer to rugged man. To say that hip hop is a black is thing is laughable when it is clearly the result of culture from a multicultural country if it is a “black thing” than all the Africans in African tribes would be rap geniuses . ???

    • Wow, you really are an idiot.

      Imagine the scenario; a man is charged with a racially motivated assault on a black man and in court his defence goes something like this…

      “Your honour, the accused’s property was searched and in his wardrobe we found a pair of Air Jordan training shoes and a pair of FUBU trousers. Furthermore in his kitchen we found a left-over chicken tikka in his fridge. This clearly shows that my client isn’t a racist. This trial should therefore be dismissed”

      …You should call yourself Mr. Illogical.

      Plus, which part of Eminem’s lyric “black girls are dumb and white girls are good chicks” do you not find racist? You dumb fuck.

      And where the flying fuck did I say “all black people can rap” – that would itself be racist. Did you even read this shit? Hip-Hop is however a black originating music genre, just look at the people who first created it, it might be an international and multicultural genre now but it started as an Afro-Amercian creation.

      And I hope you were trolling with that MC Hammer and African Tribes shite, or are you just a frigging moron?

  37. Earlier this week I was debating a friend of mine about Eminem’s skill level as an emcee . He claims that Eminem , circa 1995 to 2000 , was the best lyricist ever . That Eminem had flawless , effortless multi’s and rhyme schemes . He pointed out the first verse on “Rock Bottom” from “The Slim Shady L.P.” as an example .

    “I feel like I’m walking a tight rope, without a circus net
    I’m popping percocets, I’m a nervous wreck
    I deserve respect; but I work a sweat for this worthless check
    ‘Bout to burst this tech, at somebody to reverse this debt
    Minimum wage got my adrenaline caged
    Full of venom and rage
    Especially when I’m engaged
    And my daughter’s down to her last diaper
    That’s got my ass hyper
    I pray that God answers, maybe I’ll ask nicer
    Watching ballers while they’re flossing in their Pathfinders
    These overnight stars becoming autograph signers
    We all long to blow up and leave the past behind us
    Along with the small fry’s and average half pinters
    While player haters turn bitch like they have vaginas
    ‘Cause we see them dollar signs and let the cash blind us
    Money’ll brainwash you and leave your ass mindless
    While snakes slither in the grass spineless … ”

    I argued that many rappers (before and after 1999) have written better verses .

    To you does this verse stand out as special ?

    Right away I mentioned Kool G Rap , Chino XL , Ill Bill , Apathy , Celph Titled , Vinnie Paz , One Be Lo , Diabolic , Ras Kass , K-Rino , Big Daddy Kane , Virtuoso , Goretex , R.A. the Rugged Man , DZK , Del The Funky Homosapien , Slug , Aesop Rock , Rakim , Big Pun (Rest In Paradise) , Canibus , The Gift Of Gab and Immortal Technique as rappers who have written better verses .

    What rappers do you think have written verses that are much better than Eminem’s first verse on ”Rock Bottom” ?

    • That kind of multisyllabic style is undoubtedly Kool G Rap’s, listen to any track on 4, 5, 6 for an earlier version of Eminem’s flow:

      By the mid-90s there were many rappers adopting this kind of style, from Nas, AZ, Heltah Skeltah, Chino XL, Big Pun, Cuban Link, Big Jaz aka Jaz-O, Sauce Money, Jay, Biggie, Smith Bros., Papoose, all of the Nexx Level click, Canibus etc.

      That example (Rock Bottom) in my opinion is no better than anything these kind of rappers made during that era, 1995-1997 was a time when showcasing your lyrical flow was all the rage, remember Big Pun on Firewater/You Ain’t A Killer or Smoothe and Trigger on Broken Language? It was nothing special by the time Eminem came along.

      Content-wise it doesn’t really beat Nas’ introspection or Ras Kass’ socio-political lyrics. I don’t hear “the best lyricist”.

  38. Why do you think he got so popular ? Was it just being white ? Or his shock value ?

    Before “The Slim Shady L.P.” white rappers like Ill Bill , R.A. The Rugged Man , Goretex , Vinnie Paz and Cage had more shocking lyrics and could spit better . Any white (Michigan / Mid-West) rapper on Psychopathic Records / Majik Ninja Entertainment has much more controversial subject matter .

    Is it just mass hysteria popularity , promotional marketing budgets and physical looks that got Eminem to where he is ?

    I feel a similar way about Jay-Z , as well .

    Both Jay-Z and Eminem are opportunists that will do anything to be relevant in the mainstream to make money . They were willing to totally (and drastically) change their rapping styles and subject matter to gain mainstream fame . Eminem brutally dissed his own mother and ex-wife in his music . He wrote a song in which he talks about his daughter being part of a story line in which he kills her own mother . Both guys had – at one time – credible hip hop roots .

    Do you think that “payola” still exists today like in the 1950’s and 1960’s ?

    I mean a lot of the shit Ambrosia For Heads , Complex , DJ Skee , DJ Vlad , Hip Hop DX , Rap Genius , DJ Akademiks , 2DopeBoyz , Okay Player , Pitchfork Media , Vice Media , XXL , B.E.T. , Hip Hop Stan , Tim Westwood , Sirius XM , The Source , MTV , etc . puts on has to be because they are paid directly (and handsomely) by the big record labels .

    One thing that runs through this whole issue is the importance of money and fame . Money and fame are considered exponentially more important than talent , creativity , artistic integrity , optimism , compassion , political conscience , fairness and/or honesty .

    When I was a ten year old (grade 5) kid in 1997 and 1998 I knew mainstream hip hop was commercial . But I never thought it would sink to the low , low depths it has .

    • I don’t know what it is/was about him, it could be him being white, his voice, his look, marketing, being signed by another mainstream “great”, it could be any one of or a combination of these things. Today the same thing seems to be happening with Kendrick Lamar, yes he has skills but I can’t hear that he’s “the greatest”. The fact that Lamar isn’t white makes this a much more confusing issue, maybe hype and promotion trumps skin colour?

      The masses will usually repeat what they are told by the mainstream, if they are incessantly told by the media and other artists that someone is “the greatest” they’ll say it too, in conversation and in arguments without having much proof or knowledge of the genre/issue. Eminem was sold as the “greatest” in documentaries, in award shows, in magazines, on radio and TV shows, say something often enough and everyone will believe it.

    • You are trolling right? Claiming he’s racist based off a near 30 year old track he recorded as a kid with his friends. In terms of a skill debate in the late 90s, you think Chino XL or Kool G were at a similar skill level?

      You have to be joking. While they were rhyming same-syllable words mainly at the end of a sentence like bracket/racket harners/piranhas Eminem was rhyming multiple words with single words. Look at low down and shifty which the demo was written in 1996.

      His external rhyming was far superior to anyone else. restricted – self inflicted – sick kid – convicted / disrespectful – whispers echo / did her – littler (prounced liddler) – midler – fiddler – riddler – didnt ya – gon fit in her

      His internal rhyming was unmatched

      It was +predicted by a -medic
      I’d grow to be an +addicted -diabetic, living on +liquid -Triaminic
      -Pathetic, but I don’t think this headache’s ever |vanishing
      |Panicking, I think I might have just took too much |Anacin
      ^Frozen |mannequin, ^posin’ stiffer than a statue
      I think I’m dying, God is that you?

      His delivery was perfect, it’s near impossible to not hear what his saying and his pronunciation bends words to compliment rhyming while still clearly saying the word (ie instead of orange which doesn’t rhyme with anything he would say oringe – door hinge

      His story telling matched the greats and he knew exactly how to make his life experiences relatable to the mainstream without losing any passion. I mean most see Brain Damage as the cliche bully story when its quite clearly a track about the racial divide and his struggles as a white kid living on the black side of 8 mile.

      And anyone who wonders how he was the guy that got so big, battle rapping and freestyles. He became well known as the white kid at the hiphopshop that noone could beat. That was where he went from getting booed for being white to gaining a big following. He was also runner up and the 97? rap olympics + scribble jam rap battle contest (clips on youtube). That got him airtime on the radio which he got a big following from even though they all thought he was black. While the hiphopshop battles got him gigs in the underground where he blew up before he and Dre later dropped the sslp

      hiphopshop rap battle –

      rap olympic battles –

    • I hope you’re taking the piss. Firstly, how can I be trolling on my own site? The title is quite clearly “What Went Wrong With/What Is Wrong With”, nobody’s tricking you into coming here, you daft tit.

      I really can’t be arsed going point by point through your comment, I assume Hip-Hop didn’t arrive on the shores of New Zealand until Eminem showed up, everybody in the rest of the world who’d already followed the genre heard nothing innovative or distinctive with him. His fans were predominantly people who never listened to rap and therefore they were overly impressed with something that already existed.

      You must have completely missed Chino XL and Kool G Rap’s careers to say Eminem is superior. Chino XL was doing internal rhymes in 1996 (superstition, circumcision, hair frizzin’). Later he surpassed anything Eminem ever wrote…

      “Thus my mind spoke on Jedi pedestals and roasting demos
      Semi-seminals who try to test testicles of this MC’s quotables
      By summoning the smouldering murdering minister thats mastering mayhem
      Slaying day out & day in out’spoke’n like a Dayton
      Rim that be keeping ’em staggering through lyrical pattern and
      Traveling through my abdomen unraveling
      At the speed of a javelin still reppin’ Vatican”

      Kool G Rap was doing multiple rhymes back in 1990, he’s the guy who pioneered rhymes occurring not only in the end of sentences but in the middle (So watch your back before you get sacked, these a bunch of maniacs that’s about to attack). If you want differing middle rhymes, in 1995’s G Rap dropped “It’s A Shame” and he pretty much invented the style you’re dick riding (see the video in a comment above).

      Directly because of Kool G Rap, everybody by 1995/1996 was doing multisyllabic rhymes with enjambement and internal/external rhymes…

      “Ruck and Rock be the rooks hold the square down
      Are you prepared now?
      I tear down, any opponent who simulate
      Styles buckwild meanwhile your ass I obliterate
      Demonstrate, tactics you need practice
      First of all your monkey-ass rhyme like you’re backwards
      I should smash kids, when they try to get beyond
      Limits, timid, but they could never get with Sean”
      (Sean Price of Heltah Skeltah)

      When it comes to unconventional external rhyming, someone like Canibus made “ear” rhyme with “beard”, “age” rhyme with “fade” and “slave”, and “minute” with “gifted” and “exhibit”.

      Big Pun made “accent” rhyme with “assassins”, “skull” rhyme with “coal”, or “hate”, “incarcerate”, “fate”, “fiery lake”, “gate”, and “mistake”. Eminem never came close to this during that period…

      “It’s Big Pun, the one and only son of Tony Montana
      You ain’t promised mañana in the rotten manzana
      Come on, pana, we need more rhymers
      Feel the marijuana snake bite, anaconda
      A man of honor wouldn’t wanna try to match my persona
      Sometimes rhymin’ I blow my own mind, like Nirvana
      Comma, and go the whole nine like Madonna
      Go try to find another rhymer with my kind of grammar”

      I could mention lyrics by R.A. The Rugged Man, Papoose, Cuban Link, Jaz-O, the whole Nexx Level Clique and others but I won’t. Basically everybody was doing this before or better than him.

      I like the way you don’t mention how far Eminem has fallen off since his so-called “best work”, his latest album is trash and it proves that he wasn’t as innovative as his mainstream fans once thought. Rappers like K-Rino and Tonedeff are still making impressive tracks/albums with amazing wordplay, Eminem on the other had is releasing utter garbage, he’s been surpassed so many times throughout his career, I’m surprised you’re still interested in this has-been.

      I think it’s time to listen to some new shit, stop sticking to the past and defending this overrated RACIST (yes, I can call him a racist because of “Foolish Pride”, time doesn’t change the fact that he was a bigot).

      Maybe go and have your mid-life crisis somewhere the fuck else.

  39. The I.C.P. , in my opinion , dissed Eminem and Dr. Dre the hardest on “Ain’t Nuthin’ But A Bitch Thang” .

    • I never really liked or even listened to Insane Clown Posse but “Slim Anus” was funny back in the day. I heard they “squashed the beef” with Eminem a few years back so that takes away from the credibility of their feud in my opinion.

      Every time I hear about I.C.P. it reminds me of that Chino XL line: “Fuck the Insane Clown Posse, of rap they make it a mockery”.

  40. But then Chino XL was only dissing them on “Nunca” in 2001 (“I Told You So” was supposed to come out as early the first half of 1999 but it was delayed) because he wanted to gain fame / notoriety for himself . When I look back Eminem wasn’t that bad . I wouldn’t blame him for destroying mainstream hip hop culture . I would put that blame on Def Jam , Dr. Dre , Jay-Z , Lil’ Wayne , 50 Cent , Timbaland , Sean Combs , Pharrell , Missy Elliott , Snoop Dogg and Kanye West . Eminem made racist comments in 1992 . Still he has a respect for the Roots Of The Culture .

    He doesn’t co-sign / work with any talented underground / independent / alternative / international artists . In 2017 that’s my biggest problem with the guy . He has a lot of power in the industry . He could feature Apathy , Ill Bill , R.A. , Goretex , Celph Titled , Vinnie Paz , Jus Allah , One Be Lo , Termanology , AZ , Z-Ro , Trae The Truth , Gavlyn , Bahamadia , Free Marie , Jean Grae , Hurricane G , Apani B. Fly , Slim Thug , M.O.P. , Nine , Agallah , Lord Finesse , Diamond D , Cuban Link , Black Pegasus , Necro , Del the Funky Homosapien , Hopsin , Lecrae , Kool G Rap , Chino XL , Reef The Lost Cauze , Smoothe Da Hustler , Ras Kass , Mad Child , M.F. Doom , Virtuoso , Esoteric , Page Kennedy , Murs , Mr. Lif , David Banner , Blacastan , Diabolic , Slaine , Aesop Rock , Slug , Cannibal Ox , O.C. , Sean Strange , Copywrite , Wise Intelligent and others on a compilation album or on a feature on one of his Shady Records artist’s albums . He knows who they all are and has listened to their music . He doesn’t want to because he doesn’t want to put on any underground artists . Way back in the day before his first mainstream album really blew up he was willing to work with The High & Mighty , Thirstin Howl the 3rd , Almighty Dreadnaughtz and Shabaam Sahdeeq . He did one very minor feature with Sticky Fingaz after he blew up . And two minor contributions to Detroit Hip Hop compilation albums with artists like Hush and Big Herk . He still hasn’t done a collaboration with The I.C.P. or Twiztid . Even though they squashed the beef . That in itself is disrespectful because those acts directly paved the way for Eminem’s “Slim Shady” persona (also they are white Detroit-area rappers that received horror core fame before him , as well) .

    • I would definitely add Eminem to that list of people who “destroyed Hip-Hop”.

      One thing that was unique to the UK is that white chavs (for lack of a better word) only began listening to Hip-Hop because of him and this was mainly due to the fact that they were racists. They couldn’t accept/admire rappers who were black and they only gravitated towards Hip-Hop because of Eminem’s skin colour, then when the “black girls” lyric came out, they a. made excuses for him (but some of his best friends are black!) and b. some of them probably agreed with the song because a large section of these people were/are bigots. Chavs used to point and joke about people wearing baggy jeans, du-rags etc. in the early 90s but then as soon as Eminem wore baggy dungarees, they were dressed in that shit quicker than you could say “white trash”.

      Enticing people who didn’t like rap music is partly responsible for the turn Hip-Hop took in the 00s, the labels started to pander to the public big time and Eminem had a part to play in creating this new-found white audience.

      And let’s fact facts – the only reason Eminem doesn’t make racist songs any more is because of a. money and b. a black fanbase. Take those away and he’s a plain old racist, you could argue that he’s talented but you can’t deny the prejudice.

    • He addressed ICP as not really from inner detroit on marshall mathers song on mmlp

      “Plus I was put here to put fear
      In f-gg-ts who spray Faygo Root Beer
      And call themselves clowns ‘cause they look queer
      F-ggy 2 Dope and Silent Gay
      Claimin’ Detroit, when y’all live 20 miles away (fuckin’ punks)
      And I don’t wrestle, I’ll knock you f-ckin’ f-gg-ts the fuck out
      Ask ’em about the club they was at when they snuck out
      After they ducked out the back
      When they saw us and bugged out
      Ducked down and got paintballs shot at they truck — blaow!
      Look at y’all runnin’ your mouth again
      When you ain’t seen a fuckin’ mile road south of 10
      And I don’t need help from D12 to beat up two females
      In make-up who may try to scratch me with Lee Nails
      Slim Anus? You damn right, slim anus
      I don’t get fucked in mine like you two little flamin’ f-gg-ts”

      He didn’t really have a proper beef with them like he did with benzino/jarule/everlast etc who all were blacklisted from every public event and award show until the public forgot about them and their careers died.

      In terms of beefs, Em realized they were mainly stupid after his best friend Deshaun ‘Proof’ Holton was shot twice in the head and killed at his favorite detroit club.

  41. Bro this is just wrong, I totally agree Eminem is definitely not the best rapper ever, he Is not among the all time greats, hell he is not in my top 30 but still the dude is at least a good rapper(or was). The issue of borrowing style of other rappers is something that happens again and again., lil wayne is mediocre, Pdidy is mediocre but Eminem is definitely not mediocre. Hell the white boy is better than Jay-Z in my opinion It wasn’t the flow that actually made him popular, it was a combination of the fact that he’s white(white people support their own), excellent marketing, and his content. the boy didn’t become popular because he’s white alone(beastie Boys, vanilla ice and other white rappers existed before him). The issue of racism with that track is not really surprising, he dragged his mum into the mud, he bashed the mother of his daughter (they were even still married) so I knew something like that existed. One thing I know is Eminem is dumb, taking a small argument and turning it to something huge and apologizing about his temper and stupid actions (headlights, foolish pride, bad husband). I have also made serious and stupid mistakes in my life, I have made my family cry(the thought of my mother crying because of me still haunts me). My girlfriend almost killed herself because of me but they forgave me and I seriously believe everyone deserves another chance. I relate to his songs (not him) than most black rappers now(I don’t know what’s happening to us). I don’t really see the deep similarities between him and tonedeff, he is more similar to canibus in my opinion and yes K rino is a better lyricist than both Eminem and Kendrick Lamar but they make better music than he does. I still enjoy this site anyway and the style you have chosen is fucking funny and nice. One Peace

  42. @ G Chrome

    One positive thing about Eminem’s later career is that he mas emotionally and spiritually matured as a human being . I’m sure that if it weren’t for big money industry agendas he would openly admit in interviews that even when he was in his prime – from 1994 to 1998 – that there were at least 30 better lyricists than him . Probably even as many as 60 or 70 . K-Rino has many flaws as a human being .One example is his immense bigotry against the LGBTQ community . I still believe K-Rino is the greatest rapper of all time . No one is perfect .

    My one beef with Eminem after all these years is that he never was willing to work with underground artists or willing to give dap to the underground hip hop community . Eminem started out in the underground . From 1994 to 1998 he was an underground star . I can’t understand why he has forgotten his roots as an artist .

  43. Well, I read your article, and I have a few thoughts on it and you.

    While I can’t really disagree with Eminem being over-hyped (Tech N9ne is so slept on!), I’m fairly certain that he’s made it very clear that his lyrics are not meant to be taken seriously; he only says what he’s saying to piss people off and to get attention. He’s a troll. It’s generally well known by anyone with even a passing knowledge of Eminem that he doesn’t really believe what he’s saying. While his lyrics can be rather hateful and abhorrent at times, they aren’t an accurate representation of his views and beliefs.

    I don’t have a real rebuttal for your point on Eminem being less lyrically talented than other rappers, or that he’s not as “hardcore”, but I do think that your article would benefit more if you actually pointed out how those other rappers are more lyrical or hardcore. Analyze some verses, break down their backstories, that kind of thing. You don’t really do that here; you’re just saying that they’re better than him with no evidence backing you up. You also mention how Eminem stole AZ’s flow, but you don’t do anything to show that. To people who don’t already know about those rappers, these probably seem like pretty weak arguments, especially if they’ve already been “brainwashed” by the media to believe that Eminem’s the G.O.A.T.

    Other than those two things, I don’t really have much of a problem with your article. My only real problem is your personality and tone. You’re a bit abrasive in the article, but your responses to opposing opinions are absolutely horrible. Yes, people on the Internet can be kind of annoying. Yes, some people have opinions that seem really stupid to you. And yes, some people are just kind of misinformed. But that’s no reason to insult them and tell them to fuck off. Instead of writing these long, angry, hateful rebuttals, why can’t you just sit down and calmly explain your point of view? They’ll probably be more open to your opinion if you actually treated them with respect instead of dismissing them as butthurt fanboys and racist pricks. The thing is, it’s a lot harder to dismiss someone as a hater when they talk about their views in a sane and reasonable manner. While I do believe that you have some good points, and that your side of the argument is horribly underrepresented in the hip-hop community, I don’t think that your method of argument is very sound. It’s too… dickish.

    And sure, you can tell me to fuck off, that I’m a racist, that I’m a “brainwashed sheep”, and that I should just go home and jack off on my cum-stained Eminem poster, sure. You can do that. But I’d much rather prefer it if you’d sit down, really pay attention to what I’m saying, and maybe learn a thing or two about the other side of the fence.


    • I disagree. If someone leaves a calm, reasonable comment, I reply in a calm, reasonable manner. For example when “Brian” said “Dre has produced good beats. There’s no question about it. Still DRE. What’s the difference. Solid, hard hitting, crisp. Just good production and creativity.” I replied with a measured comment, albeit peppered with one mild expletive.

      And on that note, why would I reply to you and say you’re a racist. Every time I say someone is racist it’s because of some actual (varying degrees) of racism. I don’t just say shit for the sake of it, and to say I that would reply with a set of standardised comebacks is rather insulting.

      I guess you have to accept that being “dickish” is my style, it’s the USP of this site, in fact it’s the reason why some people navigate here.

      And by the way, the “black girls are dumb” lyric which I refer to in the article isn’t Eminem “trolling”, that’s literally an “accurate representation of his views and beliefs” since he stated that that’s how he felt after being jilted by an ex-girlfriend. It’s a great excuse that everything that comes out of Eminem’s mouth is a joke or a piss-take, but at the same time his fans defend his lyricism as personal and rooted in his poor, working-class, bully-victim, white-trash upbringing. You can’t have it both ways.

  44. I agree 100% with this article. Emenim is ridiculously overrated and his slobbering (majority white) fanboys and dickriders are the fucking WORST. I think it’s hilarious seeing what a bitter and washed up laughingstock he’s become though. Look at him dissing the new generation because he is furious that the rap game has passed him by! No one is checking for an emenim album in 2018 and he knows it. He’s DESPERATELY trying to stay relevant, reminding everybody of his “legacy” that includes only 3 classic albums (that are dated and corny as hell) in a 20 year career. He has the worst discography of ANY so-called legend in the business and his music has been terrible for 15 fucking years! The only reason this idiot still sells is because of nostalgia and what he USED to be, not what he currently IS, kind of like how Madonna and The Rolling Stones still sell out arenas. His popularity is dwindling though, and it’s incredibly obvious how angry he is over that, from dissing the new generation like I mentioned earlier to trying to pander to blacks with his pathetic anti-Trump freestyle. ( Funny how he’s been quiet as a church mouse about all the shootings but decides to do the freestyle about Trump right before he dropped revival LOL) I am SO TIRED of hearing how he’s the GOAT and how no one can compete. Really? Is that why Krayzie Bone killed him on his OWN SHIT (Clash of the Titans)? Emenim’s popularity boils down to 1) his whiteness 2) the fact that Dre discovered and produced him and 3) shock value and his serial killer sctick that many suburban white kids found appealing. It’s amazing to me that people try to compare him to someone like 2pac, whose music still sounds fresh compared to Emenim, whose best stuff is outdated and completely rooted in the early 2000’s. This cornball has had his ass kissed so much and it’s sad and funny at the same time watching him still trying to prove that he’s number 1. He can’t stand the fact that J Cole and Kendrick Lamar took his place and even MGK bodied him on Rap Devil, proving to the world what a petty and insecure bitch he really is! I noticed he didn’t even address that on the lame ass killshot, the MGK “diss” that noone but the stans liked. Emenim was never anything more than a novelty, but he has truly become a fucking joke in 2018. Just an old, bitter, washed up, grasping for relevancy has-been angry at the world for (rightly) forgetting about him.