What Went Wrong With… Stacey Dooley (& BBC Three)?

A caricature of Stacey Dooley by What Went Wrong Or Right With...?

If you aren’t familiar with this wannabe documentary maker then you are one of the lucky ones. Those subjected to her pointless documentaries in the UK find themselves cringing at her aimless and downright amateurish handling of serious subjects.

Stacey Dooley’s documentaries appear sporadically on BBC Three; a channel which dedicates almost nine hours a day to non-threatening and non-entertaining, dumbed-down televisual torture geared towards wannabe urban, middle-class kids. Amongst all the other banality on this pitiful excuse of a channel Stacey Dooley should not stand out, but with her whining Lutonian accent heavy in glottal stops it is hard not to notice her. And as she meanders around amidst potentially important topics and situations trying to look frail and unassuming, the audience is generally bemused not at the subject of each programme, but at the uncomfortable atmosphere of inadequacy she brings to such subjects.

With so many relevant documentary makers going un-aired on TV, it begs the question why someone this incompetent and unprofessional is given masses of airtime on mainstream terrestrial television. With the obvious amateurishness surrounding Dooley’s shows, it is a wonder why even the slightest amount of the TV Licence fee is spent on her meaningless jaunts, especially when the end result is something that resembles a homemade YouTube documentary.

As soon as Dooley encounters anybody outside of her social circle (everybody outside of Luton) she immediately looks uncomfortable, constantly slumped forward whilst maintaining a worried grin, she never has control of any situation. Standing slouched, she questions people with her perplexed look and nodding-dog head gestures pretending to listen. Dressed-down with minimal make-up and just-woken hair style, she maintains an inoffensive façade and a non-threatening pretence any Social Worker would be proud of. Then after a mild quizzing of random people, Dooley talks to the camera about her trivial thoughts and summations. And if this were not already the recipe for the worst TV documentary ever, she pointlessly narrates the whole fiasco herself like the dullest post-holiday slide-show from an annoying family member.

To make this televisual travesty look even more amateur, she is followed everywhere by a rag-tag bunch of talentless cameramen desperately trying to look hard-hitting by adopting the aesthetics of an undercover sting, but who end up creating what resembles a failed found-footage film. The end result makes a chimp with a camcorder look like Louis Theroux. It is anybody’s guess why people so under-qualified for such a job were ever employed by a mainstream broadcaster. But after the recent string of bad decisions and cover-ups, a lack of talent are the least of the BBC’s worries.

Stacey Dooley Dull, Duly Noted.

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    • Yes, oh my god. Very accurate description. She is *the* most annoying person I have had to watch in my entire fucking life.

      Naive, talentless, annoying, repetitive, over emotional/dramatic are words that come to mind for me. Seriously the way she responds to situations makes me think she was born yesterday. And oh god, her god damned ‘commentary’, which you also mentioned, is in no way insiteful/smart/something that isn’t already blatantly fucking obvious.

      I also cannot stand this womans constant crying. Maybe the first time it happened I was like “oh, yeah, right, okay, it *is* a kinda sad situation….”, but Jesus Christ, the more of her ‘investigative journalism’ (enjoyed that part in your review too, lmao) you watch, the more you realize that BBC must be paying her for each teardrop she produces. Her crying probably got good ratings in the first episode, so they told her to keep it up. That’s my theory at least.

      I am an American watching her shows from my favorite TV torrent website; as you might have guessed they don’t play BBC here. I do generally enjoy BBC documentaries very much, and the topics for Stayey Dooley’s documentaries are generally quite interesting. That’s how I started watching her documentaries. The first one, I could watch without cringing, but my conclusion at the end was still on how much of a dumbass the host was. But now, I’ve watched maybe 4 or 5 of her episodes, and it’s *literally* unbearable. I cannot stand her crying, stupid comments, and just generally having to watch someone on TV do something that I could fucking do a million times better.

      I was just watching her Sex in Cambodia episode, and about 10 minutes in I decided I just couldn’t put up with this bitch anymore. So I went to Google and typed in “Stacey Dooley Annoying”, and there your review was. Keep up the good work.

    • Liutenant Dan says (She is *the* most annoying person I have had to watch in my entire fucking life) then you are obviously a lazy fat fucking yank who can’t be assed to hit the off switch

    • You aren’t the brain of Britain either. *inciteful
      *Note correct use of star (i.e. not for emphasis)

    • i dont agree with him but the guy was quoting the previous reply, and by the way its an asterisk not a star.
      great article btw – i cant stand stacy dooley!!!!!

    • Utter snobbery. Her piece about Luton and Islam was fantastic. TRULY valuable stuff. What you have rambled on about comes from sheer jealousy utilizing your innate superiority. …

    • To dismiss criticism by calling the criticiser a “snob” or “jealous” is so contrived. Dooley’s show about Luton was the most mundane, wishy-washy shite I’ve ever seen, and for BBC Three that’s saying something. Stacey Dooley and more recently Reggie Yates are so inoffensively evasive and even ambiguous over their stance, that it becomes annoying to watch. A real Documentary Maker exudes their opinion from every second of film, I’d love to know what you thought was “TRULY valuable” about her meandering around Luton with some ex-EDL moron?

    • Is anybody allowed to disagree with the article without the writer insulting them? I’ve read all I want to from this site. Unlike Stacey’s great shows.

    • Apart from my reply to the racist Islamophobe, who have I insulted? You’ve just left four comments about how you love everything Dooley makes and I haven’t insulted you either. Replying to a comment isn’t automatically “insulting”… get your facts straight.

    • I think Stacey Dooley is amazing if anyone is undermining her they must be jealous …. she comes across as an honest girl next door even if she may appear naive ! I think her girl next door nature makes it easier for her to approach the dangerous situations with ease, those she interviews seem to warm to her and it like she has an angels presence around her that protects her .. And people open up to her .. Another presenter may find them self being pushed away and not let in.. everything is a learning curve for herself and the public she won a BAFTA AWARD !! WELL DONE STACEY ,, to all you that put her down your all jealous sad twats .. To even waste your time writing up a criticism about this girl proves you gave your plenty of you waste world time !! Go andocumentary your self FOOLS

    • I like watching Stacey. She gives an everyday perspective on situations, and has a good way of relating to ordinary people when talking to them. The shows never feel over stuffy or boring.
      Sure she has a different approach, but that’s what’s good, because it’s different.

    • I don’t know what show you were watching but Stacey Dooley has to be the most annoying bitch on telly today. Utter crap!!!!

    • there is no hope for you. – Stacey is an amateur brainless bimbo .WTF are the BBC doing – historically they have a worldwide reputation for premier class documentary film-Making based on intelligent, professional,well researched and presented programmes. I can only assume they are dumbing down like so much of the media today.

    • You might think that if you’ve never left your mother’s basement, but if you’ve ever gone out in the world and spoken with anyone you realize Stacey Dooley is one clueless, naive twat who is only making matters worse for the people she speaks with while enriching herself, the charities she is propagating, and dumbing down people like you.

    • Read as “the show is perfect for intellectually challeneged people like me who find it hard to grapple with anything more complex than a single syllable”

    • I wish that I had been given money by the BBC when I was in my twenties, to swan around South East Asia. Actually, I would have been happier reporting on how to make a good Som Tam or even the sex life of stick insects and not poor kids who as often as not venture into prostitution willingly in order to support their families in day to day living. As for you interviewing cops who are more likely to be part of the problem rather than part of the solution, I would say that you would be well advised to do some in depth research into the subject, rather than reading up on “The Lonely Planet” and “The Rough Guide to Wherever”
      Sorry Stacey, you are probably a really nice person, but your reporting doesn’t cut it

    • I couldn’t agree more with everything that was said here, it is simply mind boggling that someone with no qualifications and unprofessional could get airtime on national TV. It gives a black eye to serious investigative journalism everywhere. In short. it’s a bad joke.

    • I forgot to mention that like one of the other commentators on this forum I too am a yank (aka US citizen) and enjoy watching some British tv shows–just not this one!!

    • OOO, come the very least she is going out there to show through current media what is going on (wrong) with certain proplematics in the world! I like her because at a very young age she did have a lot of courage and emphaty and takes action, she studied, got her job and uses it well!

    • First of all, every issue she “tackles” is already common knowledge:

      Greece & Ireland in an economic crisis? You don’t say.
      American Border Wars? Wow, what news.
      Muslim Extremists in the UK? Oh my gosh, what a scoop.

      Plus, every time I’ve seen her, she comes across as a fake – I have never seen any “empathy” or “courage” from this hack.

      Her fakeness began when she appeared as a participant on the TV Show Blood, Sweat, And T-Shirts (she wasn’t a “journalist” back then). Directly because of that show, and because she was seen as popular by the twats in charge of BBC Three, she got her own series. As far as I’m aware, she didn’t study hard to get where she is, she is on TV because of a fluke. If she does have a Degree in Journalism, I doubt she was head of her year or that she received a First Class Degree with her meagre skills. Either way, I’m sure there are thousands of people who:-

      1. Are greater campaigners for causes
      2. Are more qualified to have their own show
      3. Better at presenting
      4. Less annoying

      She is hardly the next Michael Apted, Errol Morris, Steve James or even Nick Broomfield.

      So why is she on TV? She’s only on the BBC to make people from Council Estates look like they’re unintelligent or as though they’ve little or no skills at Documentary Making. Both her and the BBC can piss off.

    • I couldn’t have put it better myself, although I still like the BBC on the basis that I have never found a better terrestial channel anywhere in the world, and I have been around a bit. (If you don’t believe me, try Thai TV for size)

    • “She studied ?” What exactly, she is an ignorant, incompetent moron who worked as a shopgirl before some numpty at the BBC decided that it would be a wonderful idea to allow an uneducated half wit with a really irritating voice to be allowed to make really bad television programs.

    • Just tuned in to Stacey Dooley ‘reporting’ on Thailand’s Drug Craze.
      My initial thought was “who is this useless presenter”? She is painful to watch – I’ve been trying to work out how to describe her journalism ‘style’ but words fail me……. She actually reminds me of an over confident teenager who’s trying to appear knowledgeable of her subject, and failing miserable. She’s actually VERY annoying…time to turn over….

    • This is the 4th documentary I have watched and this time, I searched her on google. Her accent along with her attitude (seemingly showing empathy) was very annoying but I thought it was only me who disliked it. The fact that I have found this website should say it all that I was so annoyed that I was looking to find out if anyone else agrees, and I see yes, they do. From Canada.

    • Here here, she’s like a cross between Karl Pilkinton, the idiot abroad, and some daft bird off Eastenders! Wowzers BBC!

    • I think she’s lovely but each their own. I grant she doesn’t tackle new issues but she has a way of connecting with the people involved with the subject. She doesn’t just cover it from above, she gets to know the players on a personal level. Some of your critique sounds driven by snobbery but that’s just how I read it. I’m sure it was meant to sound even and not unhinged.


    • I DISAGREE WITH ALL YOUR COMMENTS, IM GETTING THE IMPRESSION YOU YOURSELF ARE A JEALOUS WANNABE TALENTLESSS JOURNALIST THAT HAS had to resort to blogging or whatever this is. Really just YOUR opinion as this is mine as I am sure that the BBC are not throwing money away on a series that SD has that is not bringing in the vewiers . Personally I think your jealously bittnerness could be used more proactive to maybe improve your career.

    • While you’re disagreeing with “ALL MY COMMENTS” whilst simultaneously ignoring the fact that these aren’t “ALL MY COMMENTS” (and whilst you’re pressing your tits against the Caps button) why are you dismissing the fact that the majority of these replies agree with my article? If someone airs their opinion that differs to your own, saying they’re “jealous” or “bitter” is very similar to calling someone a “hater” – these are just dismissive labels to curtail any points of view you don’t agree with (what would you say if I called you bitter and said you were jealous of me?).

      For someone like you who apparently only cares about the amount of “viewers” something has, surely the numerous comments left at the bottom of this article (that agree with me) are enough to warrant the article and stance itself?

      Also, for a twatting moron who can’t construct a sentence without including numerous inaccuracies, your judgement of talent and career choices is at that point greatly undermined. Please fuck off and crawl back up Stacey Dooley’s arse where I’m sure you’ll feel much more comfortable.

    • Her abuse of the English language drives me nuts – could someone please tells her that water has a T in it which deserves to be pronounced.

      Practice does seem to improve her and her 2 lady team, and she is developing a certain style that is quite unique, but grating. Best advice would be to take gap year or two to attend a journalism school and get a “pwoper” educa-ion, and she’d be the dogs.

    • She does not pronounce the t in the word laundrymat either in the homeless in Detroit doc. Thought that was how the English talked but now understand why she talks like that. But still enjoyed the doc because the 2 trannies are funny.

    • Wow I can’t believe how many people there are that feel the exact same way I feel about how ridiculous she is!!

    • Same thoughts here from the Netherlands. Having lived in SE Asia for a number of years I feel terrible about the simple way she is forming her opinion and probably get the dumbest herd of sheep following and believing her. Very simple and narrow minded approach.
      She is repeating everything and asking ridiculous questions. Glad I found this site and see fellow people being annoyed. A pity, as the subjects are interesting… Bunch of f….ng amateurs

    • What a brilliantly written and hilarious critique. Love your replies to the Dooley groupies. ‘Please fuck off and crawl back up Stacey Dooley’s arse where I’m sure you’ll feel much more comfortable.’
      I googled how the hell did dooley end up doing documentaries and found this. Thanx for the entertainment.

    • In Denmark – my country – a national broadcast outlet televised many of the programs hosted by Stacey Dooley. All I can say is that I agree with your observations all the way. I have come to hold Stacey Dooley of so low regard in her acting as a journalist like I never imagined possible.
      The constant self content and/or self rightuous look in her eyes that is omnipresent is vomit provoking… her leading questions and all that entails.
      Here’s the kicker that made my day, not 30 mins ago, when watching ‘Sex In Strange Places: Brazil’ – As Stacey is sitting alone in her hotel room talking to the camera in her normal judgemental fashion, she’s sitting on her bed looking at the photo of a scantily clad transgender hooker and describes her the following way; “…because she is so obviously feminin, you know, from the waist up… and then from the waist down it’s like, WHOAAA! (laughs in a restrained manner)…the penis is massive!”. While staring at that image she then licks her lips bigtime (Not with the tip, mind you). Priceless!

  1. Saw this bimbo for the first time tonight. Immediately googled “Stacey Dooley is a cunt” and wound up here. My faith in Britain is restored, for as an American, i was concerned that this was typical of the twaddle on the Beeb.

    • Thanks for the reply. Most people in the UK (who have seen her show) absolutely hate this kind of crap, but it doesn’t stop the BBC from creating masses of it. BBC Three is filled with this kind of garbage, and their other channels aren’t much better. Glad to see that people outside of Britain find her irritating too (and by the way; that was one of the funniest and most succinct search terms in order to get to this site!)

    • Haha! I typed “Stacey Dooley is annoying” on google and wound up here. Jesus christ I hate this bitch.

    • I came here after typing “Stacy Dooley is Stupid”.

      Not as funny but true.

      This review it 10/10.

      She get all of her facts mixed up and is never quite sure who she is outraged against.

      In her latest episode of “Stacey Dooley Investigates…” she goes to Swaziland and it is shockingly bad. Her nervous and clueless smile and while she takes from the situation whatever she wants to hear. Narrated by a patronising commentary based mostly on her own assumptions rather than the facts we can see for ourselves which she clearly misunderstands in most cases.

      Her documentaries do cover interesting topics and she is presenting to a younger audience. But that is no excuse. I would be tempted to say that she would be disarming with her naivety but I’m sure she just comes across as being annoying to the people she is interviewing too.

      Next time on “Stacey Dooley Investigates, is Confused, then Outraged and then Cries…”

    • I couldn’t agree more! she is a complete twat! That grating accent along with her repetitive use of words such as
      ‘the gals’ is quite possibly the most annoying experience I have had in a while.
      I am amazed she is paid for this crap!
      Find someone who has the intellect and experience in life/ confidence to get to grips with important issues!!!

    • Haha, I did the same after watching this annoying unintelligent bitch- “Stacey Dooley is a cunt”. And she calls herself an investigative journalist, jesus. But anyways I agree with (almost) all the aforementioned comments. Coming from Finland.

    • This is great! I googled “stacey dooley complete fucking idiot” and this came top. The piece is the “mot juste”, and I’m glad others think the same of this vapid, insipid and pusillanimous moron. Unfortunately, she does have fans, and this is an indictment of our education system in general. For those respondents who think she should be given a break, I’d love to challenge you to spend one evening down the pub listening to her ” wow it’s so totally like kind of ohhh emmm geeee just… wow!” crap. On another point, I tend to agree that calling her a cunt is a bit off – it is, arguably, a sexist term, but more to the point, cunts are quite nice and lovely to spend time with.

    • I would argue that after the nineties, cunt has become a synonym for idiot or moron; similar to twat, prick, cock, or dick. And since slang terms for both male and female genitalia are used (especially by me) to refer to a “stupid fool”, I no longer see it as a sexist term. Depending on your sex or sexual orientation, cocks are lovely to spend time with too; but we still use that word in a derogatory sense… so why not use “cunt” in the same way too?

    • “I hate Stacey Dooley” brought me here. I love it when the internet confirms I was right in despising someone.

    • I cannot stand Stacy Dooley. She’s so naive and has no experience in the topics she reports on. I would literally punch her in the face if I saw her. BBC GET RID OF HER!

    • How about all you people who put Stacey down your all cunts !! spend time cunting off those who are making midwives like me jobs hard . Cunt of the government !! When u got to pay for your health care God help all of you !!

    • With grammar like that I’m not surprised you’re a midwife. What’s paying for healthcare go to do with Stacey Dooley either? The Goverment just won’t grow a pair of balls and demand tax money off many many big companies who avoid it and owe us it. The £1.3bn that Starbucks owe the UK in Tax would save the NHS and probably even give a customary ass scrub to everyone who comes into AE twatted on a friday night.

      But no, Cameron’s too afraid to say pay us or we cease your trading in England. Probably because hes profiting off it.

      As the record goes though, Stacey Dooley is a talentless whiney cunt.

  2. I’ve just been forced to re-watch one of her most recent documentaries, protesting at the prospect of having to endure another hour of her childish ramblings, I said she was a bad reporter. I’m a journalism. My comment received much backlash from my family saying that I was jealous and my detest for the woman stemmed from the fact that I too and just another young bedfordshire girl. However I am a journalism student- I know what good reporting is. Her continuos use of clichés is incredibly dull and her frequent use of colloquialisms doesn’t do an awful lot for her credibility. I can see her appeal to certain audiences, but she really doesn’t do it for me- its like dumbed down reporting, the television equivalent of Yahoo UK’s entertainment reporters who’s work is littered with words and phrases such as ‘blummin’ and ‘like seriously cute’. Whatever happened to celebrating the intellect of a person? Anyway after googling Ms Dooley, I was comforted in knowing that there were many other’s out there sharing my view.

  3. I’m glad it’s not just me that finds that air head so f$%&ing dull.!
    Dooley is a special kind of idiot whose main intent seems to be self promotion and gratification.
    I thought she was reading from a script as she seems so uncomfortable..
    I think she should consider a career change maybe moving into customer care with Tesco.

  4. Bless you for writing this post!
    My lecture made us watch her on a documentary about childlabour in India at my first year at uni. We had to watch her whiney face added with tears while showing her pity infront of an orphans yabbing bs like ” I can’t believe he is been taken away from his parent like this”. Well, believe it, by the look of your footage it seems to be true you idiot.The worse part was my lecturer praising this crap at end. At the time I had been detesting my course ( for its lack of content) for a while, but seing my lecture praising this nonsense was the tip of the iceberg. The thought of this guys who is giving miss retard here credit for absolutely nothing will also be teaching me for three years more was unbearable, so I had no other choice but to change the course. Best choice made ever!

    Finally I found her name on this documentary about mexicans being deported, which brought me here. Somebody need to stop her! I have never been so annoyed at someone I just saw on TV to the extent that I have to google this page and comment on it.
    For instance in this documentary when she sees how the deported mexicans living in a sewage near the border, she had to make unnecessary dumbass comment such as ” I can’t believe what kind of the condition they live in”. It’s like saying ” Wow, such nice weather” when it’s sunny outside. And it’s not like we are talking about trivia stuff like the weather, we are actually talking about serious matter like people being deported.

    • i think you meant ‘last straw’ (or to something of that effect) instead of ‘tip of the iceberg’ haha

  5. Stacey Dooley is a moronic goof. Shame on BBC for allowing this ugly animal partake in investigative reporting. She should stick to her norms by reporting useless topics. Terminate the Dooley now!

    • She clearly must be sleeping with the right person. What irritates me most about her is her smugness. She thinks she is so much better than everyone she interviews, even though she is the biggest moron on television.

  6. I too typed Stacey Dooley is annoying and here I am!!

    One of the worst things she does is ask a question and summarises the answer given back to the person who just gave her the answer, ” So what your saying is……..”, “So you believe that……” Aaaaaaghhh

    • And all the hand movements to emphasise the point she is trying to make

      It’s like watching a child report !

      She has ruined what could of been several very informative and interesting documentories , I have had to switch off several of these car crashes , as I could no longer stand the torment

  7. I had the misfortune of watching her documentary regarding Sunny Beach. Her moronic charades while she spoke to her interviewees and then interviewed the mayor!

  8. I am glad some other people have noticed how bad she is. I am seriously considering writing a complaint to thre BBC, for all the good that will do.
    The worst part of all this is the topics she gets to cover, they are very interesting and serious. A real documentary maker could make unmissable tv on these topics. Instead we get docs made for 14 yr old girls from the south-east and those like them.
    I hate her now.

  9. The commissioning department at the BBC are to blame. I don’t think we should be blaming – let alone deriding – Stacey Dooley, who seems like a perfectly nice, ordinary young woman making the best of the extraordinary opportunity presented to her.

    I watched Louis Theroux’s documentary on the Nazis in the US. Like much of his work it oozed tension, insight, and was hugely informative. With seeming effortlessness Theroux articulates rounded characterisations and as a viewer you’re reassured by his carefully obscured but nevertheless apparent intellect. Not so with Dooley.

    Clearly the attraction to the commissioners is her girl-next-door approachability. Unfortunately this isn’t the same faux-naivety that Theroux presents, instead Dooley approaches her subjects as a complete ingenue, routinely boasting her ignorance.

    Anyway, don’t hate Dooley, hate the commissioners.

    • I actually feel sorry for her. She’s so out of her depth. It’s ridiculous she’s making these programmes. She’s understands almost nothing about law, addiction, criminality, morality, psychology, sociopathy… basically all the things she’s reporting on. She doesn’t know how to interview – she routinely puts words in the mouths of her interviewees, and unintentionally guides the conversation by her reactions. It would be fine if this was a Blue Peter reporter, but this is supposedly a serious documentary.

    • I’m sure that she understands about money, and how great it is for her to be paid for travelling around the world and making a mockery of journalism. Seeing as she has done absolutely no research into the subjects that she is supposed to be researching, maybe she should try taking the drugs that she is decrying , so that she has a better idea of the “misery” that they are bringing to people. Maybe she should try selling her body to experience what she is reporting, rather than simpering over this, that and the other.

  10. Amazing! I’ve just finished watching Ms Dooley in Prague. After watching her and her crew being thrown out of a brothel I searched ‘stacey dooley annoying’! I am SO glad that others find this woman’s wasting of BBC licence payers money as frustrating as I do! We all know that there are the most mind numbingly stupid and inane programmes on TV but we accept these for what they are. What absolutely angers me about Dooley’s so called ‘exposes’ is that, put in the hands of any one of the many excellent REAL journalists out there, this programme could actually make a difference!

    What did Dooley THINK would happen when, in the presence of the brothel owners, she asked a young prostitute what forced her to become and stay a hooker? Did she seriously believe that they would simply smile as their ‘property’ told of a life of homelessness and debt? So Dooley got thrown out and actually expressed surprise at the fact! The sad thing…? Ms Dooley jets off to her next comfortable assignment…leaving this 19 year old girl with her story untold and probably in trouble with her pimps. Shame on you, Dooley – if you go into people’s lives have the decency to treat them as people, do your research, apply some common sense and for heaven’s sake – stop with the crocodile tears…it’s old now.

  11. I CANNOT STAND this woman. She is so moronic, so false, so woefully bad at interviewing her subjects – so utterly patronising, too! Who in their right minds thought it was a good idea to anoint this vacuous airhead an investigative reporter? She is an insult to the journalistic profession.

  12. Hahha, that’s why I admire the British humor, and the rich language that allows to describe a human statement in the most intelligent way! Very nicely said, fully agree! The bitch made a “documentary” about my home land – Bulgaria, and even though I agree with some of the major points shown in the movie, the focus was fully switched towards how bad Bulgaria is to serve such a cheap booze and allow people to get drunk – and NOT, how young BRITISH go there, and start acting like being unleashed from their prison…..was sooo pissed off. Anyways felt so good when I read that witty presentation of Staaaiiiceiiii (with her horrible Lutonian accent)
    Cheers from Vancouver, CANADA

  13. Watching Stacey Dooley is so upsetting … Just finished watching the Cancun documentary in which when a woman breaks down crying after explaining how a local girl was raped up the road from her, Stacey then asks ‘what are you crying for?’. She also explains that ‘things could be worse’ … and that ‘it’s a bit bad innit’. I am in tears myself. But only because this reporter is so awful – how on earth did she get this job? Why is she nodding in agreement before the interviewee even gives the answer to her questions … Someone was clearly in the right place at the right time to land her slot on national tv, or perhaps daddy is a friend of a friend. I give up.

  14. Very well written article. The Beeb should copy the Carlsberg tagline…”probably the most annoying presenters in the world”…only drop the “probably.”

    As many here have already said, there’s some potentially explosive subject matter here, so what does the BBC do? It picks someone with dreadful communication skills, a horrendous accent and mind numbing faux-empathy that just fuels near incomprehensible rage. Is it normal to shout expletives at your iPad whilst watching a programme?

    Step back for a second and imagine the “thought shower” the BBC team had when coming up with this programme…

    Listen up Beeb: I don’t care what demographic you are aiming at, this girl does NOT belong on a television screen anywhere. That’s a fact.

  15. This is not the usual hatchet job, moreover an articulate and detailed lament as to why such serious matters are handed to a person clearly out of her depth. Often her misjudged, wholly inappropriate responses to examples of human suffering are painful to watch, as she severally smirks, nods, and even laughs as she trawls the limited repertoire of camera friendly responses she has so far mastered. None of which are ever germane to the matters she is supposed to be investigating.

    Her documentaries are dreadfully wasteful of time, of resources, come off as insulting to her subjects and trivialise some very grave issues. I cannot understand who greenlighted this cringeworthy attempt to knock together some youth-friendly investigative format, but it is uniformly terrible.

    • I didn’t watch her show on suicide, but this article just goes to show how poorly thought out Dooley’s shows are. To completely disregard the Samaritans Guidelines step by step, it’s almost as if everybody involved from the Producer and Editor down, are completely unqualified for the position they hold.

      Thanks for the link.

  16. These are BBC3 progs aimed at people who don’t watch documentries. And you know what – they succeed in reaching those audiences. Stacey Dooley -who initially appeared as a subject in a documentry- got the job precisely because audiences do emphasise with her. And if she comes across as unthreatening it’s not a bad thing when you put yourself in dangerous situations. And if you come across as unknowing it just puts you on the same level as the audience. Banish this type of programme to late night “serious” journalists if you like – but nobody will watch it.

    • Though I take your point, I don’t think it’s accurate to say that Dooley’s shows are for “people who don’t watch documentaries”. To stereotype an entire section of our country by assuming what their viewing habits are or will be; is quite closed-minded. Documentaries don’t have to be two extremes… High-brow boredom vs. Ultra-dumbed-down crap à la Stacey Dooley.

      Just because Dooley grew up in a council estate, doesn’t mean she speaks for everybody living there. In fact it is quite prejudice to put a “stupid” and “ditzy” wannabe-journalist in front of the camera.

      This is a calculated move by the BBC; to reinforce the idea that “common” people or working-class people act a certain type of way, or have a certain level of education.

      Stacey Dooley got this job because the BBC wanted to make money, point blank. And judging from the amount of responses to this post, masses of us watch her even though we hate her. I guess they got what they wanted, at the expense of a specific demographic of our society (which they managed to mock in the process).

    • Masses don’t necessarily watch her even though they hate her. I have just watched the first two minutes of her Peru cocaine story and after only two minutes thought, who the hell is this idiot presenter. I am 53 and my 22 year old son then enters the room and starts ranting about the awful presenter who he had already come across previously. After 5 minutes I couldn’t stomach it any longer and googled Stacey Dooley is rubbish, and ended up here. I will never watch her again, was just unlucky to get 5 minutes of such nonsense.

    • Many people aside from doing a double-take, watch at least two of her shows just to see whether she’s consistently poor at presenting. The popularity of her show means that she’s now been moved from BBC Three to BBC One, and that’s directly because of her audience numbers (even though her viewership also includes the people who dislike her).

  17. Well!! I just finished the Prague show and said “no fucking way, there’s gotta be somewhere I can complain!” and look here… GREAT!.
    I would hate to be one of those Mayors of cities she interviews, being asked all these moronic questions on camera… she must feel so incisive, they must think “is this a joke?!”.
    To the Mayor or Prague, who was telling her they were in the process of pushing the brothels to the outskirts of the city (Presumably to recover the beautiful centre from the nasty tourism that has taken it over and hope to be able to lure back decent tourists?) she says to the guy: “Surely pushing the problem away is irresponsible, instead of tacking it”. Geez Stacey really?, are you suggesting the guy is lazy? incompetent? corrupt? WHAT!. NO substance whatsoever.
    I would like to bang her though! real hard and pulling her hair like: take, this, you dumb, bitch! haha.

    • I saw the Prague show and instantly looked up Dooley annoying. It’s great that I’m not alone in thinking her so utterly patronising and naive.

    • I googled ‘who the fuck is stacey doolan?’ and got my answer here. She is a reality tv contestant/winner. Job done, … should have known. It seems like the BBC is trying to win over the Jeremy Cretin crowd from ITV. Can’t blame her for taking up a lucrative tv deal tho. But… from your comments Jonass you sound like an American porn star ( I would like to bang her etc. when really you;re 14 and from Tunbridge Wells.

  18. Great article!!! I completely agree. She is so annoying, patronising and brainless. I would like to watch some of these documentaries, but I switch it off after her first words. Oh god, she is sooooo bad.

  19. LMFAO… All of you need to take a chill pill and give her a go. Then admit to yourselves that the only reason you watched the show, was because they stopped showing reruns of “Swamp people” and “Turtle Man”…………LOL

    • Nobody watches Swamp People or Turtle Man in the UK. Fuck your Chill Pill and your LOLs

    • Hi, a lot of nasty sexism from both sexes but mainly men – Cunt? is that necessary? – on this thread. I watched Stacey Dooley Homeless in the USA. I agree she is not the best. BUT she is able to communicate with people, She empathises and gets into the world of those she encounters. Not everyone would be able to hang out with a couple of transgender women and look totally at ease. She appeals to certain people as she does not do that Heroic Interviewer stuff. I agree with a lot of the criticism but also a lot of it says more about the threaders than Stacey Dooley.

    • Who exactly wouldn’t be able to “hang out with a couple of transgender women and look totally at ease”? Is that because the two in question were transgender, ethnic minorities, poor, or all three? That kind of comment smacks of old-school “bums against the wall” or “watch yourself with him” type prejudice – like homosexuals/transexuals will pounce on you. Why can’t people just be comfortable with people different to themselves without it first becoming a popular culture approved reaction. But all that aside, Stacey Dooley is definitely a cunt. And yes, that was completely necessary.

  20. I’ve just finished watching one of her pointless pretentious documentaries and couldn’t understand why I saw the whole thing out till the end until I read this, I was definitely bemused at how this judgemental little snob found her way onto my television with her fake concerns and fruitless interviewing techniques . Whoever wrote this has hit the nail on the head, fucking brilliant 10/10

  21. i cant stand this pretentious little cow. she is beyond patronising and stuck up! i dont undeestand her smugness when she cant even ask one proper question (never mind the rightfully ambiguous responses she gets). nobody she speaks to even trusts her enough to give a proper answer – she is an utter joke! which planet is this chick from?!!! i have never seen anything more lame and cheap in my life. i do hope someone makes a parody of her though – she really is asking for it to happen!

  22. At the end of the day ladies, she is a journalist whether you like it or not and shes got a job on the BBC.
    Write a letter of complaint if you like, but there’s fuck all you can do about it, aside from creating a swish site to moan about her and stroke each other off. Bless you for taking full advantage of free speech.

    • That was almost funny, until you ruined it with your second comment two minutes later. But hey, bless your little heart for trying.
      And by the way, comments are automatically held for moderation in most “swish” sites these days, but I guess your old arse is still accustomed to writing “letters of complaint”.
      And while I’m at it, your attempt at belittling the readers of this post by calling them “ladies”, is then wrecked by saying they “stroke each other off”. Surely a bunch of “ladies” would frig each other off? And what a great place to use sexist stereotyping – within your defence of a female TV presenter. How completely fatuous.

  23. I just watched “Stacey Dooley in the USA-Homeless” episode and the next thing I did is googled “Stacey Dooley is annoying” and here I am. I usually like documentaries about USA and this particular documentary interested me a lot. The way she forced a homeless person to talk who came out of a prison and who was stuck in the memories of his neighborhood while standing there annoyed me so much that I wanted to slap her. She went on like “Tell me, what are you thinking? Are you ok? Sure? Tell me, Tell me, Tell me what is going on in your mind, It’s alright, you can tell me, please tell me what you are thinking”…Argghhhh…This is the first time I’m watching her documentary and thanks to her, she put me off from watching further episodes. I take peace at knowing that there are people who feels same about her.

  24. It’s like they got Pollyanna or Violet Elizabeth Bott to cover the story of Auschwitz….a vomit-inducing obtuse but precocious 12-year old child making happy-glad documentaries about the darkest subjects in a (for some strange reason) Dick Van Dyke style parody of a Cockney accent. Couldnt believe she didnt get shot dead in her latest films on Detroit, Chicago, etc; a perfect opportunity wasted. (Kudos to those who know who Violet Elizabeth Bott is)

  25. I found this blog in a similar way to many others who have commented!

    Someone posted a clip from her hometown extremists show on Facebook, using it as islamaphobic propaganda

    Her horrible whiny “I’m not judging you!” while chasing down a protester horrified me and I felt compelled to watch the whole show for some reason. She keeps making bizarre assumptions about what Muslims believe, and then says “I don’t know anything about Islam” in her next breath.

    Maybe be a JOURNALIST and do some RESEARCH before your show.

    If this is what the BBC thinks young British people should relate to, I wanna cancel my licence!

  26. I have recently been watching a re run of the excellent “The World at War” documentries where Laurence Olivier gives a master class in commentary. On the same night I have then tuned in to Stacey bloody Dooley in a cocaine documentry in Peru. I know the format is different but honestly what are the BBC thinking of. The BBC still employ the excellent John Simpson. God knows what the likes of him and another great John Pilger would make of it all.

    Please tell me her dad is a BBC excecutive, at least there would then be a reason for such a waste of tax payers money.

    • It’s like watching ‘Why don’t you’ or some sort of weird community project TV show. ‘Investigating’ drink and drugs in a holiday resort Stacy asks a particularity bored copper ‘what are people who are drunk or on drugs like” later this is followed up with reports that people are stealing processions from people sleeping on the beech…Stacy observers “these people are effectively being robbed”…or even actually being robbed Stacy.

      I have to say it is great entertainment but may be not in the way BBC3 and Stacy were aiming for.

  27. Ya-Ba Ya-Ba Ya-Ba Ya-Ba changes the structure of your brain innit Ya-Ba….grrrrrrrhhhhhhh#
    Whats her IQ?
    Dammmmmnnn I need some Ya-Ba to recover from her stupid documentary

  28. Well,what worries me is that i came here by the same route as a lot of people i.e. “Stacey Dooley is…..” after watching her “documentary” on Sunny Beach in Bulgaria and still the BBC (our funded BBC ) the national broadcaster still sees fit to employ this vacuous, air-headed excuse for an investigative reporter in spite of all the negative comments.
    Perhaps there are some positive comments somewhere, but I have not seen any! GET RID AND SAVE MY MONEY!!

  29. This is bang on, she reports with the most naive attitude ever seen ‘oh no look there is drunk people here how could this happen’.

    She simply states the bloody obvious – holiday resort, drunk people, possible to get drugs there, some theives going around….AND???? I could document that from my armchair at home and save the time and money going there, as she just brushes over the points without ever really properly investigating it or getting to the root of the reasons for them happening.

    Absolutely terrible…

  30. Just watched on BBC 3 her so-called ‘investigative journalism’ report on the cocaine trade in Peru. Couldn’t watch to the end, it was so embarrassing and amateur. Has she ever studied reporting or documentary film-making? Tragic that trainee journalists get by-passed to give Miss Dooley a golden opportunity to waste.

  31. Very observant and accurate analysis of Dooley and her idiosyncrasies. I’ve just watched her program about Yaba in Thailand and typing into Google “Stacey Dooley annoying” after watching the show and reading this article, everything you have written, is true and strait to the point.

  32. Stupid bitch! Such a lack of knowledge about the Bulgarian country..Who is responsible of taking the drugs? The brits tourists or the Bulgarian who sells the drug?

    • Dear all, I just leave a message that I agree with you. Stacey Dooley is the dumbest girl I even watched, about Luton Moslims. She is such a dhimmi, and pro-islam. I can never forgive her for misinforming people about the real dangers with Islam. With Stacey is all about people not talking and the “racist” EDL. it all about her, she is putting in an earring, she is putting on make-up. And she thinks very conclusion are pearls of wisdom. Pearls for swines more like it, and I think the pig is even smarter then Stacey.

    • Fucking hell, there’s so much wrong with your comment that I’ll bullet point it:-

      1. Don’t assume that since you “agree” with the article, the writer and readers here agree with your prejudice meandering. We don’t.
      2. If you want to be derogatory about Muslims, at least use the correct term “Moslem” and not your uninformed hybrid “Moslim” which exists nowhere but in your Islamophobic head.
      3. You know the term “dhimmi” (a historical term meaning “protected person” referring to non-Muslim citizens of an Islamic state) but don’t know the correct “Pearls Before Swine” quotation from Matthew 7:6 in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.
      4. What “real dangers with Islam”? For someone who hates Islam, you’re the fucker who knows the term “dhimmi”, I guess it’s easier to learn than Christianity.
      5. Putting quotation marks around the word racist, as though the EDL aren’t racist shows your racist opinions.
      6. You watched her show and thought she was Pro-Islamic? What fucking show did you watch? She was if anything, non-committal, and she was friendly with the Lutonian EDL Member.
      7. Most of us were calling Stacey Dooley a “cunt” in jest, but now that you’ve come along, you’ve up and out cunted her.
      8. You want to somehow sympathise with British people by commenting on this article, but write such bad English, you’d fail our Citizenship Test.
      9. Maybe get off your high horse. In the 1600’s the Dutch were the foremost Slave Traders in Europe, and since 30% of the African Slaves were Muslim, maybe their descendants deserve reparations rather than further hatred from people in the Netherlands today.

      Now get the fuck off my site, you hate-filled cunt.

    • If you are unable to realise the threat of Islamic extremism you are brainwashed, stupid and naive. You’re own views are extremist left wing views and nothing to do with those of working class Labour voters regarding Islam and immigration.

    • Chiming in on an article about Stacey Dooley in the middle of the fucking night on the threat of Islamic Extremism makes you the dumbest twat yet. The fact that Islamophobia is sold to the public the same way anti-Irish or anti-German sentiments have in the past, makes you the brainwashed naive fool. Ever stop to think that our Governments have something to gain by making you think there’s some kind of overblown threat?

      And who the fuck said anything about my opinions being those of the “working class Labour voters”? I said “Don’t assume that since you “agree” with the article, the writer and readers here agree with your prejudice meandering” which is correct since the majority of my site’s viewers agree with my opinions. Nowhere did I say this site’s visitors are “Labour Voters”, so why even bring that shit up?

      Judging from your horrid xenophobic stance on “Islam” and “immigration”, this makes you about as far from the majority of the left-wing working class people than me. Your opinions are if anything right-wing and downright idiotic, maybe get the fuck off the site of an “extremist left wing” bloke and go suck Ed Miliband’s cock, or more accurately judging from your comment; Nigel Farage or Nick Griffin’s.

      You moronic fucking prejudice cunt.

    • if shes awake in the middle of the week late at night shes probably on benefits
      [the same kind of idiotic assumption these idiots make about islam]

    • Don’t include everyone in “Dear ALL”. We are not all racist hateful people. I love everyone even Stacey Dooly. We are here but for a short time and we will all be dead some day, maybe you’ll return as a Muslim and see how it feels. Peace and Respect to all.

    • What about all the misogyny? Some of the comments have made me wince.

      I agree with the article, but is it really necessary to refer to Dooley as a cunt, an ugly animal, etc.?

      Think it’s great that your willing to take on the racists in the comment secton. You seem rather tight lipped on the sexism though and even through a few insults around yourself — which, btw, massively undermines the impact of your article.

    • As I’ve said before, I personally call both male and females “cunts”; words like “dick”, “cock”, and “cunt” are simply synonyms for idiot. Therefore if I refer to someone like Bill O’Reilly as a “cunt” as well as someone like Stacey Dooley, how is this sexist? You’ll note that I replied above to the Islamophobic comment and ended it with “Now get the fuck off my site, you hate-filled cunt”… I wrote this without knowing the gender of the person I was targeting, so again this isn’t sexism/misogyny.

      I cannot speak for the commenters individually, however if someone calls someone else an “ugly animal” at which point is that sexist/misogynistic since being a. ugly and b. an animal can apply to both sexes? Until someone makes a comment that is definitely prejudice, I’m not going to waste my time and call them out on it.

      The closest comment to being sexist/misogynistic was the one that ended in “I would like to bang her though! real hard and pulling her hair like: take, this, you dumb, bitch! haha.”. But what am I supposed to say to them? Reign in your rough sex fetish and stop daydreaming? You cannot say I’m tight-lipped when the sexism hasn’t come close to the religious/racial hatred in this comment section.

      If you read the other articles in this site you can plainly see that “insults” are a theme. Insults (words such as “cunt” and “dick”) are a stylistic choice on my part, and they’re also a reaction to people’s replies. I can’t see how using these words “massively undermines the impact of [my] article” since none of the articles are regarding language, in fact I think the use of these words is actually quite apt.

      Thanks for your reply.

  33. Its so bloody annoying the way she talks to everyone in English. its so arrogant, and then because the people she interviews cant really speak much English they are unable to respond to her questions with anything illuminating or particularly profound, simply because they cant express it in English. If she had people speaking in their own language, and subtitled them, like Louis Theroux and other respectful journalists, they would be able to be much more articulate and actually be able to bring up some interesting points. But even worse is the way Dooley speaks to people who don’t speak English as a first language. She does the talking dumb thing and talking really slowly and moving her hands around a lot. Its just bloody pathetic and perpetuates stereotypes about British people expecting everybody else in the world to speak their language and thinking they’re dumb if they cant or even if they do put in the effort to speak a foreign language (English) that they are still dumb because they have a thick accent. This type of behavior shows no sign of respect for other peoples cultures and is completely and utterly revolting.

  34. Written by her agent Jacquie: “Stacey Dooley is one of Britain’s most loved documentary presenters.”
    Oh come on!!! I know it’s your job to sell her Jacquie, but really!!! “Static Doodle Brain” is one of Britain’s most detested presenters. She’s a vacuous, vapid, air head that fakes emotion to try and make herself interesting. Who exactly is she related to (or shagging) at the BBC… Because that’s the only reason I and a lot of other people can come up to explain why the BBC pays for this drivel.

  35. Stacey Dooley possesses an extremely dim mind: The scene in which she Attempts to chastise the mayor of Bulgaria’s sunny beach, for his acceptance and supposed propagation of flawed and ‘unethical’ policies in regards to serving Brits cheap alcoholic drinks, was seriously short sighted.
    I shall rue the day that she makes it onto the beebs flagship channels, thus marking a mass transition towards a degenerative coverage of potentially grave topics- she’s be on fucking newsnight before you know it …. I really think the mass ‘yoof’ that the Beeb are pandering this kind of tripe dosen’t exist nearly to the extent these out of touch tv commissioners believe.

  36. Hi, Stacey Doooooooooly here

    Even I am sick of the sound of my own voice and the constant way that I insult every one that I talk to.

    As for my voice, I can only apologise for how it grinds away and makes everyone want to punch me in the face

    There literally is nothing more annoying than me on this planet

  37. There is something endearing about her innocence. I’ve seen so many documentaries by self righteous, opinionated wannabe know-it-all wankers, that it’s really nice seeing someone finding things out for the first time, not afraid to be herself and speak her mind, and tries as much as she can to be respectful and kind. Even if some of the things she says or does make her appear naive, sometimes unknowingly patronising and at some points even affecting her subject matter in ways no other documentarian would ever dare. She’s not a rule-breaker, she just doesn’t know the rules. But again, this is why she’s keeps getting more shows on the BBC and more serious documentary makers may be getting shelved. She is a new dynamic in a documentary. The ‘girl-next-door’ who everyone loves. And she’s doing some pretty intense shit on the Beeb! Good on her. She’s doing better than I am anyway! : )

    • I respect your opinion, but I would staunchly disagree with “The ‘girl-next-door’ who everyone loves”. Every time her show is on, Twitter is ablaze with hatred for her, and I would say around 95% of this post’s visitors arrive after a disparaging search term.

      On a side note I hate when qualifications and talent gets by-passed by Reality TV winners; these days queuing up for some show can get you more recognition than actual work. Stacey Dooley is a product of this cheapening of entertainment, and it shows that she has no real flair or gift for presenting.

  38. Stacey Dooley. Cannot stand this previous little idiotic little girl who assumes she’s some kind of highly educated documentary maker. This article sums her up perfectly. An ill informed and deluded young woman trying to portray a well educated and older woman is not only patronising but deeply painful to watch.

  39. Stacey Dooley +BBC= propaganda.
    Stacey Dooley is not stupid. She is a clever little anti drug rat. That’s why the BBC throw money at her that’s why she gets FaceTime. The BBC will fund any anti drug show. No matter how feckless or retarded the presenter. No matter how poor the presenting no matter how shit the programme. The girl can’t even speak correctly ffs but she can help spread a anti drug message, that is never truly balanced. I just watched the “Molly” documentary what total shit WARNING ECSTACY WILL MAKE YOU DANCE LIKE A PENIS AND HUG YOUR FRIENDS. She/it is beneath contempt.

  40. Nobody is forcing any of you to watch her TV shows; she’s obviously doing something right if it’s getting you people to talk about her on websites. Not everyone is clued up on the things she investigates (or pretends to investigate) so it can be an entertaining insight to these things for some people..I’d really like to know who’s forcing people to watch her shows so I can investigate them for torture..

  41. Stacey Dooley is a effing ijit. She would be more suited being in the audience on a CBBC fingerpainting program, but for some reason I think she’d struggle with that.

    Picture her voice saying this in your head: “So if you mix yellow and blue? you get green. Thats amazing!”

  42. She comes across as a vapid insincere coke sniffing chav. Can’t stand her , she’s an insult to humanity

  43. I cannot stand her. She’s like a siren at 4am. Very naive and ill informed. She also comes across an over excited schoolgirl on a day trip.

  44. What annoys me is the fact she has access to some pretty amazing locations and sources and it is completely wasted. My TV licence fee pays for all this! If they want to keep her on she should not be allowed near these serious topics as she has absolutely nothing to contribute to them and is at times downright disrespectful. In one about children working in the cocoa trade she ‘fixed it’ by raising money in a pub to build a classroom. Ignorant to the highest degree. I used to show some of these ‘documentaries’ to my very youngest high school pupils for want of better resources but can no longer justify it. Awful.

  45. Highly cringe worthy ….. Comes across as a high middle class girl trying to pretend she is anything but , and says some on there stupidest things ive ever seen come out of someones mouth in a “war on drugs” doco


  47. Have you noticed in the program on BBC in Mexio re Methane! She did not look into the camera lense throughout and was talking to the camera men not the audience! It felt like, I was over hearing someone elses conversation through a spy camera. “This was the only thrill that stoped me from switching off the TV”.

    I agree with most, she is really annoying. She tried, if it was McDonalds, she would have earned employee of the month (once)!

  48. What’s the matter with some of you? Are you so desensitised to human culture that you cannot recognise when someone is trying to do some good? It’s not all about how good it looks on TV, sometimes it’s about getting a message across.? What have you done lately?

    • What message? What is so valuable about her documentaries that it warrants an annoying, talentless, ex-reality-TV hack being on mainstream television at prime time? Hasn’t every “issue” she’s tackled already been handled better and/or is common knowledge?

      That condescending and contrived “What have you done lately”, Janet Jackson-style bullshit stance is such a lame way of suppressing genuine opinions. If people have a point of view, then it’s their right to make their opinions known. Remember; WE PAY THE FUCKING LICENCE FEE so we get to air our views too, or do you prefer a fascist, force-fed society?

    • I agree, our Stacey is definitely trying..

      As for getting a message across, I reckon she would be more suited to Game for a Laugh

  49. I also googled Stacey Dooley is an annoying cunt and found this, that documentary on MDMA was fucking atrocious, it was as if she had never heard of mdma before, she is just dense.

    • Why doesn’t she try some of the drugs that she is decrying? If she’d dropped some exStacy, before she did the show, it wouldn’t fail to make the show more interesting and on top of that she would probably enjoy herself and stop whining

  50. I worry that she is fuelling ideas about females and their ability. She makes Ross Kemp look like Kenneth Clark. She’s pretty but that’s it, no talent whatsoever.

    I like regional accents and can even cope with the glottal stop, at a push. The problem for me is that she can’t even form a proper sentence and I find it distracting, which is a shame because some of the subjects are potentially very interesting.

  51. How did Stacey Dooley make it this far? She has no degree in journalism or any other qualifications and she was on a reality show called Blood, Sweat, and T-Shirts. She should be the last person to be hired to make documentaries. That’s like hiring Spencer Matthews from Made in Chelsea as a solicitor. It’s gonna cause an uproar.
    You should watch VICE Reports. They are brilliantly researched and produced, in depth, and don’t come off as condescending. They blow Stacey’s documentaries out of the water.
    Anyway, love your articles! They are well written! Even if I don’t agree with all of your sentiments! You are a mix of Frankie Boyle and A Dose of Buckley. Did you do a degree in English Language or similar? Keep up the good work!

  52. Just watched bits of her latest programme on Child Cyber Prostitution in th ePhillipines. This minor glimpse up at the odd way she present and reports led me to search in google ” I don’t like Stacey Dooley” to see what came up. Bingo this page echoed exactly what I was thinking – She needs to be less emotive and banal in her approach to reporting. Sorry Stacey your intentions seems feasible but your delivery is not.

  53. Is Stacey Dooley the most ignorant person on the planet?
    She thinks World War II happened in 1966!!
    (source: Celebrity Mastermind).

  54. It seems to me that 90% of all BBC workers both in front of and behind the cameras are public school graduates with degrees from Oxford or Cambridge. I like the Vice style camera work and I like the fact that there are at least a few people out there with working class accents presenting shows on the BBC. If you don’t like her that is your opinion. If you want to lampoon her that is also your right. But using low humor based on class snobery and sexism does not make you look like much of a class act.

    • What “class snobbery” and “sexism”? If you’re referring to my criticism of her accent, that isn’t classism it’s annoyance at her tone. If I’d written an article about Joe Pasquale and said I hated his voice it wouldn’t be because I hate the Essex accent only Pasquale’s. Maybe read through the comments section before you jump to conclusions about my stance on class and sex.

    • Sorry I haven’t ever read anything else of yours. Please feel free to link to any blog of yours that fixates on a male presenter’s hair, clothing style and posh public school accent. I will hapily apologize to you in this case.

    • Not that I have to justify myself to some nobody, but…

      A male presenter’s hair: Alex Zane

      An overprivileged male’s hair: Donald Trump

      An upperclass male’s looks, intelligence, and accent: Prince Harry

      An overprivileged female’s looks: Georgia May Jagger

      And one about overprivileged rich twats in general: Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills

      Is that enough for you?

      And please feel free to link to the qualifications that prove you to be an authority and arbiter of classism and sexism.

  55. I said I would apologize if you could show me the links so I apologize. As far as taking the low route once again and refering to me as a “nobody” goes, I have no reason to prove anything to you.

    • You do realise that when you commented before and told me to prove myself to you, you sounded like a condescending know-it-all? Therefore my reply (calling you a nobody and asking you to prove yourself) was just a bit of sarcasm. And by the way, not every type of comedy is “low” just because it ridicules someone, low would be resorting to offensive language, and for you to label everything I write as “low” could be misconstrued by me as “snobbish” too.

  56. Brilliant article.

    I had to find out who she was when I stumbled across a cocaine documentary, flying this imbecile and other cretins to south america.

    What shocked me was if her target is indeed aimed at teenage working class children – it does not need someone like her referring to someone’s driving skills as “well gangster!!” before going onto tackle the “issue” of cocaine smuggling and the violent effects on communities that powerful drugs gangs have where the product is grown.

    A complete and utter moron.

  57. An absolute horrendous tv presenter. She just comes across as a really young dizzy blonde that is out of her depth. What annoys me the most is when she’s in foreign countries and she nods her head in agreement while other people are talking, like Stacey is fluent in Japanese and understands what they are saying. Why doesn’t the documentary just stop pretending and just show us the translator that we all know is really there doing all the work.
    Why does she get any airtime? To be honest, if she was male she wouldn’t.

  58. Thank god I’m not the only one googling Stacey Dooley idiot, this article sums up exactly what I was thinking, well done for writing it!

  59. Hahah I found this after typing in ‘Stacey Dooley idiot’.. I was halfway through the episode on Thailand where she was describing meditation as the men ‘thinking about what they’d done’. On top of 100 earlier ignorant statements I had to figure out how she was on t.v. Still confused about it.

  60. Probably meant “bitter and twisted” relevant documentary makers!!… Sorry, what was the name again?!… Dooley rocks!

  61. If you don’t like her don’t watch her and keep your ugly opinions to yourself as their is plenty of crap on the to anyway. If do like her watch her.

    • And the award for the most ironic comment goes to Jo!

      If you don’t like this article don’t read it and keep your misspelled, moronic opinions to yourself. There’s plenty of Stacey suck-ups out there, why not hang around with them? You daft twat.

  62. I absolutely love Stacey Dooley, her documentaries are refreshing, interesting and thoroughly entertaining to watch! Couldn’t disagree more with this article

  63. Thanks for your article. I just caught a bit of her doc about sex workers in Turkey and then had to check it wasn’t just me!

    The part where she stands there giggling because she can overhear the ‘customer’ of the trans prostitute while they’re having sex just appalled me! Nobody works as a sex worker because they want to and yet there she is making light of a very serious issue. Also, the bit where she takes a Syrian refugee through a street in which she most likely knew they’d encounter hostile Turks and then proceeds to look shocked because she got sprayed by something, showing very little genuine concern for the refugee herself.

    This rubbish just makes you realise how little the BBC thinks of its viewers, these issues are interesting but they’re wasted on Stacey and it’s just insulting.

    • Thanks back! I always get a tonne of contrived responses via email and Twitter etc. that this article is based on jealously of some sort, but this critique is genuinely what I saw – ineptness, fakeness, and a feeling of being patronised. This latest BBC III/BBC One series hasn’t got any better, just more dumbed-down crap – another lost opportunity at making people aware of some important issues. Peace.

  64. You’re very welcome! It astounds me that people are that clueless, I mean jealousy!?!?! Seriously, the kind of people that think that are most likely the target audience for this tripe, go figure… :-/

  65. Thanks for this article. My thoughts entirely. I watched Stacey exploring the sex trade in Brazil last night (on BBC1!) and it’s been playing on my mind how excruciatingly banal and ignorant the show was.

    BBC commissioners undoubtedly view as her as the ‘holy grail’ in connecting with the important millennial demographic (which for the large part they struggle to reach). Sadly, Stacey Dooley does not hit the mark – she is entirely clueless, walking into complex situations without even a shred of knowledge on them, spewing meaningless drivel at people she pitifies and then draws superficial conclusions that bring absolutely no value to the issues in hand.

    This is actually the antithesis of what millennial culture is and aspires to be. If you compare with Vice docs – which go full throttle, gonzo-style into similar topics – they do not patronise their viewers by dumbing down their content (Vice is not perfect, but in this sense they are vastly superior). How Stacey Dooley has received any kind of acclaim is beyond me. The BBC need have a serious think about what they’re doing here, truly embarrassing.

  66. I watched the Russian episode of Stacey Dooley reports on sex in unusual places. I must admit that I was quite impressed with her effort at pole dancing. One of the whores even said that she could make a lot of money in Russia. Perhaps her next series will be.Stacey Dooley has Sex in Unusual Places ?

  67. STACEY DOOLEY IS AWESOME. No, I’m joking. I’m most annoyed that for the same effort and expense BBC 3 could make a good documentary about what are potentially interesting subjects for the want of a decent presenter. It is laudable that these programs are watched by some that would find other more accomplished documentaries dry and stuffy but surely they don’t have to be quite as empty and banal as this.

    It’s so reassuring and pleasing to read opinions that reinforce your own. No wonder it’s becoming so popular.

  68. I could not agree with you more!! I’m a female from the UK who is the same age as Dooley and I can tell you that a drunken Saturday night discussion between my friends is more balanced and insightful than the crap she spouts on BBC3! It makes my whole generation look thick and shallow. I seriously cannot believe that she has been given such serious subjects by the BBC. I watched some of her programme about ISIS that have recently gone up on Iplayer…when she grabbed the commander lady’s hand and said “you ok?” after the lady had told her a horrific story about a mother losing her baby and having to eat it…. I cringed so hard I had to switch it off. Of course she’s not OK you fucking idiot. She comes across spoiled, clueless, out of her depth and oh so patronising!!

  69. It feels like her, Reggie Yates and Mawaan Rizwan all finished at the same university of ‘how not to make documentaries’.
    All three must scored a 1st. Appalling painful viewing. They’re an embarrassment to people of their age. What is going on? Where are all the intelligent people??

    • …And Hannah Livingston, she made a documentary called “America’s Hate Preachers” which was another shitty offering from the BBC.

      Then there were the various documentaries on Trump courtesy of the annoying-as-hell Hilary Andersson, so it’s nothing to do with age, rather a problem with BBC’s hiring policy – they only get the most irritating, simple, non-probing arse-wipes to make documentaries.

  70. Interesting read. Personally I quite like Stacey Dooley, her fish out of water shtick works for me, it always interesting to read other perspectives though.

  71. And there was me thinking i was the only one who thinks she’s a talentless idiot! And please Stacey stop fucking crying every five minutes, your tears are as fake as my $5 Rolex!! Sadly this box ticking, focus grouped programming at its best.

  72. “….cringing at her aimless and downright amateurish handling of serious subjects.”
    “…she pointlessly narrates the whole fiasco herself…”
    U expressed what I couldnt put to words about her!

    I cant thank u enough for writing this article. I thought I was being too critical as i have been putting myself through watching ‘sex in strange places’ for turkey brazil and russia. I had to stop watching after the brazil one, I then google “stacey dooley fake goody two shoe” and found your site.

    i had enough of noticing how she would repeat what the interviewee just said obviously, i dont need to hear repetitions, she could have expressed something deeper from her own thoughts, something slightly profound, but instead she makes herself sound relevant by saying exactly what i just heard.

    Those who cant see how amateur and contrived she is and how little contribution she gives to the docu must be either poor at observation or naive and dense in general.

    I am not a brit nor an american, yet I can see all that. Clearly culture cannot hide her lack of flair.

  73. Great article. I just watched the documentary about child sex industry in Japan by Stacey. I was amazed that this is all done by reference to Stacey’s personal impressions and there are no external references to current studies or historical comparisons. EG (1) Is there a direct relationship between such cartoon child pornography and illicit behavior – there must have been some psychological studies on this – interview someone who has spent their life doing this analysis. (2) Discuss how the age of consent changes across countries and eras and why this is the case would be enlightening also eg in 1875 the age of consent was 13 in the UK – why was it raised? Are there any places/times where the consent age is low and things “work”. (3) is there a higher level of depression/anxiety etc amongst children who participated in these (non-pornographic but revealing) photoshoots? Seeing Stacey talk to a few fairly random people and extrapolate a philosophy based on that seems totally meaningless. Can’t see her working on Panorama or Horizon any time soon :).

  74. Have to admit I’d never heard of the ghastly woman until seeing her on ‘Celebrity’ Mastermind. She is so dim that she thought the Tet offensive occurred during WW2 despite being told the year was 1968

  75. I ended up here cause I google this woman due to an interview she had with Nogami the designer for the anime girl und panzer and I have to agree with this article, she really got roasted by Nogami thought.

  76. Another Sex in Japan casualty here…. Having watched this sob fest, it actually hit me that I’ve come across this twat before. Can’t place my finger where though….
    Anyhow, just wanted to say that the litany of adjectives describing her are all well deserved by her terrible persona and reporting; The utter lack of factual context or basic understanding of the subject matter, the touchy-feely appeal to emotion (which is a fine supplement to fact-based reporting, but not a substitute), the arrogant “I know best” attitude and utter lack of any understanding of non-Western cultures, and the list goes on….
    Specifically for the Japan episode, she could have provided some historical and cultural background which could have shed some light on the phenomena and its appeal to the Japanese. Instead, we got about an hour of “my sensitive Western progressive soul is offended by your different attitude to sex” and what’s wrong with you people for not recognizing this, peppered with incessant righteous indignation vis-a-vis most interviewees.

    She never bothered to distinguish between completely healthy attraction of older males to young POST pubescent girls, and actual pedophilia (which denotes sexual attraction to PRE pubescent children).
    She operates under the ludicrous assumption that sexual attraction to underage (below 18) but fully developed women is verboten, while something magic happens at a woman’s 18th birthday that suddenly makes her fair game. She expects people’s sex urges to comply with legislation. She actually referred to men interested in 17 year old girls as pedophiles.

    Moreover, the crusading liberal in her has no place in her heart whatsoever for the pedophiles themselves, who, most likely, are hostages of their urges as much as homosexuals are, i.e. it’s not their choice, but rather who they are and how their brain chemistry works. It sucks to be them, and society must ensure that they don’t act on their urges because a sexual relationship between a child and an adult could never be truly consensual and would inevitably result in serious trauma for the child, and as such should be persecuted and punished. But you could still have some compassion and understanding, although no acceptance, of these people and their monsters.
    We get none of that nuance.

  77. Honestly took the words out of my mouth she is a brainless left wing idiot with the reasoning capacity of a hamster. I cringe when she speaks her accent alone is enough to drive you to the razor blades. Interestingly I entered “Stacey Dooley is a $&@:; idiot” and this came up hopefully this poorly educated muppet will read this info talk about a patronising b…..

  78. I’ve seen this muppet on a number of her so-called less than insightful investigative stories which has been airing this year on VICE in Australia. Each time, I found her to be grating in her interviews. Worse still, her condescending attitude erupts out of every word she utters when interviewing others. What a total snot! She needs a good shag up the a#se!

    • Because we all know sodomy has the ability to transform someone’s personality – I hope you say that kind of shite to talentless and annoying male presenters. I hope you’re just a purveyor of buggery rather than a misogynist.

  79. Nope, not a purveyor nor a misogynist. Just my colorful way (after a glass of wine too many) of saying she also has an uptight personality (albeit covert) and to dish it out equally, the same goes for male media personalities such as Gordon Ramsay who is seriously and overtly uptight. They need to loosen up as life’s too short.

  80. i’m sure rob beckett and stacey dooley are the same person
    equally useless bags of shite with giant ill-fitting false teeth
    stevie wonder thinks they’re both ugly cunts too

  81. That was my first thought when i first saw her..hey she’s cute lets watch this one. Then as it went a few minutes in my thoughts went to wow how can she be this ingenuine and be on tv. Then the ridiculousness of that statement hit me.. Oh lol its the BBC. The BBC is like any other mass media entity in that they are rife with leftist/socialist agendas but they are government funded unlike others which is unique. That just goes to show how far the UK has fallen in recent years. All the new legislation straight out of “1984” where thought crime is forthcoming. The UK..the place where saying a word or giving an opinion gets you prison time. I love the UK as far as the physical place and the people who are normal but trapped by the system. Ms Dooley to me, to me mind you, is appealing to the eye but that’s the end of it. If she were to begin talking like her dialogue in bed I’d have to snap my fingers and point to the door. I love the doc topics but her presentation style is horrid. The BBC must just keep stock pretty women around to send to certain areas thinking “send a pretty one because guys will talk to them thinking they can score with her”. Sorry for the rant..just that the eye only takes you so far and she will have to learn that once the looks get you thru the door you then have to have something intellectual to offer the audience. She fails i guess I’ll go back to hoping she’ll ever ask me my opinion so I can score.

  82. Utterly agree with the article above. Stacey certainly ticks the eye-candy box and is another female to keep up the quotas, but oh so utterly inept. Nor since the demise of BBC 3 terrestrial broadcasting portal has Stacey Dooley matured and improved. This evening the producers let her loose on seriously ill patients at the Liver Unit where I used to work at London’s King’s College Hospital. This programme (Celebrities On The NHS Frontline) is part of a series the BBC is running at present to celebrate seventy years of the NHS. Yet again, Dolley is simpering and creates a most uncomfortable air and juxtaposition. Please, no more!

  83. Somebody needs to stick a huge dildo down her stupid throat and cattle prod her labia whenever she attempts to make any comment at all on any subject at all on any tv show she tries to present…

    • I hope that when you come across an annoying male TV presenter such as Tyger Drew-Honey, you rhetorically ask somebody to “stick a huge fist dildo down his stupid throat and cattle prod his testicles”. Otherwise you’re steering an article about an irritating hack presenter into the realms of misogyny. Are you an agent provocateur or just a sexist tit?

    • What do you think ? Yes an Agent provocateur ….However steering towards misogyny is as you correctly pointed out the way I think the article on this particular hack presenter should go…. Am I the only person who can see a rather nasty and twisted production element some of the recent tv she has made..The shows producers to me seem to be mIsogynystic middle class cunts having a great laugh to themselves and laughing behind every ones backs as they come up with the next dodgy place/ idea to send the fool.. almost as if they know they could g et a real ratings boost if some nasty and violent incident should befall Stacey whilst she is on location filming.. Its been all Sex Offenders and ISIS terrorists, wife beater and women hating murderers.. and who can forget her most the trip to Russia to confront wife beaters/killers at a group therapy session before allowing her to meet two of the worst of them in a dodgy bar with just a cameraman for security … Whatever is next for Stacy ?? maybe prison interviews with Serial killers ?

    • Aren’t her recent shows more about presenting foreign countries/cultures as misogynist and therefore propagandising the public rather than “setting-up” Stacey Dooley? The fact that she goes along with back-to-back shows such as these means she’s either in on it and just as prejudiced as the producers or she’s a complete and utter moron.

  84. The way I feel about Stacey Dooley as a journalist is a bit like how I feel about Bastille as a band.

    To rub salt in the wounds, she has received an MBE for services to broadcasting.

  85. Power to her elbow. All the cowardly fools commenting here on how stupid she is would never have the balls to stand up to parilitaries or beyond. Why get a woman to do a man’s job? Because no men are brave enough to do it.

    • What’s with all the recent agent provocateurs trying to coerce this comments section into a fake argument about sexism and misogyny? Stacey Dooley is a hack presenter, it has nothing to do with her gender but has everything to do with her lack of talent and skills as a reporter. Just because the twit has an MBE, is on Strictly, and is now on a mainstream channel, it doesn’t change the fact that she’s crap at what she does.

      And what the fuck does “power to her elbow” and “parilitaries” mean? Are you a fucking bot or just an illiterate cock?

  86. The girl got lucky , was at the right place at the right time: just when some producers thought to sign someone with the least exposure(fresh face) to front their new “concept” of documentaries/programs. Personally, she grates on me because she displays too much smugness with no real “content” in her(knowledge, empathy, astuteness) to substantiate it. Very 2-dimensional, and she doesn’t seem to know that, seemingly oblivious to what effect she has on viewers.

    And the reason she stays smug, not caring/knowing how she can possibly grate on anyone at all(oh God forbid she’d never believe it i bet!) is probably because of what she learnt from her mum as quoted in the write-up on BBC about getting an MBE :

    “I’m so grateful to my mum, and she’s given me the best advice over the years. She’s always said it doesn’t matter how nice you are, or how lovely you try to be. Some people won’t like you, and that’s fine. That’s just life.”

    Thus, with a green card to stay ignorant about what she’s lacking, how she’s coming across to some viewers(smugness alert on Strictly!), because at the end of the day, what matters isn’t what others think, it’s what ‘she’ wants to do, say, portray.

    (And of course, as per some comments above, as long as she looks cute, that’s all that matters. She’ll get a vote. sigh…)

  87. She just doesn’t seem very intelligent, which makes her reporting perhaps feel the same, OK issues to look into such as drugs but woeful journalism, amazed the Beeb cant see this themselves

  88. Of course La Dooley has fallen victim to the notorious so-called “curse” on Strictly Adultery, i.e. Grade Z celebs cheating on their partners/wives/hubbies,etc. while they run off with vacuous, thick-headed bimbo/himbo professional dancers that didn’t behave professionally, while the Beeb stands by with glee while both media hype and viewing figures increase, little bothered about the distress it will cause in the families involved, especially children. Will she do one of her celebrated investigative documentaries on relationship and family breakdowns as at last she would have knowledge on such matters? (She has virtually zero on any other subject)

    Stacey Dooley as an investigative journalist? What an insult to the programmes of the past such as World In Action, Man Alive and This Week. An even greater insult is that she somehow got an MBE for her “services to broadcasting”. She seems utterly clueless in such a role as the Beeb seems to have employed her as a cynical afterthought and get “thick” working class people in integral, intelligent broadcasting in locations around the world, but her lack of education and thick estuary accent is for all to see as she is clearly out of her depth, though she is now more known for winning Strictly Adultery (wow!) and the boringly predictable subsequent cheating on her partner (double wow!) in the low tradition of other grade z selebs which will insure her more superficial fame than her dismal journalistic style and shallow documentaries.