What Went Wrong With… Paul Rudd & The Frat Pack 2.0?

A caricature Of Paul Rudd by What Went Wrong Or Right With...?

Comedies for the past ten years have been on a downward spiral due to the blandness of the writers and actors on offer. Gone are the days of laugh-out-loud, thoroughly entertaining comedies like Trading Places and Planes, Trains, & Automobiles. Instead we have dullness masquerading as funny, films which only manage to muster a whimper rather than a laugh from the audience. Films like 40 Year Old Virgin and This Is 40 are sadly what an entire generation will remember of film comedy and this is a travesty.

Rudd, Segel, Apatow, Rogen, Hill, Mann, and Wiig are the latest lame names in the lamest comedy gang in film history and they (amongst a few others) are responsible for this decline in comedy. This Twat-Pack consists of the most mundane-looking, unfunny, and unmemorable actors known to man; people who have slowly made their way into film comedy after aimlessly skirting around the fringes of Hollywood in the late nineties. From this position, they have somehow managed to quietly corner mainstream comedy.

Paul Rudd is the short, perpetually smiling character in this “I wish I was young, funny, and relevant” cast of contemporary comedy actors. Rudd, whose face and skills were only suitable for the sixth installment of Halloween, has for some reason been allowed more and more screen time. And the more the public see the face of this unassuming and uninteresting actor, akin to brainwashing, they accept him (and the others) as the face of contemporary comedy.

I suppose since George Newbern had been focussing on television and voice-over work, there was an opening for a plain-looking white male and Hollywood really has a shortage of those (sarcasm). But now we’ve got yet another “comedy” actor who plays the exact same character in every movie they appear in.

One thing this pack of twats has become adept in is playing themselves in every role. Oh what range they possess and my, what skills they all have amassed over the years (more sarcasm). These arse-chunks may as well be on a reality TV show, since they all continually speak, act, eat, and shit the same pish day to day, in title-changing but content-remaining stagnant slurry of filmic non-comedy, non-talent nonsense.

Paul Crudd.

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  1. Comedy movies have went to crap over the years, you are right on the money. They keep getting dumber and dumber as the years go by. As far as I know it started somewhere in the mid or late 90’s. If you look at some of the “comedy” crap from back then, you could see in the future we were going to get all these horrible movies where the joke is someone shouting the F bomb or racist jokes about gays or other minorities.

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