What Went Wrong With… Trinidad James, Def Jam, The Roots, & Hip-Hop?

Caricature of Trinidad James by What Went Wrong Or Right With...?

In Autumn last year, I found myself cringing while I watched Trinidad James’ “All Gold Everything” on YouTube. At the time I optimistically assumed that a lame joint like this would fizzle away, but it seems Trinidad James and this bullshit track are refusing to die down. Even more shockingly “All Gold Everything” is leading to all sorts of television and radio appearances. It’s even been reported that James has landed a multi-million dollar deal with the sell-out label Def Jam (what a surprise).

With contrived and dumbed-down lyrics like “One Gold Watch, Two Gold Chains, Six Gold Rings”; this Fraggle-looking rapper is yet another stereotype who seems content to clog our airwaves with offensive trash-rap. Rappers like Trinidad James don’t seem to realise that they are slowly killing an entire genre with their aesthetics and lyrical output. Record labels and the media are happy to promote magpie-esque caricatures like James, rather than signing educated and non-materialistic minority acts. Rappers like Trinidad James and his song are allowing an art-form which began as a medium for protest, to be quietened-down, derided, and as a genre not taken seriously.

Politics and genres aside, the biggest casualty of Trini-dud Lames are The Roots, a rap group who once released tracks like “What They Do” in which they denounced familiar topics and music video contrivances. Now the in-house band for Jimmy Fallon; they blindly (and contractually) perform with this gold-toothed twat.

I guess nobody cares about the irony of a rapper born in a post Manumission Trinidad bragging about gold which as an industry uses child slavery, not to mention the irony of a southern-American black rapper wearing a Confederate Soldier’s hat in a music video. And while I’m at it, what kind of dick wears slippers and cropped capri’s? Surely no real Trini is down with this crap? People upon hearing and seeing shit like this should continue to be S.A.F.E. (Sensitive As Fuck Everyday); forget what Trinidad James’ mixtape says.

Surely a dozen years of Hip-Hop lyrics concerning clubs, jewels, and bitches is enough? Is it not high time for some innovation in this tired-ass genre? But I suppose while YouTube keeps making sensations of the unsensational; this bullshit won’t stop.

The Roots & Def Jam have Sold Out, & Trinidad James is Played Out.

All Gold Nothing.

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  1. One of the worst songs of all time. It only became popular because of vines. The remix is just as bad, with 2 chainz gives his worst verse ever. The guy has been everywhere in 2012/13.

    Vine rap is this decade’s ringtone rap. These songs have cheap beats, shit rhymes and are only made for 10 second videos. We had the likes of Fetty Wap, Bobby Shmurda, Silento. The good thing is that they will disappear as quickly as they came. Thank God Trinitwat Lames is no longer relevant. The most worrying thing though is when will this trend of cheap shit end? When will public stop buying into it? When will the media stop promoting it? But as long as they are popular, more will be made.

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