What Went Wrong With… And What Is Wrong With… Iggy Azalea?

A caricature of Iggy Azalea by What Went Wrong Or Right With...?

Iggy Azalea is part of a new breed of white wannabe rappers. More concerned with her outward appearance, she has somehow managed to crow-bar her way into modelling and music, both of which she is pitifully unqualified to do. Hanging around idiotic black acts who love sucking up to white bitches for acceptance, she has managed to fool a swath of rappers and producers to help her attain airtime and fame at the expense of a once credible genre.

Sounding like a faux black rapper with a fake black American accent, this white Australian lacks any originality or credibility. Instead she relies on her production and social circle to infect the worlds of celebrity and music. Sell-out magazines like XXL who once criticised racism now feature this cretinous so-called artist on their cover, who on her track “D.R.U.G.S.” featured the oh-so “inspired” lyric…

“when the relay starts I’m the runaway slave master”

…Racism aside, someone so stupid as not to realise that a slave, not a slave master would want to (or need to) “runaway”, does not need any more studio time.

Her fans of course defend this lyric as does she. But just because she hangs around more black men than a corrupt police officer, doesn’t mean she is incapable of racism. Dragging up the old adage of “if you date someone who is [insert colour here] you cannot be racist” is now a tired cliché. Dating someone of a different race does not excuse you of racism and does not make you immune to prejudice and ignorant remarks. Her fans glaze over the fact she could have been screwing A$AP Rocky either to gain fans or just to try some black cock.

Racism or potential racism is the least of Iggy’s flaws however, she is simply talentless. She is a “rapper” with a nasally, hot-potato voice, and a “model” with a distended face which is hardly aesthetically pleasing. Yet she continues to push her puffy, pinched, pasty face, and her prossy, prissy, pitiful, pop music on the public. She needs to pick up her prejudice shit and piss off.

Ozzy Fizzy Fake, Iggy Wizzy Wack.

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  1. Well damn you went in on that one. I have not heard any of her music. I refuse, I saw the bullshit coming from a mile away. It’s artist like her that make Nikki Minaj really believe that Nikki has made strides for hip-hop. Because we have allowed the bullshit from Nikki the doors are open for a Iggy and other artist like them. As far as the racism goes I think things have gotten so blurred that lyrics like the one you metioned can be glossed over and it’s just fine and everyone can move on. But let Dead Prez start talking about “running up them crackers in they city hall” or let Planet Asia say anything at all and they make sure that they stay in the crates and off the airwaves and shelves.

  2. Someone is mad and has quite some time on their hands. Iggy is flawless and she is starting to become very successful, I can see why that makes you pressed. xoxo

    • Iggy is far from flawless with that fucked-up mole on her chin and those inbred looking eyes. You need to get off your knees and stop kissing the arse of an untalented interloper. Plus anyone using out of date slang like “pressed” and who signs off with hugs and kisses is exactly the kind of worm this bloated-faced bitch attracts.

    • So you are hating on a person because of the way their face looks? That’s pretty despicable. You just have to get your hate message out there even if it makes you look like a moron. It stems from your own failures in life. By seeing someone else succeed, you feel more like a failure. And hating on them makes you feel better abouT yourself. Its your right to dislike her music, simply don’t listen to it. And before you hate on her looks, why don’t you post a picture of yourself first?

    • What are you, a shrink? If you are, then you’re a pretty shit one. If you’re not, then you’re the dumbest fucking imbecile in your State.

      Iggy Azalea is a “Musician” and a “Model”. She places her shitty music and her ugly mug out there in the public forum in order to make money. So for anybody to stick their shit out there (especially for profit) it’s going to get criticised, otherwise the entire Media Industry would collapse. If I think her music is trash and her face is aesthetically un-pleasing, then that’s my right. Any criticism she faces is Iggy Azalea’s fault for craving fame and money. It is irrelevant whether I look like Adonis or Hephaestus; I don’t stick my face out there for all to judge. I put my articles out there for you to criticise, and you have. That is your right. But you don’t see me saying you shouldn’t have an opinion; that’s the whole point in putting something out there. Art can either be enjoyed, criticised, or vandalised.

      It is your stance on this issue that is truly despicable, it probably stems from your own failures to become either famous or loved. Did commenting on my article make you feel “bigger” or “better”? If you don’t like my opinion, take a leaf from your own book; AND DON’T READ IT, you stupid fucking moronic twat.

    • She’s horrid …. she is built weird, and is not the least bit attractive. Her face causes me to look away whenever I see her anywhere. Very disturbing looking person. Throw in her talentless ‘rapping’, that ‘black-ish’ rapping tone she shrills, and her very public racist comments, and she is completely worthless. How anyone has given her any fame is beyond me. I thought it couldn’t get worse than Nicki Minaj …. then this abomination came along and lowered the bar for everyone. Wake up idiots – stop giving dumbsh&t’s like this talentless hack the time of day. You’ll be doing all of us a huge favour.

  3. Sadly this is what has happened to rap music. Similar to Eminem, a genre that was once very political and had great artists that were exposing problems of society has been turned into a culture that is all about selling bling bling, sex, T-shirts, shoes, and the whole “it’s cool” element.

    Remember when Tupac first came out? He had that song ‘I Don’t Give a Fuck’ and ‘Violent’ and my favorite ‘Words of Wisdom’.

    Rap is no longer the voice of the oppressed. it goes all the way back to Gil Scott Heron in the 70’s with songs like ‘No Knock’ and ‘Whitey’s on the moon’. I like how you sum it up in your articles, with the term ‘white money’, that’s dead on accurate.

    They create these stereotypical images of the black community being “gangsta” and all the other negative terms, and they sell this to people. Anyone can be a rapper as long as they “look cool’ just look at the new crap rappers they have. All they want to sing about is selling T-shirts and shoes, and bling bling, and rapping about sex. It’s a total 360 spin from the original Hip Hop I remember in the early 90’s. 2Pacalypse Now; none of these kids today would understand a single thing about that album.

    • Yeah, that documentary for the most part was concerned with masculinity and sexism (almost to the point of boredom) but at around 45 minutes it gets going. When it talks about the Majors buying all the smaller labels and the rise of Gangsta Rap, minority stereotypes, and the subsequent Caucasian fan base; for about 10 minutes the documentary is interesting. It is however, quite ironic that whilst he slates commercialised Hip-Hop, Byron Hurt plays more of it during his documentary (than actual “Real” Hip-Hop), I mean c’mon, Nelly probably got more royalties from “Tip Drill” playing in this documentary than from any Music Video Channel. But if people can get past the dull first three quarters of it; yes, it’s worth watching.

  4. don’t even know who she is, but to write an article calling her a racist and then saying “hangs around more black men than a corrupt Police Officer” is so hypocritical omg. the fact that you would say that a corrupt police officer would hang around black men because he’s around criminals and of course those criminals have to be black men is terrible.

    • For fuck’s sake, everybody else who read this article understood: If a Police Officer is CORRUPT (ie Racist) he/she would hang around minorities because he/she would be racially profiling them without just cause. Hence Iggy Azalea who is racist enough to say “Runaway Slave Master” is akin to a “Corrupt Police Officer” who “hangs around black men” even though they are not guilty. I’ve just wasted five minutes of my life explaining the obvious to the oblivious. Metaphors, I assume are not your strong point.

  5. Spot on analysis on this girl. She and the rest of her counterparts add nothing of value to the genre.

  6. I don’t get it. If you lot are so fed up of living in white countries and so annoyed at the ‘oppression’ your ancestors faced, why not just go back to your own countries?

    No ones stopping you, heck we’ll even throw you a leaving party.

    • Firstly which moron brings up racist migratory ideas into a post about Iggy Azalea? What are you, a prejudice fucking shit-stirrer? “Go back to where you came from” is the last resort of an insecure hate-monger.

      Secondly, counting anywhere in the Western World as a “white country” is fucking asinine. North America was not a white country until you raped and pillaged it. Australia wasn’t a white country until you lot dumped your fucking prisoners there. And Britain was empty until you gypsy Europeans dragged your shit here. Or do you personally have ancestors from Hy Brasil?

      With your name’s origins, that’s like me saying take your honkey shit back to the Caucasus Mountains or take your Gaelic arse back to the Iberian Peninsula. If it wasn’t for a bunch of Religious Racist Pillagers, most of the Earth would be Black and Brown; so maybe it’s time for your ignorant arse to leave; and nobody’s gonna be throwing you a leaving party either, you imbecilic racist cunt.

    • You’re the one crying about it. I’m merely offering you a chance to go back where you came from if your current life is oh so terrible over there in America.

      I do not see anything “Racist” about going back to where you came from, if you choose to live in a White country and you dislike it so intensely the logical and sane conclusion is to leave, no?

      Well let’s see, all of Europe is Caucasoid, as is North Africa, the Middle east and much of western Asia. And pretty much always has been. In terms of what you yanks label as “white”, pretty much all of Europe has been white since the dawn of recorded history.

      Considering us Gaels have been on this island for literally thousands of years, I highly doubt we will do that. You on the other hand, were forced onto another continent, and chose to stay there, when you could have went back when Liberia was founded. Heck you can still go back?

      I love your colourful use of language, and the racist card. Please forgive me If I don’t shed any tears. I’ve dated woman much more African than you shall ever be, broke bread with their families and even tried my hand at their languages. Where as you, well you’re racism is more than apparent.

      But I guess when one is American and of colour, it’s easy to defy logic with a simple R word, no?

      Now pettle, cool down and have a drink.

    • Fuck me, you really are a cunt! Getting into an argument about race under a throwaway article concerning an Iggy Azalea’s lyric, is about as idiotic as it gets; but I’ll humour you.

      Firstly, “offering you a chance to go back” smacks of white superiority and privilege, since you infer that your mere suggestion is somehow commanding. Spewing out sentences like “going back to where you came from” is exactly the kind of phrase that comes out of the mouth of every white racist bigot. I’ve already explained how and why America is not a “White Country”, so your so-called logic makes no fucking sense at all. A person of colour living in America is just as American as the white immigrants; the Country rightfully belongs to the Native Americans. You see racists on Fox News spurting the same kind of thing as you. “Why don’t you leave?”, “Why do you live in America?” Painfully ironic since people like them are sat in the US which is a stolen land taken by the use of genocide and now labelled as “our homeland”. This kind of argument is about as asinine as me complaining about a leaking pipe under my bedroom, and a Plumber telling me “just leave your bedroom, why do you choose to sleep there?”.

      People can’t help being born in a certain place just like you cannot help being an über-twat. For one race to be able to freely criticise their Country, but for another to be told to “go back” when they do the same is true racism, you dumb fuck. If a minority voices their opinion or criticises their Country, it only makes a prejudice, xenophobic, fascist angry; it never bothers a free-thinking intelligent human, which you clearly are not. But what the fuck does this have to with Iggy Azalea? I was complaining about a white Australian pretending to be a black American in this article, and your first reaction was “why don’t you go back home?” You hideous hate-filled prick.

      Secondly, simply because you’ve probably just scraped through one GSCE in Geography or Biology, bringing up outdated ideas of what Caucasoid means to back-up your prejudice is also an attempt to divert attention to your racism, fuck you and Blumenbach.

      A modern convention which has been created by WHITE people to refer to only WHITE humans as “Caucasian” is a part of contemporary culture. The same way people incorrectly refer to the hatred of Jews as anti-Semitism (when the Semetic people encompass many of the people in the Middle East including Arabs). Today, you don’t see a Police Officer yelling “There’s a MONGOLOID or CAUCASOID or NEGROID or DRAVIDIAN male running down Main Street”, contemporary English language is in use here in this world, and “Caucasian” means white today.

      You really have a selective memory when it comes to History, you use outdated terms such as “Caucasoid”, and ignore that recent DNA tests proved people in Europe were brown-skinned only 7000 years ago. The white race is a relatively new mutation, when it comes to you personally; the word ‘mutation’ is probably literal. But how far back do you want to go? Every fucker on Earth derived from Africa, what’s your fucking point? I would love to go back to Eden, but this one Caucasoid bitch fucked it up for all of us.

      Hey, I’ve broken pan loaf with masses of you Caucasoid Gaels and I’ve fucked countless pale and translucent women. Your “I’ve dated (black) women” is pretty much the equivalent of a racist saying “I can’t be racist, some of my best friends are black”. That kind of spiel just confirms you’re a confused closet racist.

      The race card, incidentally is when someone says something along the lines of “is it because I’m black”? Pulling or using the race card is not when you criticise a song lyric or work of Art. There’s no such thing as a “racist card”, but I guess you cannot tell the difference since you’re a dumb, ignorant, card carrying member of idiocy and white privilege.

      Now calm the fuck down; you condescending racist cunt. Put your efforts into voting for Independence for a land nobody lived in until a land bridge was formed between Europe.

    • how can somebody go back if they’re not born there? what a complete arse. and i’m white btw before you begin with more of your nonsense.

    • Who’s “crying about it” you racist asshole???? Maybe read the fucking post first 😠

    • WWW, I hope you realize you are being a bigger racist and bogot by grouping dozens of different countries with unique cultures who come from many diverse tribes into “white” group.

      You go even further as to then blame this “white” group for everything wrong in this world. By defenition you are a hypocrit. Doing to whites exactly what you say whites are doing to blacks. How does this stop the hate? You really pissed me off talking about Europe. My blood line is a mix of three very diverse tribes who came together and united to do some amazing things. So don’t go talking down about Europe because it’s really easy for me to talk shit about blacks. You bitch and cry saying the world would be brown and black if *insert derogatory insults* hadn’t taken over. How is that an excuse? if your black ancestors were smarter and stronger then yes, the world would be black. But it isn’t and the only people you can blame is your barbaric and dumb witted ancestors.

      My ancestors were classified as barbarians too at one point. Guess what they did, they adopted religion and were no longer seen as barbaric. So quit your fucking bitching and winning and blaming everyone else for your problems. You’re at fault for your problems and your hate only makes things worst.

      I can see now why you would hate on Iggy Azalea. Because you are a racist biggot. You state that she is racist yet do not elaborate whatsoever as to how she is being racist.

      I don’t see Iggy Azalea as racist. Untalented? Yes, I can agree to that. She has a raspy voice and her lyrics are shit. I’d say someone writes her lyrics for her, but they are so bad that I doubt it. She has used her edgy image, dope beats, being in a small niche of white female rappers to amount a following of clueless white girls. She has done the same using sex appeal to trap all thirsty men. That’s what I have to say about her.

    • Why does this article about Iggy Azalea compel you WHITE EUROPEANS to make ignorant, racist comments toward black people? First it was @therabiddidactic and now you – what is it about a racist, no-talent, big-arsed, fake-American-accented, Australian twat that has you lot up in arms? Now before you reply with any more of your dumb shite, please realise that was sarcasm. I understand that the whole world is filled with different races, different creeds, and different “tribes”, but when some cunt comes out of nowhere and says to me… “If you lot are so fed up of living in white countries and so annoyed at the ‘oppression’ your ancestors faced, why not just go back to your own countries?” …I’m going to answer ignorance with ignorance. I don’t think that when I’m told to “go back where I came from” it’s the time to have a detailed conversation about migratory patterns, racial diversity, and tribal origins.

      The same goes for you, you read an article where I point out Iggy’s lyric regarding a slave-master and you ignore it and start to have a go at ALL BLACK PEOPLE. How is that not racist and bigoted? Especially since you have no idea what my race is. The fact that I’m European says a lot about you. Since you can’t comprehend how people of colour can also be European makes you the prejudice bigot.

      On a side note, I’d love to know why you’ve navigated to an article regarding Iggy Azalea and racism especially when you call her “untalented” and say “I don’t see Iggy Azalea as racist” – if you aren’t interested in her music or my point of view, then what pray tell was the point of you coming here? Why don’t you go back where you came from? (more sarcasm by the way)

      It makes no sense why you would think Iggy Azalea is talentless but at the same time hate her “haters”, why the fuck would you come here and defend her especially since you’ve spurted further racism toward black people? It’s strange that you ignored her lyric, you ignored the other comments, but you labelled me a racist. You talk about me being bigoted but then say black people have “barbaric and dumb witted ancestors” – that right there is hypocrisy. You then say that your “ancestors were classified as barbarians too at one point. Guess what they did, they adopted religion and were no longer seen as barbaric” – it’s so great that white people are only seen as “barbaric” in ancient history, amazing considering the frigging Holocaust. I guess Christianity has wiped that barbarism right out of the European Caucasian.

      Just to point out that there are hundreds of sites highlighting Iggy Azalea’s racism, so before defending her, maybe you should have checked all this shit out…

      Iggy Azalea Racist Tweet 1
      Iggy Azalea Racist Tweet 2
      Iggy Azalea Racist Tweet 3
      Iggy Azalea Racist Tweet 4
      Chuck D replies to Iggy Azalea's racist tweet
      Iggy Azalea Racist Tweet 5

      And by the way it’s “whining” not “winning”, it’s “bigot” not “bogot” or “biggot”, it’s “definition” not “defenition”, and it’s “hypocrite” not “hypocrit”. If you’re oh so proud of your European heritage then get a grasp of the English fucking language. Either that or get a spell-check, or do they not have those in your tribal backwater in the arse-end of Europe?


    • All of these are Caucasoid, so if I were looking at it from a racial perspective, there would be absolutely nothing wrong with it.
      Except I am not, nor have I even said much about race.

      You lot really are a sensitive bunch. Also, please don’t try to be Scottish, your attempt at using outdated words like havering is embarrassing at best

    • There you go again with your fucking NF/KKK/EDL sounding bullshit. “You lot” meaning what? All Black people, African Americans, or Americans; either way you’re a prejudice fuck. If you wanted back-links for your horribly simple-looking, badly-written WordPress site, there were numerous better ways to do it.


  7. There is a huge difference between rap music and corporate rap music.

    When black people are telling you that rap music sold out and became white, they aren’t making that shit up, it’s a fact.
    Who owns all the record companies? Old rich white assholes
    Who makes the decisions for what to promote? Old rich white assholes
    Who promoted gangsta rap and made it mainstream? Again, rich old white assholes

    This isn’t the Motown records where one black guy actually did have control of a record company, and even back then Berry Gordy was the only one out there.

    This girl is a clown, much like Nikki Minajah whatever her name is. If this is the best rap music has to offer, then you’re better off sticking to underground stuff and searching Youtube and Soundcloud for independent stuff.
    Make sure they market that stereotypical hip hop culture and throw in all their consumerist capitalist ideology into it, along with the relentless marketing of product placements. Rap videos are nothing but a fucking advertisement of money, bling, and sex and that whole stereotypical “ghetto” lifestyle.

  8. Music is what we make it. Yes there will be trash music.. and there will be well thought out written and played music. 🙂 If we ignore the trash music, ( i.e like turning your radio off ), and don’t entertain the trash music…( i.e looking it up online and giving money to such websites), then it will gradually go away.. Look at Miley Cyrus.. she came out with some trash music.. singing in her tone deaf voice.. 🙂 lol. so cute and now she just an entertainer. not the best but you get the point..remember don’t feed trolls…

  9. While we are on this .. I can’t stand iggy azalea.. sad that she stole a piece of my name.. its nothing like a white person who has had white “struggles” to dare .. to dare compare their experiences with our own..and wanna “rap about it.” Now how I clarify this? Where do I start.. wait she threw away her own culture, because she was sold a “ghetto fabulous glittery fresh wtf .. black american dream.” Right .. right !? And her ignorant ass actually came down to the United States to pursue this dream. Why is this a crime? Because she is blantely making fun of our music, of the culture that produced some of the best music in the world like rhythm and blues, rock n roll, funk, rap and then finally to hip hop.. all these respectively had soul, talent, culture, tradition, and clarity. I guess our undoing is rap.. but I can’t really say that as we were forced to find a way truly express how we feel about the oppression that we felt in America, (being a black man or woman and having to fight a racist police state, or a bigoted white american in a higher management level.) because the white man took our rock n roll… (white people screaming at the top of their lungs good god with screaming guitars..) and the blues.. (they sing them so fast and the music isn’t quite right).. and funk which they turned into punk and grunge. ugh..etc.. you get the idea.. they’ve taken everything from us.. and now hip hop.. yunno eminem was ok only because he actually put his words out there (wrote lyrics)…and he put his soul out there.. and thats ok… This bitch aint got no education.. no culture … no nothing.. suburban ass bitch ..and dares to put out her fake black voice.. the voice she practices in the mirror … which is fine. But I can’t believe that we would let her racist ass thinking that she can get up on stage and sound “black” and rap about our black culture in front of our faces.. are you serious.. so hip hop is gone.. no hip hop has not saving us.. anymore, however it is now a push to come up with a new genre of music..and it will be beautiful, and wonderful and just us.. We will show them what real music is once again. And that is something Izzy Azalea cannot do. Now WHAT !! Bitch.. also it was T.I and Weezy that signed her up.. 😦

  10. This is probably the most asinine comments i ever heard. So the fuck wat that iggy raps, sings, looks good, etc. Its really nobody’s business. I dont like all her music but i do like some. U haters r so fucking stupid and probably old as fuck to. If u dont want tk hear it don’t listen to it. As far as race, u stupid ignorant rasists bastards , she can like or fuck who she wants. U act like young people should act like ur old fucking asses. Well shes doing great and ur old ass should enjoy ur mobile home as long as u can.

    • 1. These comments are the most asinine comments you ever READ, not heard (unless someone read the article to you).

      2. As soon as an entertainer puts their music out in the public, it’s everybody’s business what they rap, sing etc.

      3. However, if it’s “really nobody’s business” what Iggy raps, sings etc. then it’s also none of your business what I or the commenter’s write.

      4. Using your own logic of “if you don’t want to hear it, don’t listen to it”; maybe don’t fucking read this shit.

      5. Glazing over Iggy’s “slavemaster” lyric and calling us “racist bastards” is actually ignorance. Maybe learn to read before writing a shitty garbled reply.

      6. Nobody needs to know your full name, nobody cares who the fuck you are.

      7. If we’re “haters”, then quit hating on this article, you dumb fuck.

      8. Simply reducing “you” to “u” and calling us “haters” is such an old-man move that I’d wonder how fucking old you really are. Unless you’re a noughties baby, you’re old. Judging from your contrived abbreviations, I’m guessing you’re still pretending to be young and relevant. I bet you still say “swag”.

      9. Nobody here lives in a mobile home, but most Iggy Azalea fans do.

      Now go fuck off and listen to some more overground bubblegum Hip-Pop, just because Iggy gives you dick butterflies, doesn’t mean you have to bother all of us with your bullshit, you dumb cunting fuckboy.

    • i hate when motherfuckas act like she cant be racist just coz she dates black dudes. slave owners used to fuck black slaves, doesnt mean iggy aint racist. not much difference between a slave owner and a runaway slavemaster anyways smh

  11. Just want to clarify I respect success and anyone getting theirs. But I gotta stay true to what I know and believe. When Iggy Azalea has two tracks in the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop top 10 including a #1 (congrats) BUT, you know Hip Hop is dead. You can claim being Hip Hop till the day I die, but that doesn’t mean you’re a true part of who we are as a culture. She’s a talented beautiful woman, but too much with tryna be something she ain’t (from the South). White, blond, from Australia. No, Hip Hop has no boundaries. But it started in the Bronx, not Australia. You look at the hip hop list of #1 tracks 20 years ago and the weeks at #1. Yep, the Tootsie Roll at #1 three times. Hip Hop was way more fun back then. You look at the top tracks now, and the majority all sound the same. Rakim said during an interview that if you bit his music and beats, you got your teeth knocked out. Peace ya’ll.

    “Getto Jam” Domino January 15, 1994 (6)
    “Whatta Man” Salt-n-Pepa featuring En Vogue February 26, 1994 (2)
    “Gin and Juice” Snoop Doggy Dogg March 12, 1994 (2)
    “Player’s Ball” Outkast March 26, 1994 (6)
    “Got Me Waiting” Heavy D & the Boyz May 7, 1994 (3)
    “Regulate” Warren G and Nate Dogg May 28, 1994 (3)
    “Funkdafied” Da Brat June 18, 1994 (11)
    “Tootsee Roll” 69 Boyz September 3, 1994 (1)
    “Flava in Ya Ear” Craig Mack September 10, 1994 (4)
    “Tootsee Roll” 69 Boyz October 8, 1994 (1)
    “Flava in Ya Ear” Craig Mack October 15, 1994 (10)
    “Tootsee Roll” 69 Boyz December 24, 1994 (5)

  12. I listened to her debut album and I thought it was average. I really did try to give her a chance but there is nothing special about iggy. I absolutely hated “Fancy” and “Black Widow” (featuring the shit singer Rita Ora). Iggy Azalea is just a wigger. A white girl who wishes that she was black with that fake accent and that big butt. Then I heard about her racist tweets and like it or not, she has tons of them (you could search it up). Now thanks to you, there is another moment of racism from iggy (the racist lyrics). From that moment on, i have pretty much given up on her. She is total racist ignorant bitch, but if she was black nothing would have changed. Iggy is just another rapper that shoves the stereotypical bullshit down on our throats. So fuck her and the other rappers that infect radio and music television.

  13. The day Iggy Azalea came to the States was already a turning point in history. And I mean the shitty turning point.

    Hip hop is going to die at this rate for crying out loud.

    I’ve turned my back on bubblegum and radio pop, having growing out of favor of them and politely encasing my disgust for it…but it absolutely drives me insane to see and hear of this Australian make a sham outta herself through her own lack of talent and looks, and yet she gets marketed and paid shit by equally cuntish business oriented bastards.

    Not to mention she obviously has no clue whether she was being racist or not. God, of all the idiots you fucking made. She fucks a black and she can’t figure a good excuse, much less a perfectly honest truth about the matter.

    She is a one of a kind, hypocritical antithesis to describe Australians out there. Just sad, fucking sad. 😦

    She and Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye West (He is the worst by the way) deserve to be wiped off like dogs. Man I’d laugh my ass off once something pleasing like this shows up on the evening news.

    • I’ll take your “wiped off like dogs” comment as figurative rather than a literal threat, although dogs don’t deserve to be “wiped off” unless they’ve had a bath.

      Also “fucks a black” seems oddly pejorative despite you inserting such a line into the same sentence where you write “she obviously has no clue whether she was being racist or not”; ironic or just injudicious?

      All this is quite unfortunate since I despise Iggy Azalea.

  14. You had me looking up her “music” – I never actually made an effort to listen to anything of hers before, start to finish. So I found “Trouble”…at first I could not believe Jennifer Hudson has lent herself to that fuckery. Then I started thinking that that song could actually be a good fun if only Amelia (Iggy) used her real voice and accent. You can catch glimpses of her actual voice here and there throughout the song and it’s a lot better souding than the fake accent and the fake voice she puts on. She’s half singing on there rather than attempting to “rap”. Got me thinking…if she had stuck to songs like that performed in a singing manner and in her natural voice she would’ve been a lot more tolerable and a whole less fraudulent. But we can’t have that, of course, so there she was, with her grating fake accent and all, dancing like a fool, throwing up a sign even in the end, making a complete spectactle out of herself as usual.
    For the longest time I thought Amelia-Iggy was T.I. in a drag and white make-up, enacting his White Chicks fantasy.

  15. So many racists in the comment section. Iggy Azalea compared herself to a slave master and posted racist things on Twitter, yet nobody bats an eyelid. But these idiots get pissed off if someone calls her out on her casual racism. Iggy Azalea can fuck off and the racist idiots can join her in hell.

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