What Went Wrong With… Kanye West (& Def Jam)?

Caricature of Kanye West by What Went Wrong With

Kanye West: An overrated producer, an average rapper, and a shitty singer. With a face that resembles a chipmunk and who’s early production consisted entirely of pitch-shifting shit which either Alvin, Simon, or Theodore could have voiced.

He began his musical career by destroying the memory of classic soul music, and slowly slithered his way into the music business by “playing” at a rapper to an ever increasingly uninformed industry who wouldn’t know credible if it kicked them in their tiny scrotum. This cross-over kiss-ass hip-hop-destroyer wormed his way into a dying Roc-A-Fella just as they lost all focus and started to become mediocre. And as the memory of talented rappers like Sauce Money, Jaz-O, and O.C. grew ever more faded, out popped Kanye West. But even though this college drop out was no compensation for losing actual rap talent; he fitted into a gap which a now completely face-lifted and Pop-hungry Def Jam needed. A label which once brought us Public Enemy, EPMD, and Onyx, but who by the late nineties made some of the worst decisions ever. A label which left Cormega’s “Testament” and Trigger Tha Gambler’s “Life’s A 50/50 Gamble” shelved, instead became the home to Rihanna, Rick Ross, and 2 Chainz.

Sell-out record labels aside, back to the subject of Kanye.

Kanye is a sometimey Christian. Ironically his music lacks any soul or feeling even though his lyrics and persona remain preachy. He seems more concerned with award shows and model (or even wannabe-model) coochie than musical expression. And in this lame no-talent celebrity-loving world, Kanye is more famous for his antics out of the recording studio than his actual music. His “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” outburst being one of them.

Only in the sanitized and sheep-like contemporary world filled with vacuous door-mats was something this minor called controversial. Until that day Kanye couldn’t give two fucks that George Bush blatantly “didn’t care” about brown people, and by religious and socio-economical extension; black people. It was obvious to anybody with more than one braincell that most rich Republican’s would be prejudice toward anybody but white middle-aged heterosexual males. A president who gladly dived head-first into illegal wars and draconian laws was always going to act that way when hurricane Katrina hit. But someone who only cares about a situation when it is brought close to home or pretends to care for publicity; is a complete waste of space. Someone who is quick to pull out the race card when it suits, but spends the rest of the time sucking white middle-class music dicks trying to fit into cliques who neither want or care about him, is a fame-seeking selfish switch-sider. And true to this whorish character, Kanye later apologised about the comment.

Kanye, Def Jam, and hip-hop are unrecognisable in the present day. Kanye with his jaw wired, Def Jam with their musical-chairs leadership, and Hip-Hop with it’s sell-out commercialised modern-day persona. Kanye with his middle-class upbringing and current Hollywood lifestyle, is more likely to be wearing a wire than rapping through one; his life is so uneventful that his greatest lyric was bragging on a car accident. The Surgeons should have wired his jaw shut.

Kanye Waste.

2 thoughts on “What Went Wrong With… Kanye West (& Def Jam)?

  1. i don’t care for alot of what he’s done outside of music, but he has some amazing songs, or helped create some amazing songs.

  2. I agree with you kanye is a tit. you forgot to mention about his behaviour at awards shows. this twat ruins people’s special moment by taking the spotlight and bitching about not winning. kanye is one of the most overrated rappers of this generation. lyrically he is decent but he is a shit singer. Graduation and MDBTF will always be his best albums.

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