What Went Wrong With… David Guetta & RedOne?

Caricatures of producers David Guetta and RedOne by What Went Wrong Or Right With...?

Pop music is and always will be the result of people who have no taste, no style, and no clue. While innovative sounds and avant-garde styles lay dormant in the underground with all the real talent, yesterday’s tried and tested bullshit fills the billboard charts. Turn on any mainstream radio station or music television channel, and all you will hear is wrist-slashingly dire music-by-numbers made by money-hungry devotees to dross. In contemporary Pop music, there are two main culprits in this scheme to slay style and quest to crucify sound. They are David Guetta and RedOne, and even though they don’t produce together, they have simultaneously sucked the life out of music.

Never since Stock, Aitken, And Waterman has so much same-sounding shitty production filled our airwaves. These two fuck-nuggets who probably bought a copy of Fruity Loops some time in the early noughties and then lost the instruction booklet, have yet to create anything other than demo-sounding amateurish trash. Yet with each out-of-date house-esque thump, thump sound, they seem to win another Grammy and with every pseudo-dubstep, über-electronic track, they seem to reach the top position in the charts. It seems everybody and their parents are queuing up to purchase their unimaginative, clichéd, modern-day disco-fied crap.

To make matters worse, the more music these two sequencer-loving twits sell, the more some backslapping music executive pair them off with fame-hungry flunky whores in an ever increasing production-line of standardized muzak. Just check their production discography online and see the mire of putrid shite they have collectively created.

Regardless of their number ones, they sound more like number twos.

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