What Went Wrong With… A$AP Rocky, His Fans, & The Word “Nigga”?

Caricatures of Anna Perp and A$AP Rocky wearing gold teeth and parodies of Black Scale Clothing by What Went Wrong Or Right With...?

It used to take decades for a rapper to sell out, but ever since Hip-Hop climbed into bed with white money a decade ago, rappers are now born ass-kissers who get down and shine the shoes of an institutionally racist white establishment as long as a coin or two is thrown at them.

Take A$AP Rocky, he is the mainstay of middle-class magazines like Dazed And Confused and Clash, and he appears in articles for GQ; essentially a magazine for pompous rich men. He makes a genre intended for and incepted by poor minorities accessible to wealthy white people who only use Hip-Hop to promote their own products. A$AP Rocky does not stop there, he sees fit to surround himself with people who love to parody contemporary black culture. The problem with this is, the majority of these mockers of melanin are white.

Now it is one thing trying to suck up to white hipsters by joining forces with wannabe alternative acts like Florence Welch or Skrillex, it is another thing entirely to surround yourself with ignorant and casually racist numskulls like Iggy Azalea. Rocky thrives in a bubble of white acceptance, even at the expense of sullying the reputation of his own race, just as long as it brings him money.

Last year in the “Purple Swag” music video for example, Caucasian hanger-on Anna Perp was seen mouthing the words “nigger” with her doltish and indolent expression and not one person commented or gave a shit. The exact lines were “This is for my niggas getting high on the regular” and “A$AP, tell these niggas something”. Hackneyed lyrics and divergent spelling aside, when a white girl mimes these lines it automatically becomes racist and offensive, especially when the words are spoken through a set of gold grills like some reverse black-face caricature of today’s ignorant rappers.

It is astonishing how people of A$AP’s ilk are quick to abandon allegiance to their ethnicity for the sake of fame. They love to parody their own race or creed whilst bowing down to yesterday’s oppressor. They surround themselves with Iggy and Anna clones like they were raised in a vacuum. Forgetting history it seems is becoming the black Zeitgeist. Having the first black President in The White House has not erased four hundred years of prejudice. In the larger world, nothing has changed, around my way, nothing has changed, and the word “nigger” has definitely not changed. But it seems that an entire generation loves to bury the past in a tomb made of gold and platinum as long as the whites bring them the green.

Now like I said, wanting white fans by following the aged maxim of “keeping it real” is one thing, but tap-dancing for descendants of overseers is not becoming for a credible black rapper. In A$AP’s case, the only way he has garnered white fans is by doing the latter. He is now almost solely surrounded by white fans who by speaking this abhorrent word; prove they are prejudice. White fans who love to dress in Black Scale clothing then post their mug online bragging about how they hung around “urban” working-class black people at the latest A$AP Mob gig. They then drive home in their luxury sports cars to a gated community, where they can safely revel in their brush with a genuine Harlemite. Looking at the audience of an A$AP Rocky show reveals how much it is a manufactured construct, it is a money-making attempt at safely portraying black reality and has nothing to do with anything remotely resembling real. Most offensively of all; in this construct, words such as “nigga” (or more accurately “nigger”) are openly spoken by white fans.

It seems today, that all too many minorities are clambering for white money whilst in a mad dash for celebrity, and this has resulted in masses of men and women who have forgotten their heritage, their roots, and the etymology of offensive language. It seems we now have an entire generation blind to historical racism and prejudice, and ignorant of the struggle minorities collectively made in a white majority western world. A$AP Rocky is definitely one of these people in this nescient generation.

Somebody needs to tell A$AP and his fans that tight tops, skinny jeans, and slogan caps does not a credible artist make. And selling out just to get your dick wet is no excuse for selling your soul and selling out your ancestors. Rocky however, is only the tip of an iceberg of modern-day minstrels who love to lounge around in a poncey white-owned club, clutching white-made champagne bottles, surrounded by white models, swarmed by a crowd of white upper-class mother-fuckers, yelling “This Is Fo’ My Niggas” without any sense of irony. The way this shit is going, it is only a matter of time before contemporary black rappers are spitting the words “Yes Massa” or “I’ll be a good rapper boy for you, yes sir” to an entirely white audience. It won’t take that much convincing either, because…

Rocky is A Sap.

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    • In which fucked up world am I a racist when dumb ignorant fucks like you stay quiet like a bunch of bitches every time some REAL racist shit occurs? You switch-siding motherfuckers love to condone white people saying shit like “my nigga” after all the historical racism imposed by imperialist European white nations. White people created the word “nigger” to demean and undermine the black race, and now you idiotic fools turn a blind eye when it’s used in contemporary slang by Caucasians. For all I know you’re a white boy on a power trip with a pseudonym and a temporary e-mail address, but that’s besides the point. The Black Civil Rights movement tried to stop white people from using the word “nigger” to describe black people, and now you want to undo this? Quit with your bullshit remarks and qualify them before hating on someone who bothers to say something when cunts like you ignore blatant prejudice from the institutionally racist celebrity media. Anna Perp can fuck off, and A$AP Rocky needs some history lessons, and can then also fuck off. You can just fuck off. Peace.

    • white ppl been thinking its ok to say shit like wassup my nigga for to long
      let’s get back on our panther shit

    • To say one group of people can do something, but another group cannot because the color of their skin is the basis of racism. Even if that thing is the use of a word.

      Either everyone can use the word, or nobody should use it.

    • Not allowing ANYBODY to use a word is the basis of fascism.

      Everybody can use any word they like, including derogatory and infammatory words like “nigger”. But when using these words, they must expect and accept any backlash they receive, i.e. this article.

      Your comment makes no sense, since the word in question was created by one race to demean another. The race which created the offensive word cannot now use it as a term of endearment, but the race being demeaned has the right to appropriate the word. How is this “the basis of racism”? The basis of racism is the creation of the word “nigger” itself.

    • For one. Who are you to try to tell anybody anything about how society and hip hop and how this work? So a white chick said nigga in ASAP Rockys video. Fucking Hulk Hogan just lost all his rights for saying the word nigger. What you need to do is get off your ass and do something with your life. Cause sitting in the dark worried about whites and blacks all commonly coming together for one thing. And that’s music. Music don’t have no color fuck boy. But yet and still there are prejudice and rascisim that goes on EVERYDAY. In the music industry and in real mother fuckin life.

      For the record

      NIGGER- Is the definition of a dumb ignorant mother fucker. In laments turns.

      Anybody can be one. White or black. In the right and in the wrong terminology

      And a lot of it has to do with people’s upbringing.

      A child won’t learn to hate another race unless he was RASIED To do so.

      So while you trying to put everybody else in check

      You yourself are at a check mate.

      Now tell me ho you love that Patna.

    • For one, who the fuck’s still interested in an article about A$AP Rocky from three and a half years ago? I know, the kind of prick who says “Now tell me how you love that Patna”… what are you, a pimp from the noughties? I bet you still strut your shit up and down main street wearing Pyrex Vision and Been Trill knock-offs.

      The main and most ironic shit about your idiotic comment however, is the fact you have the word “Literature” in your screen name plus you’re trying to school me with your absurd and nonsensical definition of “Nigger” but at the same time you end your sentence with “laments turns”! Did you mean “layman’s terms” you dumb fuck? I hope you’re taking the piss, or is there an actual dipshit roaming around middle America?

      Your argument makes no fucking sense, and where did you conjure up that definition of the word “nigger” from anyway? So you’re abandoning 400 years of history and claiming that word simply means “ignorant”? Where the fuck do you live… cloud cuckoo land?

      I don’t know your race, and thinking about it I don’t know what’s worse; you having that opinion whilst being black, or you having that opinion whilst being white. In any case the next time a racist white cop or a member of the Klan is beating a black man to death whilst calling him a “nigger”, maybe instead of helping you should shout out “Whaddup patna, are you calling that man dumb and ignorant? Let’s all get together and put some music on ’cause music has no colour!”. See where that shit gets you.

      The fact that your writing is so fucking appalling, I doubt you know how to play any board game, let alone chess. You’d be too busy eyeing up the white queen to think of a decent strategy, stick to checkers fannyboy.

      Signed Garry Kasparov

    • Did you motherfuckers even bother to read this before calling it racist? Thats whats fucked up about everything right now, people dont even know whats racist whats sexist and whats what. Everythings twisted and fucked up because of these lames and fake fucks like A$AP are respected. Fanboys too busy putting Vs where As should be but dont overstand subliminal racism.

      Her name’s Anna. She’s from Harlem. She’s 22, or she’s about to be 23 if she’s not 23 already. She’s cool. She’s fun. That’s really the person she is. She does use the [word “nigga”] all the time – you know, she’s cool like that. She smokes. She drinks. She’s cool…she’s sexy. She’s cute.

    • remember when he said dark skinned women cant wear dark lipstick.its like he loves white ppl.self hating mf

    • Dear god man, I just read your rant after the debacle in Charlotesville. I only came across this article because I started researching what “purple drank” was and eventually it was tagged to your spiteful reference to Anna. Your Nazi like references to both Blacks and Whites in America is scary. More disturbing then his “kissing ass” of the white establishment is that he is promoting a truly despicable part of our being-rampant drug abuse, alcohol and a series of truly disturbing social issues (Only Adolf Hitler could seperate his feelings between his sympathy for cats and his need of elimitating Jews and other deplorables in his campaign in Europe.)

      Even she is throughly shit on by the artist and producer of the video as she only made it on the scene because she sucked his dick (in more or less words in the lyrics of hte song). So I believe you have your facts backwards. Not only does this confirm a deep seated racism but deplorable misoginy in this trash culture being promoted. More likely than not Anna is a 16-18 year old immigrant from Eastern Europe to make it on the face of this video. After watching the video I have unsettling flashbacks of Jihadists in ISIS referring to their fuck trophies from Europe too. Scary similiarities.

      Your language and attention to a white girl appearing in the video and using an epithet like “niggah” that she was paid to perform, in the lyrics of a Black artist while dismissing everything the video was about is mind numbing. This video is 5 years old, the topics in the video are passe (Purple drank is now passe), but the ongoing themes of promoting everything that is fundementally wrong with American culture promoted by a black artist seemed to be swept under the rug. Hint: we have a very serious problem (across all races, but mostly blacks and whites) with opiods. The video promotes not only opiod usage, but every other cheap street drug, cheap alcohol and cheap high that can be consumed without dying immediatley.

      Referencing the “progress” of having a black president in the White House, and some kind of social advancement of blacks in this regard is an irony really. Missing the point that black artists producing music and videos promoting total moral degeneration while making a video with one white girl an issue of an artist “kissing” white ass is truly a sign of how much you need to visit a shrink. Black Americas greatest enemy is right in front of you. It’s not the white girl in the video, its not Iggy Azalea, its the fact that you promote the worst of human behavior as a norm, while rampaging about slavery and inequality in our country. The slavery you exist in is in the moral morasse you are stuck in. It has nothing to do with race, but everything to do with a complete lack of direction. Congratulations on your black progress.

      As your despised race, Yes, Im a white guy, my problem after watching the ASAP Rocky Purple Swag video isn’t with blacks or whites. It troubles me deeply that the video links the total moral degeneration promoted by ASAP Rocky et al on the couch, and the image of an “indolent” white girl promoting the same. In your pompous racism and Nazi like hate towards whites, you miss the point that a much greater evil exists that you can’t even see and it’s right in front of your face. I suspect, much like the true believers of the Nazi party, you are a thin pimple faced pussy with braces that spits of hatred while cowering inside. The fact that you dont even have the moral courage to associate your own name with this article speaks plenty.

    • …says the man who uses a pseudonym and a Mailinator email address 😂 – where’s your moral courage?

      Quit trolling with that pretentious semi-racist shite. Bringing in Nazis and ISIS into an argument about white people using the N word in a Trap video, get your edgelord arse the fuck out of here.

  1. Deciding that ASAP Rocky is racist by taking influences from black and white culture is showing that you are in fact the racist. So he’s only allowed to work with, sell his album to, and associate with black people ONLY? You are in fact the racist. You need to chill the fuck out.

    • Sounds to me like you skimmed through the article and then rushed to comment. So let’s reiterate: A$AP Rocky directed or co-directed the video to “Purple Swag” in which a WHITE CAUCASIAN Anna Perp mouths the lyrics “This is for my NIGGAS gettin’ high on the regular”. Now if a BLACK entertainer thinks it’s okay for a WHITE peon to say NIGGER (regardless of the context) he is a complete moron. A BLACK person needs to recognise that in facilitating a WHITE person to openly use language created by WHITE people to demean the BLACK race, is the DEFINITION OF A SWITCH-SIDING SELL OUT. I never said having black or white influences made any fucking difference, I just accused people like him (and apparently you) for being ignorant cunts who can’t see racism when it’s playing right in front of you. A$AP can work with whoever the fuck he wants to, but allowing and condoning the use of racist words as some sort of excuse for slang is fucking offensive. I’d love to know why so many of you dumb fucks are “chilled out” when racism is disguised as entertainment, but somebody commenting on racism gets you out of your “chilled out” state. You need to read FULL ARTICLES in the future and maybe thaw all the fuck out before replying, you cold icy racist sympathiser.

    • This reply is going to be short since I don’t think you’re capable of clear thinking. Music is art. Videos are art. Look at art with a wider scope of your mind. I repeat, chill the fuck out.

    • This reply is going to be long since I don’t think you grasp the idea of racism and indeed the point of the article.

      Firstly, What the fuck does art have to do with:

      1. a black rapper hanging around a white female who thinks it’s okay to mouth the word “nigger” with a mouth full of gold teeth
      2. a black rapper who dates Iggy Azalea; a white woman who “rapped” the line “when the relay starts I’m the runaway slave master”

      Anybody who glazes over A$AP’s longing for white women and greed for green bills (at the expense of allowing blind casual racism) is an utter prick.
      Also it’s almost laughable to describe anything A$AP Rocky does as “Art”; it is at best throwaway trash Hip-Pop which loves to pander to consumerism and white middle-class fans.
      The fact that his musical influences are:

      1. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (or Three 6 Mafia)
      2. Southern Hip-Hop & Midwest Hip-Hop
      3. 1986-1989 West Coast Gangster Rap
      4. Southern Trap Music

      All of which white people refused to buy into and consequently refused to deem artistic until the present day when it has been morphed into a commercialized and sanitized crap-fest. To now turn around and call this kind of bullshit “Art” just so you can defend the prejudice is plain ignorant. By this measure you would condone obvious racism as long as it was conveniently labeled as “Art”. So you would be fine with a white performer in Blackface as long as MTV aired it. By this token you would call Golliwog’s “Artistic Dolls” and The Minstrels “Artistic Variety Acts”. You cannot just label something “Art” just to conveniently glaze over the prejudice.

      ALSO IF YOU BELIEVE YOUR OWN SPIEL; THIS ARTICLE, CARICATURE, AND EVERYTHING ELSE I’VE CREATED IS ALSO ART. So practice what you preach and look at my “Art” with a “wider scope of your mind” (whatever that’s supposed to mean). I repeat (semi-colon not comma); chill your dumb, deaf, blind, blinkered-arse out, you ignorant twat.

  2. Dude get over it. Slavery happened a long ass time ago. The only people that make it a “race thing” are the small minority like you. Quit hating and move on

    • Get over SLAVERY!!! Your comment was even more offensive than any part of my article. Trying to talk casual slang like “long-ass time ago” and “quit hating” proves you are the kind of cunt who talks down to minorities. Judging from your surname and it’s origins being traced back to Germany; I’m sure you wouldn’t tell a Jew “get over the Holocaust” if the word “kike” became street slang? After all the Caucasian raping, pillaging, and takeovers of Africa, Asia, Australasia, and The Americas; your megalomaniac racial traits give you no right to tell a minority how to feel or act. The way Zimmerman got off a couple of days ago proves your country has not moved on from prejudice, so why would a marginalised race ever think it’s okay for the white race to assimilate their slang, especially when the words themselves originate from White European racism. Get the fuck off my site with your ignorant opinions; haven’t you got some Middle Eastern takeover to plan, just so you can say “Sand Nigger” to a Muslim years from now without recourse?

    • Maybe slavery isn’t explicit but how about Jim Crow laws which definitely did not end a long ass time ago. How about the percentage of blacks incarcerated in prisons. How about subtle slavery that keeps blacks in cycles of poverty with little chances of upward mobility. After being labeled as felons and released from prison even as first time offenders there is strict policing and hopeless job opportunities . What about the motherfucking war on drugs and the contradictory surge in pharmaceutical distribution? Go to any institution in one of the find boroughs if NYC (including psychiatrist hospitals and rehabilitation clinics) and 60-75% are black.

  3. The N word was created by white people, and if a black “rapper” allows a white woman in a music video to say it, I don’t care if it is AH or ER at the end, that is just fucked up. Where is the outrage over this? Oh that’s right, it’s totally OK to use the N word these days. I love the excuse “but black people say it to themselves every day” yeah and where did they learn it? The gangster rap music didn’t come first.

    You know what should bother people? The word bitch is censored but they don’t bother to censor the N word on the radio or on television. How people don’t get this, I don’t have a clue. I noticed it years ago. But oh lord, as you said in comment, you better be scared if you say something about Jews, they rush to call you antisemitic. When something is centered around accusing them of something, they subtract themselves from all other white people and blame you of being antisemitic.

    My friend, America has not moved away from prejudice against blacks at all. The Zimmerman case is not the only example you can use. Just look at the estimated time a black man serves in prison vs a white offender. The news media ALWAYS makes it out like black people are causing all the crime, but statistically, that is not the fact.

    Like Malcolm X said, you can’t have capitalism without racism, that is the honest truth. But over here in America, we try to make them accept it by making it the ‘cool’ thing and pushing it on them.
    Remember the Blaxplotation films? Just look at the titles of those movies. Do you really believe black people would want to name movies something like ‘Boss Nigger’ or the ‘Nigger Charley’ movies. Not to mention how all the movies center around negative black stereotypes and glorifying them to an extent. This is the stuff that was promoted through Hollywood, not to mention how for YEARS they constantly portrayed them in negative ways (and still do). The movies send off the wrong message to the youth, and this was long before the white controlled music industry started heavily promoting the ghetto stereotypes through rap music.

    Through Hollywood and the Music Industry they tell them it’s totally OK to embrace all the negative things through “ghetto life” and stuff. It’s basically indoctrination for the prison complex.

    Speaking of the Blaxplotation films, that would be a great subject for you to look into if you want to write more about Hollywood’s racism.

    • I totally agree with you. Incidents like this show how whole generations perceive racial identity and conform to stereotypes simply because of what the media slowly feeds us. I’m totally surprised by the lack of concern that people have about this issue. The idea that a white person can now openly say any word they originally created in order to demean a race without any objection is completely fucked up. Just because ignorant fools like A$AP Rocky feel it’s okay for a white girl to mime this word, does not mean the entire black race condones this shit. If we let white people say “Nigger” as some kind of twisted term of endearment today; then we are only a few years away from white people saying “Spic”, “Gook”, “Sand Nigger”, “Paki”, “Wop” etc tomorrow. (Thanks for bringing up Blaxploitation, I’ll probably get to that at some point!)

    • Well I am white, and I know exactly what you mean. The media is at the center of it all, they created this with their marketing of stereotypes and racism with straight negativity. They have conditioned an entire generation of people to just accept this crap and don’t think twice about it.

      One thing I always wondered growing up was “why can’t we see black people or Latino guys like this in movies?” when watching hero type movies or westerns. History is my thing in life, and I know for a fact that most cowboys after the civil war were black, but instead Hollywood gives us a western genre of movies where no black people existed for years until when they finally did a black western, it was taken as a comedy (Blazing Saddles). The movie ‘Hang Em High’ with Clint Eastwood is heavily influenced by black U.S. Marshall Bass Reeves. If you ever read up on him and then compare the movie, you see Eastwood’s character is almost a total reflection of Reeves, and also the Judge in that movie was a key role in the life of Reeves. How come Hollywood couldn’t just use a black guy and make a movie about Reeves and teach people some history about this man? Still to this day, most people don’t even know who Reeves even was, while Hollywood continues to glorify the white outlaws of the west with fictionalized films.

      You can’t forget also that the fans of these new rappers like ASAP are mostly a white audience, and they have no problem at all seeing a white girl mouth off the N word, more than anything it helps them accept using it around black people.

      Anytime you bring up Eminem being a bad role model “oh you hate him because he’s white, he’s the white guy that made it in the black music industry” since when have black people ran the music industry!? Hell if they did, I don’t think we would have ever seen the rise of the negative “gangsta” type rap music. If they really ran the music industry, guys like Albert Collins and Gatemouth Brown probably could have died with a much larger audience that loved and appreciated them instead of going on with the tiny bit of fame they received in their long careers. You could go on and on for hours naming the genius Blues musicians who never got any credit at all before they died, while the white rock bands who were influenced by them got all the glory.

      This would not be a problem at all if the music industry wasn’t promoting all the negative aspects of everything in every single music genre in America. Instead of trying to abolish racial discrimination and promote equality, they did the complete opposite. Now they’ve made it completely OK for using racist words as “slang” to look cool.

    • I agree with you. As Hip-Hop’s fan base began to shift from working-class black to middle-class white in the late ’90s, I think it was the responsibility of the artists to keep the white audience in check and not facilitate them in using minority slang, especially when the context is completely different when spoken by a white person or fan.

    • Hey, remember me from up there?

      I want to take the time to apologize for my response. In retrospect, I see that my initial reply was a very quick rush to judgement (and incredibly insensitive) on an issue that I will never understand because I am white. I failed to realize the history with the word “nigger”, “nigga”, or any other variation, black history, and issues over the years need to have weight in this discussion and I was not allowing this (in my train of thought). My original response is with a “get over it” mentality which I think will only cause more problems in the future and I hope you can accept my apology.

      I’m not even sure why I chimed in originally. I think I felt maybe I was annoyed that you were taking some sort of a political stance but now, after re-reading and taking time to actually think about this issue, I see it’s much, much deeper than that… and honestly, deeper than I wanted to go at the time. The more dialogue we have (even if we all disagree) I am proof that it is a good thing. Thanks.

  4. Rap music is ruined by the corporate manifest that has taken root of the genre, much like every other genre in existence once the bourgeoisie figure out how to market it well and subvert it into the society super structure of grouping demographics.

    In that case, rap has become more white based as you can easily see this by pulling up concert videos on Youtube and seeing the white majority of wiggers (don’t know if there is a political correct word for this or not but I don’t fucking care either way if it offends someone) that attend these events.

    What this basically says is “yeah it’s cool to use the N word now! Go ahead white people!” but I’m telling you, this goes very deep back in our society. Richard Pryor was probably the very first person to actually mainstream a lot of use of the N word, and in the early to late 1970′s you had Blaxploitation films made by Hollywood that used the N word very frequently, this was before NWA hit the mainstream. If you really want to get historical with this check out the 1960 film “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner”.
    Yes the one with Sidney Poiter and Spencer Tracy. You could probably write an entire article on that movie alone. It was possibly the very first film (at least that I know of) that had a black person using the N word. That movie was made in 1960 yet the black people in that film were far more racist than the white family who is humanized and made out to be sympathetic towards, cause the film makes sure they hammer you with other issues besides race like the fact that Sidney Poiter’s character is much older than the poor little white girl, and they haven’t been dating very long and already want to get married AND leave the country.

    This stuff didn’t just happen over night with major rap artists using the N word and thinking it’s cool, it goes way way back. Hollywood and American media have done their job with demonizing black people and giving white people something to feel good about over their racism. The N word is no a “bad thing” since white people can say “well they say it to each other! I don’t see where it’s any wrong that I say it”

    Fuck Amerikkka

  5. Sorry for commenting on an article from so long ago, but I’m a bit troubled by this article, especially the two main points I discuss below. It seems like they could apply to maaany more rappers than just him, which begs the question are all modern day rappers racist or am I misunderstanding your argument?

    1) Associates with white pop artists ( Skrillex, Florence, and Iggy Azalea)

    Since when does collaborating with mainstream, white artists make someone a racist? Try to find a mainstream rapper that hasn’t done this, it’s not possible. (For reference, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Chance the Rapper, Ludacris, Schoolboy Q, Kanye West, 50 Cent and, Juicy J all have songs with white pop artists). So what if ASAP wants to broaden his horizons to a larger audience to become more successful. Plenty others have done it, are they all disgracing their ancestors too?

    2) Makes genre that’s supposed to be for poor black people accessible to rich white people, thrives in white acceptance, and has white audiences.

    Hip hop has been accessible to rich white people since the 90s. You really think N.W.A., Outkast, and the Wu Tang Clan haven’t been playing in white suburban homes for 20 years?
    Moving on to modern hip hop, ASAP is far from the first rapper to have white people (especially girls) in his videos. The point I agree with is that he shouldn’t have had the girl mouthing the n-word. However, the music video is art/staged, so i hope you’re also criticizing every use of the n-word by a white person in any form of media, movies, tv, etc. And I doubt this is the first time a rap music video has caught a white person in the background mouthing a n-word lyric. Again though, I don’t condone use of the word by white people but this doesn’t seem like a very rare event.

    The white audience comment is relevant to every rapper with minimal success ever. A few examples:




    So I guess I don’t know why you’re singling Rocky out, and judging him for doing what everyone else is doing. He had a pretty hard life growing up (father arrested when rocky was 12. Brother killed when he was 13. Selling drugs and homeless at 15) so I don’t think Rocky deserves this much hate for enjoying his success and wanting to make the most of his career.

    • Yes you are grossly misunderstanding my argument. Similarly to the commenter “Ipoo” you seem to be reading some kind of phantom text that does not appear anywhere in the article. If you bothered to read the article thoroughly and without missing sections, there would be no need for me to reiterate.

      Firstly, at which point in the article did I say “associating with white acts” makes a rapper racist? This makes absolutely no sense. What I said was (paraphrasing); associating with racist white acts demeans an art-form created by black artists.


      1) Enabling a white person to say the word “nigger” (Anna Perp)


      2) Dating a white performer who wrote the lyric “…I’m the runaway Slave Master” (Iggy Azalea)

      …makes A$AP Rocky a sell-out, not a racist. The racists in this scenario are Anna Perp & Iggy Azalea, A$AP Rocky is their enabler. The fact that Rocky said to a black rapper (Azealia Banks) that dark-skinned women can’t get away with wearing red lipstick; I would say that if anything, A$AP Rocky is a self-hating minority.

      Adding to you comment about the N Word, A$AP Rocky co-directed the above video so it is partly his choice. He also defended Anna Perp’s use of the word in an article (see comment by ProBlack).

      On a side note, every rapper you mentioned are coincidently also sell-outs (for different reasons). Read What Went Wrong With… Hip-Hop: A Timeline for reference to Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Chance the Rapper, Kanye West, 50 Cent etc.

      Lastly, making an underground music genre more accessible to the majority is always detrimental to it. Look at Blues, Rock, Dance, and obviously Hip-Hop. Like it or not, transforming a genre’s aesthetics for mass consumption (and in the Western World – that means white people) begins a downward spiral of conforming and cheapening of the genre, which leads to the eventual ruination of the art-form itself…

      a) Take these examples…
      Blues – Starts underground and black
      Rock N Roll – Starts underground and black
      House Music – Starts underground, gay, and black
      Hip-Hop – Starts underground and black

      b) The mainstream labels slowly realise the potential of sales. Mainstream is controlled (by and large) by rich, white, middle-aged, heterosexual males.

      c) Copies of underground acts are made. Money is offered. Money attracts the wrong kind of people. Once invested in, artists are “convinced” to change their style to conform with current trends. Artists who were attracted by money obey. Genre becomes popular. Original version of the genre is forgotten.

      d) End result…
      Blues – Forgotten
      Rock N Roll – Destroyed
      House Music – Destroyed
      Hip-Hop – On it’s way to being destroyed.

      Obviously this is an over-simplification, but it’s as black and white as I can make it (excuse the pun).


      1) Having white fans has no bearing on the credibility of a performer; it is the type of people that a musician attracts and how and if they conform to their said demographic. Therefore, you can remain underground with white fans and you can sell-out with black fans. It’s what the fanbase as a whole represents.

      2) The best music A$AP Rocky ever made was produced by Clams Casino who is white. Skrillex and Florence & The Machine on the other hand, have no standing within Hip-Hop and therefore associating with them specifically; is leaning towards selling-out. Doing music with white people therefore, again has no bearing.

      3) Nobody gives a fuck about A$AP Rocky’s upbringing. Countless people from all colours and creeds “have it hard”, that doesn’t qualify them to be Rappers.

      Please re-read the article.

  6. To the OP, I am a 25 year old man, most the artist saying this are my age. I honestly don’t get it. I can only conclude something is going on behind the scene, because normal black people don’t defend or encourage non-blacks to use the n-word. Is their a quota of n-word to get your song produced? Is it part of mass incarceration plan to get more blacks thrown in jail? How can a black person even go to a concert where thousands of whites are singing along to shoot that nigger roast that nigger? How can a black person even want to say that infront of a bunch of white people, isn’t that damn embarrassing?

    I just don’t get it, is it because these rap stars come from neighbourhoods where there are only blacks? Are they indifferent because they are getting paid. are the just accepting of white supremacy, is it a you can’t beat racism against blacks join them. How is it rappers can be for marriage equality but not black equality?

    strangely enough, why is nigger so enduring as a term in rap music. It only started showing up, once or twice in a song here or there in the 80s and then commonly in the 90s. By 2000s they were trying to name albums nigger. And old dirrty bastard almbum got changed from “the black man is god, the white man is the devil” to “nigga please”. Now which jew-white producer changed that?

    Whereas words like homie and raise the roof are considered grossly dated, why does the n-word persist? Usually at the point where grandmas like the sae mother are listening to it and saying n-word n-word n-word that is when things fall out of style. Its like facebook, it started declining when the adults started joining in. Because once oldpeople do it, its not cool anymore. But Jay z is pushing 50, how is this still cool (amongst the younger generation)?

    I am just waiting for the decline of hip-hop to go the way of blues and for some new genre where it is not all n-word this and that.

    I question whether blacks are being set up for a jew type genocide in america. Because when widespread hatred, contempt and disrespect for a minority becomes the norm, it doesn’t take much to justify locking them up and burning them down.

    Maybe they’ll just get bored of n-word and move on. I am not sure how this is going to turn out. Black americans have not had much luck in stemming the tide of artist saying this. Of the billboard 100, 8 of the top acts now are blacks, and of those black acts only 2 are not having songs with n-word in it. Meaning of the top 10 songs in america right now, 6 of 10 use the n-word. Think of that. We need to organize and right letters in mass complaining to youtube, itunes, and the 4 major record labels about this to stop it. Otherwise it won’t stop.

  7. What was A$AP Rocky thinking? What made him think allowing Anna Perp to say the word “nigga” was a good decision? She was white for fuck sake. That’s like south Asians allowing Prince Harry to chant “paki” and “raghead”. I’m shocked no one called him out.

    Racism hasn’t gone away. It is more subtle, but can also be in your face thanks to social media. 150 years after slavery, nothing has changed. Over 50 years after civil rights movement, nothing has changed. Over 20 years after Rodney King and Stephen Lawrence, nothing has changed. Black people like myself are still treated like second class citizens, yet racism has been extended to Latinos, brown people, and Asians. Best example is the US criminal justice system. Look at the stats, who are “stop and frisk” policies targeting? Minorities, especially black people. Black people are more likely to get a harsher sentence than white. Black people are predominantly victims of police brutality (Rodney King, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray etc.). Recently, police officer Daniel HoltzKKKlaw was convicted of raping 13 black women. This motherfucker thought he was above the law. Thought it was okay to abuse his power and rape vulnerable women who are on the margins of society. He cried after the verdict was read out, but I don’t believe in his crocodile tears. This racist rapist is only sorry because he got caught. The prick abused his power and deserves everything he gets. But HoltzKKKlaw is only an exception rather than the rule. When do you ever see a police officer convicted? When are they ever punished for their fuck-ups? They usually get suspended with or without pay. That is the equivalent of a slap on the wrist. Zimmerman got off scot free, no punishment whatsoever. But god forbid a black man breaking the law. The media will report that until it runs dry.

    Do The Right Thing is a classic movie because it genuinely reflects the strained race relations that it are still going on today. The movie scenes such as Radio Raheem’s death by a cop and the crowd smashing up Sal’s Pizzeria are prophetic given the things to come. The racism that still exists in 21st Century proves that the film is more relevant than ever.

  8. Guilty as charged. I took troll clickbait and ranted. My apologies. I still stand by what I said about the promotion of the worst of human behavior sponsored by media hold charlatans. This isn’t a quesiton of race really, this video showcases how sick our media is and what big money spenders are willing to sponsor. We live in a sad state of affairs and an age of rampant and irresponsible disinformation. For the sake of our country, I hope someone can stop them.

  9. I just noticed. Anna Perp’s T-Shirt reads “V VM NOT V RVCIST”. If it was real RVIDXR hieroglyphics then it would read “V VN NXT RVCIZT”. Just goes to show whatever comes out of the underground is turned to shit. Fuck Rocky, A$AP Mob, that motherfucker Bari and Playboi Carti. Long live RVIDXR KLVN and its hieroglyphics.Fuck the ASAP Mob and their fake RVIDXR appropriation.

    • Just wait until you see the interview of ASAP Rocky denying he stole the hieroglyphics from Raider Klan and Spaceghostpurrp, as well as pretending like he didn’t know who influenced him and the mob.

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