What Went Wrong With… Kathryn Bigelow & Mark Boal?

A caricature of Kathryn Bigelow by What Went Wrong Or Right With...?

Kathryn Bigelow was best know for her thriller Blue Steal and her action-thriller Point Break, both of which were average films if it weren’t for the late Ron Silver and the late Patrick Swayze respectively (and maybe Keanu Reeves). For the last few years however, she has teamed up with war-obsessed Mark Boal to create The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty, two pro-American, one-sided war movies. And with these militarist babies, it seems all of her craptastic past has been forgotten. Even the shit-fest Strange Days and the snore-a-thon K-19: The Widowmaker seems to be ignored in a huge tidal wave of praise from the media and the general public.

It seems that surf boards and sex wax no longer does it for Bigelow; these days only a man in uniform (an American Military uniform) will get Kathryn to direct. And with lines like “I fucking hate this place” constantly being spoken in her recent films, we are reminded that Boal & Bigelow think anywhere east of the Mediterranean is a “shithole” (even though their present condition is created by American bombs). The irony that a writer/director team sat in Hollywood thrashing out derogatory scripts about the Middle East whilst California itself is filled with numerous desert shitholes is lost on Bigelow, who we now know didn’t make Point Break for the love of water, but for her hatred of sand.

Bigelow’s style of directing seems to consist of; point, shoot, shake, and garnish with slow motion. This monotony however, seems to reap her award and reward from Hollywood, who is itself a one-sided, pro-U.S.A., war-monger. In Hollywood, making America the evil one is rarely done, and if you make a war movie without portraying America as the great and good, your career will almost certainly be over (just see what happened to Brian De Palma’s career after he made Redacted).

Kathryn seems to be happy depicting a one-sided view of American-led wars where everything takes place in a post 9/11 world. A world where every single Muslim is evil and all Americans (and by extension white and Christian) are righteous heroes. Maybe if she and Boal shed some light on the events that led up to September 11th, we could see that America itself far from blameless. And even though Boal’s own article in Rolling Stone mentioned vile and savage events where American Soldiers killed innocent civilians, in his Hollywood war-fests there are no such occurrences. For this alone, it’s obvious these films are prejudicial, and you don’t need to be an Arab or a Muslim, only someone with common sense, to see these films are cheap American propaganda vehicles.

If it weren’t for this Hollywood-backed jingoism, Kathryn Bigelow’s recent work would be truthfully described; as a series of uneventful events loosely connected together by a dull and overdrawn plot handled without skill or tact. But with Mark “The Journalist” Boal, the lack of talent is forgotten, as long as the pro-American rhetoric is well projected. Nobody seems to question that without the highest of Military or Intelligence clearance, these movies could not even be written. The “facts” in such war movies are pure fictitious bullshit. One may as well make a movie about Bin Laden dying pre-9/11 or about his kidney problems and dialysis treatment, or maybe how members of Seal Team Six were killed after the Afghan raid. For as much information the public is allowed on the subject of Zero Dark Thirty, this movie itself for all intents and purposes is as much theory as all the conspiracy theories.

Kathryn Bigelow gives women in Hollywood a bad name. Making films which portray minorities as wrong-doers when women themselves are a minority in Hollywood makes no sense at all, especially when there’s already a slew of male directors who make gung-ho, discriminative bullshit. It seems that Miss Bigelow: the female Gigolo, loves to be in the Hollywood men’s club getting money, gold statues, and acceptance. Judging by her recent output, Bigelow is part of Hollywood’s propaganda arm, filmmakers willing to sell out in order to promote militarism to the population. “Celebrities Infatuated with the Army” I like to call them: or C.I.A. for short.

Seal Team Shit.

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  1. Great one, I cannot stand those racist films. They try very hard to make this picture come out that all Muslims are terrorists, when in reality it’s not like that. They are just propaganda directors spitting out propaganda movies to fuel the flames.

    • Another example, really old one; John Wayne is the good guy. That’s how I discovered racism in films. If you pay attention to all his westerns, it’s the same thing. The white settlers are the good guys, the Indians are the bad guys.

    • So aside from all the gung-ho, militaristic, xenophobic, fake-liberal propaganda, The Hurt Locker is also inaccurate? I knew that film was a pile of shite. I’d say however, that Zero Dark Thirty was ten times worse; pro-torture, pro-C.I.A. bullshit…

      The beginning of the video you posted also illustrates the recent overrating of mediocre movies on Rotten Tomatoes, Meta Critic etc. – we have a slew of new average or below-average movies that get a better score than older, better films. Look at Wiseman’s crappy Live Free Or Die Hard (82%/86%) vs. John McTiernan’s entertaining Die Hard With A Vengeance (51%/83%) – you wonder if “critics” are watching the same film!

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