What Went Wrong With… The Boston Lockdown (& The Citizen’s Trust In The Government And The News)?

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Following the Boston Marathon Bombings on the 15th April 2013, a so-called “Lockdown” was issued citywide. People were ordered to stay indoors while a rag tag bunch of power-mad Security Officers occupied an entire town. To anybody with a clear head and sane mind; this looked extremely harsh and unnecessary considering the Police were looking for only two people.

Of course the term “Lockdown” was used so not to alert a suspicious public to the truth; that they were under Martial Law. But by forcing citizens out of their homes, pointing guns at people who did not resemble the alleged Terrorists, and issuing curfews, it was only a matter of time before they suspended civil rights and abandoned habeas corpus. Indeed there was even a call to declare the Terror suspects “Enemy Combatants”, strip them of their rights, and imprison them without any evidence or proof. This was Martial Law in all but name.

To add to these oppressive tactics, News channels and their prejudicial presenters, began to jump to all kinds of conclusions. At one point they were happily blaming the Tea-Party and Right-Wing Militias, then suddenly changing tack and pointing the finger to a Saudi suspect. When CCTV stills were shown to the public, it showed how prejudicial the citizens themselves can be when they are told that they must find a Terror “suspect”. A couple of hours and days in, the coverage had every racist American fingering anybody with a brown complexion seen in the Boston area. Arseholes even identified one of the bombers as Sunil Tripathi (a missing American student later found dead).

It just goes to show how a “State Of Emergency” can result in an Invasion Of The Body Snatchers style exercise, with brainwashed citizens pointing their witch-hunting fingers at innocent citizens. Stereotyping in a crisis is hardly helpful, and rushing to accuse anybody the public deems “suspicious”, in this day and age; results in ethnic and religious prejudice. With CNN initially reporting that a “dark skinned” individual was to blame, when in fact it was two literal “Caucasians” who allegedly set off the explosives, this just added to the misinformation and panic already present. Ramming incorrect news down our throats as genuine “facts” and then later retracting them, seems to be a constant theme of the corrupt and rating-hungry News Corporations.

Following the bombings, the TV Networks and a proportion of the internet resembled the telescreens in Nineteen Eighty-Four. During the initial manhunt, a News Anchor told us not to believe any “Rumour” or “Conspiracy Theories” on the internet and instead only listen to the information we receive from our “Trusted” News Networks. A week after the bombings, the News was constantly letting the citizens know that the battle being fought had been neatly and conveniently won thanks to the actions of the State; how very Orwellian. The whole event and its weird unfolding plot smacked of a Sci-Fi-esque bullshit-stirring experiment to see how quickly people would bow down to the Government while they slowly chip away at their citizen’s freedom.

Giving “Officers” of the “Law” the ability to ignore Miranda Rights and even Civil Rights is slowly becoming a dystopian reality. Yet it was not until the curfew was lifted that a citizen-snitch found the second alleged bomber; just going to show that Draconian laws do not help resolve any real-life situation.

Despite its ineffectiveness, current “temporary” Martial Law, could be extended indefinitely should the next actual or perceived threat be bigger or more dangerous. Boston seemed a giant Petri dish of Terror to see how citizens react to cloaked totalitarianism. And judging by the crowds of sheep chanting “USA, USA”, gladly holding signs reading “Thank You Police”, it proved just how easily panic can lead to a distorted form of patriotism, and how scaremongering can make citizens thankful of the oppression they are under.

Aside from the flag-waving doormats and boot-lickers, it is the post-9/11 idea of stripping a person of their rights due to the severity of their crime, that is the most heinous. And nullifying any idea of “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”, in the United States, is unconstitutional. Everybody is entitled to due process, regardless of their alleged crime; hell even Jeffrey Dahmer who killed more people than the Boston Marathon Bombings, got a fair trial. I refuse to call anybody who is not tried in an open court a “Terrorist” or “Murderer” without adding the word “alleged” to the front. Because the next time it could be you who is deemed an “Enemy Combatant” and find yourself without any Natural, Legal, Civil, or even Human Rights.

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  1. This happens all the time in L.A. I have a close friend there, they make people lock up “Stay in your houses, there is an armed man on the loose, guns drawn” and over there, it’s accepted as normal.

    • I think they like to give us little hints and clues on the future, and you can see that with Hollywood. Martial Law looks like it will be in place within the next 10 years. Look at Independence Day and then 9/11 years later.

      What kills me with Sandy Hook and then the Boston incident is how people just accept the government’s story on it. Reminds me of 9/11, just like they had no evidence whatsoever linking Bin Laden to that, yet told us it was him and just went with it. The people need to start questioning things and opening their eyes. Bin Laden wasn’t even in the FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted list before and after 9/11, that immediately made no sense to me. Right now they are telling us that Syria used chemical weapons on their own citizens, with no evidence whatsoever to back this up (but plenty of evidence to show the U.S. arms the terrorists over there that are the same terrorists who supposedly attacked them on 9/11)

      We are living in dark times my friend 😦

    • I remember in the late nineties when every Action movie had Skyscrapers blowing up. Armageddon and Godzilla got everybody ready for an attack on NY and all the terrorist movies (Speed/True Lies/Die Hard With a Vengeance/Peacemaker) got us all to like the authorities and government in these situations. 9/11 looked so much like the movies we’d all been watching that the people just accepted their narrative. With dystopian movies like Elysium coming out now, it just shows how far this “give clues, test, carry out” scenario could go in the future. Dark times indeed.

  2. What is even more ludicrously inane about the Boston Non-Bombings is that a movie about it actually was released a couple days ago. It is called “Patriots Day” and I have no desire to watch it, or even think about renting it. They use the word Patriots, to describe an image of attack on U.S soil and the people reaction to destroy the threat and to show love for the country. The people who are really suffering are they themselves who get swat teams storming their houses without a search warrant and stealing their firearms, and the Arabs that have to be targeted as scapegoats, therefore causing endless war in the Middle East for the satisfaction of Israeli and Britain. I firmly stand to the belief that the fateful event was a hoax that is another step in the police state, and I can go on and on about the evidence, such as the man who identified the two arabs when he got to the hospital didn’t die from having both of his legs blown off during the explosion, and staying awake during the shock, and not being covered in blood from head to toe along with the other victims who were squeaky clean except for some “minor wounds” in the pictures. The blood that did show up looked fake, as it was too pure of the color red. Sources point to the survivor being a double amputee in the army who was chosen to be used in the staged event. And what’s with the windows being blown out instead of being blown in? Surely that disregards several laws in physics? People are so stupid as to believing the official narrative. That goes for the major attacks in Paris such as in the airport and the bus stampede.

    • “Patriots Day” will be released in the UK in February but I won’t be watching it, the movie seems like yet another one-sided, pro-authority, pro-American Hollywood propaganda piece. I’m not surprised that Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg are behind this type of “patriotic” mainstream garbage.

      It’s weird but like I said in the 9/11 article, films used to cater to a wider audience in the late twentieth century – when it came to conspiracies, moves like “Executive Action”, “Capricorn One”, and even the Oscar winning “JFK” used to get made. When events such as the Boston Bombings, 7/7, or September 11th are said to be fake, it seems that nobody in Hollywood wants to translate it to film. Writers and Directors seem to be pussies these days, either that or every Producer and Studio is scared of putting money into something that would “offend” people, but that makes for some horribly tame/safe movies.

      Hell, even that sell-out Alex Jones is shying away from mentioning “Patriots Day”, he’s busy reviewing the “Alien: Covenant” trailer but he seems to be forgetting that he was one of the people who thought the Boston Bombings were a hoax. I remember him mentioning that Craft International were there wearing that skull logo from The Punisher (among other things) but he’s been strangely quiet about hoaxes and inside jobs ever since he started supporting the President.

  3. In many Indian states when there’s just so much as a protest they do what’s called a bandh or a hartaal, which is way worse than this Boston Lockdown thingamajig because if you are caught outside during the hartaal/bandh, the police arrest you. And these things come often.

    • India is one of the most hateful places on Earth. The right-wing Hindus in charge hate darker or “lower-caste” Indians, black people, and Muslims, plus they love their corrupt leader/s, the military, and white people. Regardless, just because India is “worse” doesn’t make what they did (or do) in the U.S.A. right. Everywhere is fucked. Name a perfect country.

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