What Went Wrong With… Politicians, Politics, & Government?

A parody of the Yin Yang sign with reference to blue and red political party colours by What Went Wrong Or Right With...?

In the west, our countries pride themselves in governing by democracy and the people living here love to feel superior to the rest of the world still languishing under autocracies and oligarchies. Forget corrupt dictatorships, we are thankful that we live in a fair and free society. But if you take a closer look at our leaders past and present, we begin to see that democracy as a concept has been constructed to give us the feeling of control. If there were a real choice, a political campaign’s success would not rest on marketing and advertising and would never be open to persuasion by the rich. Yet almost all of our leaders are well educated, well connected, and wealthy, their campaigns are very well funded and their policies are made with the party backer’s interest in mind. So how can a system created to favour the rich be seen as free and equal? A democracy should see an end to rich families being in control of a country or state. Democracies and republics should be the very antithesis to monarchies. But look more deeply into the backgrounds of our elected leaders and you will find that they are either descendants of previous leaders or connected by class or social circles; they are monarchies and oligarchies in all but name. These men and women do not represent the people at large. What we call a democratically elected government is simply a cleverly cloaked concept that masquerades as free and equal.

The idea that the citizens have a choice in these countries is absurd. Democracy is the illusion of choice. Two parties branded by a colour and advertised to the public like rival cola companies; the ingredients are rarely dissimilar. And even though the face of the brand changes, the results are always the same. The run up to any vote simply plays on people’s emotions by dragging up the predecessor’s mistakes and outlining the “correct” way of doing things. Then post-election, the newly elected leader begins to back-pedal and makes the exact mistakes he or she campaigned against. This is repeated in cycles with varying faces, contrasting backgrounds, and different names. But in the end there is no change and no progress. These democracies will never change their ways, they will always follow the path they decide behind closed doors at meetings with the opulent and socially elite. If you think choosing between red or blue will make the slightest bit of difference, you are guilty of naivety. If you think I’m wrong, by all means vote for who you think will make a difference. Then in four years’ time write down all the broken promises and mistakes made by your “chosen” leader and you will find yourself running out of paper as they unveil the next great public orator and chief promising real change.

Voting has, and always will be a camouflaged Hobson’s choice. Choosing between “good” or “bad” is in reality deciding between bad and worse. Democracy and voting is a false and forced-choice in order to further the career of rich businessmen who enjoy playing politician. The voters are repeatedly led by the carrot and stick method to the voting booth with the dangling carrot of “change” hovering over each ballot paper. The end result will always be a corrupt leader governing over its blinded citizens. Even when the United States of America finally elects a Native American and Britain elects a Druid, they will be as corrupt as all of their forebears. Democracy in its true form has never existed in any democratic country and the illusion of choice has been perpetually sold to all of you. Red or blue are two sides of the same coin and left or right both lead to the same place.

These days apathy or revolution are the only democratic choices left.

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  1. Amazing article, i have been telling people this for years, and still they go and vote for the next asshole to rob them in every election. The last two presidents we’ve had prove that the two party system has failed us in this country. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    • Exactly, all the secrets and corruption is kept hidden until they think nobody cares and years later they quietly release the truth, but by then no one cares. Just look at Iran-Contra, Pentagon Papers, Yellowcake Forgery, WMD’s, the Pandemic Hoax a few years back and so on. It’s surprising how long this shits been happening, and naive people think the current or next political party or President will be different. I think not.

  2. Well written. It all comes down to your last sentence: “Red or blue are two sides of the same coin.” That’s what I started to realize just not so long time ago. Here in Germany, there are serveral parties you can vote for but I am sure that these politician have no real power, they are just faces who represent the goals and wishes of the business companies and wealthy people. So it doesn’t matter who you vote for and like in many politic movies (or the Wire even), it doesn’t matter if they wanna try to change things, it’s simply not possible, in the end it all stays the same. But somehow nobody seems to notice and if you say “I don’t vote, I don’t care”, then you are the fool because you didn’t do something to change things – as if that was possible.

    Honestly it helps to read stuff black on white (or white on black, not super reader friendly^^), because when I realize something or want to find something out, I go to goole and find an article and then I see why I was on the right track plus like you, I get more background infos and a logical explanation.

    • Every system of government/rule tried by humans across Earth is a failure. From Monarchy, Democracy, Dictatorship, Communism, Theocracy, Socialism, to Anarchy and everything in-between. I would say a human deserves complete freedom and zero rule, but humans as a whole have some sort of kiss-arse laziness embedded in their very being. Absolute freedom would slowly develop into Anarchy, Vigilantism, and then lastly revert back to one of the systems listed above. As a species we love hierarchy and automation; so the only real solution is extinction.

  3. dude…..that’s cynical. Democracy is not perfect at all. But to be honest, Democracy still has more freedom than a dictatorship

    • I wouldn’t want a Dictatorship either. My point is that Democracy is fake, and just because on the surface it looks less one-sided it’s not. Democracy is like Wrestling: Both sides are pre-chosen, with one pre-written to win and one to pre-picked to lose. Voting makes absolutely no difference whatsoever.

  4. I agree with you. I hate politics and politicians. These rich, overpaid, backstabbing, ass kissing, self interested cumstains. They lie to our faces every single day. The royal family may not have any power anymore, but these politicians only serve the interests of the rich. They don’t give a shit about any of us normal people. The whole “democratic” process could be applied to last year’s general election. I didn’t vote, but got bashed by nearly everybody because I didn’t “use my voice”. What voice do we really have? The parties are all same. Labour has sold out big time since the millennium. The Lib Dem party sold out when they formed a coalition with the tories. I wasn’t convinced with the Green Party. Speaking of the Tories, how stupid can the general public be when the Tories win by a majority? Have they been in a coma for the last five years? They increased tuition fees, brought in the bed room tax, absolutely annihilated the NHS, didn’t care that much to improve employment. Remember the August riots 2011? They happened a year after the Tories came into power. Everyone blamed it on the youth and rap music when in fact the cause was the death of Mark Duggan and Classism. No lessons have been learned from that event. I’m convinced that they will be another riot, probably this year. Politics is a joke and it will never change. In fact, this world will never change. We are living in a cold world. There are fake revolutionaries out there, especially Anonymous. There are rumours that they produce their masks through child labour in third world countries. And they are supposedly anti-establishment? They are only rebellions when they see fit. The same things goes for Russell Brand and Alex Jones.

  5. @WhatWentWrongWith @abukar @technologywontsaveus @Gary @BROKENBABIES

    While I suspect that’s true of how governments and politics can never truly be solved and that people will always be struggling against ideas to abuse power, I have only ever known a society where people are incentivized to compete for power and privilege.

    I think it’s dangerous to assume what our culture asks of us is human nature when we’ve never experienced any other kind of culture

  6. I want to disagree with the statement: true democracy never existed. In a city state in Ancient Greece (don’t remember which one) there was a truly democratic system of choosing a random person of the whole city, while elections where also held, but seen as aristocratic.

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