What Went Wrong With… Puff Daddy aka Puffy aka P Diddy aka Diddy?

A caricature of Puff Daddy aka P Diddy by What Went Wrong Or Right With...?

Whatever his stage name, Sean Combs will forever be remembered as the ruin-er and cheapen-er of Hip-Hop and Rap. From his early days trying to worm his way into music videos for the quick cameo, all the way to becoming the wannabe restaurateur, clothing designer, and celebrity-obsessed whore he is today, Puffy has always had an eye and ear for the cheap and tacky. He became famous for sampling lame eighties pop, his mundane rapping skills, and his shiny-suit wearing fish-eyed music videos in the late nineties, and to this day, he parasitically appears in remixes of popular Hip Hop and R&B tracks and then feeds off the proceeds with his “ughh” and “yeahs” appearing in countless backing tracks like a fame-hungry Tourette’s sufferer.

Suge Knight was right; never has a producer and record executive appeared in so many of his own artist’s videos. Hungry for recognition, he makes rappers famous and then “features” in their song and video only to increase his own profile in the music business. It’s a wonder why anybody would want to sign with Puff, since he’s famous for luring, nurturing, then abandoning numerous acts. And judging from his past Bad Boy signees it could be said that working for Puff can leave you potentially cursed. Just ask Shyne (in prison), G Dep (in prison), Loon (arrested), Notorious Big (murdered), Craig Mack (forgotten), The LOX (tried desperately to leave), and Ma$e (left the business).

Once Biggie died, he’s desperately tried (and subsequently failed) to find a follow-up. So some time in the early noughties, he gave up looking for a prodigy cash-cow, and instead decided to stick his mug in as many sectors of the entertainment industry as possible. And like many people who reside in the vacuum of entertainment, surrounded by “yes-men” and kiss-asses, he now thinks he is the king of music and the master of style. In his own deluded mind he is an entrepreneur and style icon, in reality however, nobody with any credibility thinks he’s credible, and anybody with any sense stays well clear when he asks to “appear” in their track or video. The only gains made from an appearance by P Diddy is by P Diddy.

Diddy is a legend in his own mind with delusions of grandeur who thinks he invented the remix. What he has invented is Hip-Pop, mediocre rap, and fake sentiments. After all, who would hire a ghost writer (Sauce Money) to pen lyrics for a track dedicated to a deceased friend (I’ll Be Missing You)? Puff thinks that everybody in the Hip-Hop community respects him, but somebody who works in a genre only to increase his own bank balance does not warrant any respect. In the Illustrated Dictionary of Dicks, he appears under “sellout”.

Puff Ain’t Diddly.

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  1. I can’t stand Diddy. Never could. I think he is full of himself and he can’t rap. You forgot to mention the Danity Kane, Day 26 and Da Band. Not to mention Dawn of Danity Kane can’t get a leg up in the biz and either can D. Woods. not to mention the rest of the artist.

    • You’re right, he’s ruined more careers than I have space on this blog. Making The Band was just another ploy to get Diddy some recognition. But since he’s becoming an expert at fucking up people’s standing in the music biz, at least now the people on Bad Boy deserve it (Machine Gun Kelly, French Montana, Cassie etc)

    • I was with you until Cassie. I don’t think she deserves to be there. She is sexin her way to stay in there. Her songs all flop and she hasn’t had a hit since her very first single. She can shave her head, walk around half naked and sex Diddy all day and at the end of the day all she is, is a pretty face. Sorry! She can go too.

  2. I bought both of Biggie’s albums back in the day, and I never understood why Diddy had to be on almost every single track with a “UGH!” or a “YEAH!” it was the most bizarre thing I had experienced of a producer jumping in the songs. I think out of that entire ‘Ready to Die’ album there is only 4 or maybe 5 tracks that he don’t show up in, I could be wrong. I haven’t listened to it in years. ‘Life After Death’ is even worse. The best tracks on that album are ruined by him showing up in the songs! Come to think of it, there’s probably 2 songs on that entire album he don’t show up in.

    • Totally…..I cant stand that either!!

      I never appreciated BIGGIE as one of the “greatest rappers of all time” when he came out and was reppn Brooklyn and the entire East Coast scene. Why?? Cuz I had only heard his radio sh*t–the stuff that Piddy had to inspire Biggie to make to sell records.

      Anyways, it was smart business…but Party & Bullshit, Machine Gun Funk, Everyday Struggle, Story to Tell, N*ggas Bleed, 10 Crack Commandments, etc will always be Biggie’s best shit…..the stuff with the LEAST amount of Piddy involved LOL 😡

      And another thought, the murders of Pac and BIG was what really brought the gangsta rap era to an end. It woulda been hypocritical to keep putting such hyper-violent music out after they were both gunned-down. Snoop had just barely escaped murder charges around the same time. It was Diddy that decided to fill this void with flashy jumpsuits, champagne, cheesy lyrics, choreographed dancing, etc with Ma$e, and hip-hop WAS NEVER THE SAME.

    • Yeah, the murders led to some watered-down fake-ass hip-hop. Even Ma$e, who was once “Murder Mase” (from Children Of The Corn along with Killa Cam, McGruff, Big L etc.) turned into a shiny suit wearing sellout. Hip-Hop R.I.P.

    • Gangsta rap in general was bound to fail the minute NWA came out and was glorifying all the “Bitch is a Bitch” and the heavy use of the N word.

      I loved Tupac but before he signed with Death Row, he had balance….he really was the smartest black man in the music business in the early 90’s and he had balance. He didn’t get carried away with all the crap that Dre, Eazy-E, and Biggie were pumping up that was glorifying all the negative aspects of ghetto life and the “I’m a big bad gangsta”. When he signed to death row, he lost his damn mind. I know everyone loves him and no one wants to admit it but he really lost it when he hooked up with Suge Knight and got hardcore into all that negative crap that came out after.

      Look at how those gangsta rap stereotypes have effected black America. Black man can’t even buy a fucking belt today without being questioned down if he stole the money or what not.

  3. Puff Daddy ruined rap music. This is a guy who only cares about money. He will do anything even if it helps ruin the genre. He pretty much ruined life after death by bringing his “yeah”s and “ugh”s in every single track. He was tolerable in ready to die, but in biggie’s second album it went over the top.

    What I hate most about sean combs is not appearing on everyone’s music like a parasite or screwing over so many artists, but how he exploited biggie’s death to promote himself. I bet puffy would have screwed biggie over if he was still alive.

  4. Why do you think Biggie is still so worshipped by mainstream hipsters and overrated ?? I never saw him on par with the likes of Kool G Rap , Big Daddy Kane , Rakim , Big L , Chino XL , Ras Kass , Smoothe Da Hustler , Tragedy Khadafi , Canibus , K-Rino , Pun , Vinnie Paz , Ill Bill , Goretex , RA , Del The Funky Homosapien , Willie D , OC or Killah Priest .

    Was it purely Biggie’s tragic death that led to him being labeled as one of the greatest lyrical emcees of all time ? Or was it Diddy’s shameless promoting of his tragic death ? I just can’t see how the mainstream calls him the greatest to ever pic up a Mic . He’s not even in my top 400 emcees of all time .

    • It’s weird, death on it’s own doesn’t elevate someone to stardom (Big L, Half-A-Mil, Poetic, Guru etc.) but couple it with years of mainstream praise and you have a winning combination. Biggie and Tupac were extremely overrated when they were alive so when they died, they became even bigger than they should have been. In both cases however, Tupac and Notorious Big were decent rappers before signing with the majors, just listen to the Biggie freestyle in the street (available on YouTube) or Tupac’s political stuff before Death Row. That being said, before or after, they were never on the level of KRS, Rakim, Kane and the rest of the 80s old-school MCs.

  5. The thing is that even in a Northern Canadian city like Edmonton , Alberta you will see white guys in huge pick up trucks blast “Hypnotize” , “Juicy” or “Big Papa” on their stereo systems .

    These guys have never even heard of Rakim , Kool G Rap , Big L , MC Shan , Tragedy Khadafi , RA , Chino , Wise Intelligent , Treach , Vinnie or Ras Kass .

    Big seems more popular ever in the mainstream now . Many retailers at shopping malls sell t-shirts with Big’s picture on it or posters or flags or blankets with his picture or even bongs , lighters and rolling papers with his image on them . This rich woman in my city who is a millionaire even had a custom painting of him wearing a crown done for her living room . And I assure this person is not working or middle class . And that she doesn’t appreciate the best of hip hop culture .

    Why do these wealthy hipsters love Big so much ? Both Big and Diddy came from impoverished backgrounds in NYC’s crack era . What do these rich hipsters possibly appreciate about that ?

    You don’t see (the few that exist) hip hop heads or younger kids in the poorer areas of my city worship Big or Diddy like that . It’s these upper middle class to upper class people born in the 70’s or 80’s . Mind you the youngsters fuck with Drake , Kendrick and whack mumble / Cloud rappers .

    It seems Big (his estate) makes more money dead . Much more money . Biggie would never have made the amount he has since his tragic death if he was living and still in the game .

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